KHSW Ch. 118

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When Pei Shan was going out, she saw that the big boss seemed to be holding something in his hand, but she didn’t see it clearly.

It seemed like a lunch box, but that was unlikely.

With only the two of them left in the ward, Ling Xi’s heart was pounding.

Xu Yizhi came over slowly, put the insulated lunch box on the table, brought out a small bowl and walked over. Ling Xi stared blankly at his series of actions, and there was an inexplicable feeling in her heart.

Xu Yizhi held the bowl in one hand and probed Ling Xi’s forehead with the other, his eyes softening a little, “Here.”

Ling Xi was surprised. She originally thought he would feed her himself, so the loss in her eyes showed unconcealed, but then her eyes lit up again as she stared at Xu Yizhi. He must be angry at her, although she didn’t know why, but she had to coax him, “Husband, can you feed me, as I can’t lift my arms?”

The remark even gave her goosebumps.

Xu Yizhi’s eyes flickered, Ling Xi seldom acted pitiful like this, but it was quite acceptable.

The man didn’t speak, but sat down beside her, then he picked up a spoon, scooped the porridge, and blew on it lightly.

Ling Xi stared at his face intently, and the corners of her mouth raised in a smile. Ling Xi seemed to have seen the man’s face clearly for the first time, his face was so handsome that even she was a little jealous.

“Wow, I earned it…I earned it.” Xu Yizhi was stunned by Ling Xi’s excited appearance, so, he asked, “What?”

Ling Xi held up his face subconsciously and ate his tofu without any scruples, “Husband, is your face real? It’s exactly the same as the male god in my mind, so beautiful.”

The corner of Xu Yizhi’s raised lips were turned down after he heard the words “so beautiful”, but then he realized something and asked, “Ling Xi, did you see my face clearly?”

Ling Xi was stunned for a moment, as his face had become blurred again. In fact, she had a similar situation before, but she thought it was an hallucination. This time, she was sure that she was not mistaken, so she said it out loud, “It just seemed to be real. I saw it clearly.”

Did this mean that her face blindness could be cured?

“But it was only for a few seconds. It’s a pity. Husband, feed me some porridge.” Ling Xi bit her lower lip, blinked and pointed to the porridge in Xu Yizhi’s hand.

“Your arm.”

Ling Xi had a guilty conscience, she smiled embarrassingly as she had been exposed.

Just as she was about to pick up the bowl, the bowl didn’t move at all, and a spoonful of porridge entered her mouth.

“Husband, were you angry just now?” She just checked to see if she had felt wrong.

Xu Yizhi’s hand paused for a moment, then continued to feed her, releasing a low air pressure from his body. He wanted to say no, but then he said, “Don’t be brave in the future.”

This time, she knew she was sick, but she still insisted on going on stage. When he received the call from Chi Jingyu, his heartbeat almost stopped.

It turned out to be because of this that he was angry so she apologized, “I’m sorry, I made you worry, it will definitely not be like this next time.”

Seeing her pitiful appearance, Xu Yizhi’s heart softened, and the lines on his face also eased, “En.”

“Actually, I feel completely fine, can I be discharged from the hospital?”

Ling Xi asked carefully, but she was still thinking about finding her baby.

“No, you have acute pneumonia, and you need to receive the drip on time every day.”

“QAQ hubby, can I not? I…I’m fainting at the thought.”

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