CFCS Ch. 224.1: Road to Immortality (13)

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Lan Daonian held a grand funeral for his little daughter in Heming City, but this did not reduce the grief in his heart. The seeds of hatred that had been sown when he was holding the corpse of his little daughter, had grown wildly. He knew that Jing Yang would not let him go, so he would not sit still.

Jing Yang asked someone to send Xiao Liangqi’s body back to the southern border and asked the original owner’s uncle to take over the position of the owner to hold the funeral for Xiao Liangqi.

Everything in the southern border related to him had returned to ashes, and it could be regarded as an unexpected and reasonable ending. The last thing that needed to be resolved was Lan Daonian. As for Xiao Ling, he would not let him die for the time being. As for Lan Daonian’s wife, he wouldn’t kill her, because losing her daughter and then her husband in old age would be a big blow to her, and even if he didn’t do anything, she wouldn’t live for long.

After this period of observation, Jing Yang discovered that Lan Manqing was a person with very upright views, and she respected Bai Guang even more than her father, and was completely different from Lan Manzi and Lan Daonian, no wonder Bai Guang accepted her as his apprentice. The time for the final confrontation with Lan Daonian was coming soon. In order not to embarrass her, Jing Yang had asked her to go back to Zhu Yang Island first.

As for Lan Daonian’s sons, since they had not participated in these matters before, as long as they continued to maintain this state of non-participation, Jing Yang would not do anything to them. After all, he was a person who distinguished between what he liked and what he hated, and he had no habit of killing innocent people or implicating family members indiscriminately. He would only make those who should pay for his actions pay the price.

Lan Daonian wanted Jing Yang to release Xiao Ling and let him send Lan Manzi away for the las time, but Jing Yang did not agree.

Jing Yang looked at Lan Daonian and said, “I didn’t wear mourning for my mother back then, nor did I send my mother off for the last time. My mother was buried in a hurry without even getting a decent funeral. Who was this all because of? Do you think that I am so cruel and hard-hearted at a young age? But all I have done is to return all the pain and tragic experience that you father and daughter brought me, to you.”

“It seems…” Lan Daonian said with a cold face, “You don’t intend to let it go no matter what.”

Jing Yang smiled and said, “Lan Manzi had asked me about this before, and I had already answered her, but unfortunately she didn’t have time to tell you, so I will tell you again in person. I absolutely will not. In addition to bearing the pain of me and my grandfather, you must also use your own life to repay the lives of my mother and maternal grandparents. Although Lan Manzi is dead, it doesn’t mean that everything is over, as long as you are not dead, my revenge will not be considered complete.”

What Jing Yang said was so straightforward that Lan Daonian had nothing to say, but he definitely didn’t want to die, so he came prepared to see Jing Yang this time.

Lan Daonian originally thought that if Jing Yang agreed to let Xiao Ling out and let him see his mother off for the last time, then he would wait until Lan Manzi’s funeral was over before dealing with Jing Yang. If he didn’t agree to let Xiao Ling go, he would have to settle Jing Yang immediately, because he couldn’t let his daughter not even have one mourning person present at her funeral. Also, he had promised his daughter that he would save Xiao Ling.

“I’ll ask you one last time, are you going to let Xiao Ling go or not?” Lan Daonian looked at Jing Yang, and his voice suddenly became sharp.

“Then I will answer you one last time, I just won’t let you go, what can you do to me?!” Jing Yang said sarcastically, “Using strength to bully others is not something that only your Lan family can do.”

“How dare you speak so presumptuously in my Lan family!” A loud voice came from outside the door, the voice was full of divine power, and the impact of the voice was obviously aimed at Jing Yang.

Jing Yang thought to himself, you are finally here, I was just waiting for you.

A middle-aged man walked in. This man was very imposing and was surrounded by a lot of immortal energy, which almost formed a barrier, making it impossible for people to look at him directly. Lan Daonian saluted this person respectfully and called him ancestor.

Jing Yang didn’t want to talk nonsense with him, so after he came in, he directly pulled out the Jingtao sword.

Lan Tongqi showed a mocking smile, looked at Jing Yang contemptuously and said, “What? Do you think you can beat me? Even if your master comes, he may not be able to beat me.”

“Then let me meet you.” Another voice with divine power came in, and the expressions of Lan Tongqi and Lan Daonian changed at the same time when they heard the voice.

Jing Yang thought to himself, how did this person come so fast? He also wanted to practice some tricks with Lan Tongqi, to test his cultivation results during this period of time.

“Immortal Bai Guang… I haven’t seen you for many years.” When Lan Tongqi saw Bai Guang, although he didn’t have the arrogant and contemptuous attitude from just now, he still looked arrogant. But the more he acted like this, the more guilty he looked.

“Lan Tongqi, what is your ability to be able to bully my apprentice? Since you think I may not be able to beat you, you should have to come to Zhu Yang Island to find me.” Bai Guang walked to Jing Yang’s side and pulled him behind himself.

“You’ve figured it out. It’s your apprentice who is dominating my Lan family’s territory. Not only has one person been killed, but he also wants to make the entire Lan family restless. How can I sit idly by?” Lan Tongqi looked at Bai Guang with a reasonable look.

“It’s what they deserve for being forced to death. They committed evil before and killed my apprentice’s mother. Are you still not allowing my apprentice to take revenge?” Bai Guang said sarcastically, “Your Lan family is really uprightly crooked. Allowing yourself to do evil and not allowing others to fight back, is it the tradition of your Lan family? The reason why you, Lan Tongqi, became a god was so disgraceful, but you were not punished by heaven, do you know why?”

When Lan Tongqi heard Bai Guang mention the reason why he became a god, his face immediately collapsed. Few people knew about the disgraceful reason for his becoming a god, and Bai Guang was one of the people who knew.

“It’s because you’ve been honest enough these years, and you’ve been hiding your face after you became a god, and the most important reason is because the time for you to suffer the punishment from heaven has not yet come.” Bai Guang said, “Now, it is time for you to suffer the punishment from heaven.”

“What do you mean?” Lan Tongqi’s face became more and more ugly because of Bai Guang’s words.

“I will carry out God’s will today, and let you pay with blood for what you did back then.” Bai Guang said expressionlessly.

“Bai…, Master,” Jing Yang pulled Bai Guang’s clothes, raised the Jingtao sword in his hand and said, “Let me do it.”

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