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Yan Qing was too annoyed to think about it. When she returned to the dormitory, she learned that Song Xueran’s affairs had come to fruition. This kind of malicious assault with conclusive evidence could no longer be hidden as easily as last time, and she must face legal responsibility.

“That was sulphuric acid,” Ouyang held her face and looked back and forth, her teeth rattling as she said, “Fortunately you had a bodyguard from home following you, otherwise you would have been ruined!”

Yeah…that was sulphuric acid.

The picture of Huo Yunshen protecting her recklessly last night became fresh in her mind again, Yan Qing’s heart shrank sourly, and the original grievances gradually dissipated.

He was hurt.

She slammed the door and left.

Yan Qing calculated her balance and gave Huo Yunshen a large sum of money. The straight man urged: “I’m going to record the show, shut it down, you drink more hot water and buy some delicious food yourself.”

The progress of the show was non-stop. The next day, they would record the second round of elimination, with Huo Corporation’s name and Song Xueran’s accident, even though “The Pinnacle Girl” had not been broadcast on the Internet yet, the hot topic was increasing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Unexpectedly, the local police silently posted a Weibo that night. It was very simple, it stated that Song XX, female, 23 years old, intentionally hurt people with sulfuric acid and so on.

No name was named, which was not enough to attract attention. However, there were many people at the scene. They didn’t know who took two photos. One was of Song Xueran’s madness as she was taken away. The other was of Yan Qing sitting desolately under a street lamp. She was surrounded by blankets, her hair was messy, her face was small and pale, and the snow fell on her head, she was the picture of clean beauty facing cruelty.

This person also broke the news: “Song XX was the key to her life and death. She suddenly understood that this kind of competitor was not normal, so she wanted to destroy it.”

This Weibo, combined with the police report, easily detonated the topic. Amidst all kinds of controversies, this unintentionally taken photo of Yan Qing became the material for the painters to beat the blood.

Yan Qing’s information was scooped again and again. The star-chaser sisters who had never been able to resist beauty rushed to the bottom of the official blog of “Pinnacle Girl” to knock bowls and other materials. The official blog also made a post: “Temporarily keeping it secret, in fact you all know her, but you don’t know her either.”

Yan Qing was in a hurry to prepare for the knockout round, so she knew nothing about it.

She thought that Huo Yunshen would not show up for the next day’s recording. He should rest at home and wear soft clothes to avoid injury, but when she was actually standing at the recording site, she was surprised to see the lights of the “High Energy Jury” lit, where she also saw the faint figure of Huo Yunshen in a suit behind the glass.

He was still…not at ease, afraid that she would be bullied.

Yan Qing’s eyes were faintly hot, and she lowered her head helplessly. It must be so uncomfortable for him to wear such tight clothes.

He was unhappy when they broke up, obviously he would still have a temper.

Yan Qing played steadily on the spot and did not give Huo Yunshen a chance to protect her shortcomings. She sat firmly in the forefront of high scores. After the recording, all the players and the instructor had a dinner together, and this was also shot as extra behind the scenes material.

Before leaving the venue, Yan Qing couldn’t help but look up at the seats of the jury. It was already empty, and she didn’t know when Huo Yunshen left.

Right, it was right for him to go.

Yan Qing went to the restaurant with Ouyang and the others, and sat among the crowd of group A. The girls around were chatting quietly, but suddenly someone exclaimed and screamed in enthusiasm.

She turned her head, and the tutor group headed by He Xingjian arrived.

Before dinner, he must have had some entertainment shows. He Xingjian was also a singer, and he hummed two paragraphs casually, which aroused the emotions of the people. Yan Qing lacked interest in listening. She suddenly heard He Xingjian call her name: “Yan Qing, as an S contestant, shouldn’t you sing a song with this instructor?” The camera came over, and there was a roaring sound. Yan Qing had to cooperate, she put on a small smile, and walked forward.

He Xingjian’s gentleness was just right as he raised his hand to call the staff to bring drinks and microphones.

“It’s your favourite juice. Drink a little bit to moisturize your throat first. I prepared it specially.” He said softly in a voice that couldn’t be recorded, very considerately.

However, after the delivery staff came in, there was a sensation in the restaurant.

“Wow, so handsome? Why didn’t O pay attention before!”

“The proportion of his body is really good, taller than He Xingjian, it’s a pity he is wearing a mask.”

“No way, the staff is wearing masks, I really want to see the real face! “

Yan Qing froze in place and her heart almost stopped beating.

The person who came in was wearing a staff uniform. It seemed that they had chosen a large size that did not fit. They hung loosely on the body, but the width of their shoulders and the length of the legs was more than the person who owned the uniform. They wore a funny mask on their face. And he had obvious burn scars on his hands as he handed out the things.

