ISIQP Ch. 191: The Overbearing President’s Imprisoned Pet P. 3

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Li Yuan stood at the door in confusion for a while. After coming to his senses, he immediately walked into the luxurious suite, followed by several people who came behind him.

“You just need to get rid of this person first, and then wait outside.” After giving these instructions, Li Yuan hurriedly stepped on the back of the man who had just been stepped on by his lover, and hurriedly chased him into the bedroom, and recited the lines dutifully, “Su Yu, you can’t escape, let’s see how I punish you this time!”

A group of followers standing in the room: “…” It felt like they were really superfluous.

The short, fat, ugly man who was stepped on twice in succession and was in so much pain that he couldn’t get up at all: “…” No, I am the most unnecessary.

As soon as Li Yuan walked into the bedroom, he saw Su Yu sitting on the balcony swinging his legs. As soon as he saw him walking in, Su Yu’s expression suddenly became wary: “Li Yuan, don’t come over! If you come over again, I’ll jump from here!”

“…” Li Yuan pretended not to see the protective fence outside the window, and looked at him with shock, anger and worry, “A Yu, do you think that being with me will hurt you? Is it so hard to accept it? In order to get rid of me, you even risked your own life?”

“Yes! I just don’t want to be with you. If you let me be with you, I might as well just die.!” Su Yu frowned and growled, his voice full of suppressed anger, but soon, his eyes slowly turned red, and there was a hint of trembling in his voice, “Li Yuan, can’t you let me go?? There are so many good men in this world, can’t you go find them?”

Although he knew that Su Yu was just acting, Li Yuan still felt an inexplicable pain in his heart when he heard these words: “A Yu, if I could, how could I bear to hurt you? If I had the choice to let go, I would have done so long ago, but I simply can’t do it!”

Li Yuan’s breathing became heavier, and his voice seemed to be suppressing something: “A Yu, I just love you so much, I can’t stand you not being by my side, I can’t stand not seeing you every time I wake up, and I can’t stand you disappearing from my world, A Yu, I really can’t do it… “

After a moment of pause, Li Yuan covered his eyes and sighed softly: “A Yu, don’t you know? You are my salvation. Without you, the whole world has no meaning to me.”

Su Yu looked at Li Yuan blankly, as if he was a little moved or struggling. After a moment, he slowly walked down from the balcony, walked to Li Yuan, and took the initiative to reach out and hug him: “My dear, you seem to be a little too involved in the drama. How about we take a break before continuing?”

Who knew the next moment, Li Yuan reached out and hugged Su Yu, and even whispered into his ear: “It seems that my acting is indeed very realistic. Even A Yu has been deceived by me. I’m afraid you can’t escape now.”

“Bad guy! You are actually deceiving me. Let me go, I’m going to jump from here!” Su Yu also suddenly burst into acting skills and struggled desperately.

But even so, Su Yu could still clearly feel that Li Yuan’s words just now were not acting but expressing his inner feelings. This made Su Yu feel very distressed and made his heart very soft.

Su Yu thought that in the third mission world, because he wanted to punish his lover for marrying another woman into the palace, he deliberately flirted with his lover and pretended that he was not attracted to his lover, but he was almost ra**d by his lover.

But even in such a hierarchical world background, where he was just an insignificant servant next to his lover, his lover did not really force him at the most critical moment.

He clearly loved her to the core and couldn’t let go, but he would rather break his bones than hurt the person he loved. This was what moved and touched Su Yu the most.

It was truly the luckiest thing in his life to have met someone who loved him so deeply.

“It’s too late. Since I’ve caught you, don’t even think about running away.” Li Yuan said as he put Su Yu on the bed and then pressed himself on top of him.

Su Yu struggled desperately to get up, but saw Li Yuan pull out a red ribbon from nowhere and tie it directly to his wrist.

“You…what are you going to do? Li Yuan, let me go!” Su Yu was shocked. His hands kept struggling, but he couldn’t break free of the red satin. But the strange thing was that no matter how he tried, even with such force, there was no pain in his wrist. This was obviously something Li Yuan brought from the prop store, specifically used for this kind of thing.

“Let you go? Impossible!” Li Yuan tied Su Yu’s wrists, then tied his ankles, and said viciously, “I will let you know the consequences of running away secretly! It’s impossible to leave me!”

With his hands and feet tied, Su Yu could only stay still like a salted fish and roll around: “Li Yuan, you… you are simply a pervert! Even if you get my body, you can’t get my heart!”

“Even if I can’t get A Yu’s heart, I have to get your body first!” After tying up his hands and feet, Li Yuan began to pull off Su Yu’s clothes skillfully, “But it makes me very happy that A Yu finally noticed this attribute of mine. If A Yu likes it, I can do it often in the future.”

Su Yu thought about it seriously and felt that this was indeed quite exciting. Maybe he could play it occasionally in the future, but until he was sure of this idea, he found that he had already been stripped naked.

