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Shen Qian and Fu Hengyi were now in the same military region, but belonged to different troops. To enter Shen Qian’s place, she must register. The guard at the door first called Shen Qian’s office, and Shen Qian came soon.

“Qinglan, why are you here?” Shen Qian was surprised to see his daughter.

“Came to see you.”

Knowing that this was Staff Officer Shen’s daughter, the guard naturally let her go in.

“Why did you think of coming to the military area this time?” And the guard at the military area gate actually let her go.

“I came to see Fu Hengyi.”

Shen Qian understood clearly, he had completely forgotten that Fu Hengyi would be in the Beijing Military Region during this period, right next door to them.

“Dad forgot. Is everything okay at home?” He had been very busy recently and had never been home.

“Very good, grandpa and mother are both in good health.” Shen Qinglan replied, “Shen Xitong is also very good. This concert was very successful, and with a lot of publicity and praise from the media, Shen Xitong’s popularity suddenly soared, and she even has some advertisers taking a fancy to her commercial value and invited her to shoot advertisements. During this period, Shen Xitong was very proud.”

“That’s good. How many days do you plan to stay here?” Shen Qian didn’t spend much time with his daughter. He didn’t know what to talk to his daughter, so he could only talk awkwardly.

Shen Qinglan just stopped by to take a look. She did not answer Shen Qian’s words, but said something irrelevant, “The army is better than I imagined.”

Shen Qian was slightly startled and looked towards Shen Qinglan met her still cold eyebrows and asked, “Do you want to join the army?”

Shen Qinglan shook her head. She would never join the army in this life. Her past identity was a time bomb. If someone exposed it, she was afraid the Shen family would be in trouble. Both the Shen family and the Fu family would be implicated by her. If she joined the army again, the consequences…

“I just suddenly figured out that for some things, what you think may not be right.” Shen Qinglan looked into the distance and said lightly.

Shen Qian smiled gently and said, “Qinglan, your parents and your grandparents have never had too many demands on you, as long as you can live happily according to your own wishes. You probably don’t know that before your grandma died, she once told me that if you encounter any unhappiness in the future, as long as she is still alive, she will protect you.”

Thinking of the old woman who had left, Shen Qinglan still felt a faint pain in her heart. That was her reply. The first warmth and the first sunshine for her in the Shen family.

“Dad, I am very good now, and Fu Hengyi is also very good to me. Grandma can rest assured.”

“Qinglan, seeing that you are so good now, father actually feels very guilty. What happened with Xitong…Dad is very sorry.” At that time, if it weren’t for his wife’s illness, he wouldn’t have adopted Shen Xitong at all.

“If she does something wrong and you want to teach her a lesson, dad won’t say anything. He will talk to your mother.” Shen Qian said warmly.

“And Xitong has found her biological parents. After a while, father will buy her a house in the capital to reunite their family.” This was what Shen Qian had been thinking about during this time, but he just didn’t have the time to implement it.

Shen Qinglan’s beautiful eyes flickered and she glanced at Shen Qian, feeling that Shen Qian seemed to know a lot of things.

“Don’t look at Dad like that. Dad is not an old fool or has presbyopia.” Shen Qian smiled gently, “You are my only daughter, and you have always been.”

Shen Qinglan was silent. She didn’t know what to do with these words. Then, most of the time, Shen Qian gave her the impression of being gentle and a loving elder, but this made it impossible for her to get close to him anymore.

“What if one day, I bring trouble to the Shen family?” Shen Qinglan said lightly, with a hint of temptation.

“Qinglan, you are the daughter of the Shen family, the only daughter of me and your mother. No matter what, I will protect you.” Shen Qian said it very seriously, without a trace of joking. This daughter was the one his wife risked her life to give birth to. When Chu Yunrong gave birth to Shen Qinglan, she had a difficult labour. When Shen Qinglan was born, she was purple and suffocated. However, Chu Yunrong couldn’t stand the stimulation, suffered massive bleeding, and almost died on the operating table.

The lives of both mother and daughter were snatched back from the Lord of Hell. It was because of this that Chu Yunrong loved and cared about Shen Qinglan extraordinarily.

At that time, Shen Qian looked at his wife and daughter who were walking out of the operating room. The tall man, who was about 1.8 meters tall, held his wife’s hand and cried with tears on his face.

After returning to the Shen family, she actually accepted no one except her grandparents. She knew that Shen Qian had investigated her identity before she came back. More than once, he suspected that she had ulterior motives when she returned to the Shen family. So naturally she couldn’t get close to Shen Qian.

Chu Yunrong acted like that again. Shen Qinglan watched with cold eyes, treating herself as an outsider. Even Shen Junyu was only slowly accepted later.

The car accident, the moment Chu Yunrong pulled away from her, and what Shen Qian said today all left traces in Shen Qinglan’s heart. Maybe she was wrong from the beginning.

“Dad, I was wrong before.” After a long time, Shen Qinglan spoke softly.

Shen Qian smiled and said, “There is no right or wrong. You are a child of our Shen family and your father’s daughter. Could it be that if you do something wrong, father can still beat you.”

“It’s okay if you want to, I won’t fight back.” Shen Qinglan pursed her lips.

