KHSW Ch. 119: Her Condition

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Ling Xi had been afraid of injections and drips since she was a child. Seven injections, it was definitely a crushing rhythm for her.

“What about the swollen part? Can we not?” Ling Xi repeated again, with a cute aggrieved expression on her face.

Hearing the movement outside the door, he did not say anything, he had no sympathy for her.

“Husband?” Ling Xi lowered her voice and asked Xu Yizhi for help, “No…no.”

Xu Yizhi frowned slightly and put the empty bowl back into the insulated lunch box.

“No, you go out first.”

After hearing the man’s voice, the nurse was about to say something, but after seeing his eyes, she held back, “Okay.” She pushed the cart out.

Pei Shan had stayed outside and she saw the nurse coming out so soon, “Is it all right?”

The nurse shook her head, “No, the gentleman inside said no.”

Pei Shan’s expression was slightly surprised, maybe they were talking about something important!

However, the big boss had really been inside for a long time.

Ling Xi was grateful to Xu Yizhi, and was full of joy, she felt it was really great that she didn’t need to get a needle stuck in her body.

“Husband, can I be discharged from the hospital?”

“Yeah.” Xu Yizhi was secretly annoyed. He just saw her expression, but he couldn’t hold back, “Since the recording of the show is over, let’s go home and live together!”

“Well, good.” Ling Xi’s well-behaved look was very adorable.

Xu Yizhi didn’t realize that he had already been conned by Ling Xi.

When Pei Shan heard that Ling Xi was going to be discharged from the hospital, her first reaction was naturally to refuse, “No, your body is very important. Listen to your coughing, you’re definitely not getting discharged.”

“But the big boss said that he needs my help with something very important! It’s not good to go against his intentions, right? Don’t worry, I’m really fine. I had pneumonia before, so I’ll rest for a few days.”

Hearing that the big boss had agreed, Pei Shan thought, “let it go”, “Well, you must pay attention to your body and take medicine on time.”

Didn’t they all say that Pei Shan, the ace agent, was very cold and serious?

That must not be true.

“By the way, your home address.”

Ling Xi twitched the corners of her mouth. If she knew where she lived, wouldn’t she be exposed?

With a smile, she turned around, “Sister Pei, my home is in the suburbs, it’s hard to find, even the paparazzi can’t find it, if you want to find me, just give me a call, I love you!”

After the talk, she immediately ran out.

Pei Shan chuckled helplessly, this girl was too lively, “Ah, I forgot to tell her.” For some reason, “Sea Fox Bay” which was originally going to be launched next month, but they suddenly called and said that it had been delayed.

As soon as Ling Xi got into the car, she saw Chi Jingyu’s golden hair, “Hi, sister-in-law.”

“Heh, why are you here?”

Chi Jingyu turned his head in the mirror, “Sister-in-law, are you still not satisfied with such a handsome driver?”

“Are you handsome?”

Chi Jingyu’s expression froze, he immediately turned his head and blinked, “Sister-in-law, look into my eyes and say it again.”

“Are you handsome?” Ling Xi really didn’t know whether he was handsome or not.

The expression on Chi Jingyu’s face was extremely wonderful, “Okay, I’m going to tell my brother that you bullied me.”

Ling Xi slandered, then you will definitely be hit hard, because Yizhi will definitely say, “It’s your honor that she bullied you.”

Chi Jingyu thought she was taking revenge for the last incident, “By the way, how did you solve that incident?”

It was good not to mention this. When he mentioned it, Ling Xi remembered his unrighteousness and unreliability. “Naturally, it was solved with a clever trick.

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