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Wei Lan curled his lips, “Order your food for me.”


“Why are you so mean?”

“This is a competition, if I give it to you, are the rules not going to be messed up.”

Seeing this, Wei Lan stopped talking, put his egg back into his pocket, covered it carefully and got into the car.

Yan Qingchi looked at him and felt that he was really worrying.

After a while, other people also returned to the car one after another, and they drove to the Huo Yanyan Hotel together. Chen Xuanlang looked at Yan Qingchi, Li Meng and Lin Zhi in the car, and asked them, “What did you all buy?”

Li Meng bought cucumbers and potatoes, while Lin Zhi bought green vegetables and cucumbers.

Yan Qingchi opened his bag, which contained tomatoes, eggplants, beans, potatoes, and broccoli.

Chen Xuanlang was shocked, Li Meng was also shocked, even Lin Zhi was a little surprised, “Why do you have so many?”

“The money is calculated by the catty.”

“Then it’s a bit much.”

“She said their scale is broken, so she just estimated the price by herself.”

Lin Zhi looked at the vegetables in the bag and said enviously, “Envy.”

Li Meng sighed, “Probably depended on your face, you look handsome.”

Yan Qingchi smiled, “That’s pretty good.”

The few people soon arrived at the hotel and followed the guidance of the program group to the second floor to prepare for the competition.

This competition was divided into two parts: cooking and cleaning. Those who cooked stay on the second floor, while those who cleaned would go to the first floor. Sun Xun and Chen Xuanlang took the lead in investigating who could cook. In Sun Xun’s team, only he and Yuan Mingxu said they could cook. Sun Xun looked at Yang Xiaoxiao. He had the impression that Yang Xiaoxiao also knew how to cook. He didn’t know why she didn’t say anything. However, since there must be three cooks in each team, Sun Xun ordered Yang Xiaoxiao to stay.

Yang Xiaoxiao shook her hand, “I’ll go downstairs to clean, let Wei Lan stay.”

Sun Xun raised his eyebrows, Wei Lan was also a little surprised, Yang Xiaoxiao looked at Wei Lan, “Have you ever swept the floor? Mopped the floor? Did you ever wash the dishes? Wipe the glass?”

Wei Lan scratched his head in embarrassment.

Sun Xun felt that she was still a careful girl. Compared with cleaning, it was obviously easier to wash the vegetables. Letting a young master like Wei Lan, whose ten fingers had never touched the spring water, do the cleaning, it would only add to the chaos.

“Okay, Wei Lan, I and Yuan Mingxu will stay here to cook, Xiaoxiao, you go downstairs.”

“Yeah.” Yang Xiaoxiao nodded, looking very happy.

Sun Xun felt that she was a little weird today.

Compared with Sun Xun’s team, Chen Xuanlang’s team was much simpler. Chen Xuanlang could cook by himself, Yan Qingchi could also cook, and Jiang Hanhui volunteered since she could also cook a little bit, so naturally, the three of them stayed on the second floor, and the rest went to the first floor to clean.

After the few people arranged the procedures, they started to act. Jiang Hanhui was in charge of washing vegetables, Yan Qingchi was in charge of cutting vegetables, and Chen Xuanlang was in charge of cooking. Yan Qingchi’s knife skills were good, and while cutting vegetables, he could spare time to glance at Wei Lan who was washing the vegetables, and he was relieved to see that he was quiet.    

Soon, Chen Xuanlang and Sun Xun started cooking. Wei Lan was a little hungry, so he secretly took a cucumber and started to eat it. He was eating when he saw Sun Xun raise his head and glance at him leisurely. Wei Lan bit the cucumber and gave him a smile.    

Sun Xun said that this young master was really worrying. He pointed to the bench not far away, “You, rest over there.”    

Wei Lan sat down obediently, very obedient.

He looked at Yuan Mingxu who was chopping vegetables with his head down, biting the cucumber bit by bit without saying a word.

After the cucumber was eaten, Wei Lan sat obediently for a while, but couldn’t sit still, so he sneaked to the side of Yan Qingchi.

“What are you doing?” Yan Qingchi looked at him.

“Give me something to eat, I’m hungry.”

“You and I are in hostile camps, understand?”

“You promised my fans to take good care of me.”

Yan Qingchi was speechless, but Chen Xuanlang threw a tomato at him.

Wei Lan caught the tomato, left satisfied, and returned to his exclusive small bench again.

