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After dinner, Jiang Yu lay on the coffee table to do homework, while Jiang Manyi went back in her room, then she closed the door, and took out the old wooden box from the bottom of the cabinet.

The wooden box contained a pair of precious Elieta ballet shoes, and under the shoes was an old, yellowed photo.

The photo was a group photo. The two girls in the group photo were full of youth, and they were smiling brightly.

The girl wearing mushroom head on the left and the polka-dot skirt was Jiang Manyi, while the short-haired girl on the right wearing a half tube skirt with hemp yarn to the ankle was the ballerina on the poster of Jiang Yu’s bedroom – Bu Tanyan.

At that time, Jiang Manyi had already dropped out of school and worked as a singer in the bar street outside the university town.

Bu Tanyan happened to be studying in college, and the two met by chance and became the best friend.

She taught Bu Tanyan to sing pop songs, and Bu Tanyan taught her to dance ballet. She treated her very well. When she saw that her clothes were too old and could not afford new ones, she gave her a hoodie that her relatives had brought back from Japan.

For a long time, they only had each other and were very close.

She told Jiang Manyi that her biggest dream was not to dance, but to be a pop singer.

She didn’t like dancing at all, but just because the Bu family was a ballet family, and every child in the family had to walk this way, she had to do this.

Later, step by step, the extremely talented Bu Tanyan stepped onto the so-called ballet stage that shone with infinite brilliance and glory, and became a ballet queen who made countless dancers jealous and the audience crazy.

But Jiang Manyi was still her best friend, Bu Tanyan shared all her secrets with Jiang Manyi, even her secret love.

Jiang Manyi remembered that it was raining heavily that night, when Bu Tanyan came to her rental house excitedly, soaked all over. She told her that she had confessed to the man she liked.

He was very handsome, but he was very poor. She heard that he had been in prison, and her family would never allow them to be together.

Jiang Manyi had after all experienced social polishing, so she advised Tanyan to calm down and think about it. After all, her current status was different from before. She was already a well-known ballet dancer in China. It could be said that she was vastly different from him.

However, Bu Tanyan wouldn’t listen to her words and still stubbornly got together with that man.

Soon after, Bu Tanyan became pregnant.

She kept this matter from her family, her boyfriend, in fact everyone, and only told Jiang Manyi.

She said she would give birth to the child, quietly, without anyone knowing. Otherwise, her ballet career would be over.

Jiang Manyi quit her job and took Bu Tanyan to the countryside to take care of her with all her savings from working all these years.

In fact, Jiang Manyi felt that she was a very realistic woman. Because she had suffered in life, she was very careful about everything.

But Jiang Manyi couldn’t understand why she wanted to help Bu Tanyan to such a degree.

Maybe it was just because she was the only one who didn’t care about her status and was willing to be her best friend.

This respect, in Jiang Manyi’s heart, was better than any material things.

A year later, Bu Tanyan gave birth to a daughter.

She entrusted her daughter to Jiang Manyi, and promised that it would only take two years. After she won the laurel of the Esmera Ballet Queen that the Bu family asked for, the family had promised to let her go free.

At that time, she would make the child’s affairs public, and then marry the man she liked and do what she liked.

The man was now working hard in Shenzhen, and he didn’t know that she had given birth to a baby. She wanted to surprise him.

Jiang Manyi still remembered how splendid the light in the eyes of Bu Tanyan was, who was only 24 years old at the time, when she left.

It contained the expectation for the future, the desire for happiness, and the infinite tenderness for her daughter…

However, two years later, the glamorous, enchanting, and seductive black swan died on the stage of “Swan Lake” while doing the performance of the century.

There were many rumours about Bu Tanyan’s death. Some said that after her return, it was difficult for her to reach the top and the pressure was too high, so she took too many drugs, some said she was ill, while some others said she committed suicide…

Before she died, Bu Tanyan once gave Jiang Manyi a phone call, the only call.

She was drunk and cried to Jiang Manyi, saying that she hated ballet, and how good it would be if she couldn’t dance ballet, than she could be an ordinary and happy girl.

Jiang Manyi didn’t know the truth of Bu Tanyan’s death. Seeing the little girl who was growing up and had the same beauty as Bu Tanyan but was full of childishness, she decided to hide the whole truth.

Even later, Bu Tanyan was very obsessed with her favourite boyfriend, the poor boy who went to Shenzhen to do business in the sea. Step by step, he rose to the sky and became a powerful upstart in the business world of Beicheng.

Jiang Manyi still didn’t say anything and hid the secret.

If the Bu family knew that Bu Tanyan still had a child, they would definitely take the child back. Jiang Manyi could not tolerate such a thing happening.

She won’t let this little girl make the same mistakes again.

She wanted to fulfil the promise she made to Bu Tanyan back then, protect her, and she also wanted to give Bu Tanyan’s daughter the ordinary and happy life she once longed for the most.

In the room, with a “ding” sound, the [Knowing] app sent a message of task delegation.

Jiang Yu clicked on it, and the service number reminded her: The new commission is 150,000 yuan, do you accept it?

Jiang Yu was a little surprised when she saw this number.

After all, if the commission of 150,000 yuan was completed, she would have the tuition fee for the first year of Esmera!

“Accept.” Jiang Yu sent these two words over.

Soon, a man named [Xie Yuan] added Jiang Yu’s friend.

Jiang Yu saw the word [Xie Yuan] and found it a little familiar, but even after a while she couldn’t remember where she had heard it.

[Xie Yuan]: “You live in the past?”

Jiang Yu knew that every client who added her would have some doubts about her identity.

She came to the window sill and photographed the small alley which would soon be demolished. In a few years, this area would be demolished and re-planned to become the financial center of Beicheng.

She used the real-time photo function to send the date and photo to the client [Xie Yuan] at the same time.

[Xie Yuan] no longer doubted, and said, “I need your help.”

Jiang Yu: “I will try my best.”

[Xie Yuan]: “I have a daughter, and she is dead now. But, she may be still alive in this world at the age of seventeen.”

Jiang Yu: “Do you want me to help you find your daughter?”

[Xie Yuan]: “No, you can’t find her, it took me two whole years to find her.

Jiang Yu: “Did she get lost, or was she kidnapped?”

[Xie Yuan]: “Neither, but for a long time…I didn’t know about her existence. Not long ago, someone anonymously sent me the news of her death, but I don’t know anything about her identity.”

Jiang Yu: “Then how do you want me to help you?”

[Xie Yuan]: “I want you to find me in the past, and then tell ‘me’ that I have a daughter. She is only seventeen years old at this time, and I believe that I will be in time to find her if I start now.”

Seeing all this Jiang Yu felt that, it seemed that the task was much less difficult.

Jiang Yu: “As long as I relay this news, can I get paid?”

[Xie Yuan]: “Yes, but you have to make ‘me’ believe this, because at this time, ‘I’ don’t know that I have a daughter.”

Jiang Yu: “No problem, is there any secret code? Something like that, or a basis for you to trust?”

[Xie Yuan]: “You just need to tell ‘me’ the child’s mother’s name at that time.”

Jiang Yu: “The child’s mother is…?”

[Xie Yuan]: “Bu Tanyan.”

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