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Fu Yuanzhou was in pain all over his body. He originally wanted to stay at Xie Lin’s house, but after being led by Xie Lin to lie down on the bed, he didn’t dare, so he tried to roll to the side, and said, “I’d better go back.”

Xie Lin soon realized his intentions, so he got closer and bullied him by holding him down. How could Fu Yuanzhou push him away? In desperation, he could only put his arm across to block Xie Lin and compromise.

“Okay, I’ll just stay and sleep, don’t make trouble with me, I’m very tired…”

He was really tired, and his face showed fatigue as he spoke. He asked, “Why are you so tired?”

“A classmate was sick, and I had to run three kilometers for him.”

Seeing him getting up, Fu Yuanzhou breathed a sigh of relief, muttered like this, and emphasized: “It’s not that I can’t run. I’m tired because I ran too fast to get the ranking, I came third, how is it?”

“Well.” Xie Lin responded and pulled him up, but smelling the fragrance of roses, his eyes dimmed a little. “Go to bed early and take a bath first.”

Fu Yuanzhou limped to the bathroom, in this while, Xie Lin brought him his underwear and put it in the bathroom. Fu Yuanzhou took a hot shower, and the heat of the water relieved the soreness on his body, but it still hurt badly, and his muscles were stiff.

So tired…

Fu Yuanzhou was so sleepy that he felt drowsy even when he was blowing his hair. After leaving the bathroom, he fell onto the bed. After a while, he suddenly felt a hand fall on him, and opened his eyes. With misty eyes, he saw Xie Lin sitting beside the bed with his hands on his waist.

“Huh?” Fu Yuanzhou was too lazy to speak, and only made a vague sound in his throat.

“I’ll massage you which will relax your body.”

Xie Lin patted his back: “Lie down.”

Fu Yuanzhou wanted to refuse, but Xie Lin brought his two calves up and put them on his thighs before he could say anything and started massaging his calves.

Xie Lin’s fingers were slender and strong, the pulp of his fingers pressed back and forth on the calf and moved gently upwards. The heat in his palm was very warm, and it could cover the originally cold skin.

Fu Yuanzhou was in pain from being massaged, so he couldn’t help screaming a few times, kicking his legs indiscriminately to kick Xie Lin’s hand away, but Xie Lin held down his legs tightly and continued rubbing unmoved, even if Fu Yuanzhou begged him, he was completely ignored.    

But it turned out that he was right. Although it was very painful at first, Xie Lin’s hand seemed to have some kind of magic power. The place he massaged produced a tingling and sore feeling. relieving the original pain.    

Fu Yuanzhou gradually sank into this feeling, no longer struggling, instead thinking a little bit brokenly: Forget it, anyway, this is Xie Lin, and he can’t keep a distance from him.    

Xie Lin began to massage from the calf upwards very carefully, taking care of every sore place. Fu Yuanzhou enjoyed it very much and sighed inwardly about Xie Lin’s technique. He felt extremely comfortable from head to toe and couldn’t help but make a small sound from his throat, like a cat, with its soft tail trembling.    

The hand that was massaging him suddenly stopped, but Fu Yuanzhou was a little reluctant. He opened his eyes, and the tips of his eyes were red and wet. Before he could look back, he suddenly felt his body sink. It was Xie Lin who held him back down.    

What kind of massage was this?    

Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t react, as he was a little breathless, so with difficulty he reached back and patted Xie Lin.    

Xie Lin stepped aside a little, holding his shoulders and turned his body over. Fu Yuanzhou didn’t even have time to see Xie Lin’s face clearly, the light in front of him was even darker, and the shadows covered him. Xie Lin’s handsome face completely occupied his sight. Then, his lips felt a soft, warm touch.    

Xie Lin was kissing him.    

At this moment, Fu Yuanzhou’s body froze, his mind went blank, and he even forgot to struggle.

Xie Lin clasped the back of his head and continued to deepen the kiss. Fu Yuanzhou had never felt such a strong predatory aura. The hot breath almost melted him and exhausted the oxygen in his chest, but the invading party was still not satisfied. As if greedy for the temperature of his lips, he asked him for as much as he could.

The feeling of lack of oxygen made Fu Yuanzhou’s eyes glow with water, and his heart was beating wildly. He was pressed on the bed by Xie Lin. From the initial shock to his recovery, his resistance became more and more intense, and he even punched Xie Lin.

However, Xie Lin seemed to be out of control, he didn’t respond to this, and continued to kiss him deeply, but Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t bear to beat him ruthlessly.

It wasn’t until Xie Lin himself could not breathe that he finally released Fu Yuanzhou. When they parted, both of them had blood on their lips. Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t take it anymore, so he bit Xie Lin, causing his lips to bleed.

“Xie Lin! Are you crazy?!”

Fu Yuanzhou scrambled to the corner of the room, scolding Xie Lin while wiping his mouth hard.

His bottom line had been retreating all the time, and he had made concessions for Xie Lin again and again, but Xie Lin was getting more and more aggressive, should he be direct next time-

Xie Lin looked at him, and his eyes were heavy, the blood stain on his lips made his eyebrows no longer cold, revealing an inexplicably flirtatious atmosphere. He was gasping slightly, as he raised his hand and wiped the wet marks on his lips with his fingertips, without saying a word.

