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“Well… I’m thirsty…”

In the morning, Gu Anxin rubbed her eyes, feeling her throat was hot and dry, and she wanted to drink water.

She reached out to touch the cup, crying thirstily.

She had always had a habit of putting a glass of water next to her bed. She was prone to thirst while sleeping, and she didn’t want to have to crawl out of bed to pour water at night.

But this time, what she reached out to touch, what she felt was not the quilt, but a warm, soft thing.

After careful identification, it was found that it was an ear.

Ear? Ear! Whose ears? Gu Anxin woke up instantly, realizing something was wrong, she quickly opened her eyes.

The first thing that caught her eye was Ling Yue’s handsome face that was close at hand, and then she saw him slowly open his eyes and look at her.

Gu Anxin’s dark eyes rolled under Ling Yue’s gaze, and then rolled again, an unbelievable expression appearing on her face.

Gu Anxin felt a little pain in her heart. She suddenly realized that she drank a lot last night, and she couldn’t remember anything after that.

So now she was lying on the sofa, and she was still lying with Ling Yue, the narrow sofa made the two of them have to hug each other very tightly, did this posture mean that something happened between them yesterday?

Gu Anxin hurriedly looked down, and found that someone had already changed her pyjamas, and it was the one she didn’t usually wear, obviously someone had just dug it out of the closet.

“We…” Gu Anxin raised her head, met Ling Yue’s gaze again, and widened her eyes, “That of us…”

“Yes, as you imagined.” Ling Yue supported his head, his arms around her “medicine” did not relax, and he took time to observe her every micro-expression.

“We really had a relationship?!” With Ling Yue’s affirmation, Gu Anxin jumped up from the sofa.

The sofa was too narrow, and it was barely able to accommodate the two of them. Now that Gu Anxin’s sudden outburst made Ling Yue, who was on the outside, unable to stabilize his figure at all, and roll off the sofa directly.

There was only an extremely clear sound of flesh hitting the ground.

Two seconds later, Ling Yue sat up from the ground with a dark face, stroking the corners of his eyebrows, his face full of sadness, he thought, in the future, the sofa in the new house, must buy a big one!

Seeing him like this, Gu Anxin thought he was hurting from the fall, and quickly reached out to pull him up, “Are you okay? Me, me, I’m not from the story, it’s just…”

She was so shocked, Ling Yue suddenly told her overnight that they had such a relationship, she was not ready to bear it psychologically, everything was too sudden, for a girl, it was simply earth-shaking!

But it’s strange, when Gu Anxin looked at Ling Yue, she didn’t feel any hatred for him at all, she didn’t hate him at all when this man did such excessive things when she was unconscious, she even stretched out her hand to pull him up.

Gu Anxin felt that something was wrong with her, and she didn’t dare to look Ling Yue in the eyes for a while.

Ling Yue was pulled back onto the sofa by her, and sighed heavily from his chest, he was very tired, he not only had to serve this woman all night, but also got kicked off the sofa in the morning, if he said it, Xiao Yishan would laugh his ass off!

“Then what should I do…” After a long time, Gu Anxin suddenly hugged herself and let out a cry.

The more she thought about it, the more she something went wrong, she actually gave it to him like this, she didn’t even know his name! The third brother was a ghost, this man didn’t even tell her his real name at all. Once the relationship happened last night, it was clear at a glance that he was not sincere. He wouldn’t want to be responsible at all. Maybe he would leave tomorrow.

“I will take responsibility.” Thinking of this, Ling Yue suddenly saw through her mind and answered her.

Gu Anxin raised her head in surprise, temporarily holding back her disappointment and sadness, “You have to promise me two things.”

Seeing Gu Anxin’s pitiful look, Ling Yue was more than happy to continue entertaining with her, “Yes.”

“First, tell me your name, where you lived before, what’s your father’s name, what’s your mother’s name, do you have brothers and sisters? Education, age.” Gu Anxin said a lot at once. These were indeed things she had always been curious about.

“The second thing.” Ling Yue didn’t even think about it, and directly skipped the first thing, because he couldn’t say it.

Gu Anxin was a little disappointed immediately, “I regret it a little, I shouldn’t have gotten drunk, after all, there is a man with evil intentions living in my family.”

She said this while staring at Ling Yue, Ling Yue frowned slightly, and he really wanted to say that he had something to say, he shouldn’t have let her go after she vomited like crazy yesterday, after all, even if she vomited, she was still a woman who was excellent in all aspects, he should have done it with her yesterday!

He probably led her to make her think that she was already his, but was accused of being a man with unruly intentions. Ling Yue suddenly reached out and pinched her face, “Believe it or not, I will really let you experience what it means to have unruly intentions.”

Gu Anxin was angry, and didn’t directly argue with him about the real intentions. She pushed his hand away and said, “The second thing, I want to know, how did we have a relationship yesterday… yesterday, I don’t know anything. I don’t know, and there is nothing unusual about my body, could it be that you are too young?”

When Gu Anxin said this, she had already stood up consciously. After all, men were all the same, and they all had special attachments to that aspect. It was impossible for Ling Yue to calm down when he heard that he was too young. So Gu Anxin stood up, ready to run away.

Of course Ling Yue didn’t want to hear such words, and before Gu Anxin ran away, he grabbed her in time and pressed her deeply into the sofa.

Although the quality of this sofa was average, it had one advantage, that is, it was soft enough to allow Gu Anxin to sink completely. Ling Yue only needed to support her with his arms, and she could not escape.

The corners of Ling Yue’s brows raised slightly, “I’m not young, don’t you already know? Huh?”

His ambiguous expression immediately reminded Gu Anxin of the day when she heard about Anxin Group, she ran into the bathroom excitedly and saw him wearing only a pair of underwear. That day, she could indeed see his size…

Her face instantly turned red from the memory, and to cover it up, Gu Anxin pushed Ling Yue, “What…you’re pressing on me, get out of the way.”

“You might as well tell me what you were thinking just now.” Ling Yue whispered in her ear.

“I’m not thinking about that kind of thing!” Gu Anxin hastily denied it, but she didn’t know that this kind of denial was nothing more than three hundred taels of silver[1] here.

The two of them suddenly fell silent, and it seemed that the only sound in the room was the sound of their breathing.

In fact, Gu Anxin just realized that nothing happened to them last night, Ling Yue was just teasing her.

However, according to the current development of the atmosphere, what did not happen last night might happen soon.

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[1] Worthless.

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