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Fu Yuanzhou came back before class, but Yuan Ye didn’t come to class as usual. This was in line with Fu Yuanzhou’s wishes, because they were not only in the same class, but also sat at the same table. The distance was so close that it made people want to throw up.

For this reason, he asked Da Yang several times to change his seat, but Da Yang smiled mysteriously and refused to change it. Even the set of tables and chairs that Yuan Ye used was disgusting. Even if he was not around, Fu Yuanzhou still felt the urge to kick over tables and chairs.

But after thinking about it, he wasn’t really naive enough to do such a thing, he just sat back in his seat absent-mindedly, didn’t bother to listen to the class after class, picked up his mobile phone and sent a few messages to his netizen friend Lorenzo, and talked with him. He told him the good news that he won the basketball game today.

He didn’t get a reply because Lorenzo was abroad where there was time difference and it was late at night there, but he knew that Lorenzo would reply to him as soon as he woke up.

They had known each other for a year, they talked about almost everything, they always shared their lives with each other, and they knew each other very well, but they had never exchanged their real names and photos, which was a tacit understanding between them.

Fu Yuanzhou liked this kind of mysterious relationship, but he was also looking forward to meeting Lorenzo one day in the future, and he thought that they would definitely get along very happily.

A stranger who he had never met before had become a friend with similar interests, but people who sat next to him every day were so annoying. If possible, Fu Yuanzhou would like to never see Yuan Ye for the rest of his life-of course, there was also Ran Shutang, these two people were the ones he hated the most in school.

But sometimes it was troublesome not to see people, and it was very annoying.

Before the finals, the members participating in the competition made an appointment to train together after school. Fu Yuanzhou didn’t want to take a second look at Yuan Ye, but in order to win the competition, he pinched his nose and went. But when the time came, Yuan Ye never came.

“Hey, Yuan Ye, where are you? Why didn’t you come?”

Someone called Yuan Ye, and he and Yuan Ye had a good relationship, so Yuan Ye answered the call, but the caller’s expression became more and more ugly after he heard the words, then he hung up the phone. At that time, he uttered foul language and was very angry.

“What’s wrong?”

“He won’t come.” The man said, “He said we couldn’t win anyway, so he didn’t want to waste his efforts.”

Fu Yuanzhou became furious in an instant: “There is no comparison, how did he know we couldn’t win?”

The man was very helpless, took a look at Fu Yuanzhou, and told the truth: “He said he couldn’t cooperate with you, so we will lose.”

Fu Yuanzhou was even more annoyed, he had already come, why didn’t Yuan Ye that bastard come? What qualifications did he have?

“I’ll go find him.”

He turned around and left, making up his mind that if he couldn’t bring it back, he would beat him to death.

“Do you know where he is?” others called after him.

“I know.”

Fu Yuanzhou could often see Yuan Ye going in and out of the Internet cafe near the school, and it was estimated that eight or nine times out of ten he would still be there now.

He rushed into the Internet cafe aggressively. Although he had taken off his school uniform in advance, the receptionist still didn’t see him as an adult, so he stopped him and refused to let him in.

“I don’t want to surf the Internet.” Fu Yuanzhou said, “I’m looking for someone.”

“Who are you looking for?”

Fu Yuanzhou said with a dark face, “My grandson.”

After looking around in the hall, Yuan Ye was nowhere to be found, so he went upstairs to find him in the private rooms, listening to the voices inside one by one, he finally heard the voice of Yuan Ye.

He kicked the door open and closed it again, fearing that the front desk receptionist would drag him out. Yuan Ye was playing a game wearing headphones and seemed to be directing a team battle. He slapped the table and said to Yuan Ye in a cold tone, “Come back with me.”

He continued ignoring him and didn’t even turn his eyes, so Fu Yuanzhou put his hand on the switch on the edge of the screen and threatened him: “I’ll turn off the screen.”

Yuan Ye, coldly: “What are you doing here?”

“Go back and train with us.”

Yuan Ye sneered, too lazy to speak, Fu Yuanzhou suppressed his anger: “I’ll ask you again, are you going?”