Fu Yuanzhou’s face and his ears were red, and he almost sat down on the ground along the wall. Just now, he was so dizzy when he was kissed by Xie Lin, that he even got carried away. His legs were still weak…    

He scolded Xie Lin over and over again in his heart, rolling out all kinds of swear words, but when it got to his mouth, he swallowed it all back, he really couldn’t scold Xie Lin for being too harsh, he could only shout at him in a fierce tone, as he said, “Don’t go too far!”    

“Is this excessive?”    

Xie Lin looked at him with bottomless eyes: “I have bitten your glands, and I want to do even worse things to you every day, even just now, but you say this is too much?”

He took a few steps forward and got closer to Fu Yuanzhou. Fu Yuanzhou’s pupils shrank instantly because he could clearly see that Xie Lin was actually… He really might want to go too far!

He was so frightened that he immediately rushed to the bed, grabbed the keys and mobile phone, and fled.

He couldn’t run very fast, but Xie Lin didn’t seem to have any intention of grabbing him. He followed behind him until he reached the door of the house. Xie Lin stopped and said to him, “Is it possible that you like me??”

Fu Yuanzhou was stagnant, looked back at Xie Lin, not knowing how to answer.

“In that case, it’s okay to hate me.”

Xie Lin said.

“Don’t just treat me as a friend anymore, I’m your suitor.”

After he closed the door, Fu Yuanzhou stood there for a while, vaguely heard the sound of water in the shower, and almost kicked the door, but he finally managed to restrain himself, then he ran all the way home, put the quilt over his head and fell asleep feeling depressed.

But unfortunately, he didn’t sleep well that night. All he thought about was Xie Lin. He almost stayed up all night. The next day he got up from the bed with dark circles under his eyes, glanced at his phone, and saw that Xie Lin had sent a message to him.

Probably to say good morning to him, Fu Yuanzhou thought, for so many years they had been saying good morning and good night to each other unshakably, even if there was a big conflict, he also said good night at the last moment last night.    

But after breaking up with him in his last life, Xie Lin stopped greeting him, and he was really panicked, and because of this, no matter what happened yesterday, he had to say “good morning” to Xie Lin.    

Fu Yuanzhou opened the dialog box and was about to send a message, but saw that Xie Lin also sent a sentence in addition to good morning.    

“I like you.”    


Fu Yuanzhou gritted his teeth and replied, “Morning,” and then threw the phone far away.

Today was the National Day holiday. Auntie had made breakfast for him, and then gone to the next door to make it for the two brothers. After Fu Yuanzhou finished eating, he sat in front of the TV and watched the military parade. He went to his phone and sent a message to Yu Fei, asking how he was doing.

“Thank you, Zhou, I’m much better.” Yu Fei said in his reply, “Did my brother go to your place?”

“He? No.” Fu Yuanzhou replied, “He’s not at home?”

“He left very early, I thought he was looking for you.” Yu Fei said, “Didn’t he say where he went?”


Fu Yuanzhou replied, holding back and not sending Xie Lin a message, he didn’t want to know about Xie Lin and where he had gone.

But since Xie Lin was not at home, Fu Yuanzhou could just go to see Yu Fei. He came to Xie Lin’s house. Yu Fei was sitting at the dining room table eating breakfast. Although his face was still a little pale, his complexion was much better, with a slight smile on his lips. He seemed to be in a good mood.

Auntie finished breakfast and went upstairs to clean up the housework. Yu Fei looked at Fu Yuanzhou tenderly and apologized to him softly: “I’m sorry about yesterday, I caused you trouble.”

“It’s okay.” Fu Yuanzhou smiled at him, “It’s your business. It’s never been trouble.”

Yu Fei frowned, then asked after a while, “Did you quarrel with my brother?”

“You see it?” Fu Yuanzhou didn’t hide it from him.

Yu Fei shook his head: “I didn’t see him after I woke up, I think he would tell you where he went under normal circumstances. But it doesn’t matter, the two of you have such a good relationship, and you will soon be able to get along well.”

“Maybe…” Fu Yuanzhou was a little underwhelmed.

“I didn’t expect that during a good holiday, there are only the two of us left at home.” Yu Fei smiled helplessly.

“And auntie.” Fu Yuanzhou said, feeling a little cold in his heart, but fortunately Xiaofei is back, otherwise wouldn’t it be worse?

“Then let’s stay together.” Yu Fei said with a smile.

Fu Yuanzhou nodded in agreement, and watched the military parade with Yu Fei, thinking while watching, when Xiao Fei is in good health, he can invite people to play at home, not only for the fun, but also for everyone to develop feelings for other people.

He was looking at the TV screen in a trance, at this moment, Yu Fei glanced at him sideways, his eyes soft and watery, and said, “Actually, I’m very happy to have you alone with me like this… If you don’t mind, can you sit down closer to me?”

Fu Yuanzhou would not refuse his request and sat down next to Yu Fei obediently. Yu Fei divided half of the blanket he was wearing and covered him with it. After the military parade was over, he smiled and asked Fu Yuanzhou: “Do you want to watch a movie? There is a movie I have always wanted to see.”

Hearing his request, Fu Yuanzhou’s expression instantly became a little unnatural: “What movie do you want to watch?”

“That’s it.”

Yu Fei took the phone and showed him the search page.

“The Wraith”.

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