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Time passed, and a new day arrived. There was only one lamp in the bedroom, emitting a warm orange light. The light was not very bright. In this dark night where two people were deeply enveloped by the darkness, it was the easiest to breed some kind of ambiguous affection, and it was also easiest to make a heart restless.

Pei Jin didn’t know why, but He Xun’s eyes were a little dark. She pursed her lips, tried her best to suppress the unrest in her heart, and said, “Brother Xun, I’m going to wash up, you go to bed first.”

He Xun said nothing but did not leave. He took the phone from Pei Jin’s hand and flipped through the photos taken just now. Pei Jin was attracted by his actions, and also leaned her head in to look at the photos.

When taking pictures, the light in the bedroom was not very good, but in such a dim scene, the photos seemed to look even more impressive. Their heads were close together, and they looked very close.

It was she who looked a little silly with a silly smile on her face.

She was wearing big-rimmed glasses on her face, and her short dog-bitten hair had grown a little bit longer these days. It looked a little pleasing to the eye, but it was only a little. Next to He Xun, who had a messy but stylish hairstyle, it made her feel a little bit ashamed.

They saw through the photos, and the next few photos were taken after He Xun took off her glasses.

In those photos, she tilted her head and looked at He Xun with her eyes wide open. She looked a little innocent and a little stupid. By coincidence, He Xun had also lowered his head slightly and was staring at her firmly.

She didn’t know why, the difference between the pictures was clearly only a pair of glasses, but this picture showed that she and He Xun were a very good match, the two looked evenly good, and there was no situation where one’s face was overwhelming the other.

She still had the same hairstyle, the same dress, and the same person standing next to her. But without the cover of the glasses, she was like a different person, and her whole person had become dazzling.

The only bad thing was that her facial contours were too soft, what should she do if He Xun found out?

He Xun was very satisfied with the photos, and he returned the phone to Pei Jin, “Peipei, you send me these photos.”


Pei Jin opened WeChat, found He Xun’s WeChat, and directly sent the dozen photos clicked just now.

He Xun noticed Pei Jin’s remark about him at a glance.

“Big Devil?”

Pei Jin’s hands shook.

Yes, why did she forget about her remark on He Xun’s WeChat account!

She bit her lower lip, she called the person Big Devil, and was ashamed that it was seen by the person involved.

He Xun looked at Pei Jin looking cramped and shy, and smiled, “Do you want to read the remark I gave you?”

Pei Jin widened his eyes in surprise, “Brother Xun, have you also remarked something about me?”

He Xun raised his eyebrows and said, “Of course.”

“What is it?”

He Xun took out his phone, found Pei Jin’s WeChat, and showed it to Pei Jin generously.

The five big characters above were particularly obvious, “Peipei, sweetheart.” After seeing the remarks clearly, Pei Jin felt a little hot in an instant!

She covered her face with the back of her hand, “Brother Xun, I am a ‘boy ‘!”

He Xun said, “What’s wrong with being a boy?”

Pei Jin pointed her WeChat account with her finger, “I’m a boy, then why did you give me the title of sweetheart?”

He Xun smiled, and didn’t think there was any problem, “You are so sweet, this one is the best for you.”

Pei Jin was stunned by these words and didn’t know what to say, so she panicked and said, “Brother Xun, I’m going to brush my teeth and wash my face first.”

After that, she hid in the toilet.

Pei Jin looked at herself with red cheeks in the mirror and splashed her face with cold water in annoyance. Facing He Xun, how could she blush so easily.


The next day was Friday, and after this day was a two-day holiday.

When the last self-study period was about to end, Pei Jin’s mobile phone vibrated in her pocket. She thought that someone was looking for her, so she took out her phone and took a look.

After taking it out, she found out that Zhang Chen had sent several messages to her.

[Sky full of stars: You are so perverted, why are you still in class?

[Sky full of stars: Stay away from Axun!]

[Sky full of stars: Get out of here!]

[Sky full of stars: I don’t want to see you anymore!]

Pei Jin never thought that a boy could be so vicious. She never thought about being cautious everywhere since she wore her disguise, and in the end, she was still scolded to death and called perverted.

She really didn’t expect Zhang Chen to be so malicious towards her. Although she and Zhang Chen were never friends, she was still a little sad to see these vicious words.

At this time, it happened that Fatty was going to the toilet to get hot water, and he passed by Pei Jin. He looked at Pei Jin’s dumbfounded look and thought she was looking at something indecent, so he squeezed his chubby face over to take a peek.

Originally, he still had a silly smile on his face, but after seeing what Pei Jin was looking at, his smile slowly disappeared.

At this time, the bell for period end started ringing. After the class got over, Fatty pointed to her mobile phone and asked incredulously, “Is this from Zhang Chen?”

Zhang Chen’s WeChat name and profile picture were all very familiar to Fatty. Familiar enough that it could not be any more familiar.

Pei Jin did not reply.

Fatty’s finger was still pointing at her mobile phone screen, “He…what is he doing? Why is he doing this?”

Pei Jin slowly put away the phone, her voice was a little soft, “I don’t know, maybe because he hates me.”

Fatty scratched his head with a face full of confusion. At this time, Pei Jin’s cell phone rang.

It was a call from Father Pei.

