APY Ch. 154: Is it important to be a good match? 2

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It was said that the acquaintance that a mother knows her child, the reverse is also true, Fang Tong’s own mother’s expression could tell her what she was thinking, so she said, “Actually, we have been dating for several years, but I was afraid of what you would say that is why, I don’t dare to tell you.”

Fu Fanghua smiled, “Hey, your mother is not that kind of feudal parent, but it’s a love affair, so there’s nothing I can’t say.”

Fang Tong saw that her mother really didn’t mean to blame her, and was also ready to let it go.

Fang Chengzhi didn’t say anything about his daughter falling in love, instead he said, “Tongtong, if you have a boyfriend, you should tell Dad earlier, than Dad wouldn’t have agreed to Uncle Li. Uncle Li might think that Dad was deliberately playing with him.”

Fang Tong was also a little sorry, and explained in a low voice, “Actually, I wanted to find a chance to tell you and Mom recently, and then bring him to meet you.”

Fang Chengzhi knew that he was also at fault, so he didn’t say anything, “Forget it, I will just call your Uncle Li and explain, your Uncle Li will also understand. It’s just that we can’t repeat this again in the future.”

Fang Tong blinked and smiled, “It will definitely not be repeated.”

“Tongtong, what does that boy do?” Fu Fanghua asked.

“He and I are from the same school, he was in the same class as me. He just had a different major. He studied computer science. Now, he works in Junyu Group. After graduating next year, he can officially sign a contract with Junyu.”

Fu Fanghua nodded, to be admitted to B university, at least proved that his brain was not bad, the education was acceptable, and he could stay in Junyu, which shows that his ability was also good, feeling slightly satisfied, she continued to ask, “What does he look like?”

“He’s so tall and handsome, standing with your daughter, we are like a combination of golden boy and jade girl.” Fang Tong said with a smile in her eyes.

Fu Fanghua glared at her with a smile, “How can a girl boast about herself like that? You’re so shameless.”

Fang Chengzhi also smiled, but he didn’t care much about the appearance of the boy, he was happy that his own family was complimented. The daughter who had a high vision was attracted; the appearance must definitely be good. The two could still get along for several years, so his personality should also not be bad.

“Invite him to be a guest at home another day.” Fang Chengzhi said.

Fang Tong nodded, “Okay.” The school had long been on vacation, but Ding Minghui was doing an internship now, and the company didn’t have a vacation that early, so he was still in the capital, she thought of calling him tomorrow to ask when he had time, after all, it was good to strike iron, while it’s hot.

On the other hand, Fu Fanghua remembered another question, “Tongtong, what does his family do? Is he from the capital?”

Fang Tong said, “He is from province G, and his home is in the countryside.” The smile on Fu Fanghua’s face faded, and she looked at Fang Chengzhi and asked, “What do his parents do?”

Fang Tong smiled, “Mom, you are investigating people’s household registration.”

Fu Fanghua smiled, “Is it a random question, when we marry our daughter, we must know what they do.”

“His parents are ordinary farmers, and the family has a few acres of land, and he can get to the B university by relying on that.”

“How many acres of land?”

Fang Tong told them, Ding Minghui had told her all these things, and since her mother asked, she also said it, in Fang Tong’s view, this was not a secret that could not be told.

The smile on Fu Fanghua’s face disappeared, but Fang Tong didn’t notice it, “Mom and Dad, when are you free recently, I’ll bring him back for you to meet.”

Fu Fanghua had put down her chopsticks, while she said slowly, “Tongtong, for young girls, it’s okay to fall in love a few more times, but if you want to talk about marriage, you still need to be a match, even if it’s not a match, the conditions of the two should not be too different. Otherwise, there will be trouble after marriage.”

Although Fang Chengzhi didn’t speak, he obviously agreed with his wife’s words. He didn’t expect his daughter to marry into a wealthy family, but at least the family had to have a house and a car. Although his family could not be said to be rich or noble, the family conditions were not bad. It was even more so for his daughter who had grown up being pampered by them while being held in the palm of their hands, and she had never suffered any grievances in terms of food, clothing, housing, and transportation.

And listening to the meaning of his daughter’s words, the boy’s family was from a rural area, and even his parents had had to work hard to save the tuition fees for his university. Such family conditions, even if his own ability was excellent, he had only stayed in the capital for a short time. Could he buy a house in this expensive place? If he couldn’t buy a house, should he let his precious daughter live in a rental house with him, crowding in the bus and the subway?

Even if Fang Tong herself was willing, they, as parents, were not willing.

Fang Tong was a little dumbfounded by the completely different attitudes of her parents in the blink of an eye. She looked at her mother, “Mom, what’s the age now, how can you still talk about the right match.”

These were all old traditional ideas, and now was the era of free love, and love marriages.

Fang Tong’s idea was very simple. In her eyes, marriage was about love, not just for bread or to find someone one didn’t love to live with. That kind of marriage was not a marriage, but a grave. And she would rather starve to death than live a loveless married life.

Seeing that Fang Tong didn’t care, Fu Fanghua explained patiently, “Tongtong, you are still young, maybe you don’t understand, but after you get married, you will understand that falling in love is a matter of two people, as long as two people like each other. But marriage is not just about love, marriage is the union of two families, it is a matter of two families. Let me not say anything else, mother will ask you, in the future, if you marry him, you must buy a house. With his family’s situation, can he buy a house in the capital.”

“He can’t afford to buy a house now, but that doesn’t mean he can’t afford it in the future. His work ability is very strong, and he has already been appreciated by his boss. When he graduates later, it will take a few years but he can buy a house in the capital.” Fang Tong tried her best to help Ding Minghui speak kind words in front of her parents.

But Fu Fanghua didn’t really believe it, “How many years is it? Three years, five years or ten years? Tongtong, you are a girl, how many years of youth do you have to wait?”

“Then we can get married first and then buy a house. At the beginning, if the conditions are a little worse, we could rent someone else’s house to live in. It doesn’t matter.”

Her daughter was really naive. Fu Fanghua thought, so she glanced at her husband and motioned for him to speak.

Fang Chengzhi received his wife’s look, thought for a while, and said, “Tongtong, Mom and Dad are not the kind of people who dislike the poor and love the rich, but your mother is right, marriage is not just about the two of you, if you just talk about you being in a relationship, then your parents will definitely not object, but getting married is definitely not possible with his family’s conditions. Your mother is talking about the right match, not only in terms of the family’s economic conditions, but more importantly, in terms of ideology.”

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