JHTW Ch. 37

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One step, two steps, three steps…

Xiao Jing was forced by Shen Chengfeng to retreat to the corner of the wall. His tall shadow blocked all her sight, as if what was standing in front of her was an insurmountable mountain.

Shen Chengfeng raised Xiao Jing’s chin, and his eyes were deep, as he said: “Don’t place too high a value on yourself, thinking that you are special, although I am surprised that you are immune to me, but from another perspective, you are actually a threat to me.”

Xiao Jing controlled her breathing rate, she was afraid that this unpredictable officer would suddenly wipe her neck, while saying that she was a threat to him!

Shen Chengfeng pushed one hand in his pocket, turned his head to look at the afterglow of the setting sun in the sky, and said coldly: “You should be very glad that you are my comrade in arms, not an enemy.”

With a bitter smile, she said: “Captain, I promise to be unswervingly loyal to you, even if the knife is on my neck, I will be your man in life, and I will be your ghost in death.”

Shen Chengfeng stared at him intently. Before saying a word, he stared at the other party with sharp and long eyes, as if tearing away his disguise.

Xiao Jing’s scalp was numb from his gaze, so she changed the subject, pointed to the cafeteria not far away and said, “I’m hungry, I’m hungry, if you don’t go to the cafeteria, it will be closed.”

Shen Chengfeng glanced sideways at the back of the fleeing figure, and tightened his grip with both hands, he was becoming more and more curious about this Xiao Jing.

At the climax of the moon, the entire military camp had entered the rest time, and the huge camp area was shrouded in darkness.

In the dormitory, Xiao Jing deliberately locked the door, took off her shirt, and removed the white strips from her body in circles.

Then she picked a pullover T-shirt that was two sizes too big. The baggy clothes didn’t fit her body very well. She just lay her head on the bed, relaxing her body that had collapsed all day.

“Ah, it’s so comfortable.” Xiao Jing sighed naturally.

“Dong dong dong.” The light knock on the door was amplified in the tranquility of midnight.

Xiao Jing sat up vigilantly, grabbed the quilt instinctively with both hands, and asked cautiously: “Who is it?”

“Second Lieutenant Xiao, it’s me.” Lin Qi replied standing outside the door.

“Is Lieutenant Colonel Lin okay?” Xiao Jing was a little relieved that the door was locked.

Lin Qi continued: “You left the medicine in the infirmary just now, and I brought it to you.”

“No, my body has recovered, and I don’t need to take any more medicine. Thank you Lieutenant Colonel Lin for your kindness, it’s not early, I’m sleepy.”

“Okay then, I won’t bother you.” Lin Qi shrugged helplessly and stuffed the medicine box back into his pocket.

Xiao Jing took a long breath resentfully, turned over and stood up, for safety’s sake, it was better not to enjoy the comfort too much.

She took off her clothes and prepared to retie the long white strips.

“Papa papa.” The violent knock on the door shook the floor.

Xiao Jing climbed back to the bed in a panic, and asked dumbfoundedly: “Is there something else, Lieutenant Colonel Lin?”

“What Lieutenant Colonel Lin, it’s me. Open the door. I have something to tell you.” Xiao Zheng’s rude voice sounded from the door.

Xiao Jing’s pupils narrowed, and it was too late to tie the white strips. She believed that within half a minute, this wooden door would come to an end, and would be smashed into pieces by Xiao Zheng forcefully.

Sure enough, in less than half a minute, a corner of the locked door cracked, and then, it bounced open with a snap.

Xiao Jing hurriedly stuffed the white note into the quilt, and then sat on the head of the bed in such an awkward manner. Fortunately, the lights in the room were dim, and she thought that her weak third brother would not be able to find any clues.

“What are you dawdling about?” Xiao Zheng asked after pouring the teapot and drinking two cups of tea.

Xiao Jing thought about her words and said: “Why did the third brother come to my place at night?”

“Father is back from Country F. You have to attend the family dinner next Tuesday. But I heard that you probably won’t be going back this year.” Xiao Zheng picked out a stool, with one leg crossed, watching her with interest.

“I have asked someone to go back and tell my mother that I won’t go back this year.”

“I think it’s better for you to go back.” Xiao Zheng looked down, why did he always feel that there was something wrong with Little Fourth today?

Xiao Jing turned her back to the past with a guilty conscience, deliberately avoided his eyes, and said vaguely: “I don’t have a vacation now, and I can’t leave temporarily. This will be counted as absence from work.”

“No big business, if you feel that you will be bored if you are idle, come to my tiger camp, I can accompany you to enjoy the flowers, the moon and the military camp.”

“If the third brother came here on purpose to tell me this, I already know it. It’s getting late, third brother should go back early.” Xiao Jing couldn’t help but glance towards the gate.

Xiao Zheng turned his head, took a closer look in the faint light in the corridor, and asked in surprise, “What’s the matter with your clothes?”

She smiled and said, “These are the leftover clothes Xiao Ye wore in the past two years, and I used them as regular clothes after training.”

Xiao Zheng coughed softly, “Just wear these clothes in front of me, not in front of outsiders. It’s inappropriate to wear such clothes.”

“I know.”

Xiao Zheng stood up and looked around, “I’ll go back first, lest Shen Yanwang, the bastard, find out and come to trouble you again.”

The door closed again, and the whole room became quiet again.

Xiao Jing sat back on the side of the bed as if relieved and took out a long strip to tie it up.

“Beep…” The alarm sounded suddenly.

Xiao Jing jumped up from the bed reflexively, holding a long white strip in her hand, but her legs wanted to move towards the door uncontrollably.

God, you old man, you are deliberately playing with me, aren’t you!

Being late was death, and not tying this would also lead to death.

She was dead anyway!

With a pen in his hand, Mu Xichi looked at the late figure with a smile on his face, and jokingly said, “Second Lieutenant Xiao is here for the evening show?”

Xiao Jing returned to her seat, stood at the last position, and explained: “The instructor said that I will now be in charge of the captain. I have been thinking about whether to come to the assembly.”

“So you just casually came to join in the fun like an uncle?” Mu Xichi smacked his lips, closed the folder, and said magnificently: “The last one, one hundred push-ups.”

Xiao Jing didn’t complain, just squatted down, supporting the weight of her body with her hands, and completed each push-up with high quality.

“What are you doing?” A deep man’s voice sounded from above Xiao Jing’s head.

Xiao Jing panted and said, “Major Mu said I was late.”

Shen Chengfeng glanced expressionlessly at the figure at the front of the crowd, and said in a calm voice: “He is not the captain, nor is he an instructor, why do you listen to his words?”

Xiao Jing trembled her hands, lying on the ground directly, and said with a wry smile: “Shouldn’t I listen to him?”

“In Tieying, only my words are the laws.” Shen Chengfeng inspected everyone one by one and said loudly: “If one person makes a mistake, the whole army will be punished, everyone, a hundred push-ups!”

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