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Sun Xun did not speak.

Yuan Mingxu continued to persuade, “I don’t necessarily want Mochen to treat me like before, I just think it’s not appropriate to break up the friendship for so many years, you and Mochen have known each other for some time, if there is one day you two have a misunderstanding, won’t you want to ask us to help resolve it?”

Sun Xun smiled bitterly, “You know, me and him are different from you and him.”

“It’s nothing different, Sun Xun, can you help me?”

Sun Xun shook his head, “It’s not that I don’t want to help you, it’s just that I really can’t intervene in this kind of thing, and I really can’t help it.”

Seeing him rejecting, Yuan Mingxu was a little disappointed, but very quickly adjusted his mood, and asked him, “Then what do you think, if I talk to Yan Qingchi and tell him that there is nothing between me and Mochen, and I will not have anything with him, will he be willing to help me reunite with Mochen?”

Sun Xun laughed twice, “How would I know about this?”

“Should be, after all, according to what you said, he should not be a stingy person, so it should be understandable, since he seems to have a good relationship with Wei Lan, it doesn’t make sense that he can have a good relationship with others, but Mochen can’t even have a friend.”

Sun Xun didn’t speak, he didn’t know what to say, he felt that he couldn’t answer these words.

“It’s too late today. I’ll have a good talk with him tomorrow. Thank you for talking and eating with me tonight. You don’t know. I’ve been in a bad mood for the past few days. Now I’ve talked to you for a while, I’m in a much better mood.”

“It’s good that you’re in a better mood.”

“Then let’s go back, it’s time to rest.”

“Okay.” Sun Xun replied.

He quietly breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, the ordeal was over, Sun Xun had decided that he would never eat alone with Yuan Mingxu again, he was too tired, and his mind had to turn eight corners during a meal, asking himself what he could say and what he couldn’t say, while having to take into account Yuan Mingxu’s emotions, and still being unable to agree to his request, was really exhausting.

In the early morning of the next day, fourteen people gathered at the F city TV station. Because of the presence of Wei Lan in the team this time, the director team did not dare to take the path of resignation, for fear that any of the remaining thirteen people would provoke Wei Lan without a good eye, or because he had a rift with someone before and was mistakenly grouped into a group with him, it might cause unnecessary friction during the recording, so the director looked directly at Wei Lan and asked, “Wei Lan, which team do you choose? Sun Xun or Chen Xuanlang?”    

Wei Lan had never recorded this variety show before `and had not even watched a few episodes. Now seeing the director asking him, he just thought this variety show was quite humane and made everyone choose the team independently. As for why he was chosen first, Wei Lan gave himself a very good reason. He was the most popular among them, so it was natural to stick to him first, which was normal. So Wei Lan looked at Yuan Mingxu, “Which team do you choose?”    

Yuan Mingxu didn’t expect Wei Lan to ask him this suddenly, he thought that he was not familiar with Wei Lan, and the two had only met each other at events before, but he always felt that Wei Lan was lawless because of his background, and he didn’t like Wei Lan in his heart. Even when Wei Lan and Jiang Mochen were exchanging greetings, he just watched from the sidelines and had no intention of talking. Now Wei Lan suddenly asked him, so Yuan Mingxu was a little confused, but still replied: “I choose Sun Xun’s team.”

“Okay, then I will also choose Sun Xun.” Wei Lan said.    

Seeing this, Yan Qingchi was the first to express his opinion, “Then I choose Chen Xuanlang.” After all, he really didn’t want to be on the same team as Yuan Mingxu.    

Dai Hongzhuo, who had suffered under Yan Qingchi before, immediately said, “I also choose Chen Xuanlang.”

The publicity guests could not be in the same team at the same time, so after both Wei Lan and Yuan Mingxu chose Sun Xun, it meant that Lin Zhi and Zhou Tong could only choose Chen Xuanlang’s team.    

Then the only remaining boys, Ruan Wenxuan and Song Li, naturally joined Sun Xun’s team.

Yang Xiaoxiao, being the first girl to speak, chose Sun Xun instead of Chen Xuanlang.

Ding Zinan followed closely and chose Sun Xun, so Jiang Hanhui and Li Meng automatically joined Chen Xuanlang’s team.

