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After hearing what Jiao Yue said, Qiao Xi became even more concerned about Lu Yin, after all, they had similar experiences.

But Qiao Xi was not familiar with Lu Yin after all, so it was hard to talk about these hot topics.

Therefore, he and Lu Yin maintained a neutral relationship where they would nod their heads to greet each other when their eyes met and they would occasionally speak a word.

On the contrary, Chris and Jing Yi came very frequently—these two hadn’t given up the expectation of Qiao Xi receiving another love letter. They were afraid that the world would not be chaotic.

And on Friday, the weird behavior of the two of them finally attracted A Xue and Hei Yu.

So – a little leopard, a little black wolf, a little chicken, a white rabbit and a butterfly sat in a row behind the desk… The butterfly had landed directly on the desk.

The wolves were shocked, what a big family!

Qiao Xi felt suffocated—a love letter triggered a mass exodus case in the forest, Jing Yan wouldn’t find anything, right?

“Didn’t Jing Yan and Jiao Yue ask about it?” He asked cautiously.

“Huh? We just told them,” Hei Yu said, “What’s the matter?”

“No, nothing!” Qiao Xi was a little dazed.

“It’s weird, you guys,” Hei Yu asked Chris directly, “What are you two doing here every day?”

The little leopard and little black wolf rolled their eyes and pretended to be nonchalant: “It’s nothing, just listen to the class carefully and study hard! “

Even A Xue didn’t believe this.

At this moment, Lu Yin walked in, and when he saw the scenery in the last row, he paused.

He looked around the entire classroom again—he always liked to sit in the back, but now the three rows behind were full, and there was only one seat left beside Qiao Xi.

Knowing that Lu Yin liked to sit in the back, Qiao Xi took the initiative to say, “There is no one here, please sit here.”

Lu Yin was silent for a moment, then nodded.

It was the first time that Hei Yu and A Xue exchanged glances with him in real life.

After Lu Yin sat down, Qiao Xi noticed that there were injuries on his face, at the corners of his forehead and mouth, and was startled.

The wound was covered by foundation or something and it wasn’t obvious, in fact you wouldn’t be able to find it if you didn’t look carefully, but Qiao Xi just noticed it because of the abnormal skin tone.

“Are you injured?” Qiao Xi asked in a low voice.

This kind of injury… looked like someone had beaten him.

“No…it’s nothing.” Lu Yin seemed to be taken aback. He probably didn’t expect Qiao Xi to notice it so carefully, and quickly tilted his head.

Qiao Xi hurriedly said: “It’s not obvious, it’s hard to see.”

Lu Yin was startled, nodded slightly, touched his face, and said softly, “The one who accidentally bumped into it has already been smeared with medicine.”

Qiao Xi’s words rolled around his lips, but they were still swallowed back into his stomach.

Seeing that Qiao Xi didn’t ask any more questions, Lu Yin heaved a sigh of relief, and looked at Qiao Xi with gratitude, then suddenly thought of something, and asked, “By the way, are you going to the welcome party tonight?”

The queen was also coming to the party… This school was a famous school. Every year, the welcome party and the New Year party would be held in a grand manner. It was not uncommon for them to invite heavyweight alumni and even nobles. However, the Queen herself coming could be regarded as a rare occasion.

According to Jiao Yue, the headmaster was rather embarrassed. He was familiar with Jing Yan, and Jing Yan and the queen had an opposing relationship, but the queen offered to come to the party, and he couldn’t refuse.    

Qiao Xi didn’t want to go at first, but there must be some reason for Lu Yin to bring this up, so he tentatively asked: “…Do I need to go?”

Because of the girl who was broken in love and half-dead, Lu Yin said in a delicate tone: “…If you can, go and have a look, it should be quite interesting.”

If she saw Qiao Xi… maybe Ruan Yue could be “resurrected” for a while.

It didn’t matter to Qiao Xi, although the queen would be there, it was fine if they didn’t meet each other, he could just go to take a look.

It was settled in this way, Hei Yu and A Xue also simply stayed, as there was nothing to do when they went back anyway.

