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Zheng Li was really annoyed by Zhang Chen’s actions this time.

Although Pei Jin didn’t specifically talk about what she said to Father He, and only vaguely said that Zhang Chen had said something bad about her to Father He, but this alone was enough to make him faint. They all had been brothers for so many years. Zhang Chen secretly engaged in such small actions. Was this something a brother would do?

He Xun finally found someone he liked and was almost backstabbed by Zhang Chen’s underhanded practice.

Zheng Li frowned tightly, “This matter must be told to A Xun.”

Pei Jin bit her lower lip and hesitated in her heart. In fact, Zhang Chen didn’t completely tear his face with them this time. If he really had, then he could have spread rumors on a large scale that He Xun and her had an ambiguous relationship. If he really did that, then it would be really bad at that time.

Pei Jin was afraid that Zhang Chen was a dog that would jump over the wall in a hurry, and he really wouldn’t care about directly publicizing some bad remarks in the school. When that happened, both she and He Xun will be affected.

She thought for a moment and said, “This matter… let it go first. Wait a few days and then talk to Brother Xun.”

After a few days, she would transfer to another school. After Zhang Chen achieved his goal, he should not continue to make trouble. At that time, if He Xun knew about this and was dissatisfied with Zhang Chen’s approach, he could talk to Zhang Chen in private. This should not have a negative impact. If he was told now, she was really afraid that with He Xun’s temperament, he would directly attack Zhang Chen.

Through these days of understanding, Pei Jin had learned that He Xun hated scheming between brothers the most. He liked to just say anything, and he didn’t like to intrigue behind other people’s backs.

Therefore, in Pei Jin’s opinion, it was the most appropriate way to tell He Xun what Zhang Chen had done after she transferred schools.

But Zheng Li disagreed. He wanted to refute, when He Xun and Fatty happened to walk over, and the two stopped talking.

He Xun put his hands in his pockets and looked at them inquisitively, “What were you two talking about?”

Zheng Li didn’t answer, but he asked in a displeased tone, “Where is Zhang Chen?”

Fatty scratched his head and said slyly, “Zhang Chen said there was something at home and went home.”

Zheng Li sneered and just wanted to say something, but Pei Jin hurriedly interjected, “Brother Xun, where are we going to have dinner?”

He Xun’s attention suddenly fell on Pei Jin, “Are you hungry?”

Pei Jin said, “Let’s go eat.”


After returning to the bedroom after eating, Pei Jin received a WeChat from Zheng Li.

[The little prince of the Zheng family: Why don’t you want to tell A Xun?]

[Little Five: It’s not that I won’t tell him, but I’ll tell him in a few days.

At this time, Zheng Li had a million questions.

[The little prince of the Zheng family: Why do you have to wait a few days?

[Little Five: Anyway, I will not harm myself, let alone harm Brother Xun. If I said to tell in a few days, I naturally have my own intentions.

[The little prince of the Zheng family: Okay, then I will believe you once.]

After reading the message on the mobile phone, Pei Jin sighed slightly.

She and He Xun had one less day of sleeping together in the same room, and she wanted to cherish this time.

In the past, she was ready to wash and sleep after finishing her homework at night, but on this day, after finishing her homework, she did not go to wash, let alone go to bed. Instead, she opened the notebook and began to draw casually on it.

She had learned to draw in her previous life. Although she was not an art student, she had a good background in art. She usually drew landscapes.

But now, she wanted to draw He Xun.

Him sleeping on the table, him who had just finished playing, him who looked lazy with his hands in his pockets, and…him with slightly wet black hair after the shower.

She didn’t know if she could finish drawing all of these before transferring.

She didn’t know how long it would take to draw. She suddenly heard the sound of He Xun getting out of bed. She hurriedly closed the book and pretended that she was about to go to bed and rest.

He Xun was only wearing a pair of pajama bottoms. But even if it was a common pajama set, wearing ordinary bottoms did not compromise his handsomeness, but instead made him appear more casual.

He walked over in slippers and reminded her, “Pei Pei, it’s late, you should go to bed.” Pei Jin looked at the time and found that the hour hand had reached twelve o’clock.

It was already early in the morning.

Generally speaking, senior high school students did not sleep late. If one slept late, it would affect their energy for the next day, and if the time was too late, one’s mind would be confused and the efficiency of doing questions would be greatly reduced. It was better to rest earlier and fight again after a night of energizing.

So, Pei Jin usually went to bed around eleven o’clock.

Pei Jin said, “I’ll go to bed right away.” When she got up from the chair, she suddenly found that she and He Xun had not taken a picture together for so long.

But having said that, boys usually didn’t like taking pictures. Only girls liked to take selfies with their beautiful faces from time to time.

Pei Jin picked up the phone on the table and tentatively said, “Brother Xun, do we want to take a selfie with me?”

He Xun raised his eyebrows and said simply, “Okay.”

So, two big “men”, didn’t sleep in the middle of the night, but instead took a selfie.

Pei Jin thought He Xun might not like beauty filters, so she didn’t use any apps. She turned on the front camera of the phone and pointed it at herself.

At this time, He Xun leaned forward at the right time and put his hands on her waist in a hug posture, then lowered his body and put his head on her shoulders.

This was a very intimate and ambiguous posture. It seemed that if they got any closer, they would be face to face.

Pei Jin’s hands shook as she pressed the camera button several times.

Vaguely, their cheeks really seemed to stick together. Pei Jin seemed to be able to feel He Xun’s stubble scraping on her face, with a little bit of pain, and a little bit of itching.

The two people were standing too close.

Pei Jin didn’t know if boys ever got so close to each other for taking pictures, but now He Xun was really too close to her.

But it didn’t make her feel uncomfortable. After all, she and He Xun had really embraced too many times while skating. Before skating, He Xun had held her in this way and taught her a little bit.

Only then did Pei Jin realize that she had gradually gotten used to He Xun’s closeness.

It turned out that the two of them were already so close.

But for two “boys”, this distance seemed a bit dangerous.

Pei Jin just wanted to pull a little distance away. At this moment, He Xun suddenly took off her glasses.

She patted her face slightly and looked at He Xun in surprise, and at this time, He Xun’s hand pressed against her, guiding her to click several more photos.

Pei Jin stared blankly at He Xun’s face close at hand.

He was really handsome, especially when she looked at him up close.

His peach blossom eyes were slightly bent, and there was a clear smile at the bottom of his eyes. The bottom of his eyes seemed to have some light, his eyes were too gentle, which almost made her drown in his eyes.

The tip of their noses was touching, their lips… it seemed they were only a few centimeters away.

She didn’t know how much time had passed before Pei Jin suddenly reacted and pushed He Xun away.

It scared her to death! She almost thought He Xun wanted to kiss her!

But He Xun obviously liked a girl, what was it that gave her the illusion that He Xun would like her as a “boy”?

After He Xun was pushed aside, he licked his lips regretfully.

It was only a little bit short, which was really a pity.

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