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This hair was really worth it. Pei Jin was very satisfied, and she simply paid the bill.

When she paid, there was a small commotion in the salon because of her.

Before Pei Jin had short hair, she was actually very handsome, but her short hair always gave her a heroic look and did not make her look graceful and feminine. After Pei Jin got long hair, she instantly became a graceful beauty.

The stylist was very happy, because he was very successful in reviving Pei Jin’s hair, due to which many customers in the shop requested to get a haircut that was the same as Pei Jin’s. A haircut worth 3,000 yuan, plus purchase of some hair conditioner and other things, his income this month would definitely be very beautiful.

He handed Pei Jin a business card and said graciously, “Little girl, if you want a haircut in the future, please come to me. I will give you a discount.”

Pei Jin thought this stylist’s skills were indeed good, so she just accepted it and kept his business card.

After walking out of the salon, Pei Jin felt that the air had become fresher. She found a park with more people to sit down. The park was very lively, there were children playing, and young parents strolling leisurely in the park with strollers.

Pei Jin took out her mobile phone and finally mustered up the courage to send a WeChat message to He Xun.

[Little Five: Brother Xun, I will be transferring to another school next week.

The next second, He Xun’s call came right away.

She hesitated, but she still answered the phone.

On the phone, He Xun’s tone was a little anxious, “Peipei? Are you going to transfer? Why so suddenly?”

Pei Jin pursed her lips, not knowing what to say, “I…”

At this time, she heard Fatty exclaim from the other side of the phone, “Little Five is going to transfer schools? Why? Is it because of Zhang Chen?”

“Zhang Chen?” He Xun asked back, but obviously the topic of Zhang Chen was not important now, so he asked, “Where are you transferring to?”

“The school next door, No. 12 Middle School.”

“Okay, I know, where are you now?”

Pei Jin said, “Brother Xun?”

“I want to see you, right now, right away.”

Pei Jin looked at her beautiful little skirt and red leather shoes and hesitated in her heart.

He Xun always thought she was a boy and regarded her as a good brother. If she let him know that she was actually a girl who deliberately mixed in the boys’ school and lived in the same dormitory with him, would he be very angry?

If she put herself in the situation, where she had always regarded a same sex person in her dormitory as a good sister, but in fact that sister was a man living among girls, what would she think? Would she feel cheated, would she feel sick?

She thought, she would. Therefore, she hoped to have a chance to re-acquaint herself with He Xun as a girl, but not now.

“Brother Xun, I’m sorry, it’s not very convenient now.”

He Xun took a deep breath and barely suppressed the anxiety in his heart, “Peipei, you are going to transfer school, so you don’t even want to see me anymore?”

Pei Jin shook her head sharply. “No, Brother Xun, it’s not that I don’t want to see you, but I…I want to meet you again.” She bit her lip, paused, then continued, “Brother Xun, I want to introduce myself to you again, I am Pei Jin.” It’s the girl Pei Jin, not the boy Pei Jin that he thought.

After finishing speaking, Pei Jin didn’t wait for He Xun’s response, and said directly, “Brother Xun, I’m going home, I’ll… see you next time.” After speaking, she hung up the phone in a panic.

Not long after she hung up, she received a WeChat message.

[He Xun: Let me introduce myself again, I am He Xun.

[He Xun: And you are my Peipei.]

Pei Jin looked at these two messages, her tears streaming down faster.

How could her brother Xun be so warm?

Because she said that she wanted to introduce herself again, and that her name was Pei Jin, so He Xun also introduced himself to her again.

In this way, would they be said to have met again?

However, she directly ignored the following WeChat message, which had a particularly strong aura of a boss.

What did he mean by calling her his Peipei!

Wasn’t she her own?

On the other side, He Xun frowned after putting down the phone, and asked Fatty on the side, “You just said that Peipei transferred school because of Zhang Chen? Why did you say that?”

Fatty scratched his head, “I just saw Zhang Chen using WeChat to scold him, asking him to go away, stay away from you or something. I don’t know why Zhang Chen hates him so much. I think Little Five is very good.”

