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Fu Yuanzhou drank alcohol and felt dizzy. He didn’t quite know what he was talking about. He just felt that Xie Lin was by his side. Since he couldn’t untie the button, he just had to ask him for help and Xie Lin would help him.

Xie Lin was grabbed by the corner of his clothes and stood still, neither walking away nor helping him. Fu Yuanzhou waited for a while, dazedly unable to hear any movement, so he opened his closed eyes a little, looked vaguely at the figure beside the bed, and asked puzzledly: “Xie Lin?”

The light was moist, his whole body was hot from being drunk, his pretty face was flushed, his forehead hair was a little wet from the thin sweat oozing out, as he called Xie Lin’s name in a low voice.

It was a look of letting others do things to him.

Xie Lin held his hand, sat on the edge of the bed, pulled him to sit up, and let him lean into his arms. Fu Yuanzhou’s drunkenness turned into sleepiness, allowing Xie Lin to do whatever he wanted.

The buttons of the clothes were gradually unbuttoned, revealing his tight chest and waist, followed by his shoulders and back. His skin was very white, but now it was very light pink, seemingly full of temptation.

Xie Lin’s movements gradually slowed down. After taking off his shirt, he didn’t continue. When he spoke, his voice was calm, but with a hint of hoarseness: “Take off the rest yourself.”

“Can’t you… help?”

Fu Yuanzhou was so sleepy that he raised his legs towards Xie Lin and opened them again, not realizing anything was wrong: “Help me.”

Xie Lin pushed his legs down and covered him with a quilt: “Sleep for a while. Yes, remember to take a shower when you wake up.”

Then he hurried out.

The bed was soft and the room was quiet. Fu Yuanzhou fell asleep really quickly, but he woke up quickly after sleeping for more than half an hour. He woke up yawning and sat for a while. Only then did he remember what Xie Lin had told him, so he obediently grabbed the change of clothes and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

As for asking Xie Lin to help him undress, he didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. He and Xie Lin had known each other since young and had seen each other’s bodies long ago, so there was no need to be ashamed.

After taking a bath, Fu Yuanzhou didn’t bother to move anymore. The housekeeper of Xie Lin’s house came to cook on time. After thinking about it, Fu Yuanzhou decided to stay and eat. He hadn’t eaten at Xie Lin’s house for a while.

The time was now after six o’clock in the evening, calculating the time difference, he could guess that Lorenzo should have seen his message. Fu Yuanzhou looked for his mobile phone everywhere, trying to reply to him, but he couldn’t find it even after searching the whole bedroom, so he ran downstairs to the living room to ask Xie Lin.

“Did you see my mobile phone?”

Xie Lin glanced at him then his gaze stayed on the collar of Fu Yuanzhou’s open clothes for a few more seconds, then he responded to him: “I’ll return it to you after you finish your homework.”

“Damn, today is Friday. Ah, I don’t have class tomorrow, you don’t have to be so cruel!”

Fu Yuanzhou thought in his heart that Xie Lin had confiscated his mobile phone, and this was not the first time, but on weekends, why was he working him so hard, with so much homework, how could it be possible to finish writing it in one night, Xie Lin was obviously making trouble for no reason!

He pounced on Xie Lin who was sitting on the sofa and pushed him down: “Give it to me!”

Naturally, Xie Lin would not return it easily, Fu Yuanzhou tried his best to annoy him, he knew he couldn’t beat Xie Lin, but challenging Xie Lin was still something he never tired of.

The two rolled from the sofa to the carpet, and Fu Yuanzhou was keenly aware that Xie Lin was in a daze—it was a strange word for Xie Lin, but it made sense, he seemed to be thinking about other things, and he was also avoiding physical contact with him.    

The opportunity was rare and Fu Yuanzhou refused to miss it, so he finally pushed Xie Lin to the ground again. In order to prevent Xie Lin from throwing him off, he simply sat on Xie Lin’s lap and threatened him condescendingly: “Hurry up and return my phone!”

Without moving, he lay on the ground and watched him quietly. His gaze was different from usual, so deep that it seemed to be able to suck people in.

Fu Yuanzhou was complacent at first, but gradually he felt uncomfortable being watched like this. At this time, Xie Lin stretched out his hand to him, and he almost slapped him away reflexively, but Xie Lin didn’t want to fight back, he just gently touched Fu Yuanzhou’s face.


