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Yan Qing and Youyou stayed in the hospital for a full week, and Huo Yunshen was not satisfied with any of the high-end confinement centers he had seen, so he finally decided to go back to his own home, so that Qingqing would not feel uncomfortable living in a strange environment for a month.

No matter how bad it was outside, he just wanted to take Qingqing home.

On the day of discharge, various media outlets rushed to guard outside the hospital early.

The reason why they were so bold was that Mr. Huo did not block the news of his wife’s pregnancy, and he did not hesitate to announce Mrs. Huo’s incomparable status and all the attention she received.

The media privately lamented, Mr. Huo, who was he? It was impossible for him to like to disclose his personal life. Was it not because his wife was in the entertainment industry and received too much attention and discussion, so he naturally chose to be high-profile in order to warn the people who were staring eagerly at her.

No one needed to think about taking the opportunity to make troubles, Mrs. Huo was a little fairy who was loved by thousands of people.

At ten o’clock in the morning, the temperature had just warmed up, and the sun was warm and gentle.

The door of the hospital opened, and the media excitedly raised their cameras, scrambling to capture the target person for whom they had been waiting for a long time. After a group of accompanying assistants and private doctors cleared the way, two slow-moving figures slowly appeared.

The man was tall and slender, with his left hand tightly hugging his wife’s slender waist seven days after giving birth, and a basket in his right hand.

The basket was covered with thick, windproof cushions, and the little guy was wrapped tightly inside, and looked so cute while being held by his father.

It was only a few steps away from the hospital door to the car, Huo Yunshen escorted his wife into the car, and after placing the basket properly, he motioned to Min Jing from the corner of his eye.

Min Jing smiled and gave a heavy red envelope to each of the media personnel at the scene. Judging from the size and thickness, you could tell that the amount was sky-high.

How could the media have ever received such treatment, and they were all flattered. Not only did they quickly send photos and videos back to their respective officials, but they also excitedly posted their private accounts on Weibo, praising the affectionate couple and Mr. Huo who didn’t even look at anyone else’s face.

Until the evening, the whole network was buzzing at the pictures that swiped the screen.

“What kind of fairy picture is this! What a fairy family of three! Mr. Huo is too handsome to hold his wife in one hand and carry the child in the other! The kind that can directly appear in the first-line men’s magazines!”

“It’s almost the same as being on the cover of International Finance and Economics Magazine!”

“I want to know why Qingbao can maintain such a good life. After just a few days after giving birth, her figure has returned to what it was before, and I envy her—”

“Sister, please stop teasing, it’s after giving birth. It only took a few days to recover? Qingbao didn’t grow any meat from the beginning to the end, she just got a big belly.”

“Get out of the way, I…I want to see the young master’s face!”

“Boss Huo and Qingbao’s cub is so cute, please be positive!!!”

The Internet was busy seeking their baby’s face, while Yan Qing returned home smoothly and started the confinement life, in order not to worry his wife, Huo Yunshen hired two quick and professional confinement sisters to take care of the new-born Youyou all day long.

After all, Youyou was a new-born cub, and he would cry a lot. Huo Yunshen was afraid that he would disturb Qingqing’s rest, so he arranged the childcare area far away from his wife, so that she couldn’t hear his screaming.

It was said that pregnant women should not catch cold during their confinement period. Huo Yunshen bought a lot of small hats of different shapes, and today he chose a pink bunny with long ears for his wife.

She grabbed the tips of his ears, lay on the bed and asked, “Shenshen, is Youyou asleep?”

“You are too tired, you must rest, don’t let him trouble you.”

Yan Qing looked at the frowning husband with a soft smile, and didn’t try to expose his thoughts.

She understood.

He said that he took Little Grapefruit away to prevent him from disturbing her, but in fact, her husband was still struggling, unable to change from a state of resisting an invasive alien to a state of full acceptance overnight.

He watched her bleed and suffer with his own eyes, and he was still hostile to the little guy, which couldn’t be turned around with a silly smile.

In fact, he still stubbornly hoped that this was still only his and her home.

He didn’t believe it, and he didn’t expect a strange little thing to really blend in. He didn’t expect that he wouldn’t fear him, wouldn’t compete with him, but instead give him warmth.

With such a temperament, Shenshen’s first reaction to love and kindness was always vigilance and resistance. How many years of suffering had brought him such a self-harming instinct.

