Addicted Pampering You: The Mysterious Pampered Wife of The Military Ye (APY)


She is the The Young Miss of Military family Shen, her face is peerless, her temperament is cold, and she is her family’s treasure, but isn’t accepted as one’s child by her mother;

He is The Sole Heir to the top giant Fu Family, his power is unparalleled, indifferent high-born, the captain of the mysterious military force, and the youngest commander-in-chief.

Because of her grandmother’s wishes, she married him at lightning speed. She thought that it was a marriage that she needed, but she didn’t expect to be greeted with his extreme pampering.

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Table of Contents:

Chapter 1-22

Chapter 23-113

Chapter 114: That’s Hell P. 1

Chapter 115: That’s Hell P.2

Chapter 116 As long as you stay, I will not give up

Chapter 117: So you know each other

Chapter 118: The situation has fermented P.1

Chapter 119: The situation has fermented P.2

Chapter 120: I want to eat a meal cooked by you

Chapter 121: Master Fu is back

Chapter 122: Kiss

Chapter 123

Chapter 124: What about the evidence?

Chapter 125

Chapter 126

Chapter 127: Wants to Learn Cooking For Him

Chapter 128

Chapter 129: Fu Hengyi’s Birthday

Chapter 130: We are not familiar

Chapter 131: Birthday Present

Chapter 132: He was her salvation

Chapter 133: Life is full of dog blood

Chapter 134: Mr. Fu has a little white face

Chapter 135: Market Fright 1

Chapter 136: Market Fright 2

Chapter 137: Market Fright 3

Chapter 138: Master Fu is angry

Chapter 139: Brother is here

Chapter 140: Famous in Beijing

Chapter 141: Meeting Shen Xitong

Chapter 142: Fight

Chapter 143

Chapter 144: Conversation

Chapter 145: Go to the Army

Chapter 146: Don’t Regret It!!!

Chapter 147: Little Alcoholic

Chapter 148: What have you done to me?

Chapter 149: Anger

Chapter 150: What did you draw?

Chapter 151: A Painting by Leng Qingyu

Chapter 152: Know Leng Qingqiu

Chapter 153: Is it important to be a good match?

Chapter 154: Is it important to be a good match? 2

Chapter 155: Is it important to have a good match? 3

Chapter 156

Chapter 157: Look at the Storefront

Chapter 158: Transfer

Chapter 159: Lunch Invitation

Chapter 160: The guests are here!!!

Chapter 161: Li Boming

Chapter 162: Quarrel

Chapter 163: Annual Meeting 1

Chapter 164: Annual Meeting 2

Chapter 165: Annual Meeting 3

Chapter 166: Annual Meeting 4

Chapter 167.1: Accident

Chapter 167.2: Accident

Chapter 167.3: Accident

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