CFCS Ch. 223: Road to Immortality (12)

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Two days passed, no one knew whether Xiao Ling and the others were dead or alive in the Hall of Cleansing Souls, because Jing Yang sent people to guard outside the Hall of Cleansing Souls, and ordered that no one was allowed to enter the Hall of Cleansing Souls without his permission. If anyone dared to force their way in, they would be charged with offending Zhu Yang Island and beheaded.

The parents of Yang Junmao and others, after waiting for two days, finally couldn’t wait any longer, and begged Jing Yang to let their son go.

The three couples knelt on the ground and apologized to Jing Yang very earnestly, “We were all wrong before. We confess our mistakes to you and apologize. You can punish us any way you want. I just ask you to let my son go.”

“I am willing to go and guard the magic bead in place of my son, please release my son, I kowtow to you, please!” Yang Junmao’s mother cried and begged Jing Yang.

Jing Yang looked at their sad and pitiful faces now, but their mocking and ridiculing faces and eyes from before appeared over and over again in his mind. After these images appeared, they slowly disappeared. Jing Yang knew that this was because Xiao Jing himself felt relieved of what they had done. After all, human nature was like this, and it was only the nature of most people to step on the low and praise the high. Although they were wrong, they did not do anything fatal against him.

“If it weren’t for the fact that I am Bai Guang’s apprentice today, and if it wasn’t for the fact that your son’s life is now in my hands, I’m afraid you wouldn’t repent in front of me.” Jing Yang looked at them and said, “Evil cause leads to evil result, I want you to know that it is better to be a human being with more kindness, otherwise retribution will come at any time, after all, what people are doing, the one above is watching.”

Jing Yang asked the disciple next to him to go to the Hall of Cleansing Souls and pick up Yang Junmao, Cheng Yi, and You Xiang, and said to the three couples, “I don’t care whether you are sincerely repenting, or you are forced by the majesty of my master Bai Guang, in order to save your son’s life, you have apologized and admitted your mistake. The punishment I gave to your son is what you and your son should bear. Because they are not deadly wrong, so I forgive them, I hope you will not treat me forgiving you and your son as a fluke and continue bullying others for evil in the future.”

“We sincerely repent, and we must do more good deeds in the future to make up for the sins we have committed before.” Yang Junmao’s father said.

When Yang Junmao and the others were brought there, their faces were full of blackness, and it seemed that they had inhaled a lot of devilish energy.

As soon as the three mothers saw their son, they rushed over and hugged their son and cried loudly. Their appearance of heartache was quite touching.

Jing Yang just wanted to let them feel what they would feel when their own son was suffering. Although the original owner’s mother was dead, if she knew the suffering the original owner had suffered since childhood, she would definitely not be at peace even after dying.

However, although Yang Junmao and the others lost half of their lives because of the demonic energy entering their bodies, if they took good care of them for a long time after returning, it was not impossible for them to continue to practice cultivation in the future. It’s just that it would be impossible to make a breakthrough in this life and be promoted to a high-level spiritual practitioner.

“They have already paid the price they should pay, and my punishment for them is over. They will no longer be the disciples of Zhu Yang Island, and they don’t have to go back to Zhu Yang Island. You can take them back.” Jing Yang said.

When the three couples heard that they could take their sons back, they immediately thanked Jing Yang a thousand times, and then left quickly, preparing to go back and pack up their things and return to the southern border immediately.

Jing Yang looked at their flustered and thankful expressions, smiled sarcastically, and thought to himself, sure enough, in any world and anywhere, only those who are strong enough have the right to punish evil and promote good.

Lan Manzi hadn’t eaten, drunk or slept for the past two days, and had sent someone to guard outside the Hall of Cleansing Souls. When she was about to collapse, she received the news that Yang Junmao and the others had been released.

She immediately ran to Jing Yang’s residence, and when she saw Yang Junmao and others being carried out, she ran over faster to see if they were alive or dead.

Yang Junmao and his parents had lost the flattering attitude towards Lan Manzi they showed in normal times, in fact they ignored her completely, and left quickly.

Seeing that Yang Junmao and the others were still alive, Lan Manzi thought that Xiao Ling was still alive, so she broke into Jing Yang’s house and looked around eagerly, “Ling’er! Where’s my Ling’er?!”

Jing Yang looked at her expressionlessly and said, “Xiao Ling is still in the Hall of Cleansing Souls. If you want to go in to accompany him, I can have someone send you in. It just so happens that three people left at once. You can replace the three of them when you go in to guard the magic bead.”

“You have already released the other three, why don’t you let Xiao Ling go?!” Lan Manzi’s eyes were red, and she shouted at Jing Yang angrily and excitedly.

“Why do you think I don’t?” Jing Yang stood up, took two steps towards her and said, “Of course it is to torture you mother and son, do you even need to ask?

“Why can’t you let him go!” Lan Manzi said loudly with tears, “I know you hate me! If you hate me, come at me! You come at me!”

“Lan Manzi,” Jing Yang looked at her, and said slowly, “You can’t save your son. Now you feel very heartbroken and powerless, right? When you asked your father to send someone to kill my mother, you never thought that you would have such a day, right? If you have power, you can just do whatever you want, so you didn’t put other people’s lives in your eyes and tried to get rid of anyone who stood in your way. Now that you’ve switched positions, don’t you feel particularly helpless and painful? Those who were all oppressed by you, have felt it, of course you should also experience their feelings!”

“What do you want in order to let us mother and child go?” Lan Manzi asked Jing Yang tremblingly.