“Scold her?!” This time it was Zheng Li, whose face was full of anger, “Zhang Chen actually has the face to scold her? He doesn’t even look at what good deeds he has done.”

He Xun’s voice was a little low, “What happened that I don’t know?”

Zheng Li sighed and told him, “Originally, Little Five asked me to tell you in a few days, but since she is going to transfer school, then I will tell you now. Zhang Chen gave your dad a short report before and said bad things about Little Five, and then your dad asked to talk to Little Five alone.”

He Xun’s brain was flexible, and he immediately reacted, “It must have been Thursday, did you deliberately let Fatty hold me back on that day?”

Zheng Li nodded and simply admitted, “Yes, That’s the day. I’m sorry, A Xun, uncle said to not let you know, so we kept it from you.”

He Xun took out a cigarette and lighter, lit it with a clatter, and as the smoke filled his lungs, he slowly narrowed his eyes, “They, what did he say?”

Zheng Li shook his head, “I was waiting by the side, not with them, so I don’t know this.”

“How was the atmosphere when Peipei and my dad were chatting?”

This Zheng Li knew. He recalled it carefully and said, “At first, the atmosphere was quite tense, but then I don’t know why it became relaxed. I even thought uncle seemed to like Little Five.”

He Xun raised his eyebrows unexpectedly.

His dad actually liked Peipei? What were they talking about?

But when Zheng Li said that; his whole body finally relaxed a little.

He took a few puffs of cigarettes and threw it into the trash can beside him, and said to Zheng Li and Fatty behind him, “Let’s go, let’s deal with Zhang Chen’s affairs first.”

Two days passed in a flash.

In the blink of an eye, it was the day when she had to go to the 12th Middle School.

On this day, Pei Jin got up very early. No school uniform was required for No. 12 Middle School, so she could wear her own clothes.

In late September, the warmth of midsummer was still lingering, so she picked a white shirt, paired with denim shorts, and just plain white shoes. She had chosen a very simple dress, which made her look refreshing and sunny.

She tied her long waist-length hair into a double ponytail, and she looked a little sweeter every minute.

Pei Jin already knew the class she was transferring to, Class 8.

She had asked Mengmeng about it before. Mengmeng and Xu Yi were in Class 4, so she and them would not be classmates.

Although it was a shame not to be in the same classroom with Mengmeng, her only acquaintance, it was still good not to be in the same class with Xu Yi.

On the first day Pei Jin transferred to another school, the posts in the 12th middle school were maxed out. There was no other reason, but because Pei Jin was so good-looking.

[An epic beauty was newly transferred into Class 8 of the third year of high school. It is said that she is called Pei Jin, she looks so damn good-looking.

Below this post, a tall building had quickly assembled.

[I know I know, I saw her today too, oh my god, Xu Yi’s beauty is like a joke in front of her!]

[Fuck, I really haven’t seen such a beautiful girl in many years, and I feel that our 12th school flower will soon be replaced.

[Hahahahaha, it seems that I was right when I chose the twelfth middle school. Seeing a beauty of this level, I have no regrets in my life.

[I am in my first year of high school this year, and my elder sister is in the third year of high school, so I can only lick her picture for one year, I feel so sorry.

[Senior sister has a boyfriend? I hope she is still single, so that I can have a chance.]

Under this post there were many candid photos of Pei Jin.

Slowly, classmates from Class 8 appeared in this post.

[I’m in the Class 8 of high school, I came to tell you that real Pei Jin is a hundred times better than the photos.

[Pei Jin not only looks good, but also has a good personality, super gentle and super easy to talk. I just asked her, she is still single!! Brothers, Jiayou!

As soon as Pei Jin being single came out, the whole building immediately boiled with excitement.

[Such a beautiful girl is still single, I have a chance!

[Hahaha, everyone is playing fair. It’s a pity that I’m not in Class 8. Otherwise, isn’t it still good for me to be the first mouth near the water?]

Pei Jin didn’t know anything about what happened on the post, and she only learned about it after receiving Mengmeng’s WeChat.

[Mengmeng: Little brother, the epic beauty post, is it you they are talking about?

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