APY Ch. 175.2: Jealous Master Fu

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In the early morning of the first day of the new year, Shen Qinglan and Fu Hengyi got up, and Mr. Fu also got up and was doing morning exercises in the yard.

After paying New Year’s greetings to Mr. Fu and getting two big red envelopes, Shen Qinglan and Fu Hengyi met with the seven aunts and eight uncles who came to pay New Year’s greetings and went to Shen family house.

The population of Fu family was small, and these relatives from the family were actually a bit far apart, and they rarely came around on weekdays. They would only see each other during the New Year and festivals. Many of them didn’t even know Fu Hengyi, and they couldn’t say anything when they left. They were even surprised to learn that Fu Hengyi was married.

Arriving at the Shen family house, they heard laughter from far away, mixed with the laughter of children.

Children? There were obvious doubts in Shen Qinglan’s eyes, there were no children in their family, were they from a relative’s family?

Walking in, she saw a familiar figure, was that not her cousin Pei Yining?

“Lanlan.” As soon as Pei Yining saw Shen Qinglan, she came up, opened her arms, and Shen Qinglan stepped forward and hugged her gently.

“Cousin, long time no see.”

Pei Yining patted Shen Qinglan’s back and let go of her, “Yes, it’s only been half a year, you have already gotten married when I came back.”

Then she looked at Fu Hengyi, “Is this my brother-in-law?” She didn’t live in the capital, and she seldom came to the compound before. She knew that the Fu family had an eldest grandson, and he was very capable, but she had never seen him before. So, she was stunned at this moment.

Just looking at his appearance, while standing with her cousin, they were quite a good match.

“My name is Pei Yining, I’m Qinglan’s cousin, and her mother is my aunt.” Pei Yining reached out and introduced herself.

Fu Hengyi reached out and shook her gently, “I am Fu Hengyi, Qinglan’s husband.”

“I know you, although you are the grandson of the Fu family, but I can tell you here that Qinglan is my only sister, if you dare to bully her, even if you are from the Fu family, I will still not let you go.”

Hearing this, Fu Hengyi was not at all displeased, but said seriously: “Don’t worry, this will never happen.”

Pei Yining was very satisfied with his attitude.

Shen Qinglan suddenly felt that someone was pulling her trouser legs, and when she lowered her head, she saw a little beanie pulling her trouser legs.

The boy was wearing a happy Tang suit and a small hat on his head, with delicate eyebrows and eyes, he looked more like a New Year good luck doll.

This was Pei Yining’s son, named Pei Hao, 3 years old this year, nicknamed “Hao Hao”.

Shen Qinglan squatted down to become level with his eyes, “Hao Hao.”

“Auntie.” Pei Hao said in a milky voice.

“Do you still remember me?” Shen Qinglan was surprised. The last time she saw Pei Hao was half a year ago, when he was just over two years old.

Pei Hao’s expression was as if it should be taken for granted, “Of course I remember you, you are the most beautiful aunt I have ever seen, and I like you.”

Fu Hengyi’s face sank, and he glanced at Pei Hao lightly. He had learned to coax girls at such a young age.

Pei Hao seemed to feel the coolness, so he shrank to Shen Qinglan’s side, jumping directly into Shen Qinglan’s arms, seeing this Master Fu’s face suddenly sank again and he took Pei Hao as an eyesore.

“Auntie, this uncle is so scary.” Pei Hao glanced at Fu Hengyi secretly, and said softly in Shen Qinglan’s ear.

Shen Qinglan glanced at Fu Hengyi with a half-smile which was not a smile. Seeing his dark face, she was amused in her heart. She looked down at Pei Hao, with a gentle expression and a faint smile on the corner of her mouth, she said, “This uncle just looks scary, in fact, he is very nice, and he is the husband of this aunt of yours, so you should call him uncle.”

“What is a husband?” Pei Hao tilted his head.

Shen Qinglan thought for a while and didn’t know how to explain, “Well, it’s someone who eats and sleeps with auntie, and who is married to auntie.”

“Can he eat and sleep with auntie after marriage?” Pei Hao asked curiously.

Shen Qinglan nodded.

Pei Hao thought about it for a while, and said seriously, “Auntie, then you marry me, I also want to eat and sleep with you.”

As soon as the words fell, except for Master Fu’s gloomy face, everyone else had a laugh, especially Pei Yining, who couldn’t stand upright with laughter.

Shen Qinglan’s face was full of black lines, she really couldn’t understand the brain circuit structure of the child, and looked at Pei Yining as if asking for help.

“Your aunt has already married this uncle and can’t marry you again.” Pei Yining said with a smile, bending over to pick up Pei Hao, but he avoided her, then hugged Shen Qinglan’s neck and refused to let go, “I don’t want my mother, my mother’s body is not fragrant, but my aunt’s body is fragrant, and it smells good.” Then he took a deep breath.

This little rascal! Fu Hengyi gritted his teeth, wishing he could immediately step forward and throw out this stinky boy who occupied his wife’s arms. Especially when he saw that Shen Qinglan not only did not push him away, but was so gentle towards him, she had never treated himself like this.

Seriously, Master Fu was very upset at the sight of Pei Hao at the moment, and his eyes were full of resentment when he looked at Shen Qinglan.

But Shen Qinglan didn’t notice the grudge in Master Fu’s heart, and chatted happily with Pei Hao.