After forming the team, Sun Xun was still on the red team, and Chen Xuanlang was on the blue team. Sun Xun looked at Yan Qingchi who was in Chen Xuanlang’s team, and finally heaved a sigh of relief—he had been worried since last night. What should he do if both Yan Qingchi and Yuan Mingxu were in his team. But soon, he thought that Yan Qingchi was not there, but Wei Lan was, and he started to have a headache again in an instant.

Chen Xuanlang was a little happy. He looked at Yan Qingchi, “Feng Shui turns, now you are transferred to my side, Yan Daxia[1], it depends on you whether our team can win this time.”

Yan Qingchi smiled, “I will try my best.”

Soon, the program team took everyone to the first game venue.

This game was a pillow fight.

The game field was a huge inflatable swimming pool filled with ocean balls, and there was a single-plank bridge in the middle of the swimming pool. The red team and the blue team each had to send two players to ride on both ends of the single-plank bridge, one in front and one behind. The players behind were responsible for stabilizing the figure of the players in front so that they would not be knocked down. The players in front stuck to the front and sides, with the same number of small balloons and pillows in their hands, whoever knocked down the balloons on the opponent’s body first or blew up the most balloons within the specified time was the winner, and it counted as one round. After one round was over, the two players switched back and forth and started the next round until the 3 groups of each team were done. These 6 rounds would be used to decide the winner. If there was a tie, the guest who did not participate in the two teams would go to the bridge to compete alone.

Chen Xuanlang looked at his team, and for the starting lineup chose himself and Yan Qingchi.

Yuan Mingxu had been paying attention to Yan Qingchi silently, and now seeing that Yan Qingchi was about to go on stage, he got up and said to Sun Xun, “Then let us go first.”

An ellipsis flashed through Sun Xun’s heart. He just felt that he wanted to pass out now. He knew that Yuan Mingxu’s coming to this variety show was definitely not just because of the popularity of this variety show. Sure enough, he was directly aiming for Yan Qingchi? It was just two red and white roses fighting for a beauty, why bring him along, he just wanted to sit on the side quietly, he didn’t even want to eat melons and watch a show.

Sun Xun felt that he had some headaches, and he didn’t know if his proficient acting skills would look too fake if he fainted at this moment.

He was worrying when he heard a voice from beside him, “But I want to play too.”

Sun Xun turned his head and saw Wei Lan had arrived beside them at some point, with his hands in his pockets and a sunny smile on his face, looking harmless to humans and animals, he asked: “Can I play?”

Sun Xun was like looking at a savior, he had never thought Wei Lan was so cute, “Of course, then you go.”

Then he turned to Yuan Mingxu, and simply backed off, “You two start, I’ll be the finale.”

Yuan Mingxu froze for a moment, then moved his wrist looking at Wei Lan, “Okay.”

Chen Xuanlang, as the captain, was embarrassed to let Yan Qingchi fight with others as soon as he came up, so he said that he would sit in the front first, and Yan Qingchi would be responsible for stabilizing his figure, and when he fought his opponent, Yan Qingchi would sit in the front. Naturally, Yan Qingchi would not have any objections. He looked at the team next door, and he didn’t know who Sun Xun’s team would send. Yan Qingchi thought about it, in fact, as long as it wasn’t Yuan Mingxu, anyone would do.

However, it happened to be Yuan Mingxu.

“In a while, I will have a pk with Yan Qingchi, and you will have a pk with Chen Xuanlang.” Wei Lan looked at Yuan Mingxu and said bluntly.

Although he said that he wanted to follow to watch the excitement, when he actually arrived at the recording location, he was still a little worried that Yan Qingchi would be tricked by Yuan Mingxu because of his personality. Although Wei Lan felt that Yan Qingchi was more restrained and sensible after marriage than before, and was quite likable, but he also found that the current Yan Qingchi didn’t have a lot of knowledge about the entertainment industry at all. Despite already being in the circle for a year or two, he was really like a newcomer.

Relying on his family background, he was used to being unscrupulous, and there was no one who did not have eyesight and thus dared to fight him head-on, but Yan Qingchi was different. Most of the time, Yan Qingchi would not wrong himself, he would neither pretend to be pitiful nor act miserably. This kind of personality always made him feel that he was innocent and unworthy of the world, but he himself was worthy of Yuan Mingxu. On the surface, Yuan Mingxu must not be able to beat Yan Qingchi, but secretly Yuan Mingxu had a lot of room to maneuver.    

