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Yan Qing stayed up all night, too. She tossed and turned on the small bed in the dormitory, and only closed her eyes when the day was about to dawn. As a result, she had a countdown bomb in her mind, constantly reminding her not to go to sleep or the person sleeping in the car downstairs was going to burst.

She knew very well in her heart that she couldn’t help Huo Yunshen.

Mr. Huo put it nicely and gave her seven days to consider. If she refused, she did not know how many extreme tricks might be waiting for her.

Marriage was indeed a major event, but what time was it now and a three-year contract marriage was not more serious than survival, freedom, and endless entanglement.

She just had to be honest and submissive.

In fact, apart from not letting the red apricot going over the wall[1], Mr. Huo had offered her good terms and given her enough respect.

What was more important than all this was the sentence “I’ll give you a week to consider”. It was like a needle, causing soreness and pain in her nerves, and as the deadline came, it emerged as a wave of spontaneous instinct.

It seemed that Huo Yunshen was the weak one. If she didn’t respond to him, she would be struck by lightning.

Therefore, Yan Qing rolled out of bed, fearing that she would shrink, and took care of herself casually and entered Huo Yunshen’s car. She was somewhat awkward and sulking, but Huo Yunshen was smiling, melting away the frost and snow, as if his whole person was surrounded by a layer of warm color with similar temperature.

Yan Qing was very unscrupulously sweetened by him.

Huo Yunshen’s face with a smile was really the best in the world.

When the sweetness was over, she felt sour again, but unfortunately the life of the best in the world was too bitter, he was marrying the fake Yun Qing, and was still so happy and contented.

“Just change it or something…” She muttered in a low voice, took out the hand he was holding, glanced at the Civil Affairs Bureau close at hand outside the car window, and brought up business, “What about our contract?”

Huo Yunshen did not hesitate. He drew two standardized contracts from the document bag and handed them to her.

The matter was important, and Yan Qing was also unambiguous. After checking the contract word by word, the content was indeed the same as that agreed on that day. Huo Yunshen also added some terms that were beneficial to her.

“During the contract period, it is forbidden to fall in love, to have secret crushes, to respond to any suitor, or to be tempted by any suitor.”

The vein in Yan Qing’s forehead jumped.

Mr. Huo also cared too much. After saying a few “not allowed”, he didn’t get rid of his anger, so he used four prohibitions in a row.

The other one was: “If Yan Qing stays voluntarily and maintains a lifelong marriage with Huo Yunshen, the contract can be terminated at any time.”

Yan Qing tapped on this line with her fingertips: “Mr. Huo, you don’t need to add this one. It’s impossible. We’ll be together for three years. As soon as your body and mood recover, the two of us will be separated. I will not miss you. You also know that I am not Yun Qing and it is meaningless.”

Huo Yunshen’s eyes were drooping, and his answer was very serious: “The principle of cooperation is to leave no loopholes, even if the possibility is minimal, and write it in black and white. Besides, three years have just begun, how can you be sure, it is completely impossible.”

Yan Qing wanted to say something and thought about it. She still gave up arguing with him, Huo Yunshen was a person who did not change his face at the negotiating table.

It was better to prove it with facts.

Yan Qing spent two minutes silently remembering her time as a single girl, then signed the contract, and the contract was finalized.

It was the weekend when the Civil Affairs Bureau was supposed to be closed but they secretly opened a back door for Mr. Huo.

The advantage was that there were no messy people, avoiding the risk of being secretly photographed, and the whole process went very quickly. Yan Qing secretly glanced at the person next to her, and saw that as he was signing the document, he was holding the pen so tight that his bones had become white and on his eyelashes; a thin layer of mist was hanging.

Yan Qing’s heart melted and she suddenly apologized to Yun Qing.

It seems like the goddess’ husband was taken over by her…

They quickly got the marriage certificate, and Yan Qing stared at it in a complicated mood, thinking that in the red background photo, the two of them really matched.