Shen Qinglan looked at Pei Hao, who was lying in her arms and refused to leave, and simply picked him up. Pei Hao nestled in Shen Qinglan’s arms obediently, with big black grape-like eyes flickering, looking very soft and cute.

She couldn’t help pinching Pei Hao’s face, but he frowned and said, “Auntie, don’t pinch my face, it won’t be handsome.”

Shen Qinglan’s smile deepened, this Pei Hao was so interesting, little kids were so funny?

Fu Hengyi saw that Shen Qinglan didn’t even look at him, so he had a sullen face as he walked to the side and sat down silently.

“Hao Hao likes Qinglan very much.” Chu Yunjin said with a smile.

When Pei Hao heard his grandmother’s words, he said of course, “Auntie is beautiful, Hao Hao certainly likes her, and when Hao Hao grows up, he will be her husband.”

Pei Yining glanced at her son, “You little pervert, you are thinking of marrying a wife when you are so young.”

“Auntie.” Shen Qinglan greeted Chu Yunjin.

“Qinglan, give me this stinky brat, he is quite heavy.” Chu Yunjin reached out and wanted to take Pei Hao.

Pei Hao avoided his grandmother’s hand, shaking his little head like a rattle, “No, I don’t want to go to my grandmother.”

“You just saw your aunt and you don’t want your grandmother. Your grandmother will be sad.”

She looked very sad, seeing this his little face became very hesitant, he looked at Shen Qinglan and then at Chu Yunjin, and pointed his little finger, “Then grandma, I’ll play with my aunt for a while, and then I’ll play with you later, okay?”

With this cute little appearance, no one could bear to refuse him, let alone Chu Yunjin, who was originally teasing him, so she patted his little head with a smile, “Okay, then Hao Hao remember to play with grandmother.”

Pei Hao instantly became happy, and sent Chu Yunjin a blowing kiss, “Grandmother.”

“Where did you learn all this.” Pei Yining watched her son play cute. She was speechless, let’s go back at night and watch out for his little ass.

Shen Qinglan sat down on the sofa, Pei Hao sat in her arms obediently, and she glanced at Fu Hengyi, who had been silent beside her for a long time.

Even Pei Hao could see that the uncle beside him seemed to be in a bad mood, but Shen Qinglan didn’t notice it, quietly listening to everyone talking, occasionally saying a word or two, or lowering her head and whispering to Pei Hao.

Fu Hengyi originally wanted to wait until Shen Qinglan took the initiative to notice him, but in the end, the longer the time passed, the colder his eyes became. Finally, Master Fu couldn’t sit still and found an excuse to go out to breathe.

“Auntie, uncle seems to be angry.” Pei Hao said quietly in Shen Qinglan’s ear after Fu Hengyi left.

Shen Qinglan noticed that Fu Hengyi had left. She thought he was just going to the toilet, but seeing that he hadn’t come back, she couldn’t help handing Pei Hao back to Pei Yining, and then going out to find him.

Fu Hengyi did not leave Shen family house. Shen Qinglan found him in the greenhouse. When she saw him, he was watering a pot of cactus.

“If you water it to death, grandpa will be angry.” Seeing that the water in the flowerpot was almost full, Shen Qinglan couldn’t help but speak.

Hearing her voice, Fu Hengyi suddenly came back to his senses, looked at the water that had spilled out, and put down the watering can calmly, “How come you came out?”

“I came see a man who eats a child’s vinegar.” Shen Qinglan said, but the bottom of her eyes were full of smiles.

Fu Hengyi’s face did not change, as if the stingy man in Shen Qinglan’s mouth was not himself.

“Who is jealous of a child?” The expression on his face was definitely not calm, and Shen Qinglan glanced at him with a half-smile.

“It’s cold outside, let’s go in.” Fu Hengyi saw that Shen Qinglan was only wearing a sweater and came out without even wearing a coat, so frowning tightly, he took off his coat, and wrapped her tightly, guaranteeing not even a little bit of cold wind could get in.

Shen Qinglan looked up at him, he was half a head taller than her, and she couldn’t see the emotion in his eyes, “Are you really angry?”

Fu Hengyi neatened her hair and pinned the flying hair behind her ears, “No, why would I be angry?”

Shen Qinglan didn’t break his facade, but just stood on tiptoe and kissed his lips, “It’s good not to be angry.”

In fact, Master Fu was not angry at all, but his wife was taken away by a little child. He was just a little irritated, but he didn’t expect such an unexpected surprise. He expressed his satisfaction in his heart.

In this way, did it mean that such a drama could be played once in a while in the future to enjoy the benefits of his little wife’s initiative? Fu Hengyi’s eyes flashed with a touch of deep thought.

“Qinglan, do you like children?” Fu Hengyi touched Shen Qinglan’s face, felt the coolness on it, and put his palm on it.

The warmth of his palms dissipated the chill from her face.

Shen Qinglan glanced at him suspiciously, guessing that he had just seen her interaction with Pei Hao, so he asked this question. After thinking about it, she said seriously, “I don’t like them very much.” She added, “But I don’t hate them either.”

In fact, what she didn’t say was that she used to hate children very much. There were too many children in the devil training base. They should be innocent, but they were full of blood and scheming. At a moment, they would call you brother and sister, but the next moment they might stab you in the back.

So for a long time, Shen Qinglan was full of precaution and disgust for children.

It was only after seeing Pei Hao that her thoughts slowly changed.

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