YXBG Ch. 1: Xiaomei

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At Sunshine Orphanage, a group of children wearing bright clothes were happily playing. At that moment, the Dean welcomed a visiting young couple, “Mr. Yin, Mrs. Yin, this is our orphanage facility. The children here are very kind and well-educated. You can also talk with the children before choosing one.”

Yin Ruoji and his wife Chang Mei looked around, and some children discovered that the couple had come for adoption, and they no longer wildly played around, but tried to make a good impression, squatting like a puppy before them. With their big eyes, it increased their cuteness by 100%.

Chang Mei could not contain the excitement in her chest. “Oh my God! They are so cute; I would like to adopt all of them!”

Yin Ruoji naturally knew that his wife’s heart was very soft when it came to children, “If you pity the children, I can donate to the orphanage on behalf of the company. But today we came to choose a younger brother for A Fei, and to choose someone to play with him. For that one is good enough.”

Chang Mei nodded sorrily, “I know…”

She was talking, when suddenly a child rushed towards them like a cow, and if it were not for her husband, the little girl would have hit her head.

“Xiaomei!” The Dean got a headache when he saw who it was. He grabbed the little girl, like she was a rabbit and scolded her, “How many times have I told you? Look around when you run!”

The little girl stopped rebelling. Because she was too wild when playing in the mud, her body was covered in mud, and her braids were also messy. That dirty little face had a pair of big eyes full of love, as she looked at the pair of beautiful couple.

She muttered. “What’s the use of being good, even when I’m a bad girl, no one will come to get me!” Even though she looked very cute, she was too wild like a monkey. Repeatedly in the orphanage, she was numbered as the naughtiest orphan.

Chang Mei listened to this, could not help but look at the girl carefully and was pleasantly surprised to find that this little girl had a face similar to her when she was little. She bent down to the same level as the little girl and asked, “Kid, you are called Xiaomei[1]?” Incidentally, when she was a child, her mother also called her Xiaomei.

When the little girl knew that there was a scene, she changed her face to a shy and cute look, “Yes! Mother said that I was a beautiful girl, so she gave me the name Xiaomei … But … Later … Mother left me. ……” She cried, her hands covered her face properly, to show her sadness but not excessively, the dean can’t help but lament – this girl was born to be an actress!

Chang Mei’s eyes were wet, and she pulled her face towards her warmly. “Husband, our long missing baby is also a girl. Surely God wanted to compensate us, by giving us this girl who is very good, you see that she looks exactly the same as me when I was young!”

Yin Ruoji looked at the little girl who was screaming and crying and said, “But Zhefei wants a younger brother.”

Xiaomei’s crying stopped abruptly.

Xiaomei looked at them with watery eyes and judged the situation. She immediately turned her ‘pitiful’ act towards Changmei. “But little girls are so cute! Little boys are very naughty! Everyone says that daughters are their mother’s cotton padded jacket[2]. In fact, you said that seeing me, it felt like you saw your own daughter, Xiaomei will be a very good child!”

The Dean’s eyes twitched a few times at her very embarrassing act. He thought that what people said was right: her face is very thick!

Chang Mei’s heart immediately became soft like cotton candy. She hugged Xiaomei, and she was not afraid that her dirty paws would stain her Chanel snow-white suit, she cried so much that she almost got choked. “Poor child, I will be your mother, mother will not let you suffer again!”

Yin Ruoji did not miss the expression of the victory on the little girl’s face, but he did not object to his wife’s opinion. The dean went through the adoption procedures, and Chang Mei was delighted and wiped the face of Xiaomei. “Xiaomei, later your name will be Yin Xiaomei!”

Yin Zhefei, who was playing video games at home, felt chills for no reason.

Yin Xiaomei sat in the back seat of the luxurious car. Everything was new to her. She touched everywhere and her face full of smiles. “Do you like it, Xiaomei?”

“Well! Xiaomei has never seen such a luxurious car! Auntie, I must be dreaming! You hurry and try to wake me up!” Xiaomei said poking out her very thin arm.

Chang Mei took her matchstick-like arm with distress and pulled her into her arms with affection. “Silly girl, you are not dreaming, remember to call me mother later, I am your mother, that is your father, and that is driver Zhang Bo. When we get home, you will find that you still have a brother! He is a very good child; you will love each other!”

“Is it?” she smiled. “I will try my best to make my brother like me!”

“Well! Mom will take Xiaomei to take a bath, then buy a new dress for Xiaomei! After that, we will go back to see your brother.”

Yin Xiaomei’s eyes changed, and she was a little sad. “I don’t want to take a shower, why should I take a shower…” She thought of the adoptive father who used to look at her with such strange eyes and asked her to take off her clothes and take a shower in front of him. Now she hates taking a shower!

“But look at you, you are covered all over with mud. How can you not take a bath?” Chang Mei patiently persuaded her, “Would you like mom to take a bath with you?”

Yin Xiaomei began to tremble. She grabbed Chang Mei’s arm and cried. “I don’t want to take a bath; I don’t want to take a bath… Mom don’t let me go to take a bath! It’s a scary, Xiaomei won’t take a bath!”