Yan Qing seemed to be sinking in the sea, breathing hard.

Under everyone’s eyes, the two hands put the tray between her and He Xingjian. When He Xingjian tried to take the tray, the tray slid bluntly. The juice was tilted and soaked the microphone and spilled on He Xingjian’s sleeves.

Seeing the situation, the camera immediately moved away. A group of assistants came in to deal with He Xingjian. Yan Qing took advantage of the chaos and grabbed Huo Yunshen’s clothes and ran out of the restaurant. She did not notice that He Xingjian was looking at her through the chaotic silhouettes, and when his eyes returned to the spattered juice, his anxiousness was secretly overflowing.

Yan Qing took Huo Yunshen to hide in the dark corner, stood on tiptoe and took off his mask, angry and anxious: “Why are you running here! Does it hurt? What should you do after being photographed, dignified President Huo? Why did you come here pretending to be a staff member?!”

Huo Yunshen lowered his eyes deeply and concluded: “You care about me.”

Her words were suffocated.

“If I can dress up for the jury, then I can also dress up as the staff,” his eyes were deep and he pressed her heavily, and described in detail, “I wanted to see you so I can dress up.”

Yan Qing was in a complicated mood: “Didn’t you give me a week? I haven’t figured it out yet.”

Huo Yunshen said in a low voice, “You answer me in a week, but it doesn’t mean that I will stay away for a week.”

“When I was chasing Qingqing, I spent the same seven days waiting for her to promise me,” he twitched his mouth harshly, “But I also followed and guarded her, so even if she didn’t agree, I won’t allow her to get close to others.”

Yan Qing was surprised, he deliberately targeted He Xingjian.

The phrase “suitor” said that night had always been stuck in her throat.

On such nights, even if he was not at home to recuperate, Huo Yunshen should be attending high-class social gatehrings that she couldn’t even imagine, but he didn’t care about his image at all and did such naive things.

But the more naïve he was, the more clearly she was reminded.

She couldn’t avoid him.

Huo Yunshen lightly pinched her chin and lifted it, then his lips were attached to her as he kissed her, but he did not violate his promise: “Yan Qing, I can give in for everything, but this is the only one, not allowed.” After the juice was not drunk, the song was also not sung. Yan Qing excused herself citing a sore throat. Within two days, Yan Qing heard the gossip between the girls. It was said that He Xingjian lost two important endorsements.

Yan Qing was so angry that she wanted to question Huo Yunshen, but she decided to calm down before approaching him, with Huo Yunshen’s character, the more obedient she was, the more stable he would be, and the more radical she was, the more extreme he would be.

Whoever she liked in these three years would be out of luck.

Did he want her to be a little nun for thirty-six months! His heart was dark enough!

Every day since then, Yan Qing could always find Huo Yunshen’s shadow in the corners. He often worked in the car and opened a little window to see her. Sometimes he was too busy and came over at night without forcing her to get close. He just pretended to be various identities and quietly guarded her.

He was afraid that she would be lost, that she would run away, or that she would suddenly disappear when he woke up one day.

He weaved himself into an endless net and bound her persistently.

Until the last night of the deadline, Yan Qing was lying in bed without sleeping, and she couldn’t bear to climb out of bed to go to the corridor to breathe. The girl in the room with her happened to come back and asked her softly: “Yanyan, are you worried about the premiere of the program tomorrow and can’t sleep?”

Yan Qing nodded solemnly.

What she was thinking could not be said.

She was not worried about the premiere; she was worried about becoming a married young woman soon!

The little girl said again: “I just stood by the window to get some air and saw a luxury car parked on the corner downstairs with the lights still on. I don’t know who was it waiting out there so late?”

Yan Qing’s heart fluttered, she pretended to bid farewell to the little girl, and then ran quickly to the window at the end of the corridor. He hurried over and saw that Huo Yunshen’s car was parked there. It was already eleven o’clock in the evening…

Was he going to wait until tomorrow morning?

Yan Qing stood there for more than half an hour, but the car didn’t mean to leave. She was flustered but she simply ignored it. She went back to the dormitory and pulled the quilt to cover her head, holding the pillow in her hand.

Huo Yunshen was sitting in the back of the car, with a few stacks of documents and materials beside him, which was his work for tonight.

Huo Yunshen wanted to be successful in order to avenge Qingqing and find her, but now, he had the confidence to protect her and let her enter the entertainment industry.

He just needed the work.

At five o’clock in the morning, Huo Yunshen put down his work and leaned back against the back of his chair.

If Qingqing didn’t come…He closes his eyes, covering the bloodshot eyes, and endured the uneasiness that was about to burst out of him thinking of all the shadows of her that were dangling in front of him.