“I won’t let you go.” Jing Yang said, “I just want to torture you first, and then kill you. You, Xiao Ling, and your parents, I will not let any of you go. This is what you owe me. Isn’t it a matter of course for you to repent to me and my mother to pay with your life? Did my mother offend you? Did she do anything to you that shouldn’t be done? When you killed her, did you think that she is just an innocent woman, and she is still the mother of a child. She did nothing wrong, so why should you take her life?! What qualifications do you have for me to let you go now?!”

“Do you have to put us to death?” Lan Manzi asked.

“That’s right, torturing you and then killing you is the only way I can take revenge, so none of you will be let go. You killed my mother and bullied me since I was a child. This is what you have done. There is of course a price to pay.”

“Since you don’t plan to let us go…” Lan Manzi suddenly burst into a rage, and rushed towards Jing Yang fiercely, “Then I will die with you!”

Jing Yang stood motionless. At the same time, Lan Manzi who had hidden a poisonous knife in her sleeve, wanted to insert it into Jing Yang’s chest, but before she could touch him, she was pushed away by a force.

Lan Manzi stepped back a long way, and before she could stand still, a sword pierced her body from behind. She looked down at the sword that had passed through her body, then turned her head slowly, her eyes widening in disbelief when she saw the person behind her clearly.

“You, you, killed me?” Lan Manzi couldn’t accept that the person who killed her was actually Xiao Liangqi.

“It’s time to end all of this,” Xiao Liangqi said with some sadness in his eyes, “It’s time for us to pay for what we did after so many years.”

“You…,” Lan Manzi spat out a mouthful of blood, from where her body was pierced by the sword, her spiritual power was rapidly draining, and when her spiritual power had completely dissipated, that would be when her life would end. She still couldn’t accept that she would die at the hands of Xiao Liangqi, the man she had loved for so many years, he ended her life with his own hands.

“Back then, you and I both made mistakes. We were wrong from the very beginning. We should never have met, and we shouldn’t have continued until today. Now let’s end this fate of repeated mistakes.” Xiao Liangqi said.

Seeing that there was no trace of emotion in Xiao Liangqi’s eyes, Lan Manzi felt as if her heart had turned cold, but she still held on to her last hope and asked, “Have you ever loved me?”

“No, I have never loved you before. I married you because you and your father forced me.” Xiao Liangqi said without hesitation, “I provoked you because of my own desires, but I couldn’t protect the one I loved because of my incompetence. I have been patient for the sake of my family for so many years. But I have never liked you even for a moment.”

“Hahaha…” Lan Manzi suddenly laughed maniacally, but while laughing, she said in tears, “Xiao Liangqi! I was really blind to fall for such a heartless thing like you!”

Lan Manzi exhausted her last spiritual power to let the sword go through her body, and then pushed it into Xiao Liangqi’s chest, “I’m going to die, so you should also die, we’ll die together…”

Xiao Liangqi had expected her to be like this from a long time ago, but he didn’t hide, because he no longer wanted to live. He spat out blood, looked at Lan Manzi and said, “May you and I, forever and ever, never see each other again.”

Lan Manzi couldn’t laugh anymore, her eyes were unprecedentedly hopeless and empty at this time.

Lan Manzi and Xiao Liangqi both landed on the ground. After receiving the news, Lan Daonian hurried over. When he saw Lan Manzi lying on the ground, he rushed over to hug her, and put his hand on her wound, wanting to save her “Manzi, Manzi!”

“Father…,” Lan Manzi opened her eyes, and said with the last of her strength, “You must, you must, save Ling’er, this is your daughter’s last wish…”

Lan Daonian knew that he was too late, and that he could not save Lan Manzi, so he could only hold her hand sadly and promise, “Don’t worry, Dad will help you save Ling’er.”

“Thank you…, daughter…, yes, I’m sorry for you…” Lan Manzi’s tears fell from the corners of her eyes, then she closed her eyes and died completely.

“Manzi!!” Lan Daonian hugged Lan Manzi tightly, thinking that his little daughter, whom he had doted on for so many years, would actually let a white-haired one send away a black-haired one[1], and he felt sad. Sure enough, Manqing was right, excessive doting had only harmed her. He thought that with his status as the lord of Heming City, no matter what, he could keep his daughter’s life worry-free and happy. But he didn’t expect that he would only be able to watch his daughter end up in the current situation.

Jing Yang had been watching everything that happened in front of him with the attitude of a bystander. Lan Manzi was dead. She was killed by Xiao Liangqi. Jing Yang did not expect this, because he originally planned to do it himself. Xiao Liangqi also died, he was killed by Lan Manzi, which made Jing Yang feel even more unexpected.

Xiao Liangqi didn’t love Lan Manzi, so when he felt that the Lan family could no longer threaten the Xiao family, he killed Lan Manzi without any distress. And Lan Manzi loved Xiao Liangqi too much, so even if she was dying, she wanted to die with him. Xiao Liangqi’s last sentence of never seeing each other again, probably made her more sad and desperate than his piercing Lan Manzi’s body with a sword.

Jing Yang didn’t want to kill Xiao Liangqi, but he died. This was his own choice. He ended his life seeking atonement and liberation.

Jing Yang looked at Lan Daonian’s sad look, thinking that now he should be able to understand the grief of the original owner’s maternal parents, how sad it was to lose a child after one had grown old, and to ask a white-haired one to send away a black-haired one.

The death of Xiao Liangqi and Lan Manzi did not mean that everything was over, and Lan Daonian, another of the murderers who killed the original owner’s mother, must also pay with his life.

Jing Yang thought, at this point, Lan Daonian must not be able to bear it anymore, so let his real ending in Heming City come soon.

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[1] A parent sending away their child.

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