After about forty minutes, the members of the two teams finally finished preparing lunch, cleaned up, and entered the evaluation session.

Chen Xuanlang’s blue team clearly outperformed in the variety of dishes, but Sun Xun’s cooking skills were really good, and he beat Chen Xuanlang again in terms of taste. Both sides had one advantage each, so it was a tie. After a while, news came from the first floor that the cleaning team also had a draw. So the final result was that the two teams tied and entered the third game session.

The third link was the archery competition.

The red and blue teams each conducted archery practice for 20 minutes on the north and south sides of the lawn, and then would conduct an archery competition in the middle area. The bull’s-eye was worth 10 points, and the scores were decreasing from the bull’s-eye to the outside. In the game, each player was only allowed to shoot one arrow, and the team with the most points in the end would win.

In this game, during the practice session, members of the two teams were not allowed to peek at the other team, let alone make trouble.

Yan Qingchi felt that the last sentence of making trouble was tailor-made for Wei Lan. After all, Wei Lan did not eat less of their tomatoes in the last session. Yan Qingchi picked up the bow and arrow and looked at it. He had played archery before. Although he hadn’t touched it for a long time since crossing, he really picked up the bow and tried to practice it two or three times, and the feel slowly returned.

When Chen Xuanlang turned his head, he found that the arrow he shot either hit the bull’s-eye or was a little beside the bull’s-eye.

Chen Xuanlang was shocked, “Yan Qingchi, can I ask you something?”

“Tell me.”

“Is there anything you do not know?” Chen Xuanlang was really curious.

Good movement skills, cooking and archery, this was simply too powerful, Yan Qingchi was a little embarrassed to be asked by him, he learned these skills from his adoptive father after he was adopted. At that time, he was raised as an heir, so he naturally needed to know a lot. Thinking of this, Yan Qingchi felt that he was actually quite lucky all along.

Although he was abandoned by his parents when he was a child, he also met new parents because of this. His adoptive parents were very nice, they had always treated him as their own, taught him a lot, and taught him to love and be loved. Later, he got a younger brother, who was very cute and clingy to him, which gave him the satisfaction of being an older brother. Even now that he had crossed into this dog blood novel, he had met good people. The first half of his life was not too long, although it was considered to have ups and downs, but in the end the results were all good.

Yan Qingchi felt that this was very lucky.

“Of course I can’t.” Yan Qingchi looked at him, “You forgot, I can’t sing.”

Hearing this, Chen Xuanlang remembered Yan Qingchi’s rhythmic singing to the beat, “Then I think God is quite fair.”

Yan Qingchi felt helpless.

Chen Xuanlang advised him, “You and Wei Lan have a good relationship, let him teach you, don’t look at Wei Lan’s position as an actor now, he made his debut by singing, it was really a hit at the time, and he went directly to the coffee position. Those who were drafted out later will never be treated like him again.”

Yan Qingchi thought to himself, let’s forget it, his sense of rhythm in singing was a natural problem, and going to Wei Lan may not be able to solve this problem, but he would definitely be ridiculed by Wei Lan, so there was no need to run away. Yan Qingchi could still think of the scene at that time, “What, you can’t sing? Oh my god, how can you not be able to do such a simple thing as singing? Tsk tsk tsk, come on, Yan Qingchi, Dad is not in trouble. You, kneel down and recite “Conquer” for Dad, and Dad will teach you.”

Yan Qingchi shook his head, rejecting this scene with strength.

“Let’s not talk about me, how is your archery practice?”

Chen Xuanlang was a little worried, “I can’t, I always get either four or five rings.”

“You practice now, let me see.” Yan Qingchi said.

Chen Xuanlang picked up the bow and arrow and drew the bowstring. Yan Qingchi walked over and helped him lift the bow up. Then, behind him, he held his hand and pulled the bowstring back, “Aim at the bull’s-eye.”

He said, helping Chen Xuanlang move the direction of the arrow, and then said: “Let go.”

Chen Xuanlang let go instantly, with a “bang”, the arrow broke through the wind and went straight to the nine rings. Chen Xuanlang was a little surprised, so he turned his head unconsciously, and saw Yan Qingchi who was looking at him, his brows and eyes were curved, he had put his hands in his pockets, as he said in a mischievous and light tone, “It’s very powerful, Captain.”