The first photo of her and Mr. Huo was probably the last one.

Yan Qing had no sense of reality, she had one more layer of identity, but she couldn’t feel the difference for the time being. She put the two marriage certificates together and handed it to Huo Yunshen: “Huo Yunshen, you take it, it’s too unsafe to let me keep it, I will be miserable if it gets exposed.”

She finished her task, she was light-hearted, and she was ready to say goodbye to the old plastic person: “We are all done, then we both are busy and should leave. I am still anxious to return to the program group, the next round of elimination will start with the online judging system. The decision of staying or not would be made according to the number of votes. I prepared in a hurry, the first episode will air tonight, and everyone has agreed to watch it collectively.”

Huo Yunshen rubbed the word “Qingqing” on the marriage certificate.

Whether it was Yan Qing or Yun Qing, it was all Qingqing, his wife, and they were bound together, and that will not change until death.

His Adam’s apple was rolling, he was trying his best to suppress the crazy boiling enthusiasm in his chest, when he put the pair of little red notebooks next to his body, his black eyes lowered, and he stared at the little idiot who had no idea about “marriage” before him.

It was time to teach her how to treat her husband.

Yan Qing waved her hand and was about to run. Huo Yunshen raised his hand to hold her shoulders. She had become a married woman, but she was really inexperienced, so she panicked as soon as he touched her.

“What else?”

Huo Yunshen touched her face: “When you are leaving in the future, remember to bid farewell with a kiss.”

Yan Qing was choked with coughing when Huo Yunshen asked for a kiss and asked in shock: “Just coming up and asking for such an intimate action?!”

Huo Yunshen gently patted her back and nodded stubbornly: “It’s not intimate, I haven’t let asked you to kiss my lips.”

Yan Qing smiled, it made sense, it was really impossible to refute.

Huo Yunshen’s eyes were deep and calm, and he didn’t rush to reason with her: “Since you are my legal wife and agreed to treat me well in the contract, shouldn’t it be that you should be nice to me first? My request is just the most common cheek kiss. Is it too much?”

Yan Qing had to admit that Mr. Huo’s ability to drive the rhythm of the conversation was first-rate, and she was really speechless after he said all this so confidently.

Yes, she had agreed to be dedicated, agreed to a three-year drama, and to make every effort to cure the little angel.

What if she didn’t do it, could she pay him back?

“…Okay,” Yan Qing stretched out her hand, pulled Huo Yunshen’s neckline smoothly, pulled him down, tiptoed, and put a soft kiss on his cheek, “Can I go now?”

She didn’t remember him. But the habits were exactly the same as before.

As a petite sweet and cute little girl, she had to pull him down to kiss him.

Huo Yunshen felt hot at the point where her lips touched, and even the roots of his ears turned pale red uncontrollably.

His muscles were stiff, and he turned his head to disguise it, unwilling to let her see through his trembling heart, lest she be frightened again.

When Yan Qing sat in the car, her body temperature was a little too high. As she put her forehead on the car window to cool down, she swiped the Weibo that she hadn’t been on for a long time.

She paid attention to a few entertainment gossip marketing accounts for the entertainment industry and ate melons casually. She never expected that this time she would eat her own melons.

The information column was full, and the number of forwarded comments and private messages had broken the limit. Looking at her homepage again, the screenshots of the entire screen showed that seven or eight of the ten posts were about her.

Most of them were pictures of her wearing a player’s uniform, and the accompanying text was more and more eye-catching. What was “the girl on the top” is actually an original online celebrity singer with a hot body and a face value against the sky”, “Just admiration?! Nine Zhang Tu takes you to see the little fairy who was personally praised by the Huo family’s power holder”, “Born from a wealthy family, once lost, mistakenly believes herself to be homeless, entered the talent show”.

Yan Qing had sore teeth from reading these headlines, what’s the matter with this, she followed the source to find out, it was the first trailer of the latest version of “The Pinnacle Girl” released in the morning, where they had boldly put out a few shots.

