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Although it was difficult, Jiang Yu still gritted her teeth and spent a week reciting the speech of several thousand words.

In any case, she must meet Xie Yuan, complete the entrusted task, and get a reward of 150,000 yuan.

In the activity class on Friday afternoon, Jiang Yu and Tao Anxin took turns to give speeches.

Jiang Yu introduced the Science and Technology Museum word for word.

Her words were eloquent, and her demeanour was natural. No matter what questions the teacher asked, she could answer them fluently.

The classmates looked at her in astonishment. They didn’t expect that she could actually memorize so much of the content. It seemed that she had worked hard.

After Jiang Yu stepped down, Tao Anxin stepped onto the podium confidently. She first introduced the general situation of the Science and Technology Museum.

She glanced at Jiang Yu provocatively, and then continued the introduction in fluent English.

The classmates were completely shocked by her.

Unexpectedly, in addition to preparing a Chinese introduction, she also prepared an English introduction!

Too strong!

The head teacher asked a few more questions that were easy to answer. Tao Anxin said to the head teacher, “Teacher, I haven’t finished reciting the rest of the content, but this weekend, I will be able to finish it and recite it in both Chinese and English.” The head teacher nodded with satisfaction, the students also applauded vigorously.

There was no doubt that this time, 90% of the classmates were impressed by Tao Anxin’s bilingual recitation and voted for Tao Anxin.

Only Chen Wei voted for Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu was very disappointed. She had decided to prepare bilingual speech as well before, but…in the end, she decided to listen to Qiu Li’s words and memorized the Chinese manuscript first.

She obviously failed.

But if she lost, she lost, and she could only find another way.

On Monday afternoon, a banner was put up at the gate of the school, expressing a warm welcome to Xie Yuan, President of Yue Fang Technology Company, who would be coming to visit the Science and Technology Museum of the school.

The school was running normally, but some students who were excellent in character and learning were specially selected to stand at the school gate to welcome Xie Yuan.

Tao Anxin was Xie Yuan’s only guide. She wore a beautiful dress and light makeup, as she stood with the leaders in suits and ties, and waited eagerly for Xie Yuan’s arrival.

Jiang Yu stood among the students and watched from a distance.

In any case, it would be nice to meet him and know what he looked like.

Tao Anxin looked at Jiang Yu in the crowd from time to time, with a smug smile in her eyes.

A fake was a fake. Thinking that she looked like her, her trying to replace her was a fool’s dream.

Soon, a black Bentley stopped at the entrance of the school, and Xie Yuan, in a black suit, calmly alighted from the car.

Xie Yuan had passed the age of youth, but he was still handsome, with a mature temperament, tough and sharp facial features, which gave people a sense of indifference that was difficult to attack.

She had heard that he was middle-aged and still single.

She had heard that he lost his love, and since then, he had not shown interest in anyone else.

She had heard that he was taciturn, moody, and had been in prison.

There were too many rumours about him.

In just 20 years, he had become the most dazzling upstart in the business world of Beicheng, from a poor impoverished boy.

He had made himself a legend.

Tao Anxin walked up to Xie Yuan and introduced herself in English, showing off her fluent spoken English.

The school leaders looked at each other and nodded in satisfaction.

The classmates also looked at Tao Anxin with envy and admiration.

As expected of the top student Tao Anxin, she was amazing!

After Tao Anxin finished the first paragraph of the English report, she looked at Xie Yuan expectantly, waiting for his appreciation.

But she didn’t expect that Xie Yuan didn’t even look at her, instead he turned back to the leader and said, “Can you change her to someone who can speak Chinese?”

Tao Anxin was stunned when she heard this.

The school leaders did not expect such a thing to happen. They looked at each other and said, “Mr. Xie, Tao Anxin is the best student in our school. If you don’t like listening to English, we will let her introduce to you in Chinese.”

Of course, Xie Yuan couldn’t get along with a high school student, so they asked Tao Anxin: “I heard that the molecular movement wall in your science and technology museum is the biggest attraction, please introduce it to me.”

Tao Anxin froze in place.

She had been busy preparing the venue introduction in English for the past two days. As for the specific exhibits in the venue, she had not had time to memorize it.

She originally thought that Xie Yuan was just coming to look at it casually, but she didn’t expect him to ask such a professional and detailed question.

Tao Anxin blushed, unable to utter a word, biting her lips, she looked like she was about to cry.

Xie Yuan glanced at the school leader: “If she is the best student in your school, then I have to reconsider investing.”

The school leader was also quite embarrassed, and hurriedly winked at Tao Anxin’s head teacher, “Isn’t there another option?”

The head teacher waved his hand to let Tao Anxin leave, and then found Jiang Yu in the crowd.

“Jiang Yu, you replace Tao Anxin!”


Jiang Yu did not expect such a change, and pointed to herself: “Are you sure?”

“Didn’t you memorize the manuscript thoroughly? Go and be the tour guide for President Xie.”

Jiang Yu was pushed in front of Xie Yuan without any preparation, so she nervously said: “Xie, Mr. Xie, hello, my name is Jiang Yu, and I will show you the science and technology museum of the school.”

“Molecular Movement Wall, please introduce.” Xie Yuan didn’t look at her, but his expression was a little impatient.

Jiang Yu was already familiar with the venue facilities before, and Qiu Li had made very detailed notes for her.

Therefore, to Xie Yuan’s question, her answer came right away, “Molecular motion wall, located in the east area of the second floor of the exhibition hall, consists of multiple spherical molecular models that move and collide, mainly to present the process of free movement and collision between molecules.”

The school leaders breathed a sigh of relief.

Xie Yuan’s cold expression finally eased, and he seemed to be relatively satisfied, and glanced at her casually.

Then, his eyes stuck to her like glue.

The appearance of this girl was so similar to his young lover!

He almost thought that time travel was involved, and the lover he had once loved had returned… The school leader called Xie Yuan, who had lost his train thoughts, several times before he came back to his senses.

Xie Yuan sorted out his complicated mood and asked, “Your name is Jiang Yu?”


“Then please, give me… a good introduction.”

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