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Wei Lan was stunned for a second, and almost couldn’t hold back his laughter.

Yuan Mingxu was stunned, not understanding why he was beaten all of a sudden.

Yan Qingchi quickly apologized, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.” It was all Wei Lan’s fault!

Seeing this, Wei Lan sat down immediately, and glanced at Yuan Mingxu, “It’s okay, I think you have nothing to do, anyway, he didn’t do it on purpose, just like you didn’t do it on purpose just now, you should understand.”

Before Yuan Mingxu had time to speak, Wei Lan said: “It’s definitely understandable, I understood you just now, you are much gentler and kinder than me, this kind of accident, you must think it’s normal, isn’t that right? Or do you think I made a mistake in hiding just now?”

Even though Yuan Mingxu thought he was wrong, he didn’t dare to say it, he could only weakly say: “No.”

“I thought so.” Wei Lan said, raised the pillow again and said to Yan Qingchi, “It’s okay, come on.”

Of course you’re okay, I don’t dare to hit you again! Yan Qingchi looked at him, and didn’t have the intention to follow him, for fear that he would dodge and he would hit Yuan Mingxu again, so he could only control his strength and release the water for Wei Lan.

But he didn’t have to release the water for long. Soon, the staff called them over and counted the balloons. In this round, Wei Lan won. Wei Lan was very happy and jumped off the single-plank bridge.

Yan Qingchi also got off the single-plank bridge. He looked at Yuan Mingxu who was walking in front, and he still hadn’t reacted yet. Why did he beat Yuan Mingxu, and even hit hid face? Alas, this feeling, it was still a little subtle.

Yuan Mingxu lowered his head all the way without speaking, and returned to the guest seat with a pitiful look as if he didn’t dare to show his full face. The grievance in his heart was like a winter snowball, rolling bigger and bigger. When he woke up from the daze of being hit suddenly just now, he just felt that he was beaten by Yan Qingchi in public, it was both humiliating and uncomfortable.

Why did Wei Lan dodge, why did Yan Qingchi hit him so coincidentally, the relationship between the two of them was so good, that Wei Lan even took the initiative to arrange the position of the battle, could it be that the two of them had planned all this together from the beginning, and were just waiting to make a fool of him.

Yuan Mingxu gritted his teeth, feeling that Jiang Mochen and Sun Xun kept saying that Yan Qingchi had a good temper and was a nice person, but what happened? That was just Yan Qingchi’s illusion in front of them. When he faced him, he couldn’t wait to show his real face. Also, he could go in and out with a bully like Wei Lan. What good thing could he be.

Yuan Mingxu touched his face aggrieved, when he heard someone behind him say to Wei Lan, “Hahaha, you and Yuan Mingxu are so funny, and Yan Qingchi, the three of you just made me laugh to death already.”

Wei Lan also smiled, “We were dumbfounded just now.”

“Isn’t it a joke arranged by the program group for the three of you? I thought it was agreed with you in advance, but it wasn’t?”

Wei Lan sighed.

People were simply laughing at him in unison.

He got up and walked towards Sun Xun.

Seeing him coming, Sun Xun felt that he wanted to run away, but he was the captain and knew Yuan Mingxu, so he could only sit in the guest seat and ask him, “What’s wrong?”

Yuan Mingxu showed him his side face, sat down and asked him, “Just now Yan Qingchi hit me suddenly, I couldn’t see it myself, I want you to help me check it, is it okay?”

Sun Xun: …

Sun Xun felt that he was really tired. Why didn’t he realize that Yuan Mingxu was so pampered before? This kind of soft pillow for playing games, let alone hitting you accidentally, even if it hit your face hard, nothing would happen. Ah. Otherwise, Yan Qingchi and Wei Lan, who had already been beaten hundreds of times by the other party, should have been taken to the hospital by now.

“It’s okay.” Sun Xun said.

“That’s good,” Yuan Mingxu said in a low voice, “I don’t know why he did it? Why did he move his hands suddenly? Could it be that he doesn’t like me?”

“He wanted to hit the balloons on Wei Lan, but he ran into you accidentally because he was hiding.”

“That’s good,” Yuan Mingxu smiled, “I’m afraid that because of my previous relationship with Mochen, he might not like me, if it’s not that, then it’s fine.”

Sun Xun smiled awkwardly, “You think too much.”

Yuan Mingxu nodded, “Yeah.”

Soon, other people started a pillow fight one after another, and finally the blue team won by one point. The difference narrowly beat the red team. Wei Lan was very unconvinced, so he asked the program team, what was the next event?

The second event was cooking.

The staff just said that, when the guests present felt that they were hungry. After all, they had just fought a big battle and it was exhausting.

In the second part of the competition, the program group gave each person 10 yuan, and asked these stars to go to the vegetable market to buy vegetables. During the process of buying vegetables, members of the same team were not allowed to get together to communicate, but they had to buy the vegetables before 12:00 and rush to the Huo Yanyan Hotel, where they would compete in cooking and cleaning.

The cooking competition focused on the taste and types of dishes. For example, if the members of the team unfortunately all bought potatoes, even if they made potatoes into flowers, and let braised potatoes, steamed potatoes, sweet and sour potatoes, garlic fried potatoes, hot and sour potato shreds gather together, they would still be the losing team.