When Qingqing was in school, her long hair used to be tied into a ponytail very obediently, and she always liked to tie a creamy yellow ribbon on it, and she wore a clean white skirt. The calves under her skirt were thin and shiny.

Not only in the school, but also in the so-called upper social circles, everyone knew that the Yun family’s youngest daughter was beautiful and outstanding. He wanted to exchange his life with his half-brother Huo Linchuan.

He was the abandoned son, and everyone hid from him. They were afraid of him as if he was evil, and he followed their wishes.

When he went to high school, he fought with others violently, but one day he casually blocked a fist for a little girl who was being injured by mistake and carried her away. From then on, he was entangled by her. He firmly believed that she hated him. His teeth were itchy knowing this, especially after knowing that she was the daughter of the Yun family, he was even more sure that she though he was evil like everyone else.

He betrayed her, avoided her, left her in the cold, and there was nothing pleasing about him, but she was neither angry nor complained, and cared for him warmly.

What was caring all about?

He never understood or experienced it, he just looked down on it, and didn’t want it.

He did not even dare to ask for it.

He was afraid that he would never be able to go back to his cold and hard lair after feeling that warmth.

But the warmth was too tempting, he fell for her at an unexpected speed, becoming more and more crazy, unable to give up, unable to throw her away, he not only wanted her, but also couldn’t bear the slightest beat of her being separated from him, and he longed for her day and night as if her whole person belong to him.

Qingqing was finally disappointed in him.

It was then that he got scared, chasing her madly, following her figure with blood-red eyes, begging her not to give up, and promising that he would change, he would get better, he could do everything, as long as she didn’t leave him behind.

But the young man held her face, his heart melted into a sea, but his face was still like a stone. After confessing to her, for fear that she would open her mouth and refuse, his fingers were trembling, and he rushed to say: “I’ll give you a week to consider!”

After speaking, he turned around and left, his eyes were so hot that he wanted to cry. He quietly looked back at her, couldn’t help but eagerly wait, and then quietly chase after her.

He followed her all week, for fear of her being snatched away.

On the last night, he was frightened and panicked, with a stiff expression on his face as he accompanied her home from school, he was afraid of being disliked, so he walked across the road, took a step, looked at her a few times, and was soaked in sweat and the gift he wanted to give her was crumpled in his palm.

Halfway through the small park, the squad leader was waiting for her at the door, smiling and waving.

He stopped moving, staring at her.

She ran to meet him, took the things handed by the squad leader, her eyes bent into crescents, but she had never smiled so sweetly at him.

His five internal organs were about to be crushed, and he wanted to rush up to thwart the man.

But it was more fear, the despair of falling into the abyss, and no longer being able to see the light.

When the bones of his hands were about to break, she suddenly turned her head and looked at him quietly under the moonlight.

He could not see anyone anymore. There was only her in his eyes. He didn’t want to kill anyone anymore. He just wanted to beg her. It was okay to use any method, kneel down, or anything else, and beg her to be with him.

Qingqing met the light and walked towards him.

His breathing hurt.

She arrived in front of him, touched his hurt hand very lightly, stood on tiptoe, pulled him down by the neckline, pressed her soft lips to the corner of his mouth, and asked in a soft voice: “Huo Yunshen, you know me! Do you know the answer to the question?”

Huo Yunshen put his head on the car window, while water poured out from the corner of his eyes.

Outside the car, the sky had faintly lit up.

The day of sentencing had arrived.

He sat in the car and waited, his hands and feet getting cold by each minute and second, and countless extreme thoughts tortured his nerves.

The window glass was knocked.

Huo Yunshen froze for a moment, turned his head abruptly, and saw her fair and delicate face outside.

Time halted, and she returned to this moment at the age of sixteen.

He hurriedly pushed the car door to pick her up.

Yan Qing pushed him back into the car with a finger, sulking: “Don’t show your face! Don’t show up! Pay attention to your influence.”

Huo Yunshen’s throat was dry and hot, the blood in his eyes had not disappeared, and he could not make a sound even with his mouth open.

Yan Qing awkwardly hugged the small bag with her documents, and when she saw that he was silent, she glared at him nervously: “Mr. Huo, I finally made up my mind. We can get the certificate. Can we go?” The driver accelerated with a kick and flew out of the program. group building.

When they stopped at their destination, Huo Yunshen held Yan Qing’s hand and held it firmly with a little sweat on his palms.

He stared at her, slowly curled his lips, stretched his eyebrows, and smiled at her.

Yan Qing looked dazed.

She saw him smiling like this for the first time.

Huo Yunshen’s throat was still mixed with gravel, but he said softly: “It’s time to change your address and remove the ‘Huo’. From today onwards, I will be your husband alone.”

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