“Get out.” Yuan Ye wanted to put on the headphones again.

“Do you know?”

Fu Yuanzhou said suddenly, “I’ve endured you for a long time, but now I don’t plan to bear it anymore.”

As he said that, he punched Yuan Ye hard, and he punched Yuan Ye directly in the face. With a “boom”, his earphones flew out, and Yuan Ye’s face turned to one side, with a dazed expression. He didn’t expect Fu Yuanzhou to suddenly shoot out, and both of them were stunned.

If you can’t take it back, you will be disabled. Fu Yuanzhou was serious.

The cable of the earphone was disconnected from the console, and the voice in the game came out, and someone was shouting: “Leader, where have you gone? You should say something, how should we fight next? The first team can’t hold on anymore!”

Yuan Ye’s expression changed slightly, and he didn’t even care about Fu Yuanzhou. He was about to speak then he was kicked by Fu Yuanzhou immediately: “Are you still distracted?”

He still picked up the headset to direct the team battle.

Fu Yuanzhou was very angry at first, but he also loved to play games. He knew how important team battles were, so he actually waited. After watching silently for a while, he basically understood the situation, and suggested to Yuan Ye: “Wouldn’t it be better to let the third team disperse and insert straight from the middle?”

Yuan Ye paused for a moment, studied for a few seconds, and really changed the instructions, and did as Fu Yuanzhou said.

After winning the team battle, Yuan Ye took off his earphones and let out a long sigh of relief.

“You play this game too?” He was in a good mood, and he didn’t care about the punch and kick he received just now, and his attitude towards Fu Yuanzhou was unprecedentedly friendly.

“I play.” Fu Yuanzhou said, “Five years old player.”

“Which server? What occupation?” Yuan Ye said, “Your level is quite high.”

“Well, I am not bad at anything else.” Fu Yuanzhou said, “For example, I’m good at beating people.”

Yuan Ye was caught off guard and was beaten by Fu Yuanzhou again.

The team battle was won, but Yuan Ye lost, and the loss was miserable.

“Are you convinced or not?”

Fu Yuanzhou wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and he looked quite embarrassed, but it was nothing compared to Yuan Ye.

But Yuan Ye unexpectedly didn’t show much anger. Instead, he said, “I’ll go back and train with you.”

“I’ll pay you back.” Yuan Ye said, “I was beaten because you were willing to wait for me and play games with you, because you gave me advice, and you were right.”

“You said it earlier.”

Fu Yuanzhou resentfully said. Yuan Ye pulled himself up from the ground, not because he felt embarrassed, but because he played very well, he was worried that if the strike was too hard, it would affect Yuan Ye’s performance on the court.

Yuan Ye tidied up his messy clothes, stared at Fu Yuanzhou for a while and said: “I found that you are not that annoying.”

“Then let’s go.”


Later, the relationship between the two gradually eased, and they unexpectedly discovered that they had a good understanding on the court. The both of them played at a super level and won the championship.

Everyone was very happy and had a meal together that night. Fu Yuanzhou and Yuan Ye were the biggest contributors, and they were poured a lot of beer. Fu Yuanzhou went back to school drunk and lay on his stomach. He waited for Xie Lin to get out of class before taking the car back with him.

Today Yu Fei left beforehand, and only Fu Yuanzhou and Xie Lin were in the car. Fu Yuanzhou was so drunk that he kept leaning on Xie Lin’s body and humming, rubbing against his chest. His soft black hair slid across Xie Lin’s jaw, making him feel itchy to the touch.

Xie Lin took Fu Yuanzhou back to his home first, so that Fu Yuanzhou’s parents would not be angry when they saw their son so drunk. He found the clothes Fu Yuanzhou left at his house, took them out for him and put them by the bed, and told him to take a bath, but Fu Yuanzhou lied on the bed and cheating: “I don’t want to move.”

Xie Lin was unmoved, Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t hold him back, so he unbuttoned himself aggrievedly, but it seemed that it was very difficult to unbutton just one button, and he didn’t want to untie it anymore after two tries, so he grabbed Xie Lin’s clothes and said, “Come and help me take them off…”

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