Unless the other team’s meals were all unpalatable.

Therefore, the choice of different dishes was very important and difficult.

Listening to the staff reading the rules, Yan Qingchi had only one question in mind, what was the current vegetable price?

He really couldn’t be blamed for this, no matter before or after he came here, he never had to worry about buying vegetables. At most, he made the vegetables bought by Aunt Zhang into his favorite dishes. Things like grocery shopping were really embarrassing for him.

But Yan Qingchi thought to himself, although he didn’t know what the current price of vegetables was, but he could bargain, and it was always right to cut lower.

Fourteen people including Yan Qingchi arrived at the vegetable market in the car provided by the sponsor. As soon as they got out of the car, they noticed that the program crew had already cleared the scene, but there were still many young girls leaning forward outside the cordon to look inside. After seeing them getting off the car, they kept calling their names. Yan Qingchi even heard his own name. He looked over in surprise and waved at them as a greeting.

However, as soon as he let go of his hands, he heard the crowd, which could already be called boiling, suddenly become more and more powerful, “Ah—” with screams and surprises, followed by a heart-piercing cry of “Wei! Lan! Wei Lan!”

Yan Qingchi turned around and saw Wei Lan walking down from the car. He was used to fans’ enthusiasm, so he just smiled and waved his hands. The fans screamed more and more when they saw his action. Until it was very loud.

Yan Qingchi shook his head, but Wei Lan had already walked to his side, “What, are you waiting for me?”

“You think too much, I was simply frightened by the sudden screams of these fans.”

As Yan Qingchi spoke, he noticed that these fans probably noticed that Sun Xun had come down, and they had already started shouting for Sun Xun.

“Let’s go, save some flowers for yourself.” Yan Qingchi said and entered the vegetable market.

The environment of the vegetable market had never been very good. The uncles and aunts selling vegetables were told by the program team in advance that they were recording a variety show, so for the effect of the variety show, some vegetable prices needed to be increased. Later, the program team would attach subtitles to explain.

The uncles and aunts were very cooperative, so that when Yan Qingchi asked how much a catty of tomatoes was, the aunt offered the price of 20 yuan.

Yan Qingchi was shocked, were the prices so expensive now?

“Can you make it cheaper?”

“How much cheaper?”

Yan Qingchi thought about the ten yuan he had on him, although he felt that what he said next would be shameless, but there was no other way, “How about two yuan?”


Aunt: …It’s the first time I’ve seen bargaining at 10% of the price.

Of course, Yan Qingchi also knew the price of two yuan was too low. Although he couldn’t be fooled, the aunt would definitely suffer a loss if she sold it, but there was no other way. He only had ten yuan on him, so he couldn’t buy all the tomatoes. Things were dead, but people were alive. Yes, it would be nice to just give the money to the aunt after the shooting was over.

So Yan Qingchi had no choice but to let go of his shame, and the aunt finally sold the tomatoes to him at a discounted price after he told the aunt that there was really no other way. Yan Qingchi bought tomatoes, and simply started picking other vegetables at the stall.

The aunt who sold vegetables was amused by him, “Young man, you can’t just slaughter my family.”

Yan Qingchi smiled, “I’m not slaughtering your family, but if I bought everything I need from you, you will definitely be on camera when the time comes, so more people will come to you in the future when shopping here.”

After thinking about it, the aunt seemed to feel such a reason was acceptable, so she enthusiastically helped Yan Qingchi pack it up, and even gave him two extra tomatoes.

Yan Qingchi looked at the time, then at the lot of vegetables he had harvested, and was about to go to Huo Yanyan Hotel. As soon as he walked to the entrance of the vegetable market, he saw Wei Lan walking over lightly.

Yan Qingchi glanced at his hands, “Where’s your stuff?”

Wei Lan took out an egg from his pocket, “This.”

Yan Qingchi’s eyes widened, “That’s it?”


“Do you have no idea about prices?”

It was rare for Wei Lan to be a little embarrassed, “I bought it wrong?”

“You are not wrong, it is simply too expensive! With ten yuan, you can even buy several tea eggs!”

“The boss said this is a green and organic egg, non-polluting, so it is more expensive.”

“Is this more expensive?” Yan Qingchi had a headache, “Did you even ask about the prices of other vegetables?”

“I asked, they were quite expensive, I was worried about buying too much, I thought that no one would buy this kind of eggs except me, so I bought it.”

Yan Qingchi: …

He was not impulsive, and he did this after careful consideration? Yan Qingchi only felt that Wei Lan was worthy of being a real young master, the kind who probably hadn’t been covered with dust since he was a child, he sighed helplessly, and patted Wei Lan on the shoulder.

“Let’s go.”

“Hey, why did you buy so much? How did you buy it?”


“Haggle for food?”

“So you can only buy one raw egg.”

“Are you laughing at me?” Wei Lan looked at him.

Yan Qingchi sighed, “I’m sorry.”

“For me?”

“For your team.”

Wei Lan was unconvinced, “Maybe our team will rely on my egg to win by surprise!”

“Then I will definitely win the game by then! I will applaud you, call you and hate myself for being blind, and even make you a plate of egg dishes.”

Wei Lan: “…shut up, you!”

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