Yan Qing felt depressed just thinking about it, she wasn’t impatient at all, and she wasn’t too worried about Youyou.

After all, he was the cub born in October of her pregnancy, and it was deeply awkward, but Youyou was also very precious to her just by looking at her.

He needed time to get used to being a father. She could wait and spend a long time teaching Youyou to warm his heart.

Little Grapefruit had good genes, balanced nutrition, fast growth, and much sharper reaction than ordinary children. After more than a month, he stopped crying and looked around with wide eyes. He was always delicate, but as long as the parents appeared, the little guy would be able to bend his mouth upwards and smile softly.

In less than three months, he dangled around and tried to turn over. The confinement sister put him on the floor covered with thick cotton pads, carefully protecting him from side to side.

Yan Qing had fully recovered, sent her husband to work early in the morning, and tied his tie at the entrance of the living room.

“You haven’t recovered thoroughly yet, rest more, don’t do anything, don’t rush to write songs,” Huo Yunshen looked at her delicate face, leaned over and kissed, “I’ll be back in the afternoon.”

Constantly advancing at high speed, he still had to do some things that couldn’t be handled at home.

Yan Qing followed his back, tiptoed and rubbed her husband’s nose: “You have been delaying things for a long time to take care of me, go now.”

Huo Yunshen embraced her deeply and his voice lowered, seemingly stubborn: “… Don’t bother him too much.”

Mr. Huo thought that in his absence, that little guy would completely occupy Qingqing, and he was unhappy after all.

Yan Qing unconditionally agreed: “Just take care of yourself.”

When the rear of the car disappeared at the door of the house, Yan Qing hurried back to the living room and went straight to her child’s room. Youyou, who was humming and learning to roll, was very happy when he saw his mother come in. He opened his little arms towards her.

Yan Qing smiled and picked him up, pinching his soft little face: “When Youyou will grow up, he will send Dad to work with Mom.”

The mother and son were being intimate here, the mother was beautiful and eye-catching, and the little son seemed carved with jade, there was no need to mention how seductive this scene was.

After taking care of her for a long time, the confinement sisters had become acquainted with Yan Qing, and got to know that the wife was not picky, so they were not so cautious, and sighed while walking.

“Mr. Huo actually doesn’t like children, and he doesn’t smile every time he comes in, and his expression of teasing children is very cold.”

“As the old saying goes, even a tiger doesn’t eat its offspring. Mr. Huo really… Tsk…tsk…, no wonder outsiders are afraid of him.”

“Aren’t the rumours all groundless? It’s said that he…”

“It’s rare that he loves his wife so much…”

The two of them were so lost in their conversation that they didn’t notice that Yan Qing had walked to the door with Youyou in his arms.

“Both of you,” Yan Qing said without any disturbance, still smiling sweetly, “It’s been hard on you, and the hourly wages negotiated will be doubled. From now on, your work is over.” She had a good temper and didn’t care to be picky.

But her bottom line was always Huo Yunshen, and no one could touch it.

In her home, talking badly about her husband. Nobody could, no matter benevolent or malicious, if it had something to do with Huo Yunshen, she was just that narrow-minded.

Yan Qing immediately asked the nannies to leave without alarming Huo Yunshen, and closed the door by herself, holding Youyou in a refreshed manner.

“Be good, Youyou, don’t listen to anyone’s evaluation of your father.”

“Daddy is the best man in the world. He really wants to love you and be loved by you. You have to be brave and give him your little hand.”

“He may be very cold and his hands are also cold, but he will definitely be willing to be warmed up slowly by Youyou.”

“People outside think that father is fierce and scary, but in the eyes of mother, he is not only strong, but also gentle and fragile. I want to give him a lot of love and care. You will do same as mother, right?”

Youyou looked into her mother’s eyes ignorantly, smiled sweetly, flung himself softly on her shoulder, and exhaled soft, fragrant air.

Yan Qing kissed his little ear: “My Yuoyou is really good, and he is responding to his mother.”

Huo Yunshen was busy at the Huo Corporation headquarters until two o’clock in the afternoon, so he didn’t have time to eat, he just put down his work, and rushed home immediately.

He took the elevator to the underground garage, and there were two executives walking side by side a few meters ahead to complain, but he didn’t find Mr. Huo behind him.

