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Tan Mo said to Yuan Keqing in a serious tone: “Cousin, fortunately no one else is here now. This sister will definitely not tell anyone after hearing this. Otherwise, you will bring trouble on our Tan family. What does the Tan family count among these families? Including my parents and brothers, we never dare to feel that we are great. If you let others hear your words, wouldn’t they laugh at our Tan family’s lack of self-awareness?”

Although Tan Mo looked like a six-year-old now, she was actually the core of a thousand-year-old snow lotus. In her last life, she always listened to her master reading, talking about scriptures, and discussing Taoism.

Even adults may not be able to match this kind of talk, let alone Yuan Keqing and Qin Muxiao.

Qin Muxiao didn’t even know how to react.

Who was her sister!

Why did she keep yelling sister!

Yuan Keqing felt angry and impatient, and Tan Mo’s words completely ignored Tan Family.

“But cousin, how can you say that? Tan Family is obviously very powerful.” Yuan Keqing secretly observed Qin Muxiao and said, “Even today’s invitation was given to you by Uncle Wei Zhiqian himself.”

Yuan Keqing secretly observed Qin Muxiao and said, “Uncle Wei Zhiqian personally gave it to you.”

When Qin Muxiao heard this, her face suddenly darkened.

She was here to make trouble, but she couldn’t find a suitable excuse for a while.

Then her eyes fell on the Sleeping Beauty doll held in Tan Mo’s arms.

“You, give me this doll to play with.” Qin Muxiao pointed at the doll in Tan Mo’s arms.

Tan Mo’s eyes lit up and she thought that the opportunity had come.

She hugged the doll tighter, shook her head and said, “This is my favourite doll, I can’t give it to you.”

She really liked this doll, but the reason for carrying it with her was not just because she liked it.

Didn’t Yuan Keqing love to snatch her things?

The more she liked it, the more Yuan Keqing wanted to snatch it away.

If she brought the doll out today, Yuan Keqing would definitely find an excuse to snatch it away.

She just didn’t expect that before Yuan Keqing took action, there would be another person, Qin Muxiao.

But it didn’t matter, it was all the same.

Originally, Tan Mo just wanted to protect her parents and brothers from the bitter consequences of the previous life.

But after getting along for so many years, they had become her closest family members.

She was Tan Mo now, instead of watching Tan Mo being bullied from the perspective of a bystander like she did in her previous life as a little snow lotus spirit.

Therefore, she would not let Yuan Keqing go.

Didn’t Yuan Keqing like to scheme against people?

Tan Mo narrowed her eyes. She had already guessed what Yuan Keqing would say next.

“What a shabby thing, even a shabby doll is so precious.” Qin Muxiao curled her lips in disdain, “Look at you, you look like you have never seen the world, it’s really embarrassing!”

Yuan Keqing seemed to be frightened, as she cried and said: “This doll is extraordinary. Uncle Wei Zhiqian gave it to my cousin.”

Qin Muxiao became even more angry when she heard this.

Wei Zhiqian never gave her anything, not even a stone.

It could be said that Wei Zhiqian rarely gave things to others.

No matter how worthless the gift was, as long as it was from Wei Zhiqian, the meaning would be different.

“Give me this doll to play with!” Qin Muxiao said sternly, “Brother Zhiqian gave it to you? I don’t believe it! Brother Zhiqian’s name is not something that lowly people like you can just pull out.”

“It’s true.” Yuan Keqing cried and said, “If you don’t believe it, ask him.”


Qin Muxiao hesitated for a moment and said, “So what? I just want to play with it, it’s not like I’m taking the doll home with me. What a piece of shit, even an ordinary doll is so precious!”

Yuan Keqing was crying all the time, but Tan Mo was fine, stroking the doll’s long hair like a normal person.

Yuan Keqing seemed to be speaking for her, but in fact, she had been making Qin Muxiao angry.

It turned out that Yuan Keqing was waiting for her here.

Tan Mo basically judged that Yuan Keqing’s green tea art level was probably entry-level.

But now she was only six years old. When she got older, her green tea skills would improve.

No wonder Tan Mo was not her match in the previous life.

Tan Mo felt that since Yuan Keqing was crying like this, it wouldn’t be good if she didn’t react at all.

Just as she was about to rub her eyes red, she saw Qin Murong walking over.

“What’s going on here?” Qin Murong just came over when she saw that they seemed to be arguing. “You have to have fun, don’t quarrel.”

Qin Muxiao quickly grabbed Qin Murong, her supporter, and pointed at Tan Mo, and said: “Sister, I just think this doll of hers is very beautiful. I want to see it, but she is not giving it to me. She is crying as if I have bullied them. She also keeps telling me that this doll is a gift from brother Zhiqian. So she can’t give it to me.”

Sure enough, when Wei Zhiqian was mentioned, Qin Murong’s expression suddenly changed.

“This is a gift from brother Zhiqian. I want it too.” Qin Muxiao whispered to Qin Murong, avoiding Tan Mo’s hearing. Otherwise, wouldn’t it make her look inferior to Tan Mo?

“Sister, I am brother Zhiqian’s future sister-in-law, but he hasn’t even given me a pebble as a gift.” Qin Muxiao said aggrievedly and unwillingly.

Qin Murong’s mouth was bitter, and she thought that not only has he not given anything to you, but Wei Zhiqian has never even given me anything.

Everyone said that she would be engaged to Wei Zhiqian in the future, but Wei Zhiqian never showed any sign of affection to her and was indifferent and distant to her.

It seemed that she had always had a shaved and hot head in front of him.

Qin Murong looked at Tan Mo again. She was not jealous of Tan Mo, a six-year-old girl, nor did she take Tan Mo seriously.

It was just that Wei Zhiqian would rather give a gift to an outsider than to Qin Muxiao.

Qin Murong was indeed very angry.

She raised her hand and put it on Qin Muxiao’s shoulder and said, “It’s just a doll. Don’t you have too many dolls? Don’t quarrel over this and make others laugh.”

Qin Murong asked Tan Mo gently: “What’s your name?


Yuan Keqing sobbed and said, “My name is Yuan Keqing.”

Tan Mo secretly rubbed her eyes while Qin Murong and Qin Muxiao were whispering just now.

Now she raised her head, with red eyes, and said pitifully: “Tan Mo.”

“Tan Mo, can you give this doll to Muxiao to play with?” Qin Murong smiled and said, “I think you are both about the same age. You can be a good friend.”

“It’s okay to be a friend, but I will not give my doll to anyone.” Tan Mo said the toughest words in the softest tone.

Qin Murong suppressed his smile and said displeasedly: “People must learn to share and cannot develop a selfish character from an early age. This is not good.”

“But this is my doll. I can choose to give it or not.” Tan Mo held the doll and said innocently, “Could it be that if someone else comes to rob something that belongs to me, is it my fault as the owner if I don’t want to give it to them?”

Do you dare to give in to those who are robbing you? Should the victim not speak out?

It depended on whether someone beats you or not.

Qin Murong almost had cerebral palsy.

Just now, you still wanted to be Wei Zhiqian’s fiancée?

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