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There was lush vegetation and low hills around Yanqiu. Every year, when geese flew from north to south, flocks of wild geese rested here, so it got its name.

The chariots and horses of the Northern Territory, carrying the prince and a whole carload of gifts, slowly drove into the hinterland of Yanqiu. From a distance, you could see the buildings on the mound, with white walls and gray tiles, surrounded by lush forests and bamboos. The newly planted vines were growing gratifyingly and had climbed up the wall and the area seemed lush and full of vitality.

“Damn it!” The coachman jumped out of the carriage and circled the wild jujube trees on the side of the road. This tree was ugly, with crooked and staggered growth, like a barrier specially used to block the road. When the carriage passed by, the coachman had to pick up the branch with his own hands, so he remembered it clearly.

“Your Majesty, we have already walked this road once!” The coachman was a little panicked, and after going around for half an hour, they had been walking around in circles, he was afraid that the nobleman in the carriage would blame him.

Shen Lou stepped out of the carriage, glanced at the road full of rocks and crooked trees, then he turned over and jumped on a horse, “There is an formation here, you follow me.”

The Zhu family was good at formations, which was the inheritance left by their ancestors. Zhu Xingli knew a little about everything, so naturally he didn’t fall behind in this aspect as well.

Lin Xin was also quite proficient in this way. Back then he was imprisoned by Lin Xin, even if Lin Xin didn’t lock him, he couldn’t get out of that palace. Later, it was Lin Xin who held his hand and taught him step by step how to read the hexagrams and how to break through the maze.

By analogy, after that, Shen Lou should be able to break through this ordinary formation.

Without disturbing the master, the group entered directly into Yanqiu without making a sound.

Several jujube trees grew on the hill, they were three feet high and thick when hugged together. Jian Zhong was sitting under the tree reading a book, the little fat man from those days had turned into a young man facing the wind in the tree, and he seemed to have a coquettish attitude in every gesture. The soft flesh on his cheeks had disappeared, leaving clear outlines as sharp as an axe.

“Boom!” Falling jujubes smashed on his head, making a muffled sound.

He ignored it nonchalantly and continued to flip through the book.

“Dongdong!” With two jujubes falling again, he looked up helplessly, caught the fallen jujubes and stuffed them into his mouth, “What are you doing?”

“Wow!” Lin Xin, who suddenly hung half upside down from the canopy of the tree and while chewing dates, he asked with a smile, “Zhongzhong, what book are you reading?

“Look, Master asked me to read it.”

Zhu Xingli gave them different things to study, and had asked Jian Zhong to re-read history books and the art of war to learn the way of governing the country. As for Lin Xin, he taught him a little of everything, such as spell formation, five elements and fortune-telling, sword skills, as well as shepherd and horse training…

“You are still reading, you are so stupid, come and do one or two tricks with me.” Lin Xin hooked a branch. Turning over, the branches and leaves of the jujube tree fell down one after another due to the influence of spiritual power.

“Don’t make trouble.” Jian Zhong accepted the move with a smile, the two inconspicuous dimples at the corners of his mouth were slightly sunken, instantly softening his stern face.

“Dinglingling——” a small ringing sound came from a distance, Lin Xin slapped away the attacking hand and used his strength to close it and rushed to the top of the tree in two steps and looked up.

“Someone broke in.” Jian Zhong also climbed up the tree and joined him. From such a distance, he couldn’t see the face of the person who came. The tall horse and canopy cart looked like it was just ordinary people.

“Whoever he is, catch him first.” Lin Xin squinted his eyes. He was about to be fifteen years old, and the master had an accident when he was fifteen years old. No matter who the visitor was, he must investigate clearly.

With his whistle, the guards of Yanqiu hidden in the forest came out of the hole like a snake, galloped away in the shape of a character, and locked the group of people in an instant.

“Boom!” The big net made of black iron soared into the sky, and covered the area with rolled up dead branches and leaves.

“Bah——” the steed neighed and stood up, and the coachman was so frightened that he hugged his head and screamed. The guards of the Shen family drew their swords one after another but failed to cut off the iron net. Instead, the vertical and horizontal sword lights were ejected back, cutting their own clothes.

Shen Lou pulled out the Yu Yuan Sword, but did not take it out of its sheath, he just twirled it like a flower in the air, and the sword aura shook the dead leaves into the air, and pressed the tip of the sword against the iron net, as calmly as if holding an umbrella.

“Who is here, why did you trespass on Yanqiu?” came a heavy, cold and polite voice.

“What are you talking about with them, trespasser, kill!” The gloomy tone was exactly the voice Shen Lou had known Lin Xin to have in his previous life, and he was familiar with the trembling voice, which made his movement of waving the fallen leaves freeze for a moment.

The dead leaves fell to the ground, and several guards in scarlet clothes surrounded the Shen family’s chariots and horses. The bodyguards of the Shen family were trapped by the iron net and were about to put on Luli to fight.