So Wei Lan didn’t want them to have too much physical contact during the recording of the show. He chose to be on the team with Yuan Mingxu just to keep an eye on him and prevent him from actually having physical contact with Yan Qingchi and then selling misery on the show. As for the private relationship issue, Wei Lan felt that that was what he was looking forward to, but this kind of content obviously couldn’t appear on the recording site.    

Yuan Mingxu intended to fight Yan Qingchi by himself, but Wei Lan stepped in and directly assigned the players for the battle. Wei Lan used declarative sentences, obviously not asking for his own opinion, but stating the fact to him, Yuan Mingxu had no choice but to accept it reluctantly.     

The four of them rode on the single-plank bridge one by one. Chen Xuanlang and Yuan Mingxu glued the balloons, took the pillows, and waited for the staff to give an order to prepare for the battle.    

This was the first time that Yan Qingchi has seen Yuan Mingxu so closely—before, Yuan Mingxu and him both pretended not to know each other or know that there was such a person, each doing his own thing, all the while ignoring each other. This time, because the two sides were fighting head-on, Yan Qingchi couldn’t pretend to turn a blind eye to him anymore, so he could only look at him unobtrusively.    

Yuan Mingxu actually looked pretty good. As the protagonist of the original book, he was also a star. His appearance was the same as his name. He looked very warm and made people want to get close. His appearance did not belong to Jiang Mochen’s mature and handsome category, nor was it like Wei Lan who looked sunny and handsome, he looked very clean, like a piece of glass through which the light could pass cleanly, such that people couldn’t help but feel protective when seeing him.    

Yan Qingchi felt that if he didn’t know him well, he would probably be willing to make friends with Yuan Mingxu the moment he saw him for the first time. After all, compared to his overly gorgeous, seemingly frivolous and arrogant appearance, at least in terms of appearance, Yuan Mingxu’s style was indeed more in line with the aesthetics of Chinese people.

Yuan Mingxu seemed to have noticed that Yan Qingchi was looking at him and turned his head to look at Yan Qingchi. Yan Qingchi gave him a smile, Yuan Mingxu froze for a while, then turned his head unnaturally, and looked away, there was still a hint of unhappiness on his face that was so light that it was almost imperceptible.

It seemed that he really didn’t want to see him, Yan Qingchi thought, but it’s normal, after all, when meeting one’s rival, he was extremely jealous, Yuan Mingxu didn’t come to him last night, and cried and asked him to return Jiang Mochen. That already made him feel very difficult. But Yan Qingchi smiled slightly. If he didn’t come last night, he would come tonight or tomorrow night. After all, he had already appeared in this variety show. Was it really just for the variety show? Yan Qingchi didn’t believe it.

Just as he was thinking this, he saw Wei Lan glaring at him fiercely, Yan Qingchi smiled back at him, looked away, and prepared to compete.

Soon, the game officially started, Chen Xuanlang, as the captain of the resident guests, would unconsciously release water[2] for the promotion guests who came to PK for the first time, in order to let the promotion guests relax, so when facing Yuan Mingxu, he also restrained his movements very much.

Although the pillow was very light, because the small balloon was not glued very tightly, the small balloon could be easily knocked down with the help of human strength. After all, Chen Xuanlang was much better than Yuan Mingxu in terms of sports and physical fitness. Even if he deliberately released water, Yuan Mingxu would not be able to knock down even a few of his balloons. When the time was finally set, Chen Xuanlang obviously had more balloons than Yuan Mingxu, so Chen Xuanlang’s blue team won.

Yuan Mingxu looked at him and smiled softly, “Team leader Chen is too good.”

“Because I’m a permanent resident, you will become good after you play a few more times.”

Chen Xuanlang said automatically and Yan Qingchi changed positions with him, Wei Lan and Yuan Mingxu also changed positions.

The staff shouted to start, Yan Qingchi and Wei Lan grabbed the pillows and hit each other. At first, Yan Qingchi was wary of Wei Lan’s fans’ entrustment, fearing that he would offend his sister fans and mother fans if he was too aggressive, but Wei Lan played more and more vigorously, fighting more and more courageously, and soon the two of them fought recklessly.

