TBVSR Ch. 16.1: Once More ( She was the only color in his black and white life)

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Amidst the whispers of the crowd, Tao Anxin couldn’t help blushing and looked at Jiang Yu unwillingly.

She didn’t know since when, the girl who was once used as her substitute gradually began to emit her own light.

Jiang Yu became Xie Yuan’s guide and took him into the magnificent Science and Technology Museum, introducing him to the specific situation of the Science and Technology Museum along the way, “The Science and Technology Museum was completed last year, and the main exhibition hall is still linked to our biology and physics courses. The current projects of the Science and Technology Museum include Life Spiral, Molecular Dynamic Wall, Monsoon Climate Feeling Hall, etc… If you are interested, Mr. Xie, I can show you one by one.”

Xie Yuan’s dark eyes were always focused on Jiang Yu’s body, and he carefully observed her every subtle expression and movement.

She and A Tan were really…alike.

As for what she said, Xie Yuan had no intention of listening.

Jiang Yu thought that Xie Yuan was dissatisfied with her vague introduction, so she took him to the door of the earthquake simulation hall and asked with great interest: “Mr. Xie, do you want to experience the earthquake simulation hall? The experience project is very realistic!”

Before Xie Yuan could speak, the school leader quickly said, “The earthquake simulation hall is the students’ favourite exhibition hall, but it may not be suitable for Mr. Xie…”

Xie Yuan interrupted him before he finished speaking: “Does it mean that I’m old?”

“No, no, that’s not what I meant.”

Xie Yuan saw the desire and expectation in the little girl’s eyes, and couldn’t bear to disappoint her, so he said, “I used to be a volunteer in the earthquake-stricken area. But I have never felt the situation when the earthquake had just happened, so I want to experience it for myself.”

Jiang Yu gave way to Xie Yuan: “Then I will take Mr. Xie in!” The school leaders also quickly followed.

In the preparation room, the staff helped Xie Yuan put on a protective hood and knee pads.

Xie Yuan saw that Jiang Yu was tying the straps of the protective gear alone, so he walked over, squatted down, and helped her fasten the knee pads. Such a big man squatted in front of her on one knee like this, Jiang Yu felt very flattered, but she quickly declined: “No, no! Mr. Xie, I will do it myself.”

“It’s nothing, you are a child.”

Jiang Yu suddenly felt something, she had never experienced before… the care from a parent.

Xie Yuan fastened the belt for her, checked the tightness again, and then took her into the earthquake experience hall.

Xie Yuan treated others with little enthusiasm. But seeing Jiang Yu, he didn’t know why, it was like the wonderful physiological magnetic field in his mind had been activated…

He just wanted to be nice to her and care about her for no reason.

In the earthquake experience hall, he protected Jiang Yu as much as possible, and squatted with her in the triangle area.

During the violent shaking, Jiang Yu couldn’t help screaming with excitement on her face.

Xie Yuan also smiled rarely: “You like playing this kind of exciting project.”

“It’s fun!” Jiang Yu tried her best to hold back her excitement, but after all, she was young and couldn’t hold back: “I really want to play this game, but every time there is a long queue, and the experience fee is not cheap, so I couldn’t go in.”

“Then you can play for free today.” Xie Yuan liked to see her happy appearance: “You can play as long as you want. Okay.”

“Will you play with me too?”

“Well, I like to play too.”

“That’s great!”

Xie Yuan asked the staff to open the earthquake experience of each level for them to try it out. The two kept hiding in the bunker in the room for a long time.

The school leaders who were waiting outside the exhibition hall were very happy to see Xie Yuan so interested, and said to Jiang Yu’s head teacher, “Why didn’t you choose this student at the beginning?”

“This…” The head teacher explained: “Her grades are not as good as Tao Anxin.”

“It is not only about the grades, but also the overall quality.” The head teacher was also a little puzzled: “Jiang Yu used to be very unremarkable and timid in the class. He change has been really big recently.”

While speaking, Jiang Yu and Xie Yuan walked out of the earthquake experience hall.

Jiang Yu took him to the next exhibition hall again, and the two of them were chatting and laughing as if they were old friends.

So, the school leaders became the foil for the two.

After all, a character like Xie Yuan was unpredictable, and very difficult to get along with.

It was so rare that Jiang Yu could make him so happy.

Throughout the morning, Xie Yuan’s visit to the Science and Technology Museum was very pleasant. During the pleasant chat, the investment contract between Xie Yuan and the school leaders was also finalized.

At noon, the school leaders and Xie Yuan talked about the investment dinner. As a student, it was naturally inconvenient for Jiang Yu to participate.

At the entrance of the Science and Technology Museum, the head teacher said to Jiang Yu, “Thank you for your hard work, Jiang Yu, you should go back to the classroom for self-study.”

Jiang Yu nodded and glanced at Xie Yuan behind him.

Just now, the school leaders had been following behind them, and she never found a chance to tell Xie Yuan about it.

That matter…it was too personal, and it could only be said when the two of them were completely alone together.

After she took a few steps, she looked back at Xie Yuan unwillingly.

This opportunity was really rare. If she missed it, she didn’t know what year and month would she see him next time.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu turned back and said bravely: “Mr. Xie, I have some personal things I want to talk to you about. I don’t know if it is convenient for you now?”

They knew that Jiang Yu’s family was not good. If she begged Xie Yuan to help her or something on such an occasion, it would put Xie Yuan in a very embarrassing situation.

Also, it was so rude!

The school leader immediately reprimanded: “Ms. Jiang Yu, I’m afraid it’s inconvenient for Mr. Xie to listen to your private affairs. If you have any difficulties, you can tell the school, please don’t bother Mr. Xie…” Before he finished speaking, Xie Yuan glanced at him with cold eyes, and blocked the rest of his words.

“It’s convenient for me.” Xie Yuan said to Jiang Yu in a soft tone: “Let’s go to the playground and talk while walking, okay.”

The two here were very worried.

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