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Although he stayed up late the night before to save the people in the community, the next day was a working day and Jiang Lan still had to get up early to go to work.

Wednesday was a sunny day. The sun climbed to the top of the head early in the morning. The gentle breeze was warmed by the sun, making people feel sleepy due to the warmth. Jiang Lan held a bag of yogurt in his mouth and pedaled his bicycle slowly to the unit.

As soon as he arrived at the door of the office, he was shocked by the festive scene inside.

Xue Meng was wearing a bright red T-shirt, with a red string on his wrist. He was beaming with joy, and he was holding snack boxes in his arms to distribute food throughout the office.

As soon as Jiang Lan stepped in, he heard Xiao Xiaoyu ask Xue Meng: “Xue Meng, are you finally not single?”

Xue Meng said “ha” coldly: “It is a greater joy than getting out of singlehood!”

His life was saved!

He put the remaining half a box of snacks on Jiang Lan’s table, enthusiastically pushed Jiang Lan at the door to sit down, and said in a dogleg manner: “These are all for you.”

Jiang Lan couldn’t laugh or cry: “What are you doing?”

“Of course I have to celebrate after surviving a disaster.”

Since they were in the office, Xue Meng didn’t make it too clear. He just pushed the phone in front of him: “Look at this.”

On the phone interface was a local news feed with a very sensational title called “Caught the thief! Three women killed someone out of jealousy, and the enthusiastic citizens turned into murderers.”

Looking at the news content again, it turned out to be about what happened last night.

Xu Meifang died, and two police cars came to the community one after another. As expected, the media with a keen sense of smell did not miss it, and the news came out just one night later. The case was still in the investigation stage and had not been announced to the public. However, the police took away Tan Zhi and Xie Guizhen from the community. Combined with the fact that the three people were previously praised by the media for their bravery and enthusiasm to save people, now there was a big turn, and the news naturally caused a stir of hot discussion.

Many locals also heard that Xu Meifang’s death was very strange, and that Tan Zhi and Xie Guizhen had both gone a bit crazy. Although the media dared not lead in the direction of feudal superstition, the comments below were more or less speculating in the direction of revenge by wronged souls.

Others didn’t know the inside story, but Xue Meng knew it.

He secretly guessed that Xu Meifang’s death was somehow related to the weird red mushroom, and he suddenly felt scared. If Jiang Lan didn’t know a big shot in this field, his life would have been over!

So in the morning, he quickly put on the red string that his mother had asked for from the temple, changed into bright red clothes to ward off evil spirits, and came to the office holding a large box of snacks.

“Reported so quickly?”

In the information age, network communications were very well-developed. Jiang Lan looked at the comments under the news and suddenly had a fresh idea. To refute Chen Ruomei’s rumors, perhaps they could make use of the well-developed Internet and media.

However, this matter had to be discussed with Wang Qing and required the cooperation of the police, so he put it aside for the time being. Turning to Xue Meng, he asked with concern: “How do you feel? Are you still feeling uncomfortable?”

Xue Meng shook his head. After vomiting yesterday, he took another nap. When he got up, he was full of energy. He even ate deliciously.

However, he was still a little worried, so he lowered his voice and asked, “Have those things been solved?”

Jiang Lan nodded: “It has been solved and the finishing work has been handed over to the police.”

Xue Meng’s heart completely fell back into his stomach. He was smart and didn’t ask more about last night. He just said: “When will your brother and Master Chen be free? I have to thank them in person for saving my life when I have the opportunity.”

Jiang Lan silently reflected on who his brother was.

After reacting, he wanted to explain, but felt it was too complicated to explain, so he simply acquiesced to this title.

“I’ll call you the next time they come over.”

Xue Meng returned to his position happily.

On Thursday, Jiang Lan had to go to another community to preach about influenza prevention and control, so he spent the whole day preparing for the next day’s preaching work. Fortunately, Xue Meng’s “cold” was gone, and he took the initiative to share the responsibility for the remaining three communities, so Jiang Lan’s work was not too heavy.

