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Yan Qing and Huo Yunshen had been married for so long, and they had been to countless places on dates, but they had never been to a zoo. It had been a long time since the last time they went to such a childlike place together, dating back to high school.

The year she promised him to fall in love, he took her to the zoo, avoiding the bustling crowd and noise outside, in the small bushes blooming with soft white wildflowers, his heartbeat was trembling, and he bent down to kiss her for the first time.

Now, they even had a baby, but looking back at that time, it still seemed so close at hand.

Yan Qing’s ears were warm, and she pulled him and asked, “Have you checked with the doctor? Can Youyou go out to play?”

Youyou was still very young, and now that he had grown up, he needed to go in and out of the car when necessary, but he usually spent his outdoor activities in their own courtyard, the farthest he had gone was the small garden in the center of the villa area.

He looked out of the window with his small head every day, looking forward to going to more novel places with his parents.

Huo Yunshen nodded, with one hand resting on Youyou’s small claws that were trying to lift up, and the other tightly holding his wife’s slender back: “He has a good physique and fast growth, and he can be taken out properly since a few months ago. There will be no problem.”

Youyou seemed to understand as he listened to the conversation between his parents, the focus was all on the “zoo”, he jumped up and down on his father, and called out in a milky voice: “Let’s go to see Cerebellar Axe——”

Yan Qing was about to be cut off by him, imitating his tone, and said in a long voice: “Cerebellar Axe is not as cute as Youyou—”

Youyou’s face turned red.

Huo Yunshen’s gaze followed his wife, and he corrected with a smile: “Even if it all adds up, it’s not as cute as my family’s Qingqing.”

Youyou understood this sentence, nodded his head solemnly, blinked his black grape eyes and said loudly: “Dad is right, mom is the cutest in the world!”

Huo Yunshen arranged his business affairs in advance, and Yan Qing also adjusted the itinerary, vacating the weekend, so early in the morning and picking a time when there were few people, they went to the outskirts of Haicheng with the largest scale the zoo.

Mr. Huo was holding his wife and carrying the cute baby. The family of three was an eye-catching sight no matter where they went. Min Jing had brought people nearby to take care of the scene, so that his brother and sister-in-law could have a little vacation without being disturbed too much.

Youyou had a small body and was dressed in a fluffy panda outfit by his mother. There were two fluffy round ears on the hat, and small paws on his shoes.

It was the first time for him to come to this completely new open environment, giggling and having fun, and when he started running, his little ears and paws flicked up and down.

Yan Qing took a picture of Youyou with her mobile phone, took the opportunity to turn her head unexpectedly, and wanted to take a picture of her husband too.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she looked over, she was stunned.

Huo Yunshen stood calmly in the sun, holding a professional camera, just as he followed her everywhere to chase her itinerary, the camera was aimed at her, and no matter how chaotic the surroundings were, it only framed her alone.

Yan Qing tilted her head and smiled: “Shenshen—why did you bring your camera?”

Huo Yunshen replied leisurely: “As a qualified fan, I always want to take pictures of my idol.”

Some passers-by who ran into the family of three at the zoo posted private photos on Weibo, coupled with a string of groundhogs screaming, after the screaming here, it was immediately popular on the wheel, ushering in a larger area of “Ahhhhhhhh”.

“My God, the little panda!!! It’s so cute!!! Qing Bao is so beautiful today, and she and Mr. Huo are wearing couple outfits. Aww, Mr. Huo is going to explode!”

“I hate that there are only fuzzy pictures! If there are more HD pictures Sooooooooo-“

“I can lick this set of pictures for a year!”

“Ask the chief station brother to produce a picture.”

Mr. Huo, who was content to hold his wife in the zoo, scanned his phone casually, followed everyone’s wishes for the first time, skilfully took a few previews of hundreds of photos of Qingbao in the camera, and updated them with his small account.

Weibo topics were easily clicked by him.

Mr. Huo’s love, which he showed with his own hands, never missed, and made people scream every time.

But the point was quickly discovered—

“Wait a minute, our little son, doesn’t even a little paw deserve to appear in Daddy’s camera?”

“Baby is wronged.jpg.”

You don’t care, I also want to have Youyou QAQ in the camera shot.”

Yan Qing flipped through the few posts and was made to laugh by the comments. She simply summoned Youyou back, leaned in front of her husband, opened the front camera, and the whole family circled around, then she posted a Weibo with a picture in a large size: “Baby said: Fortunately, there is still mama taking pictures of me.”

She no longer cared about how lively the Internet was going to be, and Huo Yunshen held their hands, slowly proceeding along the tour route.

Tired of walking, Youyou got the highest treatment and sat in his father’s arms, turning out a hundred thousand whys.