He called him, his voice very low.

What’s going on here?

Fu Yuanzhou’s eyes were blank, and he felt a little strange.

Xie Lin and he…

“I’m back.”

The door of the room opened suddenly, and Yu Fei, who had finished her work, also arrived home, with a sweet smile on her beautiful face, then she saw Fu Yuanzhou and Xie Lin at a glance, and instantly widened her eyes in shock: “Are you guys fighting?”

“No, it’s just for fun.”

Fu Yuanzhou felt embarrassed, and quickly got up with Xie Lin: “Don’t worry.”

“Oh…” Yu Fei blinked and obediently agreed.

Afraid that she would think too much, Fu Yuanzhou quickly changed the subject: “What did you go to do that you came back so late?”

“I sent something to a friend.” Yu Fei smiled, “Brother, Yuanyuan, do you guys want to watch a movie later? My friend recommended a movie to me today, and she said it was really good, and I want to watch it with you.”


Fu Yuanzhou readily agreed, not only because he liked watching movies, but more importantly, since he wanted to watch movies, Xie Lin couldn’t force him to do his homework anymore, this was Xiao Fei’s suggestion, the two of them usually let her do what she wanted, so Xie Lin would not refute it.

Sure enough, Xie Lin didn’t say anything, and returned the phone. Fu Yuanzhou was overjoyed, thinking that Xiao Fei was really his savior, but all these thoughts stopped abruptly at the moment when the video started playing.

“Is this a horror movie?”

Fu Yuanzhou turned pale when he saw the weird opening title and the name of the movie. Even though Yu Fei and Xie Lin were sitting on his left and right, and he was wrapped in a small blanket, he still felt chilly all over. Yes, it was just the opening song, and he was already getting scared.

There was no way, he was not afraid of anything between heaven and earth, but he was afraid of ghosts alone.


But Yu Fei answered him, a very simple word that almost brought tears to Fu Yuanzhou’s eyes.

For the sake of watching the movie, the lights in the room were turned off. He really wanted to escape, but now it had only been broadcast for a minute, and Xiao Fei was still in high spirits. He really couldn’t bear to interrupt her. It would be too embarrassing to run away now.

Persist, persevere…

Fu Yuanzhou wrapped himself in a blanket and kept silent, trembling silently, closing his eyes to save his life even when there was a slight disturbance, he didn’t even dare ask Xie Lin for help, because even Xie Lin didn’t know that he was afraid of ghosts.

Xie Lin had no interest in horror movies. The two of them rarely had contact with such movies when they were together. Coupled with his small self-esteem, he intentionally kept it from Xie Lin. Let alone Xie Lin, his parents might not even know about it.

Apart from the sound effects of the movie, there was no other sound in the room. Xie Lin and Yu Fei watched very quietly, occasionally discussing a few words about the plot. Fu Yuanzhou refrained from screaming. Whenever there was a scary scene, he closed his eyes in order to avoid the scene. And he didn’t let the other two find out.

However, it was only hidden for a while. Fu Yuanzhou thought the horror scene was over, so he opened his eyes, but happened to be a close-up shot, and a bloody grimace filled the screen.


Fu Yuanzhou almost died on the spot, and immediately threw himself on Xie Lin and hugged him tightly. Xie Lin paused for a moment, and quickly hugged him back: “Scared?”

“Xie Lin, I can’t do it, I confess, actually, I’m very afraid of ghosts…”

Yu Fei happened to have gone to the bathroom at this time, and Fu Yuanzhou was so frightened that he was about to burst into tears. Who stipulated that men couldn’t be afraid of ghosts!

Xie Lin stroked his hair: “Don’t watch it if you’re afraid.”

“Let’s finish watching this one first, it’s almost over, otherwise won’t I have suffered in vain?” Fu Yuanzhou said, “I won’t watch it again in the future.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Xie Lin asked, “You can tell me anything.”

“I’m so embarrassed, and this is the first time I’ve really watched a ghost movie, I didn’t expect that I would be so scared.” Fu Yuanzhou said awkwardly, “Don’t tell Xiaofei, I’m afraid she will feel sorry for me.”

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