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Tang Bai didn’t hesitate. He opened the star network and saw the rapid flow of people in the live broadcast room. All of them asking questions ranging from difficult to easy, and some netizens also raised unsolved problems in the mecha manufacturing industry.

Tang Bai selected a question for Cheng Yangbin for a few minutes. When he looked at Cheng Yangbin after selecting it, he found that the “mecha manufacturing genius” was still at 3/10 of the topic selection progress.

Although he didn’t know what question the other party raised, he knew it won’t be simple after thinking about it.

Perhaps one of the ten questions was in his blind spot of knowledge.

But so what?

Tang Bai straightened his back and sat on his seat, his eyes calm but crazy. There was a fire burning in his heart. If he couldn’t burn everything that was unsightly, he would burn the soul in his body.

Cheng Yangbin had selected ten questions, but when he saw Tang Bai’s calm look, he felt a sense of panic.

“Do you want to change the question again?” Bai Zhi walked up to Cheng Yangbin and asked: “The ten minutes prescribed are almost up, you still have twenty seconds to think about it.”

Cheng Yangbin panicked, hurriedly changed another question, and waited. After ten minutes, his topics were taken away by Bai Zhi, and the topic Tang Bai chose for him appeared in front of him.

With just one look, Cheng Yangbin knew something was wrong.

“My answer to the first question is that the construction method is wrong because the star condensation engine will cause overheating and overload. The leg engines of ordinary mechas cannot use solid energy and must use liquid. Hydraulic pressure can then absorb heat energy.”

The judges nodded, “The answer is correct!”

Cheng Yangbin’s mind went blank.

“The second question can be used to deal with the problem of three-dimensional mobility and offensive coordination of naval combat mecha…”

Tang Bai answered the question at an astonishing speed. He didn’t seem to have to think about the problem-solving process. He could speak fluently just by looking at the question and tell the answer.

Cheng Yangbin was sweating profusely. He sat stiffly in his chair, suspecting that he was hallucinating.

Wasn’t Tang Bai an omega? Did anyone tell him the answer this time? How could he say a long list of answers without even pausing to think?!

This was impossible!

Cheng Yangbin was so confused that he couldn’t even read the questions in front of him. Every word entered his brain as if it had turned into an alien font. When he heard that Tang Bai was silent for more than ten seconds on the fourth question, Cheng Yangbin relaxed. He breathed and realized that beads of sweat were falling down his cheeks.

Yes, that’s right. Tang Bai was just lucky, and by chance he could do the first three questions!

While Cheng Yangbin was trying his best to comfort himself, he heard Tang Bai clearly report a series of numbers, and people around him exclaimed: “He is actually doing mental arithmetic?!” “No! This can also be done mentally?! My computer has just calculated it. Come on!”

Cheng Yangbin was in a daze for a while, almost unable to believe everything he heard and saw.

How was this possible? How was this possible? How could an omega do all this?

“Question 10, this question is wrong. What you should be asking is the probability flow conservation equation in Yang Physiology. The formula here is wrong. The correct symbol is “Ama”. I remember this formula appeared in “Advanced Yang Physiology” in the second section of Chapter 10.” Tang Bai said calmly: “You can do it after struggling with this mistake. The answer should be…”

Barrage: “???”

[What the hell, mom asked me, why are you kneeling down to flip the book?]

[Absolutely amazing, from today on I am Tang Bai’s crazy fan!]

[Could it be that some of the netizens who asked the question were Tang Bai’s trustees?]

[Wow, this is the first time I know that Tang Bai paid for it~ It seems that even Cheng Yangbin is not rich enough to bribe us netizens]

[Cheng Yangbin has not answered even one question, it is so bad that it makes people feel bad]

Cheng Yangbin looked around in panic and happened to catch Tang Bai’s gaze.

Those amber eyes reflected the cold light of the hall, which was very cold. The owner of those eyes opened his lips as soft as petals and said softly: “Mr. Cheng Yangbin, do you know the answer?”

This sentence was like a slap, hitting Cheng Yangbin hard on the face. His lips turned white, and his thoughts were confused: “This doesn’t count. I, you, have to answer another question, this time it doesn’t count.”

Tang Bai raised his delicate eyebrows and said in a loud voice: “Oh? Then I will give you another chance?”

Cheng Yangbin suddenly felt hope in his heart. He nodded desperately without caring about his face, and only listened to Tang Bai ask slowly: “Please tell me, what solutions can be used to solve the problem of three-dimensional mobility and offensive coordination of naval combat mechas?”

Cheng Yangbin’s mind went blank. He seemed to have heard this question before, where and when?

“Use, use stars to condense theory?” Cheng Yangbin didn’t even feel confident in himself after he said it.

His amber eyes were compassionate and gentle, but the corners of his raised lips were full of sarcasm. Tang Bai said softly: “What a pity, you got the wrong answer. This question is exactly the second question you gave me, Mr. Cheng Yangbin, and you couldn’t even get it right, I told you the answer just now.”

Yes, he did, but Cheng Yangbin was so confused at the time that he didn’t even notice what Tang Bai said.

Cheng Yangbin sat blankly in his seat with a pale face, as if all his strength had been drained from his body, and he had lost his last trace of fighting spirit.

Tang Bai didn’t look at Cheng Yangbin, who was like a lost dog. He turned to look at the other people present. His eyes fell on the people who had questioned him before. His amber eyes were so bright that no one dared to look directly into the light in his eyes.

They looked away inexplicably guilty and listened to the beautiful omega say: “I am an omega, I like Palulu, but I also like mechas.”

“My cooking is delicious, and my mecha craftsmanship is also very impressive. My childhood dream was to build a cute mecha.”

Mother Tang was making supper when she was stopped by Father Tang. She lowered her head blankly and looked at the light screen with Father Tang.

“But after I differentiated into an omega, my family thought that I should be a vase omega. I used to think so too, because this is the path a normal omega should walk on, so I could only secretly learn mecha manufacturing.”

Gu Tunan and Mrs. Gu were sitting on the sofa together, watching the little omega looking directly at the camera in the live broadcast room of the mecha manufacturing competition.

“Then I met a man who walked firmly on a road that everyone thought was impossible. His feet stepped on blades, his steps were heavy, he was bound in chains playing painful music, and his blood was dripping. But he still walked on so firmly.” Then he looked at someone.

Mr. Ling, who was watching the live broadcast, smiled and looked up at the empty room upstairs.

“He inspired me, and I finally had the courage to tell my family about my dream. Fortunately, my family supported me, but I know that not everyone can have the support of their family. I really hope that every omega can do what he wants.”

Mother Bai said something softly to Father Bai with red eyes.

“I wanted to write a story and show everyone what I wanted to convey, so I wrote a novel. The protagonist in the book is an omega. He participated in the mecha manufacturing competition and won the championship, but everyone in the comment section was saying, how could an Omega win the mecha manufacturing competition?”

Countless alphas in the hall who had said how could an omega win the mecha manufacturing competition looked at each other.

Xie Ruheng stared blankly at Tang Bai, who seemed to be glowing in the hall, and heard him say loudly: “So I signed up to participate in this competition. I wanted to prove that it was possible.”

“By the way, I used the name of the protagonist of the novel as my code name, do you know why I chose this name?”

Tang Bai raised his eyes, and his eyes fell on Xie Ruheng: “I will walk with you and live in harmony with the light.”

“This time, I will chase the light.”

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