TBLF Ch. 68

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Although winning a steamer was not something to be proud of, watching Qi Ying treat the steamer as a baby, Ji Rang’s eyes at the steamer finally became gentle.

Okay, just take it.

But holding the steamer, she really couldn’t sit in his back seat, and then Ji Rang was dumbfounded and watched the little girl slowly raise her hands and put the steamer on her head.

The steamer was so big that it covered her entire head, and she looked like a headless monster. She held the handle of the steamer with one hand to prevent it from falling, and with the other hand pulled the corner of his clothes to prevent herself from falling, a soft voice came from the steamer: “Is this all right?”

Ji Rang almost went crazy with the urge to laugh.

He tapped the bottom of the steamer with his hand: “Do you think this is a helmet? Take it down for Lao Tzu!”

Then he took the steamer to ask the hospital for help and got them to mail it home.

The little girl smiled comfortably when she heard that he was not going to give it away.

Ji Rang took out the pink helmet and helped her fasten it, glanced at the camera she hung on her chest, and asked, “What will you do with so many photos?”

She had been taking pictures with her camera today, like a little photographer.

Qi Ying said vaguely: “Useful.”

Ji Rang was wearing a helmet for himself, that is when he asked, so he didn’t pay attention.

He drove her home by bike.

Every time Qi Ying sat in his back seat, he would ride the mountain motorcycle as carefully as a bicycle, even the wind blowing by it seemed gentle.

Several cars roared past him. Feng Xiao looked at the young man who was slowly cycling on the side of the street, and then at the girl who sat obediently behind him and hugged him, his eyes still overflowing with unwilling resentment.

He heard that the young master of the Ji family was violent and ill-tempered. He would fight if he didn’t agree with someone. He even beat people into ICU, smoked and took drugs, and he was no different from the garbage scum in the society. How did he get this girl’s favor?

Did he get such a prestige by daring to rely on the great cause of the Ji family and the military forces behind it?

A friend next to him patted him on the shoulder, “Don’t look at him brother, what do you have to worry about with high school students, I will take you to have some fun someday.”

Several cars flew past, raising the dust and leaves in the sky. But fortunately, Ji Rang and Qi Ying both wore helmets, which didn’t get in the way. However, the noise of the car’s engine still made him impatient, thinking, if it wasn’t for his baby sitting behind him, this mountain bike would be soaring, how many cars would be able to catch up?

Ji Rang accompanied Qi Ying to go home after dinner in the busy city. While waiting for the food, she kept holding the camera to look at the photos, and deleted all the blurred ones, leaving only the picture of him with a clear face and a gentle smile.

Ji Rang suddenly asked, “Are there any photos of us?”

She hung onto this camera all day today, when would the photo have been taken.

While Qi Ying was stunned, he sat next to her, took the camera in her hand with one hand, and circled her back with the other, and pressed her small head onto his shoulder.

Then he stretched his arms, the camera focused on the two of them: “Smile.”

When the words fell, with a click, the scene of the little girl leaning on his shoulder and still bewildered was captured.

Except for the photo holding the banner this afternoon, this was the first time they took a photo together.

The warm yellow lights of the restaurant shown on the eyebrows of the two people. In the camera, he was smiling, and she was dumbfounded, but she was very well-behaved and her posture with him was intimate, and they looked like a warm couple.

Ji Rang felt inexplicably hot in his ears. He returned the camera to her, sat back, ignored her eyes, and said as if nothing had happened, “Develop the photo and give me one copy.”

She nodded obediently.

The steamer was delivered to the house the next day. The steaming pot at home had just been discarded due to overuse. Wu Yinghua was so happy that she hugged the steamer and praised Qi Ying: “We can also win a steamer when Yingying participates in a charity event. It’s awesome!” She turned around and cursed the corpse lying on the sofa: Yu Zhuo: “And you! Even the fart has to go outside!”

Yu Zhuo: “???” He sat up from the sofa and asked his mother seriously: “Do you really want to hear me fart at home?”