The two of them had not practiced after all, and they kept shaking when they hit the fierce part. Chen Xuanlang unconsciously hugged Yan Qingchi tighter and tighter, reminding him, “Be careful.”

How could Yan Qingchi have the kung fu to reply. In order to avoid his attack, Wei Lan kept shaking his body from side to side, almost twisting out a flower, and Yuan Mingxu felt that he couldn’t hold him.

Wei Lan’s movements were big, he was afraid that Wei Lan would hurt him, and he felt that these two people were really strange. They came from the airport together, and they seemed to have a good relationship, but they fought so fiercely. He hugged and hugged, seeing Wei Lan wanted to lean forward, he felt that Wei Lan was also very troublesome, and too serious, it was just a game, why should he play it so seriously, he unconsciously relaxed his hold on Wei Lan’s waist between his hands.     

Wei Lan pushed forward with his left hand and swung the pillow with his right hand to hit the balloon. As soon as he succeeded, he was hit hard by Yan Qingchi’s side. He quickly dodged to the left and rear but felt that his body was not restrained. Wei Lan lowered his head and looked at Yuan Mingxu’s hand on his waist, it was really just letting it go, without exerting any strength.    

Wei Lan snorted coldly, then turned his head and glared at Yuan Mingxu.    

Yuan Mingxu was startled, and tried to hug him with more strength, but Wei Lan took off his hand and turned to look at him, “Don’t touch me.”

“I was a little tired just now, I didn’t mean to.” Yuan Mingxu whispered.    

“You can still get tired after losing, you are really good.”    

Yuan Mingxu felt aggrieved, “I didn’t lose on purpose, Chen Xuanlang is a permanent resident, so it’s normal for me to lose to him.    

“It’s not normal to lose to anyone.”    

“Wei Lan,” Yuan Mingxu lowered his voice, not wanting to be heard by the staff, although he didn’t like Wei Lan, he knew that Wei Lan could not be offended. Therefore, he just said pitifully, “I didn’t mean it, and I apologized to you. Why do you say something so hurtful?”

Wei Lan froze for a moment, “Are you in the circle for the first time?” He looked at Yuan Mingxu, “Isn’t it true that I always tell everyone the truth? What I said is not true? You didn’t lose or you didn’t promise to let go?”

Wei Lan sneered, “What did the staff say when they said the rules of the game just now? The people behind are just to stabilize the figure of the people in front and not let them fall down, what did you do? That’s me, anyone else would have been knocked down long ago.”


“What are you, did I say something wrong? Look at Chen Xuanlang’s strength, and then look at your strength, even when you and Chen Xuanlang were fighting just now, I didn’t let go on purpose.”

Yuan Mingxu wanted to say something more, but the staff had already come over to ask them what was wrong?

This game had a lot of action, so the guests all removed the microphone before the start to avoid damage. In addition, the volume of the two people talking was not loud, and the other guests and staff were far away from them, so they didn’t know what happened. As for the matter, Yan Qingchi was relatively close to Wei Lan, and could hear Wei Lan’s quarrel with Yuan Mingxu, but he couldn’t hear what it was.

Chen Xuanlang asked him with some doubts, “What happened to the two of them? Studying tactics?”

Yan Qingchi shook his head.

Wei Lan told the staff that it was nothing, let’s continue.

So the game continued, and Wei Lan didn’t let Yuan Mingxu touch him, so Yuan Mingxu didn’t dare to touch him either. Wei Lan lost the hands that bound his waist, and was more flexible, directly knocking down several balloons in Yan Qingchi. Yan Qingchi was furious and raised his pillow to hit the balloon on his shoulder. Wei Lan hurriedly ducked to the side with his waist pressed down, and with a “bang”, the pillow missed Wei Lan who dodged in time, but sitting behind Wei Lan, looking forward to the end of the game, was Yuan Mingxu and it hit his face.

Yan Qingchi’s eyes widened in an instant, what the hell is going on? I really didn’t mean to!

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[1] Hero, he is calling him like that because in ancient times, warriors were called with this title.

[2] Be lenient.

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