“Everyone, stop!” Shen Lou shouted, the guards of the Shen family just pressed the hilt of the sword and did not move, and he himself maintained the posture of holding an umbrella, while looking at Lin Xin who had grown into a young man amidst the falling leaves.    

Seeing the person coming, the murderous look in Lin Xin’s eyes instantly disappeared, and after a flash of astonishment, he cupped his hands politely, “Dare to ask your name, why did you come to my Yanqiu?”

The outstretched hand had not been withdrawn, hearing Lin Xin’s gentle questioning, he almost thought that he had heard it wrong. The guards of Yanqiu were also a little sluggish. The order given to them just now was “cut it down”. Were they going to cut it now or not?    

“We are from Huan Xinghai. This is the son of Duke Xuan of the Northern Territory,” Zishu got out of the carriage and explained, “The Prince is here to visit Senior Zhu.”

Zishu couldn’t recognize Lin Xin anymore.

And as a “child”, naturally he shouldn’t recognize the eldest son who was only a few days with him when he was a child. Hearing that Zishu said he was the “son of Xuan Guogong”, Lin Xin showed a look of astonishment and nostalgia, “It turns out that he is the son of the Northern Territory, I’m sorry.”

After speaking, he snapped his fingers, and the big black wire net suddenly moved up, fell back to the ground on both sides, and was covered again by the guards in scarlet clothes with dead branches and leaves. It was as if nothing had happened, except for the dirt, grass and rags which covered the Shen family.

Shen Lou got off his horse, threw the reins to the guards, and walked up to Lin Xin, “You don’t remember me?”

Lin Xin smiled slightly, “Your Majesty, please.”

Shen Lou gave him a deep look. This little bastard clearly recognized him at the first sight, but he still wanted to play “we should not know each other when we meet each other”. Was he still blaming him?

They had brought rich gifts, silk and satin, fox fur with antlers, gold and silver, a large box of Luli, and a letter written by Shen Qirui.

“Your father is really generous.” Zhu Xingli threw the letter aside and read the gift list carefully, “In that case, you can stay in Yanqiu for a while, let’s talk first, but I can’t guarantee that I can cure you.”

“Yes.” Shen Lou agreed without hesitation. It was his body, and he knew by itself that he didn’t have any hope for a cure, and he had come here only to find Lin Xin.

Zhu Xingli was very satisfied with Shen Lou’s attitude, so he touched his chin, and suddenly remembered that there was no guest room in Yanqiu. He had a lot of friends, so after learning that he had settled in Yanqiu, people would visit him from time to time. In order not to waste rice, there were no luxuriously decorated guest rooms, except for the ones where the master and apprentice lived, others were all shabby rooms.

“How about…” Zhu Xingli glanced at his two apprentices.

Lin Xin stood in front of his senior brother and put on the proper posture of a senior brother, “Live with me.”

Jian Zhong originally wanted to say that he would give up his residence to the eldest son, and move to live with his senior brother himself, but he did not expect Lin Xin to be so righteous. “Brother, let me…”

“That’s fine, we lived together when we were young.” Shen Lou stood up and directly interrupted the “brotherly love” conversation between the two.

Shen Shizi thus came to live in Lin Xin’s house in such a grand manner. Leaning on the pillar, peeking at Shen Lou who was changing clothes in the inner room, Lin Xin felt a little out of his mind.

In his previous life, Shen Lou had never been to Yanqiu, let alone sought Zhu Xingli for treatment. In this way, Shen Lou definitely didn’t have this weakness in his previous life. In the past few years, he had searched through his master’s collection of books, and secretly searched for a few people whose souls had been crushed by him in his previous life. Without exception, they all had lost their souls, and he had a rough guess about Shen Lou’s problem.

The sound of rustling clothes brought Lin Xin back to his senses, and he quickly lost his mind. Shen Lou had unexpectedly taken off his underwear.

Eighteen-year-old Shen Lou’s body had fully grown, and his movements seemed to be restraining the amazing power hidden under his flesh. The plain white clothes fell from his shoulders, revealing a muscular back and beautifully shaped butterfly bones. He had touched those places inch by inch, seeing them again now, he couldn’t help but tighten his throat.

“I didn’t tell father about your life experience.” Shen Lou took off half of his underwear and pulled it up again, aiming at the guy behind him who was staring at him from the corner of his eye.

“Huh? Oh.” Lin Xin came back to his senses, and he didn’t feel the embarrassment of being caught peeking. Fortunately, he had walked in front of Shen Lou, “I know.”

After leaving Mogui Mountain, he had guessed that it was a misunderstanding.

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Small theater:

Loulou: You knew it was a misunderstanding, then why didn’t you go back and find me?

Xinxin: What’s the use of looking for you? Can you drive[1]?

Loulou: Is driving the only thing on your mind?

Xinxin: No, there are licks, twists, and bites

Loulou: /(/·/ω/·/ )/

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[1] Euphemism for sex.

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