Zhang Bo smiled. “Children are like this! Whenever my grandson hears that he was going to take a shower, he becomes like a monkey, and it is very hard to catch him!”

Yin Ruoji’s eyes suddenly became dark, and he looked thoughtfully at the trembling beauty, then he suddenly asked, “Why are you afraid to take a shower?”

Yin Xiaomei hung her head, no longer speaking, and her tears fall like rain. Chang Mei laughed. “Silly girl, mother is here. There is no need to afraid, mother will take you to take a fun bubble bath, don’t you want to play with it?”

The car was parked outside a luxury children’s store, which was called “Children’s Time” and was a store specializing in children. There were not only toys and costumes of various colors, but also a membership-based children’s bathing playground on the second floor. The mother could follow, so many rich children liked to come there.

Chang Mei got out of the car and pointed at the pink cute little corridor. “Xiaomei, is it beautiful?”

Xiaomei was stunned at once, muttering. “So beautiful, have we come here to take a shower?”

“Yeah, after the shower, I will buy good clothes for Xiaomei, and we will go home.” Chang Mei was very happy to see that she was no longer crying.

Xiaomei hesitated for a moment, and her fearful eyes turned to Yin Ruoji. “That… will father follow us?”

“Dad, of course, he will not follow!” Chang Mei laughed. “Dad and Zhang Bo will wait for us downstairs! Silly girl. We are going to the women’s area.”

Xiaomei seemed to be relieved. She looked at the cold man and thought that although he looks very unreasonable, it gave people an unspeakable sense of trust and security. It seemed that she could trust him. At the moment, everything was fine. Xiaomei relaxed easily. She took Chang Mei’s hand and felt the warmth of a mother. “Xiaomei and mother will go to take a shower.”

The two walked into the “Children’s Time”, which was full of children. The store also carefully separated the baby area and the children’s area to serve children of different ages. As soon as the two entered, there was a very gentle service staff that came up to them. “Hello, I am very happy to serve you.”

Xiaomei’s face went white when she saw this man.

Chang Mei was unaware. “Hello, I want one…” She hadn’t finished yet, but Xiaomei suddenly broke free from her hand and ran out.

“Xiaomei!” Chang Mei only took two steps, Yin Ruoji had already rushed out. Yin Xiaomei’s short arms and short legs could not run fast, and she was easily caught in Yin Ruoji’s arms. This little girl was so thin, it seemed that there was only one bone left.

“Ah-!” Xiaomei screamed, “Let me go! Xiaomei doesn’t want to take a bath! Don’t wash! Let me go!”

“Shut up!” Yin Ruoji immediately shouted out, the little girl was so scared that she became silent immediately, but her lips were still trembling, and she was looking at him in horror.

“Tell me, why do you not want to take a shower?” His words were short. However, Yin Ruoji was surprised because before Xiaomei was still very good, as if she was very interested in “Children Time” store, why did she suddenly run like a mouse running away from the cat.

The little girl looked at Chang Mei who had come over and felt that she had to go back to her mother to seek refuge. But Yin Ruoji did not let go. “Say!”

Chang Mei stroked the head of Xiaomei and said, “Why can Xiaomei not take a bath? Tell Mom, what are you afraid of?”

Xiaomei cried. “If I said it, he would kill me… He said he would kill me…”

Yin Ruoji grabbed her little hand. “Xiaomei, Mom, and Dad are here, we will protect you. Now, don’t cry, tell me what is going on.”

She shuddered and said: “That man… was the adoptive father of Xiaomei…” She buried her head in fear. Chang Mei also wanted to say something, but Yin Ruoji shook his head, indicating to give her some time, and she will continue to say. After a while, Xiaomei gently said: “He would call Xiaomei to take a shower, then…” She said in a cold voice. “Then he did terrible things to Xiaomei!”

Chang Mei and Yin Ruoji were shocked, they actually unveiled such a dark past of the little girl, and they suddenly felt like sinking. Yin Ruoji looked at the little girl in his arms. “Xiaomei, are you sure that your adoptive father is the service person just now?”

Xiaomei nodded like a chicken pecking at rice. “Yes! It is him. Inside, his head is very disgusting, so I ran away.”

“Okay, let’s go home.” Yin Ruoji immediately said. Chang Mei quickly took the poor little thing, hugged her tightly and gave her warmth. Zhang Bo stood at the door of the store and saw the gesture of Yin Ruoji immediately. He immediately noticed and started the car.

Sitting in the car, Xiaomei gradually stopped shaking. She was in the arms of Chang Mei, feeling the warmth of her body, she soon forgot the previous unhappiness. But Yin Ruoji who was sitting in the front, was still gloomy.

Although he just met this little girl, he felt a familiar feeling in her. Maybe Chang Mei was right. She was indeed a gift from God to them, otherwise, how could she and his beloved wife look so similar? Now she is his own daughter, he has to take up the obligation to protect her.

After getting off the car, he let Chang Mei take the girl to the house, then he dialed a number.

“Hey, Li Min, you have to check a clerk at ‘Children time’, No. 1003. Yes, this thing, I have to deal with it myself.”

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[1] Little Beauty.

[2] Warmth.

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