The clips were about her squatting outside the door of Chengfeng video early in the morning, talking about being homeless, then another when she wore a cheongsam and sang the high pitch on the primary assessment stage, and… last when Huo Yunshen gave her an S assessment on the spot.

Didn’t you see that this paragraph should be deleted?!

She quickly took a closer look, and the details of what Huo Yunshen said at the time were changed. The original “princess” was replaced with “Yan Qing”, which did not have the meaning of scarlet.

Yan Qing was stunned for a moment and called An Lan to ask. An Lan said apologetically: “Sorry, Yanyan, the high-level people have discussed this for several rounds, but still think that this paragraph is the essence for attracting hot spots. It is a shame to delete it. I represent the program team in apologizing to you. After consulting Mr. Huo, he agreed, but let us change your name, saying…Not to make you embarrassed, and not push you to the cusp of the storm so quickly, that you are easily hurt.” The name was changed, and the ambiguity was naturally gone.

But it was obvious that Huo Yunshen valued her.

The topic, all the heat was preserved, and it was clean and not dirty.

Huo Yunshen fulfilled his promise in accordance with the contract and gave his strong but gentle blessings. Then she should naturally correct her attitude, adapt to the new role as soon as possible, and be more concerned about him.

She got the certificate, and it was hard to hide. Even though she didn’t want to, she had to bite the bullet.

Yan Qing put her hands together and prayed sincerely: “Goddess, don’t blame me, it’s because your husband is very ill.”

At 8 pm, the first episode of “The Pinnacle Girl” went live. The warm-up was done and Yan Qing had attracted a lot of notice, and the related hot searches had crushed the opponent’s program to death.

The girls sat on the floor in the large practice room, gathered into a nest of little sparrows, staring at the big screen on the wall, watching the time getting closer. The room was full of nervous breathing, such that Yan Qing was also affected, and she also swallowed nervously.

Just after the countdown, the phone she hid vibrated.

Yunshen: “I’ll wait for you in the car for five minutes. If you don’t get off, I will go up and pick you up.”

Yan Qing was unwilling: “I’m watching the show, ah, ah, where are you taking me?”

Yunshen “Home, tonight is our wedding night.”

Yan Qing hid the phone quickly, for fear of the message being seen by someone.

The show started on the big screen. At the beginning, it was called “the female heartthrob”. Yan Qing sighed in her heart. It was too cruel. Your main person, your S, is already a married young woman who has to go be with her plastic husband.

Yan Qing had adjusted her mentality before, so she didn’t have any emotions.

She got into the car obediently and asked, “Are we going to the old house in Jiangbei?” She could jump the window and escape.

Huo Yunshen shook his head: “Go to our wedding room.” The wedding room was ready!

Yan Qing raised her eyes to look at Huo Yunshen, and was dazzled again. In the yellow light inside the car, instead of wearing a slick suit, he had changed into a loose white shirt with a few buttons open, revealing his sharp collarbone. Above that was his Adam’s apple, and below that was his chest, his body was impeccable everywhere.

She moved her eyes away without a trace, and cleared her throat: “You are prepared.”

Huo Yunshen clutched the ring in her palm: “It’s more complete than you think.” The car drove through the weird night of the city and into the Jiangbei area. The closer they got to the low-key and quiet villa area, the faster Yan Qing’s heart beat, no matter how she accepted her new identity, she was also uneasy in her bones, especially as she was about to face the space where the two people would be left alone, she felt a little overwhelmed and shaky.

Huo Yunshen knew this but he did not let her clench her hands into a fist, and silently raised the temperature of the air conditioner.

When he arrived, he took the lead to get out of the car, walked a few steps, kept a reassuring distance before turning back to look at her and offering her his hand.

He wanted to take her apart and swallow her at this time, and reclaim her as his own, but he could stand it and wait for her to relax her guard against him.

