TBVSR Ch. 112: Good Son

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Jiang Yu tip-toed on the stairs and walked down quietly.

In the kitchen, Xie Yuan inserted a sharp kitchen knife back in the cutting board, then warmed two packets of milk in the hot water and baked toast.

“Dad, you’re back.” The little girl lay on the side of the cooking table and smiled at him, her long black hair hanging down her shoulders and her skin slightly pale.

Xie Yuan stretched out his hand and squeezed her face, and asked, “Why doesn’t your complexion look good? What have you been eating these past few days?”

“Uh, takeaway.”


Xie Yuan peeled a white egg for Jiang Yu, put it on a plate and handed it over, then poured two cups of milk, and one cup was handed to her: “Eat breakfast.”


“You are all adults in your twenties, and you don’t even know how to cook by yourself.” Xie Yuan said dissatisfiedly while baking toast, “Do you still want your father to take care of you.”

“I will take care of myself.”

“Will you take care of yourself by eating takeaway every day?”

“My mother didn’t let me learn to cook before. She said my task was to study hard, not to do housework.”

Although Xie Yuan was dissatisfied on the surface, he felt a little grateful to Jiang Manyi in his heart.

Her past economic conditions were not very good. Even so, she never made Jiang Yu feel wronged, refused to ask her to do housework, and sent her to private school to study ballet…

She may have treated Jiang Yu better than her own daughter.

“Be good to your mother in the future.”

“Of course!”

Seeing that Xie Yuan’s attitude had eased, Jiang Yu said cautiously: “Dad, the postgraduate entrance examination results came out, he passed the exam…”

“I know.” Xie Yuan interrupted him: “Don’t rush to spread the news, with his IQ, scores like this are normal, not worthy of pride.”

“You are too demanding of him!”

“I have higher requirements for my son-in-law. He hasn’t met it. It’s far worse.”

“Uh.” Jiang Yu stuck her tongue out and decided not to mention this to Xie Yuan: “Dad, I heard that you have been in a relationship recently?”

“Well, you’ve met her, Liu Ye.”

“Wow! It’s true!” Jiang Yu said in surprise, “This is really great!”

She was really afraid that Xie Yuan would not be able to get out of the haze of her mother’s death, and remain alone all his life. Now that he was willing to open his heart to accept other people, Jiang Yu was happy for him from the bottom of her heart.

“She will come over for dinner at noon, and you will meet her formally.”

“Hey! Dad, why didn’t you say it earlier! I haven’t put on makeup yet!”

After Jiang Yu finished speaking, she ran into the room. Xie Yuan stopped her: “Call the kid in the closet.”


Five minutes later, Qiu Li stood in front of Xie Yuan in a decent manner.

The heights of the two of them were actually about the same, both of them were 1.87 meters, but Xie Yuan looked stronger, while Qiu Li looked slenderer.

“Hello, Uncle Xie.”

“Come sit.”

Qiu Li walked over obediently, and Xie Yuan directly picked up the kitchen knife inserted on the chopping board.

When Jiang Yu saw this, she was taken aback and shouted: “Dad! What are you going to do!”

Xie Yuan rolled his eyes, changed the direction of the knife, and handed him the handle.

Qiu Li caught the hilt of the knife before he listened to him slowly say: “To become my son-in-law, the most important thing is the kitchen, no matter how much you achieve in the future. At home, the kitchen is your battlefield.”

Jiang Yu breathed a sigh of relief, and Qiu Li’s expression also relaxed a lot. He clenched the kitchen knife, and solemnly promised Xie Yuan: “I will learn to cook.”

“At noon, I invited an aunt to come to eat at home, you will help in the kitchen, and I will teach you how to cook by the way.”


Soon, Liu Ye came to Xie Yuan’s house. Xie Yuan brought the washed fruit and put it on the coffee table in the living room, asked Jiang Yu to talk with Liu Ye for a while, and he and Qiu Li went into the kitchen.

Jiang Yu had never seen Xie Yuan be so courteous to anyone. It seemed that he really liked this Aunt Liu Ye who looked like a young lady.

The appearance of Liu Ye was very delicate, a bit like a Yuxiang girl holding a paper umbrella, but her character was not as gentle as a Jiangnan girl, she especially liked to laugh, spoke very straightforwardly, and was very cheerful and lively.

Jiang Yu was chatting with her, and she could clearly feel that this woman’s mood was as infectious as mellow spirits, which could melt winter snow and revive everything.

She finally knew why her father suddenly fell in love with her after being single for so many years.

Liu Ye’s body…, especially gave Bu Tanyan’s feeling.

Although Jiang Yu had never met Bu Tanyan herself, she knew Bu Tanyan better than anyone else.

Jiang Yu knew every dance drama she did. In and out of the play, Bu Tanyan was not only her biological mother, but also her friend.

“Aunt Liu, what do you like about my father?” Jiang Yu asked curiously.

“I like him…”

It was the first time for Liu Ye to think about this issue in depth. There were no shortage of excellent men pursuing her before, but Liu Ye just didn’t relent. She and Xie Yuan had clarified their relationship on almost the first day of their ambiguity.

“I like the feeling he gives me, as if we have known each other for a long time.”

This answer was very strange to Jiang Yu. It was not the general answer that he was handsome, mature, and stable.