“Since I had a child, my good life has been ruined. Is it wrong that I don’t like my child? Can’t I just give him to the nanny? It’s not that I can’t afford the money. As a result, my wife is getting more and more dissatisfied with me, and doesn’t even give me a good look.”

“You hate him?”

“That’s right, it was agreed before the pregnancy that I did not see the importance of having a child, and I won’t be affected by it. Now it’s all right, because I don’t like children and I don’t want to be close to them, she doesn’t even look at me, she doesn’t have me in her heart, I just feel sorry for the child growing up without fatherly love.”

“It’s normal, if you don’t have a good relationship with the child, it will definitely affect the relationship between husband and wife after a long time, be careful that your wife doesn’t leave you in a fit of anger—”

Huo Yunshen stopped and stood in the shadows. He didn’t open his eyes until the two figures disappeared for a long time, and there was a burning trembling in his breathing.

Qingqing loved children.

He was always so cold, could it be…

Huo Yunshen couldn’t think about it.

His fingers clenched tightly, his nails sank slightly into his palms, and he couldn’t resist recalling the conversation between the two of them just now.

He drove home, speeding up all the way, and when he opened the door, the wild Qingqing in his heart was lying on his side on the padded floor of the children’s room, poking Little Grapefruit with a bright smile.

Huo Yunshen stopped involuntarily, lowered his eyes and breathed out hotly.

He could… coax the child, please him, try to smile at him…, as long as Qingqing… loved him as always.

Huo Yunshen walked into the children’s room. When Yan Qing heard the voice, she lifted her body in surprise, her long hair fell to her chest, and rubbed against her bright face: “Shenshen.” He didn’t say a word, approached silently, curled his fingers soundlessly, then his eyes fell on Youyou, dark and deep.

Yan Qing just wanted to hold Youyou up to show him, but Youyou absolutely didn’t want his mother to worry.

He moved his fleshy little body, exerting the results of several days of perseverance, fluttering his white and soft hands, turned over on the mat with super efforts, rolled round and round, unbiased and just rolled to Huo Yunshen’s feet.

Yan Qing pursed her lips in surprise, for fear of scaring the little guy by making any noise.

Youyou was blocked by his father’s long legs, and still refused to give up, he raised his little white claws and gently touched his legs.

Huo Yunshen was at a loss for a moment.

Yan Qing hurriedly pulled him: “Come on, lower down.”

Huo Yunshen immediately knelt down obediently.

Youyou’s big eyes, which resembled his mother’s, were radiant. When he saw his tall father zooming in close, he burst into a smile, and grabbed him with his two soft little hands. Regardless of whether Dad liked him or not, he grabbed the tip of his index finger, and wrapped his hand around it like some kind of baby.

He didn’t have much strength yet, his hands were soft and small, and he could easily break free.

But Huo Yunshen stared at him in a daze, and found that he… couldn’t pull his hand out.

If…If the little thing was not afraid of him and didn’t snatch Qingqing away, he could also… like this baby who was desperately learning to turn over to catch him, and learn…to be a qualified father who made his wife happy.

Yan Qing’s heart was about to soften into water, and she gently added fuel to the flames: “Honey, it feels so good to hug him, especially the small nose, which looks like you, and he will smile when you touch him.”

Huo Yunshen tried his best to keep calm: “Dear kiss me, and I’ll hug him.”

Yan Qing died of laughter, hooked his arm and kissed him deeply and passionately.

Huo Yunshen’s lips finally had a curvature, and when he pressed against his wife’s forehead, he seemed to be reluctant to pick up Youyou, swayed it in the crook of his arm, and subconsciously softened his eyebrows and eyes.

Yan Qing pinched Youyou’s warm little feet.

You are amazing baby, Mommy is proud of you!

Huo Yunshen’s learning ability had always been against the sky. If he really wanted to take care of the little guy with his own hands, he would naturally become proficient quickly. He didn’t need his wife to bother at all, and he could handle every detail at his fingertips.

How could Yan Qing be willing to let her husband work hard, so she followed after him running.

Since her husband was so reassuring, she just did as she pleased and paid more attention to him.

He coaxed Youyou, and she coaxed him.

He kissed Youyou once, and she kissed him ten times.

Having a child was to make him deeply happy, not to make him lonely and lost.

