GLR Ch. 11.1

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Back in District 5, the sky had already darkened. Su Yemu was glad that the time he wrote on the bulletin board in the morning was six o’clock in the evening; the two of them were carrying big and small bags, but before they reached the door, they saw a tall figure pulling a corpse as he walked out of his house without looking back to the wasteland.

Su Yemu’s heart skipped a beat, and he rushed home with the wine jar on his back and the earthen pot in his hands; while Su Xiaonan called from a distance: “Jiang Xiaoyu, what’s going on?”

Su Yemu ran closer to see Jiang Xiaoyu’s appearance, he was thin and small, he looked two or three years older than Xiaonan, with a frightened expression on his face.

“What’s going on?” Su Xiaonan pushed Jiang Xiaoyu, as she anxiously put down her things and ran into the house.

“It’s okay, the idiot has already caught the thief.” Jiang Xiaoyu grabbed Su Xiaonan and talked about what happened tonight.

Today he was waiting for Su Xiaonan at the garbage dump for the whole day. Because he did not see anyone, he wanted to visit Su family house. He didn’t expect to hear a voice from her house. He called Su Xiaonan twice, and the voice stopped suddenly. He realized that something was wrong. He was about to call for someone, when he saw A Sha open the door from the inside and drag the thief out.

“Xiaonan, move your things to the kitchen, I’ll go and have a look.” Su Yemu didn’t worry about anything valuable being stolen at home, he was just afraid that A Sha would kill the thief.

The abandoned spaceship was not far from Su Yemu’s home. Su Yemu ran to the spaceship and yelled twice, but no one was there; but there was still the ‘corpse’.

Su Yemu had never seen a dead person before, so he felt a little nervous. But thinking that A Sha was doing such things for his family, he couldn’t ignore it.

Gathering up the courage to take a few steps forward, he heard a low ‘groan’ sound, and Su Yemu breathed a sigh of relief, it was good as long as he didn’t die.

“Silly, you haven’t eaten yet! Come to my house and let me cook something delicious for you.” After much deliberation, Su Yemu found that this was the only way to repay him.

A Sha washed his hands, and walked towards the abandoned spaceship without saying a word, as if he didn’t hear Su Yemu’s voice.

“You’ve washed your hands, why don’t you wash your face?” Su Yemu muttered twice, and followed A Sha back, then watching him walk into the spaceship and sit still, Su Yemu could only sigh.

This fool was really strange, say he was a fool! He didn’t do anything stupid, and he would just rob him of food; he was not stupid! His whole body was dirty, until the color of his clothes could not be seen clearly.

When Su Yemu came home, his sister had already moved things in, Jiang Xiaoyu sat in the living room and watched his sister giggling, while his sister was studying how to cure 033’s stuttering.

“I, I am 0, 0333333…”

Xiaonan asked 033 to introduce himself, and then it started three-three-three again. Su Yemu walked into the kitchen and took out the food that 033 had prepared today. Su Yemu was going to do something simple today.

“Good evening, I’m Su Yemu, and I’m bringing you fish porridge and spicy chicken wings tonight.”

Fish? Is it something to eat? Very fishy.

Unconditionally support for the anchor, if you don’t think you can eat it, go watch the anchor’s previous videos before speaking.

Spicy chicken wings, I started drooling when I heard the name, I’ll wipe it off, wait.

“First of all, let’s deal with the fish.” Su Yemu chose black fish today. Black fish was ferocious in nature and fed on other fish and shrimp. The tender and delicious meat was especially suitable for fish porridge.

Su Yemu removed the scales and viscera of the fish, cleaned it, sliced the bones, and took two pieces of flesh from the fish.

To slice the fish one had to pay attention to knife skills, if it was too thin it was easy to break, but if it was too thick the taste would be slightly worse; the body of the black fish was not big, and the single piece was too small, so when Su Yemu cut off the first piece, he had to stop the knife at the skin of the fish, and for the second piece, after the slices were cut off, the two connected fish fillets were opened. There was a bright red cross in the middle of the tender white and delicate fresh meat, and there were faint red lines around it, which looked like a blooming flower.

It’s so beautiful, the anchor turned the dishes into art, I don’t know why I want to cry.

The anchor’s knife skills are still beautiful, I worship his skills.

I have eaten the anchor’s food, and I have already stuffed this fish fillet into my mouth by imagination, hahaha.

Go ahead, you’ll be mobbed.

Sure enough, the bullet screen in the back were all about burning this scumbag to death, they hadn’t tasted the food made by the host yet!

“Fish porridge will taste better when cooked in a casserole, but the casserole was just brought back today, and it needs to be soaked for a day before it can be used. Today, I can only use a steel pot.” Su Yemu pointed to several bottles and cans placed in the corner of the kitchen.

It’s a pity, but it doesn’t matter, it also means that tomorrow we can eat the dishes made by the host in casserole.

It turns out that the anchor asked us about ceramics two days ago because he wanted to use casserole to make food? I didn’t expect this thing to be used for cooking, the anchor is really amazing, the anchor is omnipotent.

Trust the anchor unconditionally. I am learning to cook now. I would like to ask the anchor where I can buy casserole? Is it expensive?

“The casserole is not expensive, but at present the person I used mainly makes ceramics. I drew a picture and asked him to make this casserole. If you want to buy it, I’ll have to ask him first.”

Su Yemu had already sliced the fish fillet while speaking, then he added half an egg white, ginger, green onion, starch, and a few drops of white wine to the bowl to remove the fishy smell, stirred it well and set it aside.

After that he cut the fish bones and fish head into pieces, fried it in a pan until it turned golden brown, added appropriate amount of salt and water into the pan and cooked it for 20 minutes.

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