Why do tigers have patterns?

Why do peacocks spread their tails.

What’s the point of having such a long trunk.

Does the giraffe drink water in the neck for a long time?

There were too many children’s questions that were naive and complicated at the same time, and some of them involved relatively professional knowledge, which was really hard to explain. No matter how much Yan Qing knew, she couldn’t guarantee to cover everything. She just wanted to look up standard answers on the Internet secretly, when Mr. Huo spoke lightly.

Youyou asked a question, and he answered slowly.

It was not perfunctory, it was not coaxing, every word and every sentence of his was precise and popular, and he was telling Youyou seriously.

Yan Qing couldn’t help wrapping her arms around her husband’s, and pressing her cheek against his shoulder.

He said that he must learn to be a qualified father.

His words were never empty talk.

Even if it was such a leisurely arrangement to bring the child to the zoo, he had made sufficient preparations in advance so that he could answer every immature doubt of the child.

Yan Qing’s heart was sore, and she whispered to Youyou: “Isn’t Dad amazing?”

Youyou’s face flushed red with joy, and he nodded desperately.

Every time Huo Yunshen finished speaking, he looked at his father with eyes full of little stars, and his two chubby little hands met each other, clapping vigorously like a little seal.

Taking advantage of the gap between his father’s speech, he still slapped the needles and softly commented in his little boy voice—

“Father is awesome!”

“Youyou’s father knows everything!”

“Dad is Youyou’s encyclopaedia!”

Huo Yunshen’s expression was calm at first, but under Qingqing’s close company and Youyou’s non-stop milky rainbow fart, the corners of his lips gradually turned up, and a smile filled the depths of his black pupils.

There were matching meals in the zoo, Yan Qing didn’t plan to go there early in the morning, so she and her husband prepared lunch at home, and spread a full table on the lawn where picnics were allowed.

There were green plants around, and the small flowers in the bushes were just blooming.

The voices of people and the wind in the distance were blocked, there was only a quiet and warm corner.

Huo Yunshen stared deeply at Yan Qing. She knelt on the picnic blanket, gathered her long hair and tied it with a creamy yellow ribbon.

He stepped forward to take it, buckled her waist and wrapped her around his chest. With his own hands, he smoothed her hair strand by strand and tied it with the most familiar ribbon.

“Qingqing, I think…”

He paused with a half-smile.

It was the same with him for the first kiss at that time, the second half of the sentence stayed between his lips, he stared at her fiercely, and refused to finish.

Want to kiss.

Want to occupy.

He wanted to hold her in his arms and take her as his own.

Yan Qing’s apricot eyes bent into bridges: “I want to too.”

Huo Yunshen leaned closer, and when his lips were about to touch, a certain milky voice rang out: “Mom—ice cream—”

Youyou was picking and unpacking food by himself from one of the insulators, he found the ice cream that he had been thinking about day and night, and quickly took it out. He always listened to his father and dared not eat it secretly, so he came to ask his mother obediently.

Yan Qing was caught by her son, so her cheeks were stained red, and she said calmly, “I brought it for you.”

Youyou cheered, and then flattened his mouth aggrieved: “My stomach will hurt.”

Yan Qing patted his head: “The stomach pain has already healed.”

“You can eat a little, not too much.”

Youyou’s eyes lit up immediately, and he took a small spoon to dig out the most beautiful place in the middle, raised it up and fed it to his mother’s lips.

Yan Qing caught it with a smile, and Youyou scooped up some more from the side, and fed it to his Dad eagerly.

Huo Yunshen didn’t like to eat these, but he lowered his eyes and opened his mouth cooperatively.

Youyou just sat on the ground with his little butt, dug a small spoon for himself, and licked it lovingly with the tip of his tongue.

Huo Yunshen lifted his son to the blanket, turned him in the same direction, stroked his little head with one hand to keep him from moving, and hooked Yan Qing’s shoulder with the other hand, and pressed it down to fit him tightly, kissing her deeply.

He couldn’t taste enough.

It turned out that ice cream…, was so sweet.

In the autumn when Youyou was three years old, Yan Qing was nominated for an authoritative international music award, and was invited to New York to attend the awards ceremony.

It was just as Huo Yunshen’s important contract that affected the whole year was about to be finalized, Youyou also needed to be taken care of by relatives, so Huo Yunshen had to be abandoned at home by his wife.

Yan Qing promised the gloomy Mr. Huo: “I’ll go back as soon as it’s over! Let Sister Lin Yuan book the nearest flight now—”

Mr. Huo said in a muffled voice: “No need to book, charter a flight.”

Yan Qing laughed, picked up his face and rubbed it, and said softly: “No more than five days.”