Wu Yinghua: “…”

Wasn’t she just using a metaphor with a bit of exaggeration? What’s the matter with this kid!

When they arrived at school on Monday, the entire Class 2 was livelier than ever.

They rehearsed for two days at the weekend and even wrote their homework together. A group of people doing one thing together can heat up feelings. Even Zhao Dunan didn’t look so arrogant anymore. She actually communicated with Yue Li calmly: “How did you change the lines in Act 3?”

Yue Li’s notebook was filled with red pen circles. After rehearsing for two days, she found many problems, and deleted and changed some plots to perfect it as much as possible.

Qi Ying was also infected by this atmosphere, and asked Yue Li about the time of the next rehearsal, and she wanted to go with them.

After the flag-raising ceremony was over, the Haiyi Campus Newspaper, which was placed in the display rack at the entrance of major teaching buildings, was replaced with a new one. Some students took a copy and read as they walked. When they saw the “Benchmarks of the Week” column, their eyes widened in shock: “Fuck? Am I blind? What did I see? This week. Benchmark Ji Rang?”

“Benchmarks of the Week” was the main column of the campus newspaper. Every week, a student benchmark would be selected, and his photos and deeds were published. Some were learning benchmarks, some were sports benchmarks, and some were artistic benchmarks. This week was a public welfare benchmark.

Are you kidding me???

Ji Rang??? School bully??? Benchmarking???

The news spread quickly throughout the school, and campus newspapers that was usually treated as uninteresting in the past was completely wiped out.

After that everyone thought that something had happened, maybe it was the same name but different person, but after reading the campus newspaper carefully, they were sure that the photo above was really the school bully.

There was more than one photo. He smiled and distributed small cakes to the elderly, climbed up the tree to help the elderly pick fruits, and carried the elderly. The last one was standing in front of the elderly in the hospital, holding the banner to celebrate the success of the charity activity for caring for the lonely elderly.

The group photo was too big, and the photo in the newspapers were photocopies. You could not see the face at all, only the characters on the banners could be seen.

But because the previous photos were very clear, the boys in this photo were all the same in clothes and body shape, so it can be confirmed that they are the same person. The text next to the photo reports the deeds of our students taking part in charity and caring for the elderly on weekends and urged the whole school to learn from him.

The whole school was boiling.

The school tyrant was not licentious on weekends, and actually sneaked away to do charity?!

Was this still the school bully they were familiar with???

Fuck, after forcing us to do homework and learn, the school bully will not force us to do charity in the future, right?!

What is going on with this person! The school boss image has completely collapsed!

Liu Yao, the head teacher of Class 9, called Ji Rang to the office after class, pointed to the photo in the newspaper and asking him: “Is this you?”

What’s this nonsense? Who else could it be with a face that didn’t smile easily?

Ji Rang felt the corner of his eyes twitch hard.

Liu Yao slapped him on the shoulder: “Yes, young man! The method of correcting evil and reforming is very good!” He rolled the newspaper and said excitedly: “Wait, the teacher will help you deal with it. “

Ji Rang: “…”

Liu Yao left a sentence of “Work harder” and left.

Ji Rang was so angry that the vein on his temples jumped. What is this little fool doing!

The gangster went to Class 2 to look for Qi Ying aggressively, and the student at the door saw the gangster walking over with a nasty look on his face and was so frightened that he rushed into the classroom without forgetting to shout: “Yingying! Somebody is looking for you!”

Qi Ying went out drinking milk and saw Ji Rang’s eyes red with anger, and asked him preemptively: “Did you see the campus newspaper?”

Ji Rang: “…I saw it.”

Her voice seemed to be milky, sweet and soft: “Aren’t you happy?”

Ji Rang: “…happy.”

Then the aggressive boss turned his head back inexplicably.

Liu Yao went to the Academic Affairs Office to get Ji Rang out of punishment. By the way, when he submitted his application to join the group again, the teachers did not believe that the photo was true.


