IAPP Ch. 26

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Ling Yue got out of the car first, the leather shoes reflected under the moonlight, but it still couldn’t match the brightness of Alice’s light bulb, and Alice didn’t dare to breathe.

Ling Yue turned around, dragged Gu Anxin into his arms, hugged her horizontally, and went straight upstairs.

The pace was so fast, you would have no idea that this man was in a wheelchair just now.

Alice didn’t follow, but just stood there, silently watching them disappear at the entrance of the corridor, thinking that tonight, something indescribable should happen in the one room and one living room upstairs.

Feeling deeply relieved for the boss who had been holding back for so many days, Alice was just about to drive home when she suddenly remembered that Ling Yue’s wheelchair was still in the car.

His legs should have healed a long time ago. The reason why he didn’t stand up all the time should be due to his own considerations. Maybe before the Anxin Group had grown up, he was still a bit scrupulous about the Lingtian Group. Alice did everything for Ling Yue. And none of his decisions were questioned.

However, the problem now was that he still needed to use the wheelchair, should she take it upstairs now?

Once the boss scene had started, the man would not be able to stop the car after driving[1]. She was not sure that someone would open the door for her when the wheelchair was taken upstairs. Even if the door was opened, the expression must be very exciting.

When Alice was debating whether to bring the wheelchair up, Ling Yue upstairs had completely forgotten about the wheelchair.

Gu Anxin’s body seemed extraordinarily soft tonight, probably after drinking alcohol, a certain sensitive nerve in her was stimulated, and Ling Yue could soften into a puddle of water with just a casual touch.

Ling Yue suddenly remembered the scene just now, if she was really brought to the hotel by some wretch like this, the consequences would be disastrous.

No man could resist eating her up like this, of course, including him!

But before he wiped it all away, Ling Yue still didn’t forget to teach her a lesson. He always did things in a meticulous manner, and it was impossible for him to forget about the lesson just because of her few kisses.

“Next time, don’t go out alone after eight o’clock.” Ling Yue hugged her and warned her solemnly in her ear.

Gu Anxin was so sleepy that she had completely lost consciousness. At this moment, Ling Yue blew breath on her ears, scratched her ears, shook her head, and hummed unconsciously, “Don’t make noise.”

“I’m not joking, I’m solemnly warning you that I don’t ask much from my woman, but you must follow my bottom line.” Ling Yue’s attitude was serious, as if Gu Anxin was sober now.

But he knew that if Gu Anxin was really sober, she would definitely refute that he had too much bottom line.

Thinking of this, the corners of Ling Yue’s mouth suddenly rose, and his mood suddenly became uncontrollably happy, because if she really contradicted him that much, it would prove that she really wanted to be his woman.

Stop talking nonsense, Ling Yue stretched out his hand to unbutton her shirt.

She was wearing a water blue casual shirt today, which was suitable for work, but also cute and refreshing. Ling Yue had always liked her dressing style, even ordinary and cheap clothes when worn by her seemed to have a fresh scent.

Because she often dangled in front of him in her pyjamas, Ling Yue once took off her clothes in his dreams, but the actual implementation was not as good as imagined, not to mention a slight trembling of hands, Gu Anxin did not cooperate at all.

After the first button was unbuttoned, she seemed to sense something, hurriedly pushed away Ling Yue’s palm, and couldn’t find a place to hide, so she hid directly into his arms.

Stick to him and don’t let him move.

Ling Yue remembered what Alice said that day when the results of Alice’s investigation of her came out.

“Because Miss Gu had been harassed by a prison guard for a long time, she has a certain psychological barrier to men, and this barrier may not be fundamentally eliminated.”

Gu Anxin in his arms began to tremble. She unconsciously hid in Ling Yue’s arms. She was obviously sleepy and tired, but her body was trembling instinctively. She did not reject Ling Yue’s approach, but it was also obvious that it would take a lot of patience and effort to wipe her dry.

“Take a bath first.” Ling Yue stopped thinking in his head, and carried her directly into the bathroom. Although she felt good with the smell of wine, she felt uncomfortable, and Ling Yue felt sorry for her.

There was the sound of running water in the bathroom, and Ling Yue reached out to help her unbutton the second time. This time, Gu Anxin didn’t resist, but obediently let him undo all the next buttons.

Seeing that Ling Yue’s eyes were hot, he almost turned off the water and threw her on the bed.

However, after finally taking a look at her tightly closed eyes and slightly frowning brows, Ling Yue temporarily resisted the urge.

After helping her take a bath, Ling Yue’s blood had already rushed to his head. He wrapped Gu Anxin in a big bath towel, walked to the bedroom with her in his arms, and threw her on the bed.

A small house had the benefits of a small house, at least you didn’t have to wait a few seconds longer. His hand was now full of the feeling of touching her skin. Although there were occasional rejections and dodges, it did not affect the man’s interest.

“So sleepy…” As soon as her head touched the pillow, Gu Anxin slowly uttered a sentence, then lay on her side, closed her eyes and immediately fell asleep.

“Want to sleep?” Ling Yue approached her, slowly pressing down on her body, “Maybe I can’t let you go to bed so early tonight.”

Gu Anxin, who was on the way to sleep, didn’t care so much, she smacked her mouth, and still looked like she wanted to sleep the most.

The light shone on her radiant skin, Ling Yue just looked at it, and for the first time experienced what it meant for a beauty to have come out of the bath.

There were still a few drops of water on her forehead, which added a lot of “sexy” to her overall appearance. Tonight… Her advantages were immediately maximized under Ling Yue’s hormones.

He covered her whole body and kissed the corners of her eyebrows, eyes, nose, and finally her lips.


“Ouch!” Gu Anxin suddenly grabbed Ling Yue’s collar and violently vomited!

This wasn’t retching at all, Ling Yue immediately felt a sour smell permeating from his clothes!

“Ouch!” There was another vomit, and the sour smell became more obvious! Ling Yue looked down and saw her sticky vomit all over her body, as well as the corners of her mouth.

The lips that looked delicate just now were now stained with vomit… Ling Yue stood up with his head covered, and angrily uttered a word from his chest: “Shit!”

So, this is why men hate women drinking! Because they look so annoying!

Ling Yue stood beside Gu Anxin’s bed and walked around for a few times, his whole body fell into a kind of chaos where he hated alcoholics and couldn’t extricate himself, the vomit on his body reminded him that this woman was really owed a lesson!

Ling Yue carried Gu Anxin into the bathroom for the second time to wash, completely forgetting how much good Gu Anxin’s drunk appearance just now was in his heart.

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[1] Euphemism for s**.

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