Huo Yunshen bit her porcelain white neck deeply, and demanded hoarsely: “Give me the share that can let me survive five days first.”

She held him, took the initiative to unbutton his clothes, and let him plunder.

He was afraid of being separated, even if it was a short while, it would be a nightmare. Fortunately, this time, there was Youyou.

Before leaving, Youyou couldn’t let go of his mother, Yan Qing put her arms around him and said: “Good boy, Youyou, take good care of your father. You should love your father more than you love your mother.”

Youyou pursed his small mouth, solemnly. After thinking about it, without saying a word, he kissed his mother’s face.

It was the first time for Huo Yunshen to live alone with his son, and it was even several days. He was not used to it because of his wife. He had a headache and his complexion was not good.

Youyou was absolutely reluctant to bother his Dad.

In the first three days before Yan Qing left, Youyou, as a super-qualified rainbow fart blower, praised his father every day, and his short legs followed his father back and forth, frowning at him flipping through the documents, climbing onto the sofa to give fruit juice to him. He drank, saw that his eyes were closed and his face was serious, so he squeezed behind him and squeezed his shoulders with his weak little hands.

It was like water off a duck’s back[1].

But cute.

Huo Yunshen carried his son on his lap, pinched his face, poked his stomach, and unexpectedly calmed down.

He asked in a low voice, “Do you miss mom.”

Youyou nodded vigorously.

Huo Yunshen looked into his clear eyes, and smiled: “Don’t pester me, think of mother more, love mother more, mother was very tired carrying you.”

Youyou sat in father’s arms and fell into deep thought.

Mom said the same thing.

They both let him love each other a little more.

On the fourth day after Yan Qing left, Huo Yunshen’s contract was completed. Huo Yunshen had an important meeting to attend in the group, so he could only bring Youyou to the headquarters office and tell Min Jing to take care of him.

Youyou knew that he was going to go out, and he was going to his father’s company, so he deliberately dressed in the super cute doll costume his mother bought and put it on, and was taken away by his father like a cute pet.

Have a long face!

Let others see how good Dad’s grapefruit was!

Huo Yunshen was dressed in a pure black suit, his imposing manner was unstoppable, and he would make people bow their heads wherever he went, but the big devil went to work today, and he had a good baby wearing a bear hat on his arm.

All the executives and employees of Huo Corporation along the way, who caught a glimpse of Mr. Huo, were all shocked and howled silently in their hearts.

Huo Yunshen put Youyou in his office, leaned over and said to him: “I’m going to a meeting, the whole floor can be used to play, if you need anything, tell Uncle Min Jing.”

Youyou smiled sweeter than honey: “Dad, don’t worry!”

As soon as Huo Yunshen left, Youyou’s face calmed down, and he really wanted to call his mother, but then he remembered that her mother had won a great prize and must be busy, so he couldn’t disturb her, so he obediently moved out of the door and went to the corridor to let the wind off.

The secretarial department was going crazy at this time.

Everyone knew that the young master had come to the company today, and Mr. Huo went to a meeting again. No one was taking care of him, and this group of people were brave enough to try.

Facing Mr. Huo, they usually didn’t even dare to breathe, but the little boy was so cute, and he looked super easy to coax at first glance. It must be easy to get closer. When Mr. Huo was away, they could even touch the cute baby with their hands. It’s so refreshing!

Not only the people in the secretary’s office, but also the senior executives of the group were also ready to move.

The people in Mr. Huo’s office didn’t dare to enter without permission, but when they heard that the young master was in the corridor, they couldn’t bear it any longer.

Youyou was lying on the floor-to-ceiling window, looking at the scenery with great enthusiasm. When the elevator door opened, men and women gathered towards him, calling him various nicknames, “Youyou”, “Little Sweet Youyou”, “Good baby”, “Little cute baby” emerged one after another, and tried to touch him.

When Min Jing got the news, he went upstairs immediately, and was walking behind these people to speak.

But Youyou was faster than him.

He raised his little head, and decisively dodged back, his voice was full of milkiness, but his tone was extremely cold: “Don’t you know, my name is Huo Ran.”

There was a sudden silence in the corridor.

Min Jing stopped when the words came to his lips, and looked at Youyou in surprise.

Youyou stood in front of all the grown-ups, with big black and clear eyes, looking indifferent, and continued: “I am Mom and Dad’s Youyou and the baby, not someone else’s, so don’t bark.”

After finishing speaking, he turned around without haste, went back to his father’s office, and pushed the door shut with a “bang”.

Two hours later, Huo Yunshen’s meeting ended. As soon as he walked out of the conference hall, Min Jing sent over the key surveillance from during this period.

