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“Zhou…” Yu Fei called Fu Yuanzhou pleadingly, Fu Yuanzhou’s heart was so soft, how could he not agree, now no matter what Yu Fei begged him to do, he could only say yes.

“I’ll accompany you, you can sleep in peace.” Fu Yuanzhou said. He stayed to take care of Yu Fei, so he wiped his face with a wet towel from time to time, carefully tucked the quilt for him, and took care of everything, nobody could have been more attentive than him.

Yu Fei quickly fell asleep. He held Fu Yuanzhou’s hand and clasped their fingers tightly together. His originally knitted brows relaxed, revealing a faint smile that seemed content.

Fu Yuanzhou touched Yu Fei’s forehead with his free hand, and when he retracted his hand, he was suddenly sprayed with dispersant.

The dispersant was a bit cold, so he shrank his fingertips slightly, and subconsciously looked up at Xie Lin, who was also looking at him.    

Fu Yuanzhou realized something, so he coughed dryly, and said softly, “I can’t care about a sick patient?”

He sprayed him a few more times.

Fu Yuanzhou: “…” So he couldn’t care about him.

Xie Lin glanced at him again, put down the dispersant, and sat down while looking at his phone, without intending to leave. Fu Yuanzhou also planned to stay with Yu Fei for a while, so he leaned against the head of the bed to rest, and soon fell asleep because of exhaustion. His body slipped down little by little and fell on Yu Fei’s body.

Yu Fei woke up instantly, and when he opened his eyes, he saw that it was Fu Yuanzhou who had accidentally fallen asleep and was even sleeping so deeply that he couldn’t be woken up.

He felt both distressed and happy. What made him distressed was that Fu Yuanzhou had consumed so much physical strength in the sports meeting, but he was happy that he was willing to take care of him even though he was so tired.

He sat up to help Fu Yuanzhou adjust his posture and wanted him to lie down on the bed and sleep more comfortably. Xie Lin put down his mobile phone, opened the bedroom door first, and then hugged Fu Yuanzhou, who was asleep, and said, “I will send him to the guest room.”

“…Brother.” Yu Fei suddenly called him.

Xie Lin stopped and looked back at him.

Yu Fei continued: “Do you know what I thought I was dreaming just now? I had a dream where I was in estrus for the first time. At that time, I was in a fever, and I dreamed of being with you and Zhou more than once. But you are taking him away from me now.”

At that time, he was very frightened and scared, trapped in the fiery tide of love, and it was hard to have any reason to even speak.

In fact, his dreams were even more chaotic and crazy. He also dreamed that he forced himself on Zhou, who was crying with tears all over his face and begging him to let him go, but how could it be possible, even if it was a dream, as long as you have tasted the sweetness, it was impossible to let go.

It was the instinct of every Alpha to want his beloved Omega to be infected with his own breath and to reproduce for him.

Every time his cousin would appear in his dreams, he would leave with Yuanyuan, most of his attempts thus ended in failure, just like when the three of them played together when they were children, Yuanyuan would always choose his cousin instead of him.

But even so…

Yu Fei lifted the quilt, got out of bed with bare feet, and sent Fu Yuanzhou to the guest bedroom with Xie Lin. Staring at Fu Yuanzhou’s peaceful sleeping face, he whispered. “It’s not that I don’t have a chance, at least Yuanyuan is very distressed for me.”

He was very selfish. Seeing Yuanyuan being busy taking care of him, he felt distressed for Yuanyuan, but he also felt secretly happy, and wanted Yuanyuan to be even busier, in fact it would be best if he just focused on him alone and saw no one else.

He shouldn’t forget that although Yuanyuan always played with his cousin when he was a child, but whenever he was jealous and stood in the yard crying, Yuanyuan would always come back to coax him and give him chocolate, then he would take his hand and play with him.

Even if he made a mistake and broke things in the house, he would tolerate him, and even take the initiative to take the blame for him and be scolded by adults.

Some of the actions of his cousin just now actually meant that he was not indifferent to his and Zhou’s closeness. He was also not fully sure. In this regard, they were the same, and they were both distant pursuers.

To a certain extent, he might even have an advantage over his cousin –

“If Zhou would have liked you, you should have gotten together many years ago, but you haven’t.”

Yu Fei raised his lips a little.

“Does that mean he’ll never be able to like you?”

Xie Lin suddenly looked up at him.


Fu Yuanzhou opened his eyes in a daze and found that he had fallen asleep while taking care of Yu Fei.

Did Xie Lin bring him here?

He sat up, then lay back down again. After sleeping, his body had become sorer, and he felt lazy, so didn’t want to move at all.

Why don’t I just sleep here tonight… He thought, since his parents were not at home anyway, it was the same wherever he slept. Xie Lin’s house also had a set of his pajamas and toiletries.

After making up his mind, he lay down in a relaxed way, and picked up his mobile phone from the bedside. He took his mobile phone and swiped his Moments to like and leave messages. After a while, Xie Lin knocked on the door. He should have seen his activity on WeChat and must have known that he was already awake.

“You just open the door and come in.”

Fu Yuanzhou lazily spread out, Xie Lin came in, turned on the lamp, and stood beside the bed as he said, “Go back if you’ve woken up.”

“I won’t go back.” Fu Yuanzhou held the quilt motionless. The hem of his clothes lifted up with his movements, revealing a white waist and abdomen, “I’ll sleep at your house.”

Xie Lin looked at him for a while and said, “Only me and Yu Fei are here, do you still want to stay?”

Fu Yuanzhou jumped up from the bed abruptly: “I’ll go back—ah…”

There was a look of pain on his face. He got up so fast that his body hurt even more, and he couldn’t even stand up.

“Come and help me…”

He took a small breath and stretched out a hand towards Xie Lin. Xie Lin took his hand to help him stand up. He leaned on Xie Lin and moved out with great difficulty.

Xie Lin put his arms around his waist and looked down at him. He could see the black collar around his neck. The pheromone smell on his body had not been completely dispelled, and he could vaguely smell the aroma of roses.

Suddenly he stopped, turned, and took Fu Yuanzhou back to the bed, and sat down with him. Fu Yuanzhou was caught off guard and his center of gravity was unstable, so he fell directly on the bed. Xie Lin lay down on his side and looked at Fu Yuanzhou.


Fu Yuanzhou was a little dazed and didn’t understand what was going on. Xie Lin raised his hand and stroked his face, then he approached him, and brought the distance between the two of them very close. They were so close that their breaths blended, and they could feel each other’s body temperature.

“Don’t go.” Xie Lin said, “Stay at my house tonight.”

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