Liu Yao was bothered by these old and stubborn thinking people and pointed to the name of the nursing home in the photo: “If you don’t believe it, call to verify!”

The teacher of the Youth League Committee searched the number of the nursing home and called.

When the dean heard of his intention, he praised Ji Rang like he was a wildflower, such that he almost brought the old people to the school personally to testify for Ji Rang.

The teacher of the Youth League Committee finally believed it. He looked at the photos in the newspaper for a long time with a complex expression, and finally accepted Liu Yao’s application for joining the group. Ji Rang’s bad files were also eliminated after imposition of a penalty.

Qi Ying completed a feat and was very happy all day long. She felt very energetic when attending physical education class, and even did 20 more sit-ups.

Sitting on her lap, Yue Li was a little nervous when she saw her injected with chicken blood: “Yingying, are you planning to get muscles? No! Good sisters get fat together! Don’t do it!”

Shen Yue was supervising another group of students. Hearing her words, he turned around and knocked on her head with a smile: “If you don’t work hard it’s ok, but you still pull a good friend into the water? You do 30 sit-ups for me today. You are not allowed to leave unless you finish it.”

Yue Li: “Hey…”

Hey, he knocked her head!

So, Yue Li was also injected with blood, and finished the thirty sit-ups.

Shen Yue was stunned by these two little classmates who could only do fifteen sit-ups at a time: “When you were working together earlier, you were both hiding your strength and being lazy?”

They had free activities in the second half, Qi Ying was originally going to go back to the classroom to write papers. When she passed the basketball hoop, she heard Shen Yue discussing with the sports committee member Long Hai about playing a game with a foreign school in June.

She stopped and listened for a while. It turned out that Shen Yue’s basketball training was very effective. They had always played in school before. Now Haiyi had a basketball match with several other schools, which will be held after the final exams of the semester. Long Hai joined the basketball team, and Shen Yue was discussing training with him.

After Shen Yue spoke for a while, he glanced at the little girl nearby listening in earnest. He couldn’t help but smile and asked, “Student Qi Ying, do you want to participate, too?”

She smiled embarrassedly, thought for a while, approached and asked: “Mr. Shen, can punishment be deducted for participating in this competition?”

“Eliminate punishment?” Shen Yue frowned and smiled: “I don’t know about this. But if you win the game and win glory for the school, it is reasonable.”

She nodded thoughtfully, and Shen Yue asked: “Who wants to get punishment eliminated? Do you?”

Qi Ying smiled and did not answer: “Thank you, Teacher Shen, I will go back to the classroom first.”

Shen Yue smiled and shook his head, retracting his gaze. Long Hai, who was next to him, had a complicated look, and thought: Wouldn’t she be asking for Ji Rang? No! He doesn’t want to play with the big devil on the same team!

After school in the afternoon, in order to eliminate the punishment of the general, the little girl pretended to be nonchalant and asked: “Do you know that our school basketball team will play against other schools in June?”

Ji Rang was focused on studying, but he cared about these: “I didn’t know, why?”

Qi Ying pursed her lower lip and pulled at the corner of his clothes, and asked in a good manner: “Will you go to participate?”

Ji Rang stopped his footsteps.

He thought his little baby is a bit weird recently.

She had never asked him to do anything before, and she ran after him softly, like a little tail.

But recently, she wanted to watch him do catwalks and charity, and now he is required to play basketball.

What’s the situation? Did she think he is too boring and not interesting enough???

Ji Rang felt his eyes darken, and asked in a low voice, “Why do you want me to participate?”

If the little thing didn’t give a satisfactory answer, he will never let her go.

Qi Ying raised her small face and said softly, “Because you are handsome when playing basketball.”

Ji Rang: “???”

Wasn’t he… handsome…?

Seemed to be handsome?

The big man couldn’t help but turn his mouth up, and he couldn’t find the direction in his heart with joy, but his expression was still strained, and he thought about it pretentiously, and then said quietly: “Okay.”

His eyebrows were flying, and he was terribly handsome when he said: “I will show you the number one.”

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