And because she was concerned about the origin of the injury on Lu Yin’s face, Qiao Xi thought about it, and tried to ask Lu Yin to act with them.

Qiao Xi opened his mouth to invite, and Chris and Jing Yi, who had always been enthusiastic, also said “come, come” and “together”. At first, Lu Yin was a little hesitant, but later their kindness was hard to turn down, so he agreed, and followed them all day, from class to dinner.

When walking on the road, he didn’t know whether it was because of this group of… small animals of different races, or because of that particularly cheerful little rookie, but they always attracted a lot of attention.

That kind of gaze made Lu Yin frown involuntarily, but when he turned his head to look, no one in the group of small animals cared, they only laughed by themselves.

Lu Yin was stunned.

In the evening, the group of people went to have dinner, and then walked to the school.

Qiao Xi’s small suitcase was taken by the guards. Like Chris and Jing Yi, he only carried a small bag for his belongings, which was very relaxing.

When they were about to reach the school gate, a voice came from behind them: “Lu Yin!”

They stopped, turned around, and saw a man in a black jacket.

Because the sky was already very dark, they couldn’t see his face clearly, they only knew that he was definitely not a student.

Lu Yin’s expression tightened, and he said: “…It’s a friend, I’ll go over to have a look, you go first.”

After speaking, he trotted towards the man.

“Anyway, it’s still early, let’s wait,” Hei Yu said, “I want to drink milk tea, how about you?”

Several pairs of eyes looked at him.

In a minute.

Suddenly, a bunch of small animals appeared at the entrance of the milk tea shop, and they all looked up at the menu seriously.

The clerk was instantly smitten by their cute looks, and the sister smiled and said, “What do you want to drink?”

“I want oolong tea!”

“I want something with a milk cap…”

“By the way, Hei Yu, how do we drink like this?”

“I will turn into a human, I always carry a transformation ball with me when I go out anyway.” The ultra-small butterfly special size transformation ball was hung on his tail.

“No, no, don’t you know how popular ‘Sea, Land, and Air’ is now! What if you turn into a human and expose us together!”

“…Then what to do, anyway, I want to drink milk tea!”

The clerk continued to hold her face and screamed in her heart: Although I don’t know what “sea, land and air” is, this sister can hold it and feed you!


Finally, Hei Yu decided to share a cup of milk tea with A Xue.

It was almost ten minutes when all the milk teas were in hand, but Lu Yin hadn’t come back yet.

Qiao Xi thought that Lu Yin’s expression was a bit wrong just now, so he still felt uneasy, and said, “I’ll go over and have a look.”

“Let’s go together.” Chris and the others also followed.

They were opposite the school gate, which belonged to the dormitory area, and the students of their history department seemed to live near here, so it was not surprising that the man was waiting for Lu Yin in this dormitory area just now.

A group of people walked to the door where Lu Yin and the other had just entered, but they didn’t see Lu Yin, so they walked inside again… When they passed between two buildings, they heard a muffled sound.

They quickly stopped and looked inside – Lu Yin was grabbed by the collar by the man, he was struggling with the man’s hand, and the man’s other hand was raised high, and he was about to swing it down!

Qiao Xi exclaimed, “Lu Yin!”

The man was taken aback, and when he turned around, there was still anger in his eyes.

Chris immediately entered a state of alertness and shouted: “What do you want to do?!”

“Shut up, it’s none of your business!” The man’s eyes widened!

Qiao Xi dropped the milk tea and ran over, the man pushed Lu Yin out, and the latter hit another wall hard! As the man was about to kick Qiao Xi, the little leopard and the little black wolf also dropped the milk tea and rushed forward, one directly covered the man’s face, and the other bit the man’s leg!

The man screamed and fell backwards!

Just as he was about to transform and escape, four guards who followed Qiao Xi all the time, and had realized that something was wrong, stepped forward and restrained the man. At the same time, they used electric shock batons, directly causing the man to temporarily lose the ability to transform.

“Your Highness, are you alright?” the guard shouted.

“It’s all right,” Chris said, “Tie him up!”

Qiao Xi…Qiao Xi seemed to be useless, so he ran to Lu Yin’s side and said, “Are you all right? Are you injured?”

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