Of course, Jiang Yu could see that Liu Ye was definitely not an ordinary woman. She had a sense of pride in her, which made her match any good man.

The feeling of chatting with her was really amazing.

In the kitchen, Xie Yuan taught Qiu Li to make Jiang Yu’s favourite beer duck. Qiu Li was also smart and learnt it soon.

The two chatted indifferently. Although Xie Yuan tried his best to disguise and conceal his calmness, Qiu Li was so clever and clear, how could he not see that Xie Yuan was hiding something in his heart, and it seemed that there was still something he wanted to say to him.

“Uncle Xie, you can talk about anything you want.” Qiu pointed out clearly: “I am the same as Xiao Yu.”

Xie Yuan pondered for a moment, then patted Qiu Li on the shoulder, and said in a low voice, “Xiao Li, there is indeed something I need to trouble you with.

“Please say.”

Xie Yuan told him all his absurd guesses about Liu Ye: “I have never believed that A Tan has left. Maybe she really is not dead, but for various reasons, she can’t meet me. Liu Ye is almost exactly the same as her. Except for the five senses. But the five senses of a person can be changed, can’t they.”

After hearing Xie Yuan’s words, Qiu Li stared at Xie Yuan’s expression calmly.

Hope, longing, a little bit paranoid…

These words, not so much to tell him, not to say that Xie Yuan said to himself.

He was more willing to believe that these words were true than anyone else, or…he hoped that all of this was true.

Qiu Li knew that the correct answer should be like Jiang Manyi, telling Xie Yuan that he was wrong.

But Qiu Li couldn’t speak.

He was not stupid. The relationship between him and Xiao Yu would really be settled only when Xie Yuan nodded. For the sake of this, Qiu Li must stand on his side.

“I can try it for you.” Qiu Li said to Xie Yuan: “Help you see what she was like in the past.”

Xie Yuan pressed his shoulder heavily.

The family had eaten happily, and Liu Ye was surprised to see that Qiu Li was the boy she had driven over that night.

She had an unspeakable liking for Qiu Li and always looked at him from time to time.

“Where is Xiao Li from?”


“What do your parents do?”

“My dad is….my mother…”

He paused for a long time, after all, he couldn’t tell.

Jiang Yu immediately interceded and said: “My parents are Xiao Li’s parents, a singer and a president. As for my mother, Aunt Liu is more familiar, so I don’t need to introduce it.”

Liu Ye was also a very clever woman. She immediately felt something from the boy’s low expression and said, “It’s great, just like a family.”

“Yes, we are a family.”

Xie Yuan said to Liu Ye: “Xiao Liu, don’t you always tell me that your memory is not good? It just so happens that Xiao Li is a clinical psychology major in our family. Would you like to let him see it for you.”

“Eh? Is this… useful? I have actually seen a lot of psychologists before, but none of them were of much use.”

“With Xiao Li’s level, you can be rest assured, he was also involved in the major theft of cultural relics uncovered in Haicheng last time.”

“So amazing.”

“He is great and should be able to solve your problem.”

Xie Yuan glanced at Qiu Li, Qiu Li felt the anxiousness of his eyes, got up and walked to the window, closed the curtains, and turned the whole room dim.

“Aunt Liu, sit on the sofa for a while and stay relaxed.”

Liu Ye sat on the sofa and rested for a while, Xie Yuan spoke with her, but Jiang Yu frowned, winked at Qiu Li, and asked him to come to the balcony.

“So, what happened with you and my dad singing together?”

“I’ll explain it later, okay.”

“No way.”

Jiang Yu knew how powerful Qiu Li’s hypnotism was. He had hypnotized her for three full years.

If Qiu Li didn’t say clearly what was going on today, she would never let Qiu Li hypnotize Liu Ye at will.

Soon, Xie Yuan also walked out and said to Jiang Yu bluntly: “Aunt Liu is almost like your mother Bu Tanyan, so I asked Xiao Li to help me check if she really is your mother.”

Such absurd words came out from Xie Yuan’s mouth, Jiang Yu was very surprised: “Dad, why do you…, how do you think this way, how could Aunt Liu be my mother.”

“It’s too late to explain.” Xie Yuan said firmly: “In any case, we must find out the truth today.”

“But Dad… If Aunt Liu is not my mother, are you going to break up with her.”

Xie Yuan calmly did not answer.

He hadn’t thought about this ending, Liu Ye must be her, and he couldn’t feel wrong.

Jiang Yu’s heart slowly sank.

She thought Xie Yuan had come out of her mother’s shadow since he began to associate with Liu Ye, but she didn’t expect that not only did he not get out of cage he built for himself, on the contrary…, he was sinking deeper and deeper.

It was not Liu Ye who should see a psychiatrist, but Xie Yuan.

Jiang Yu looked at Qiu Li and asked incredulously, “So you agreed?”

Qiu Li held his hands and looked at the sky: “I saw Aunt Liu’s eyes, it seems that they are not natural, they may have been adjusted.”


This sounded so familiar.

Qiu Li said insincerely: “In short, I believe that uncle’s judgment must have his reason.”

Xie Yuan: “Good son.”

Qiu Li said solemnly: “Xiao Yu, please trust Dad too.”

Jiang Yu looked at this guy’s dogleg look full of eagerness, feeling speechless.

Okay, even “Dad” was called.

It seemed that he was determined to recognize Xie Yuan as his father.

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