Huo Yunshen just wanted to confirm Youyou’s trajectory, and accidentally saw the scene in the corridor.

The little guy had been sweet and cute for three years, but he still had two faces.

He raised his eyebrows, and a different kind of temperature rose in his eyes.

Huo Yunshen returned to the office and pushed the door open, Youyou was so sleepy inside, but when he heard the noise, he immediately woke up rubbing his eyes, saw who it was, then he rolled off the sofa, and rushed towards his father like a little beast, hugged his leg and sweetly called: “Daddy, you are back!”

The little guy wished he could melt into his leg. Huo Yunshen lifted him up, put him on the desk and asked: “Don’t like others?”

He knew that Youyou was very well-behaved and cute, and thought that his natural temperament was such a contrast to him.

He didn’t expect…

Youyou was like him.

Very similar.

There was no fraternity, only true love.

How indifferent he was to the surroundings was, how much affectionate attachment he had to the beloved.

Huo Yunshen embraced his small body deeply, and said in a deep voice, “Youyou is so good.”

Youyou didn’t only get close to him because he was his father.

I was also because of their similar souls connected by blood.

This was given to him by Qingqing at the risk of bloodshed, and he belonged to his family.


Youyou felt that Dad seemed a little sad, so he leaned over and pressed his head to his chest, and said solemnly: “Dad, you made me love my mother more, and my mother also made me love you more. I have thought about it very seriously. I can’t do it, I have to love both of you the same.”

“But,” he smiled milkily, “I can secretly promise my father that I will kiss my mother less.”

Huo Yunshen’s pupils trembled slightly: “Why?”

Youyou covered his face and said: “Because if I kiss my mother, my father seems to be lonely next to me.”

His small mouth was red, and he stumbled, but he spoke extremely seriously: “No matter how much I think about my mother, I will never think about my mother more than my father, and love my mother more.”

Youyou’s eyes were crystal-clear like gems: “Father and mother are the people who love each other the most, and then they love me together.”

Huo Yunshen lowered his head, hugged his warm little body, and his eyes flashed hot for a moment.

“Youyou is so good,” he smiled lowly, “I will take you to pick up mom early.”

Youyou jumped up with joy: “Mom is back!”

Huo Yunshen bent his lips: “She came early, as she wants to surprise us quietly.”

Yan Qing won the grand prize, and rushed back to China as soon as possible, worried that the plane would be delayed, and also worried that it would involve deep feelings, so she didn’t tell in advance. She said that her time was limited, and even the necessary interviews were scheduled to be done within a few minutes of getting off the plane.

The reporters didn’t mind at all, and was extremely satisfied to be able to interview Qing Bao.

Qing Bao was now in a stable position in the music industry. Over the past few years, she had been receiving heavyweight awards, sweeping all kinds of charts, and she was still gentle and cute. With the huge Huo family behind her, anyone would want to get close to her.

The reporters and film crew followed Yan Qing’s footsteps. Seeing that the exit leading to the VIP channel was approaching, most of the reporter’s questions were finished, and they rushed to say the last one: “I want to ask Qingbao, many parent-child programs are inviting you, especially the program group of “My Mom is Superman” has been mentioned many times in a high-profile manner, have you considered–” Before the words fell, everyone in the film crew suddenly exclaimed, and looked forward in unison.

Outside the exit, only a few meters away, a tall and straight man stood against the light, holding a little guy carved with pink jade in his hand.

The little guy let go of his father’s hand, wobbled and ran towards Yan Qing, happily yelling “Ma——”

Yan Qing threw the luggage away and bent down to catch him.

Youyou didn’t want to hug her, but grabbed his mother’s skirt and pulled her in front of his father.

Dad didn’t need the little guy to work hard at all, he moved his long legs, approached in a few steps, and opened his arms.

Yan Qing rushed straight to him and crashed into his arms.

“Shenshen, why do you—”

“You don’t need to work hard, wife,” Huo Yunshen hugged her tightly, and whispered in her ear, “I’ll surprise you.”

Without holding back the words, they floated out tremblingly: “Consider… bringing our baby to participate.”

Youyou was blindfolded, looking at his parents through his fingers. Hearing what the reporter said, he twisted his body and asked, “What are you participating in?”

The reporter squatted down quickly, holding the radio microphone up. He told him: “Participate in “My Mom is Superman.”

Youyou shook her head: “I will not participate.”

The reporter was surprised by his decisiveness.

Three-year-old Huo Youyou looked back at his parents who were so sweet, covered his mouth and snickered, and his little milky voice was clear and invincible as he said: “Because my mother is not a superman, she has always been a princess and an angel that my father and I want to protect all our life.”

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