Shen Qian couldn’t hold back and laughed. Sometimes he really thought his daughter’s temperament was quite cute.

Shen Qinglan’s lips curled up slightly.

“It’s just Qinglan, your mother…” Shen Qian hesitated. After all, he hadn’t told her the story about Chu Yunrong’s depression, which was not cured and that she had been taking medicine. No one in the family knew about this except Shen Qian.

Even Mr. Shen and Grandma Shen thought that Chu Yunrong’s illness had been cured long ago, so they were very dissatisfied with her attitude towards Shen Qinglan.

“Dad, I know.”

Shen Qian knew that Shen Qinglan had an idea, so he didn’t say much.

Shen Xitong had been very proud of herself recently. There were praises for her everywhere in newspapers and on the Internet, such as “genius pianist”, “the most beautiful pianist”, “pianist with good looks and beauty”, “piano goddess”…

She had occupied the first position on the hot search list for a long time.

Whenever Shen Xitong went out, she would receive a lot of stares, and some people would even chase her and call her “goddess”. Now she had to wear sunglasses and a hat when going out, covering her face tightly. If she was recognized by others, they would not let her leave acting as if they would never see her again. Such a grand occasion was really more exaggerated than some celebrities.

It was just that Shen Xitong’s good mood did not last for a few days before it was completely destroyed by the Li husband and his wife.

Looking at Li Datou and Tian Cuifang standing in front of her, Shen Xitong didn’t have a smile on her face, “What are you doing here?” This was the orchestra. If someone saw her, what would she say? The last time Tian Cuifang came to see her, she was already very dissatisfied.

Tian Cuifang still looked bitter and resentful, as if the whole world owed her. When she saw Shen Xitong, a smile appeared on her face, “Xitong, are you busy now?”

“Can’t you see?” Knowing their purpose, Shen Xitong didn’t bullshit them, “Tell me, how much do you want this time?”

Li Datou’s face darkened, his eyes widened, and he looked at Shen Xitong with all kinds of emotions, he was dissatisfied inside but said, “We are your parents, not beggars. What do you mean by sending us away with money? If you don’t come to see us, can’t we come to see our daughter?”

Shen Xitong smiled sarcastically, “So, should I thank you? Are you coming to see me? People have seen me now. Since it’s not about money, you can leave. I still have a lot of things to do in the orchestra.”

“That Xitong, wait a minute, mother has something to tell you.” Tian Cuifang reached out and grabbed the corner of Shen Xitong’s clothes. Shen Xitong paused before leaving, and thought sarcastically they still said that it was not for money. Who would believe it.

Turning around and looking at them, “Is there anything else?”

“You buy a house for your brother. He is already such an old man and he doesn’t even have a house. You are his sister and you have to take care of your only brother.” Li Datou said matter-of-factly.

Shen Xitong laughed angrily. This was indeed not for a small amount of money. A house in the capital, according to what they said, was not a house, but a cabbage that was sold in the vegetable market at that time.

“He is your son, not my son. Why should I buy a house for him?”

Li Datou glared, looking a bit fierce, “He is your only brother, the backbone of the family, and you are his sister. Why don’t you know how to take care of him when you have this condition? When you get married in the future, your mother’s family will only have your brother to support you, and you will have more confidence.”

Shen Xitong smiled, “I rely on him? In this life, I will not rely on him even if I die. If you want me to buy him a house, you can just dream about it.” Her words were quite rude. She had never been polite to the Li husband and wife.

Li Datou turned green and was about to curse, but Tian Cuifang grabbed him. This was outside, and Shen Xitong was a face-saving person. If others saw this, and Shen Xitong really risked her life and left them alone, they would really have to cry.

“Xitong, don’t be angry. If you want to blame us, it’s our failure as parents, and we have to rely on you to support us. We really have no choice. Your brother recently started dating a girlfriend, and she got pregnant. Well, the girl is a nice girl, so we can’t just put on our pants and turn against her, right? Your brother means to marry that girl. After all, your brother is already that old, and it’s time to get a wife. But, you have to have a house when you get married. We have no money, so we can only come to you.”

“The woman who can fall in love with him must not be a good bird. I think it’s better to forget it. No matter how you get married, if you can’t survive, just break up, he doesn’t have a house. I don’t care whom Li Yong loves.”

No matter what Tian Cuifang said, Shen Xitong just said, “If you don’t buy it, I won’t care.” This family was like leeches. Once they got entangled, they won’t stop until they drain your blood. She was not a cash machine, so why?

“Then you buy a house for your mother and me. Your mother and I will always have a place to retire when we get old. Now we are living in someone else’s house. How can we pay thousands of yuan in rent every month?”

Li Datou said rolling his eyes, he would settle for the next best thing. The man they had just found had come to see them in the past two days and told them that Shen Xitong was so famous now and was making a lot of money, just from the commercials she shot. The endorsement fee alone must be several million. The Shen family was so rich that they would definitely not ask for her money. All the money she earned was hers. If they didn’t ask her for it now, when she got married, the money would be taken away to her in-laws’ house.

When Li Datou heard this, he immediately felt that it made sense. This was the bad thing about giving birth to a daughter. In the end, they would all belong to other people’s families. He rushed to find Shen Xitong non-stop, for fear that she would get married tomorrow.

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