Yan Qing looked at the mansion in front of her, feeling a little dazed.

It was not that she was overwhelmed by riches, but… the huge floor-to-ceiling windows looked particularly valuable, there were strings of small flashing lights hung on them, comparable to the scene of a Christmas party.

It didn’t match Mr. Huo’s temperament at all.

Yan Qing was attracted, and her eyes widened, shining brightly. She couldn’t help asking: “Why did you make the house like this?”

Huo Yunshen’s eyebrows were covered with light: “Because you like it.”

Yan Qing was caught. He poked the center of the matter, and she couldn’t help but jump, thinking she was such a mature person! How could she like something so naive!

She blushed, and glanced at it irresistibly, wow, there are lights upstairs also.

The windows on the second floor were coloured!

Well, she liked it.

Yan Qing tried her best to hold on to her serious face and stepped up the steps with Mr. Huo, but unconsciously he had calmly comforted and soothed the anxiety in her heart.

The cold and hard decorations in the house in the past were all replaced with soft and warm colours. Yan Qing’s defensiveness was wiped out one by one. Huo Yunshen stood on the spiral staircase leading to the second floor and stretched out his hand again: “There are several rooms I want to show you.”

Yan Qing’s head twitched, and then she raised her hand.

Just when she realized that something was wrong and wanted to retreat, she was already caught by Huo Yunshen.

He led her to the second floor, opened the door of the first room, and Yan Qing called out in surprise directly. This was almost a professional and complete recording studio with all kinds of singing and composition equipment. She just glanced at it and saw a lot of the expensive equipment that she couldn’t afford in the past.

In the second room, Yan Qing was blinded as soon as the door was opened. The walk-in wardrobe was huge. She did not know how deep it was. The door was a shelf and a jewellery cabinet.


“It’s all for you.”

Yan Qing was unyielding: “I will not be bought by materialistic things!”

Huo Yunshen smiled deeply, “This is a small gift. I didn’t intend to buy you, but you still don’t know how many outfits a popular female star needs.”

His rough fingertips rubbed the tip of her nose: “But you don’t need to understand, I will make everything ready for you.”

Yan Qing was not breathing well, so she resolutely resisted looking at other rooms.

If she kept going, she was afraid of a heart attack.

Huo Yunshen said: “Just look at one more, okay?”

Yan Qing was dubious: “Really only one more?”

Huo Yunshen’s eyes curved slightly, and he took her to the third floor.

He walked behind her, nudged her shoulders, and escorted her to the innermost door.

It was the bedroom, with the familiar fragrance of light perfume floating in the air, which belonged to her and also belonged to his quilt.

Yan Qing stared at the big bed, the alarm in her head buzzed.

Huo Yunshen’s voice spread from the top of her head, begging: “Qingqing, can I give you a hug?”

Of course, Yan Qing would object in such a dangerous environment. Before the words came to her lips, he had already leaned over from behind and put his arms around her waist.

He asked her about the intimate action as she had said before, but that’s how he asked? Just asking, he didn’t actually listen?!

Yan Qing struggled: “Huo Yunshen, if you have something to say, let go first, and, you know who I am, don’t call me like this in the future, can you change how you call me?”

Huo Yunshen clasped tighter and grasped her to stop her from moving away.

“Okay,” he had a slight nasal undertone, muffled, but very magnetic in his voice, causing her pulse to shake, “I’ll listen to you, change now.”

Yan Qing tried to pull her left hand as she desperately tried to push the metal wall that trapped her. Then she felt her ring finger being hot, and there was a circle of hot metal stained with body temperature, which was pulled by him and settled down firmly on her finger.

She forgot to resist for a while and looked down at the shining ring.

Huo Yunshen’s lips brushed her ears, his volume was not high, but his tone was heavy, stirring indescribable feeling in her. She was trembling as she held back her tears.

He said: “Wife, welcome home.”

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[1] Chinese saying for cheating on somebody.

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