His lover was really bad. He would tie him up if he disagreed with him and tear his clothes off if he disagreed with him again. The next thing would definitely be more exciting.

“It seems that A Yu really likes this method, and he is already so energetic.” Li Yuan’s fingers touched a very energetic place on Su Yu’s body, and his deep laughter seemed particularly ambiguous.

Su Yu shrank into himself in shame and anger: “Asshole! This is just a normal physiological reaction! This is normal!”

“Yes, yes, everything A Yu said is right.” After tearing off Su Yu’s clothes, Li Yuan began to slowly take off his clothes again. The whole process was relatively slow, making Su Yu swallow his saliva.

Being aroused so much that he couldn’t help himself, Su Yu roared unbearably: “Can you just be a little bit faster? You’ve already pushed me onto the bed. Why are you still so slow?”

Li Yuan chuckled and finally moved faster. With such speed, the two of them were completely honest with each other soon. Li Yuan hugged Su Yu into his arms, and Su Yu immediately nuzzled him like a reflex.

Halfway through, Su Yu realized the problem and quickly forced himself to stop: “Li Yuan, let me go quickly, I won’t give in!”

“You obviously want it too, so why are you so stubborn?” Li Yuan’s hand moved around on Su Yu’s back, causing the other person’s whole body to tremble uncontrollably.

Su Yu endured the physical suffering, carefully weighed the physical needs and acting qualities, and then decisively chose the former. He really didn’t blame himself for being weak-willed. In fact, the two of them had done this thousands of times. Not only that, he had long been used to it, the running-in between the bodies was so perfect that a few movements of his lover could make him completely surrender.

Su Yu secretly shirked the responsibility and rubbed against Li Yuan’s body: “Humph, even if I want it, I just want your body, and it has nothing to do with you! Since you are coming, just come and see if I don’t squeeze you dry!”

Li Yuan’s eyes flashed fiercely, and the next moment he turned into a hungry wolf and knocked Su Yu down completely.

When Su Yu finally regained consciousness from the overexertion, it was already the morning of the next day. He counted carefully and found that Li Yuan actually pulled him eight times yesterday, and the postures were different every time!

The most disgusting thing was that during the process, he even deliberately tied his private parts with red satin. It was so crazy!

Su Yu punched the bed viciously, but it made his sore body ache so much that he could only lie on the bed and moan.

Li Yuan, who had already gotten up early and taken a shower, walked out of the bathroom. What he saw was Su Yu biting the pillow in grief and anger. He chuckled, and his acting skills came online instantly: “Didn’t you still want to escape yesterday? I didn’t expect it. When we got to bed, you became so enthusiastic that you even bothered me.”

“Shut up!” Su Yu glared at Li Yuan fiercely, not to mention feeling depressed. He shouldn’t be misled by beauty, otherwise he wouldn’t have ended up so miserable, “I told you, I’m just interested in your body, don’t be so presumptuous! I’ll tell you, there’s no way I’m going to fall in love with you, and I’m definitely not going to follow you back, you’d better give up on this idea!”

“Whether you go back or not is not up to you,” Li Yuan snorted coldly, standing by the bed and looking down at Su Yu, “As long as I am still here, you will never escape out of my hand. No matter where you escape, I will catch you and lock you tightly with me!”

“Pervert!” Su Yu cursed, but in his heart, he felt so sweet, forced play or something, it really felt so good. Of course, the bondage play last night was also very exciting, but it was too many times and it exhausted him.

Although his resistance was very resolute, Su Yu was easily suppressed by Li Yuan with force and was forced to get up from the bed and because his yesterday’s clothes had been torn and Li Yuan had only prepared clothes suitable for his own size, Su Yu had no choice but to resign himself to wearing Li Yuan’s shirt.

Su Yu had always been shorter than Li Yuan, and he didn’t have as many muscles on his body, so Li Yuan’s clothes were indeed a bit too big for him, and his shirt could even cover his thighs.

“Since it can cover your buttocks, don’t wear pants.” After admiring Su Yu’s appearance in his shirt for a while, Li Yuan made a final decision.

Su Yu was so angry that he jumped on his feet: “Li Yuan, don’t go too far!”

“I’m afraid I’m going to disappoint you, because I will go even further.” Li Yuan chuckled lightly, and hugged Su Yu to go outside directly.

Because he was only wearing a shirt and there were other people outside, Su Yu did not dare to struggle vigorously. He could only bite Li Yuan’s neck angrily, but was pinched by the other party on the buttocks several times, and his whole face turned red.

Su Yu hooked Li Yuan’s neck and said angrily: “Li Yuan, even if you take me back, I will definitely escape again!”

Li Yuan’s eyes flashed slightly and he said ambiguously: “That’s just right, I still have many of the props that have not been used.”

Probably finally realizing that he was definitely no match for Li Yuan, Su Yu lay in Li Yuan’s arms angrily, but a satisfied smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

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