After talking a few simple words, she then hung up the phone, Pei Jin and Fatty walked up to He Xun and said, “Brother Xun, my father has sent the driver to pick me up.”

He Xun frowned, “You are going home again this week?”

Pei Jin nodded, “Brother Xun, go home more if you have the time.”

He Xun stood up, he rubbed Pei Jin’s head, “Go back, remember to come back to school early to accompany me.”

Pei Jin blinked and agreed.

When Pei Jin got in the car, Father Pei was also in the car.

Father Pei looked through the documents in his hand and said, “The transfer procedures have been completed, and you can start at the 12th Middle School next week.”

Pei Jin almost jumped up when she heard the words, “Why is it so fast? Wasn’t it going to take at least a week? Wasn’t it?”

It took only a few days now? Obviously, it hadn’t even been a full week yet. She originally thought about mentioning this matter to He Xun before the transfer, but who thought that the plan would not keep up with the changes and she was about to transfer soon.

Father Pei took the time to take a look at Pei Jin, “This shows that Dad is capable of getting things done, is it bad? You are going to transfer to another school, are you unhappy?”

Pei Jin lowered her head and felt a little upset, “I don’t know.”

“Did you say goodbye to the classmates you have a good relationship with?”

Pei Jin shook her head, “Not yet.”

Father Pei looked down at the file again, “It’s okay, communication is so convenient these days, so you can send them a message.

“Send a message?” Pei Jin opened her eyes slightly, “Dad, am I not going to school next week?”

“Next week you will go directly to the 12th Middle School, and you don’t have to go back to the boys’ school.”

Pei Jin bit down on her lips, “What about my stuff, clothes, books?”

“Just find someone to get this kind of stuff, it is so much and so heavy, do you need to move it yourself?”


“But what?”

Pei Jin didn’t know how to say it, but she just thought it felt messy.

Seeing that she didn’t say anything else, Father Pei said directly, “That’s it. In the next few days, you will take care of yourself, buy some nice clothes, and fix your hair. Look at you. Your hair is in a mess. You are an eighteen-year-old girl and should look good. Trim some of the hair. Dress yourself up. You must keep a good spirit when you go to the new school. You’re eighteen now, and it’s time to be sensible.”

Pei Jin pursed her lips, and an emotion called sadness and loss rose in her heart for no reason. He Xun also said before that she should go back to school to accompany him earlier, but she…

“I see, Dad.”

“Qingqing Zhou should be free this time, you can go shopping with her.”

“Qingqing?” Pei Jin asked subconsciously and screamed.

Father Pei looked at her inexplicably, “Yeah, aren’t you best friends? Are you still going to go shopping alone?”

Qingqing was the original owner’s best friend, but not hers, so Pei Jin had actually prepared to go shopping alone.

After arriving home, she took a hot bath and then changed back into a girl’s beautiful little skirt.

There were actually a lot of clothes and skirts in the closet, some of which still had their tags on.

In fact, Pei Jin didn’t have any intention of shopping for clothes, so she just wanted to get her hair look better tomorrow.

She looked at herself in front of the vanity mirror, slightly stunned.

The face in the mirror was undoubtedly beautiful, with bright eyes and white teeth, looking really brilliant. Compared to the previous clothes, the pink skirt was obviously more suitable for her. The small skirt when worn on her, made her waist look slim and soft, and her legs straight and slender.

Could He Xun recognize her like this?

After lying on the bed, Pei Jin took out her mobile phone and found He Xun’s WeChat and wanted to say something to him.

But when she saw He Xun’s profile picture, she was stunned.

Because He Xun had changed it to a photo of the two of them.

Under the dim light, they were staring at each other. The light was warm, and the atmosphere was also warm. The tips of their noses were touching, as if they were about to kiss in the next second.

Brother Xun…

She sighed, put her phone aside, and buried herself in the quilt.

Pei Jin didn’t find anyone with her the next day but went out shopping alone.

She found a salon that looked very big and reliable, and planned to get them to fix her short dog-bitten hair.

The stylist who was giving her the haircut looked very reliable. He touched his chin and suggested, “Little girl, you will look better with long hair.”

Pei Jin said nothing. In fact, she felt the same way, but now that her hair was cut short, she could only wait for the hair to grow longer.

The stylist smiled slightly, “You can get hair extensions.”


“Long hair in only three thousand yuan, trust my skill, I can make sure that you will look natural and beautiful after getting the hair extensions.”

Three thousand yuan for this. The number was an astronomical number for Pei Jin before, but it was nothing to her now.

Just yesterday, Father Pei had given her another 20,000 yuan as pocket money. In fact, she still hadn’t even used up the 50,000 yuan that Father Pei have given her before.

Since there was no shortage of money, then she could spend three thousand yuan to make her hair look better.

In fact, Pei Jin didn’t expect much at first, but after a few hours passed and her hair was finished, she was still slightly surprised.

She had to say that this stylist gave her a big surprise.

In the mirror, her long black hair reached her waist, making her look skinnier and more picturesque.

She had to say that the hair style was too important. With a hairstyle that suited her, her looks were improved by several times.

Pei Jin bit her lip and looked at her renewed self in the mirror, thinking that He Xun might really not recognize her.

Author’s note: He Xun: Can’t recognize her? Not possible.

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