RCFS Ch. 276

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The people in Sky Club looked at each other, and they all took a breath.

Damn it, they really lost face today. Lin Dong was so strong but he was KO’d by a girl in one second. Moreover, there was still someone who dared to tell the people from the three major clubs to get out?

Everyone subconsciously looked at Ming Siye, President, you have to say something!

Ming Siye obviously didn’t expect that the battle would turn out like this, or in other words, he never thought that his people would lose!

Wouldn’t it be embarrassing to ask him to get out too?

“By the way, I remember that I still owe the senior a favour, so you don’t have to get out and I’ll return it to you as a favour!”

Ye Yunxi’s words made Ming Siye blush slightly.

The favour was just that he took Ye Yunxi to meet the club teacher. Even if he didn’t have to take her, they would still be able to see each other. It was like he was stingy and insisted on it!

But in this situation, letting him get out would be worse than letting him die!

In anger, Ming Siye could only snort and leave angrily.

On the other hand, the people of Sky Club looked at each other. What should they do if the president was gone?

“You guys, get out of here!”

Helian Moxie raised her foot and gave these helpless people a helping hand.

Seeing this, the remaining people could only lie down on the ground and pretend to get out.

Really get out? What a joke, are you still shameless?

Just get down and crawl out!

After everyone had left, Yehuang’s people gathered around excitedly: “President, you are so handsome!”

“It’s just that I suddenly feel that following you is a good way to gain face!”

“Sky Club is nothing special. He can’t even beat our Helian Moxie!”

Amidst the buzzing discussion, Ye Yunxi turned back coldly and said indifferently: “Who is it that used provocation? Stand up for yourself!”

The noisy crowd was suddenly stunned and fell silent instantly.

Everyone, look at their president. Finally, someone pointed at a thin boy in the corner.

“It’s him, Liang Xiao.”

Liang Xiao shrank and could only walk out bravely: “Well, I…I just can’t stand Sky Club’s arrogance. Didn’t Sun Chao also say that our goal is to be the first club in the school? I…I was right to say that, right?”

“They are one of the three major clubs. What’s wrong with their arrogance? God, you can’t do anything to them.” Ye Yunxi sneered and looked at Liang Xiao: “You went to provoke Sky Club yourself, but let the entire Yehuang people bear the hatred for you. Aren’t you a little selfish?”

Until this moment, everyone looked at Liang Xiao.

Yes, does Yehuang belong to one person?


Yehuang was a club and belonged to all of them!

If one person went out to cause trouble, the whole Yehuang would be blamed. Fortunately, Ye Yunxi was here to solve the problem this time. If it could not be solved, then the whole Yehuang would be in trouble!

“Yes, Liang Xiao, you are going too far!”

“Why are you provoking others? The president is right, are you provocative?”

“I think you were rejected by Sky Club before, but now you can’t stand it anymore. So you went back to take revenge, right? If you don’t have the ability, don’t provoke them blindly!”

“That’s right!”

Everyone criticized, and Liang Xiao couldn’t hold it in any longer, squeezing his neck and said: “Didn’t you say you want to be the first club? That’s awesome! You don’t even have the temperament, you want to become the first club, you are the liars!”

“What did you say!”

The five people who were the first to follow Ye Yunxi in Yehuang all became angry with embarrassment, and even Helian Moxie couldn’t help it. She wanted to beat Liang Xiao, but Ye Yunxi just stopped everyone gently and looked at the slender young man indifferently.

“In the name of the president, I order you to withdraw from the club!”

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