After being busy for a long time, Jiang Lan stretched himself, got up and poured himself a glass of hot water. After looking at the document for a long time, he had to rest his eyes.

Seeing that he was free, Suan Ni trotted over from Uncle Zhou with dried meat in his mouth, easily jumped onto his lap, and pushed the dried meat in front of him with his claws, gesturing for him to eat.

Uncle Zhou liked Suan Ni very much. Ever since he gave the cat a nest he made for the first time, he had placed all kinds of small toys and snacks in it. In fact, he almost treated him like a grandson.

Jiang Lan rubbed his round ears, divided the dried meat into two halves, ate one piece himself, and fed the other piece into his mouth.

Suan Ni narrowed his eyes and lay on his lap, his furry tail swaying happily.

Jiang Lan smiled, then he picked up the phone and looked at it.

He was so absorbed in work that he didn’t read any messages before, but now he realized that Ying Qiao had sent him several messages.

Ying Qiao told him that the Red Ghost Umbrella siblings had been handed over to the Demon Management Bureau and were temporarily detained in the supervision office. The bureau was still debating how to convict and sentence the siblings.

According to the accounts of the siblings, their bodies were damaged thousands of years ago, and their consciousness fell into a deep sleep, floating around in the form of spores. It was Chen Ruomei’s blood and resentment when she fell into the well that awakened their consciousness. The siblings had just woken up and were still very weak, so they made a deal with Chen Ruomei. The original agreement was that Chen Ruomei would volunteer to become the sister and brother’s nourishment. In exchange, the sister and brother would help her take revenge.

But probably Chen Ruomei’s experience was so tragic that even the siblings couldn’t bear it. In the end, they only absorbed her resentment and did not touch her soul. Even when avenging her, the siblings took the initiative to expand the scope of revenge. Not only did they take revenge on Xu Meifang and the others, but they also didn’t spare those who spread rumors in the community.

Originally, the starting point of the siblings was not that evil, but the bad thing was that after they released a large number of spores to parasitize the human body, they began to lose control of their greed. The process of regrowing the red umbrella required a lot of nutrients, and they wanted to infect ordinary people and also absorb them as nutrients. If Jiang Lan and the others hadn’t stopped them in time, Xu Meifang might not have been the only one who suffered in the end.

Therefore, the bureau was currently discussing the appropriate sentencing for the siblings’ excessive revenge and harm to human beings.

Nowadays, the number of monsters was very small. If they were not extremely vicious monsters, the monsters who committed crimes were rarely executed directly.

Ying Qiao told Jiang Lan that the most likely option now was to let the two siblings stay in the supervision center to work as punishment and undergo labor reform.

Monsters like the siblings who had not yet adapted to human society and had accidentally gone astray could still be saved.

And their abilities were very suitable for staying in the supervision department.

The two red parasols could release spores, which could monitor every corner of the supervision office. It was really economical and trouble-free.

Jiang Lan then asked about the whereabouts of Chen Ruomei’s soul and how to deal with the ordinary people parasitized by the spores.

Ying Qiao said that after the Taoist priest next door gave Chen Ruomei salvation, he sent her to reincarnate.

As for the ordinary people who were parasitized, the two siblings had recalled the parasitic spores. Most people would probably only have a cold and cough for a few days and then get better gradually.

At this point in this case, the part that the Demon Management Bureau was responsible for was over. The remaining work needed to be handled by the police.

After Jiang Lan finished replying to Ying Qiao’s message, he sent another message to Wang Qing, telling him his idea of using the Internet and the media to refute the rumors to Chen Ruomei.

Later, Wang Qing reported it, and the official propaganda outlet not only gave Chen Ruomei a chance to refute the rumors, but also used this case as a lesson for the future, sounding the alarm to the public, guiding them to be cautious in their words and actions, and to beware of rumors that may harm others unintentionally… But this was all a story for later.

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