Youyou could sit up in six months and could crawl all over the ground in less than eight months. He had also learned to babble, and his voice was not standard, and he yelled all over the room in a childish voice.



Yan Qing felt so cute that she almost passed out every day.

When Youyou was one year old, he dangled from the ground and was learning to walk with his arms spread. Huo Yunshen stood three meters away from him, with his eyes half-raised, as he said calmly, “Come here.”

On the top of Youyou’s head was a duckling hat placed there by his mother, and there was a small yellow-orange tail behind him, which was bobbing up and down with his movements.

He giggled, baring his teeth and claws towards the man’s slender legs, shouting “Ba Ba” all the way and rushing forward.

Halfway through the rush, his small body was about to fall over. Yan Qing was about to run over to help her, when he stretched out his hands and lifted Youyou: “Walking still makes mom worry, don’t lose face.”

Youyou didn’t quite understand Dad’s meaning, but every time Dad made such a questioning tone, he would nod without hesitation.

Dad is right!

Yes, super embarrassing! I’m so sorry mom!

Yan Qing smiled and rolled her eyes.

Her husband was hard-spoken and soft-hearted. He had been learning, just like back then, learning how to love her, how to be a boyfriend worthy of her dependence, and not let her abandon him. It was the same today. He wanted to be a father that his child would not hate.

He took good care of the child.

Then she could have no worries, love him wholeheartedly, and give him her heart.

Yan Qing walked over, fed a piece of fruit to her husband and son, raised her head and gently rubbed her husband’s slightly pursed lips.

Huo Yunshen’s eyebrows stretched: “Youyou is as smart as my wife.”

Yan Qing’s heart was full of sourness and sweetness.

With a kiss, he would laugh and be satisfied.

He was afraid that his love would be taken away.

But she knew that when Youyou grew up, he would surely believe that the love he received would never decrease, but would only increase endlessly.

Youyou’s “Pu Ba Ma Ma” had undergone several months of various inflections, and finally became a beautiful “Mom and Dad”. The little guy realized that his pronunciation was beyond the standard, and he took the trouble to open his mouth to speak every day.

When he was more than two years old, Youyou had a quick mind and a standard pronunciation, and he was like a chatterbox at home.

He and his mother were relatively restrained, and he nestled in his mother’s arms obediently. All the milk chirping said were “Mom smells so good”, “Mom is so delicious”, “Mom, are you thirsty, I’ll give you a pomelo—”

When he got to his father, he was a good questioner.

“Daddy, can I sleep with mom—”


“Daddy, can I eat ice cream—”


“Daddy, can I—”


Youyou raised his head looking at his father’s sharp jaw with his chubby little head, while blinking his eyes.

Dad was right.

Dad makes no mistakes.

Dad is the most powerful person in the world, if he says no, Youyou will obediently listen.

It’s just that there was a small grievance in his heart, and he wanted to secretly go to his mother to play coquettishly and ask for a pat.

Unexpectedly, the man he looked up to every day squatted down in front of him, rubbed his head with warm palms, and his voice was deep and joyful: “You can’t sleep with your mother, because your mother is also a child and needs to be coaxed just like you. You can’t eat ice cream, because you had a stomach ache recently, and…”

Youyou couldn’t wait for him to finish, so he rushed over and hugged his knees, his big eyes round and bright: “Dad, I want to hug and listen.”

Huo Yunshen raised his eyebrows, squeezing the tip of his little nose: “Also, I have to take two children to the zoo on weekends.”

Youyou opened his eyes wide, let out a soft “ah”, turned around immediately, and rushed straight to the big beauty who was enthusiastically making desserts in the kitchen. Holding her by the corner of her skirt, he excitedly uttered a trot tune when he was less than one year old: “Ma-ma-ma-ba-ba said to take us to the zoo!”

Yan Qing fed her son half a small strawberry and walked to the living room, and was hugged by her husband who just came back.

She hugged his waist tightly.

Today she had a magazine shoot, her schedule was tight, and she hadn’t seen him for most of the day, it felt as if it had been a year.

She was pleasantly surprised and asked in a soft voice: “The zoo?”

Huo Yunshen hugged her deeply, kissed the side of her porcelain white neck, and asked slightly dumbly: “Take the little one to watch the fun, and take the big one to a date. The younger one has already agreed.”

“I don’t know if this is the cutest, can you accept this invitation?”

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