YXBG Ch. 49: The Champion

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He saw her being taken away, knowing that she would be in danger, but in order to teach her a lesson, he bore putting her in such a dangerous situation.

For some reason, she felt that such a Yin Ruoji was terrible…

However, when she got to know about it, Yin Zhefei was already five years old. Yin Ruoji cared for her and treated her parents as if they were his biological parents. So, she had to hide his thoughts in her heart silently.

She loved Yin Ruoji deeply, but this incident had turned into an invisible thorn, a secretly festering wound, which made her always feel faintly uneasy when she was in a happy relationship with him. Her friends didn’t seem to understand. Although they no longer talked about the story behind that incident, the scenes like the hero saving the damsel in distress were always mentioned over and over again.

Every time they mentioned it, her heart felt it like the stab of a knife.

Until the appearance of that woman… that became the last straw that overwhelmed the camel.

Her castle in the sky collapsed like that.

She seemed to have become the kidnapped girl again, stepping back ten thousand steps and knowing that even if Yin Ruoji had a foolproof arrangement, it was her who was in the realm of fear, despair, helplessness, and betrayal.

She even wondered: did he really love her? Or was it just to maintain his seemingly perfect family?

Chang Mei picked up the enamel fountain pen at hand, as the light radiated quietly on the sapphire blue body. She finally pulled out the pen and signed her name on the divorce agreement.

After waiting for so many years, Yin Ruoji, since you are cruel till the end, then I will be the same.


On the day when Hu Fei participated in the Asian Boxing Championship, Zhang Xiangyi specially held a small party at home to watch the match. Girls were naturally not interested in this kind of thing, so the people here were only Yin Zhefei and Qin Yuan, and even though Uncle Zhang was older, he still had a lot of enthusiasm for this kind of competition, so he also joined in the fun.

“Grandpa! Do you want to drink beer!” Zhang Xiangyi hugged a dozen cans of cold beer over to the table.

“Smelly boy, it doesn’t matter how old your grandpa is, I will always want a beer to drink!” Zhang Chenxi scolded his son in an angry manner.

“What do you mean! Do you think I am old!” Uncle Zhang stared, “Give me a bottle!”

“Dad…you have a bad stomach, don’t look for me again if you have diarrhea…” Zhang Chenxi felt a headache as is his Dad refused to accept that he had gotten old.

“When I was young, I could drink twenty bottles alone!”

“Then you also know that it was when you were young…”

And Qin Yuan, who was preparing dishes here, glanced at Yin Zhefei, whose face was although expressionless, but he obviously gave out a proud feeling as if he had experienced the spring breeze. So, he said to Yin Zhefei, laughing: “You’ve got a feeling ah!”

“What have?” Yin Zhefei touched his face, “How could you know??”

“Come on, let me see, this face with peach blossom eyes, eyes filled with the feeling of spring, did that hot sister of yours finally let go?”

“Come on!” Yin Zhefei smiled and opened his hand. “Didn’t sean ask you to be her agent in the mainland? How about it? Are you going to do it?”

Qin Yuan stuffed a piece of bacon and said vaguely: “At first I was quite confident, but later I felt that I couldn’t do it. It was not as simple as I thought, so I recommended her a professional, very reliable, experienced, and better than me.”

“Man or woman?”

“Hahahaha! You…you are not you, so worried about a girl! Don’t worry about it!” Qin Yuan laughed and patted him on the shoulder. Then they went to the front of the TV.

Yin Zhefei cut the lettuce with his head down, thinking of the smell of Yin Xiaomei in the red mist for no reason.

He stroked his lips unconsciously, showing a drunken smile.

Speaking of it, this was also the first time everyone got together to watch Hu Fei’s match. After all, this kid was still very weak in the past few years. He could only play in the city league. He was runner-up most of the time. Who knew what happened these two years? That he could take part in international competitions all at once.

At the beginning, the group of people talked and laughed. Some said that if Hu Fei had his teeth removed, he would be so ugly that he could not find his wife. Some said that he could not go down and Lu Xianxian could go up and help the fight. The atmosphere was not bad.

But when the game started, it wasn’t like that at all. Everyone didn’t expect that the game would be so tense-

“Defense! Defend! Oops!”

“Left, left uppercut!”

“Hey, just now, it looks as if it hurt because of the beard…” Uncle Zhang, who was originally peaceful, was so excited that he almost poured beer on his son’s head. He kept yelling meaninglessly, causing Zhang Chenxi not only to be extremely nervous by the game, but also have have to guard against his dad who could not take care of himself even a bit… really a grudging old guy…

Finally, despite the difficulties, Hu Fei won in the end. Zhang Xiangyi excitedly hugged Yin Zhefei excitedly, almost strangling him.

“I’ll just say, I’ll just say, that Lu Xianxian is not an ordinary person, she is the mother of Otto, she can cultivate Ottoman!” He let out a wolf howl excitedly.

On the TV, Hu Fei, who was covered in sweat, also hugged Lu Xianxian who had rushed up to him.

“Good teacher has a good disciple! I have no choice but to kneel down!” Zhang Xiangyi laughed and joked, causing sound of agreements.

But even with the voice of the commentator on the TV, Hu Fei continue hugging her for half a minute.

The atmosphere at home suddenly became inexplicably embarrassing…

A Xiang looked at everyone, hesitated and said in a low voice:

“Uh…Hasn’t he held her for a long time…”

“Hmmm…” Everyone made a meaningless sound and frowned, all pretending to be looking at the screen very seriously.

Even the TV commentator found something was wrong and joked: “This beautiful girl is probably the girlfriend of the boxing champion. Their relationship seems to be very good…”

Zhang Xiangyi watched the TV blankly and whispered to Yin Zhefei: “A Fei, did your fiancee cheat…”

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