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The poster of “The Wraith” displayed on the mobile phone page had a weird and thrilling style, which made Fu Yuanzhou have a rather ominous premonition. In the next second, Yu Fei made this premonition come true, as he said with a smile.

“This is a horror movie.”

Sure enough, he knew Xiaofei was going to want to watch a horror movie!

Fu Yuanzhou knew Yu Fei too well. In his last life, when Yu Fei was still Yu Fei, she liked watching all kinds of horror movies the most.

He was particularly afraid of ghosts, but as her boyfriend, he was always embarrassed to admit that he was afraid, so he could only watch with her through gritted teeth, while not daring to open his eyes while watching. He pretended to be okay in front of Yu Fei, but for a week, he didn’t even dare to go to the bathroom alone, and every time he had to ask Xie Lin to stand at the door to accompany him.

This was all about his hypocritical self-esteem, but how could he admit that he was afraid of ghosts in front of his girlfriend? This should have been the moment for him to show himself, holding Xiao Fei in his arms to comfort her, but when he actually watched the film, it was already the result of his desperate restraint that he didn’t drill into Xiao Fei’s arms.

Now he was no longer Yu Fei’s boyfriend, and Yu Fei was no longer his beautiful girlfriend, but a male Alpha who was taller and more handsome than him. Fu Yuanzhou was scared to death, and he didn’t even have the heart to pretend to be brave, so he said honestly and frankly: “I can’t, I can’t watch it, I’m really afraid of ghosts.”

It was better to be embarrassed than to suffer – he thought so and looked at Yu Fei with pleading eyes.

Yu Fei was stunned, his eyes seemed to have a bit of a smile, but he didn’t really laugh, and explained to him: “I heard that this movie is not a real ghost movie, although there are ghosts, it is more inclined towards suspense and mystery revolving around the Wraith which is the background of the movie, and there are very few scenes in which they actually appear.”

Fu Yuanzhou had never seen this movie in his last life, so he was hesitant even after hearing that, so Yu Fei held his hand and said in a gentle tone.

“I really want to watch with you. Would you feel more at ease with me? If you really can’t keep going, we’ll stop right away, okay?”

He coaxed Fu Yuanzhou, and Fu Yuanzhou was also a little tempted. Although he was afraid of ghosts, he liked suspense movies. Yu Fei briefly introduced the plot of the movie to him. He was very interested, and after hesitating, he finally agreed: “Then let’s just take a look.”

“Thank you for being with me.”

Yu Fei laughed, although his complexion was not very good due to his illness, but it did not diminish his beauty at all. Seeing this, he was not so scared anymore.

Yu Fei ordered the movie on TV, and the opening scene was a stormy night.

In the pouring rain, a young woman in a nun’s uniform led a horse laden with luggage and carried a lantern through the rain, as she arrived at a church in a remote village. She was a new nun in this church.

She was very frightened because this church was assigned clergy very frequently, and she was the fourth in this past half-year.

It was said that the priest and nun who came before her had died, but the news had not been confirmed. In front of the bishop, she had no right to refuse. Running away was a betrayal of the Lord, and she had no courage to do it.

Fu Yuanzhou was half covered with the blanket and unconsciously grabbed the edge. At this moment, he was as uneasy as the nun.

Lightning frequently illuminated the darkness as the nun passed through the village, and the villagers stood under the dripping eaves, watching her pass by with expressionless faces. The nun showed kindness to them, her pale face had a smile on it, but no one responded to her, until finally the look in her eyes turned completely numb.

Was this really not a ghost movie?

Fu Yuanzhou’s heart was beating wildly, and Yu Fei noticed his unease and held his hand firmly, but the atmosphere of the film was too good, and this comfort was not enough to offset all the horror.

He became more and more frightened. Finally, when the nun pushed open the door of the church, a priest who had been hanging upside down on the dome hit the nun and smashed into her head, covering her with blood. Fu Yuanzhou started shivering after seeing this.

“Zhou, how are you?” Yu Fei immediately paused the movie and hugged him across the blanket.

Fu Yuanzhou was so frightened that he kept saying, “Don’t watch it, I don’t want to watch it!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Yu Fei patted his back and kept coaxing him, “Then don’t watch it, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you would be so scared.”

With his comfort, Fu Yuanzhou gradually regained his composure, and felt a little embarrassed in hindsight. In fact, there was no ghost in the movie just now, it was just a corpse, and he himself was worried that there would be a ghost who would appear, so he overreacted. In fact, if he had thought about it carefully, he would have realized that the ghosts would not appear so quickly.

Feeling embarrassed, he lifted the blanket around him and looked at Yu Fei with an ashamed look in his eyes: “Why don’t we just keep watching?”

“Forget it, I don’t want you to have nightmares at night.”

Yu Fei hugged him, his eyes full of concern for him.

Fu Yuanzhou’s face and ears were red. He saw it just now, Xiao Fei was not even a little bit afraid. Compared with Xiao Fei, he was really ashamed.

“Or I’ll hug you again?”

“It’s okay…”

Fu Yuanzhou lifted the blanket, but when the corner of his eyes touched the paused scene of the movie, he couldn’t help shivering, Yu Fei stretched out his arms to hug him, and then replaced the blanket over him again as he covered both of them: “Don’t be afraid, I’m with you.”

He turned off the TV and comforted Fu Yuanzhou. Fu Yuanzhou finally calmed down almost completely. Seeing that his face was back to normal, Yu Fei touched it, and he said with a smile, “Zhou, you are really cute.”

Fu Yuanzhou felt ashamed and didn’t dare to look up at him. Yu Fei got closer to him, his breathing a little hot, as he stared at him for a while, then he suddenly covered the whole blanket over their heads and took him to lie down on the sofa together. Now they were lying together face to face.

The light from outside penetrated into the blanket, and dimly reflected on Yu Fei’s face, which made his eyebrows look beautiful. The faint rose scent and the warmth of his body were all enveloped in this small world, which caused some ambiguous feelings to grow.

Fu Yuanzhou’s heart beat faster, and he wanted to move away from Yu Fei, but the back of the sofa was behind him, and there was no way for him to retreat.

Yu Fei gently held his face again, smiled and said, “Zhou, can I ask you a question?”

“…You ask.” Fu Yuanzhou nodded with difficulty.

“What kind of person do you think you would like?” Yu Fei’s eyes were lingering, “A person like me… would you like it?”

Fu Yuanzhou was stunned for a moment, and his heart skipped a beat.

In his previous life, Yu Fei also asked the exact same question. At that time, he didn’t think much about it. He just said that he hadn’t thought about it. After a while, Yu Fei confessed to him.

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