Chen Xuanlang himself didn’t expect to have such a result, so he smiled, feeling a little embarrassed.

On the other side of the field, Wei Lan was performing archery in a thriving manner. Wei’s house was not clean, so since childhood, Wei Xun and Wei Lan had played with knives, guns and sticks like toys. Wei Lan even went hunting with his father with a bow and arrow when he was young. Although after growing up, he preferred to shoot guns. But that didn’t stop him from being good at archery.

Yang Xiaoxiao was beside him, applauding him and praising him: “Wei Lan, you are amazing.” Then asking him, “Can you teach me?”

Wei Lan wanted to win, so he agreed, and told her how to aim and draw the bow, but he just said, not to mention hands-on teaching, he was even three steps away from Yang Xiaoxiao. After all, Wei Lan was very aware of his popularity and his fans. He didn’t want to record a variety show and have scandals with others, and he didn’t want his fans to see him being too close to Yang Xiaoxiao when the variety show was broadcast, or one by one in the fan groups would cry and shout “brother, why are you so close to her?” Stay away from her, mom can’t stand you being so close to a girl!

Wei Lan gave her a few moderate pointers, and then was called by others to guide her. After answering a round of difficult and miscellaneous diseases, he saw Sun Xun practicing archery with Yuan Mingxu.

Wei Lan walked over and asked, “How’s the training going? Our team can’t lose this time.”

He said, looking at Yuan Mingxu.

Yuan Mingxu was a little afraid of him, and also annoyed by him, so he said: “It’s okay, I played this before, and Mochen taught me.”

“Oh? Jiang Mochen also taught you this?”

“Yes,” Yuan Mingxu said, “We used to be good friends too.”

When he said this, he missed the old days, and seeing Wei Lan was there again, thinking that he and Yan Qingchi had a good relationship, and what he knew, Yan Qingchi might also know, he deliberately said: “At that time, Mochen was really kind to me, helped me a lot, and was willing to teach me a lot of things that I don’t know. Now that I think about it, we were all very happy at that time.”

“So happy that you gave up the movie audition he recommended to you and went away?” Although Wei Lan didn’t know that he had the intention of telling Yan Qingchi through himself, it didn’t prevent him from feeling the meaning of saying this. Mingxu was a bitch, thinking this he sneered directly.

“I was busy at that time.” Yuan Mingxu explained.

Wei Lan nodded, “I know, you had to go after Zhou.”

Yuan Mingxu looked at him with some dissatisfaction, Wei Lan was curious, “Have you caught up?”

Yuan Mingxu didn’t speak.

“Tsk, it looks like it’s gone.”

“I came back in advance.”

“Why so anxious? So anxious that you don’t even chase after anyone? I don’t think you have any drama appointments recently.”

Yuan Mingxu was a little embarrassed by what he said and said stiffly: “This is my own business.”

“Oh, oh, I was just curious, so I just asked.”

Yuan Mingxu looked at him, “I know you have a good relationship with Yan Qingchi, but don’t worry, I have no malice towards him, I know now what happened will not change, but in the same way, what happened before between Mochen and I will also not change. We were really happy together before, we were friends then, and we are still friends now.”

Wei Lan smiled, then recalled the hot search not long ago, “I know, there is a CP between Jiang Mochen and you.”

“That’s right.” Yuan Mingxu said in a low voice.

Wei Lan smiled even better, “You posted Weibo @Jiang Mochen, but the other party didn’t reply, and removed the hot search and asked the marketing account to delete the friendship? Sigh, let me ask you, is your Weibo still on your homepage? “

Yuan Mingxu didn’t expect him to say that and raised his head to look at him aggrieved.

Wei Lan expressed regret, “Then your friendship is really plastic, and most people really can’t do it.”

“You…” Yuan Mingxu frowned, his eyes watering.

“Oh, don’t be sad.” Wei Lan comforted him, “It’s normal. The ancients have said that men always value love and despise friends. People like Jiang Mochen who have been schoolmasters since childhood must remember this kind of words very clearly. Isn’t it because they met their true love, that it’s easy for them to ignore friends, don’t mind it, that time may be the first time, but it’s definitely not the last time, just get used to it.”

Yuan Mingxu looked at him, speechless, only feeling angry until both his hands clenched but helpless.

On the other hand, Sun Xun felt that the rumors in the circle were not deceiving him, what a fucking bumper car little prince, he could be so annoying.

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