TBLF Ch. 67

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Qi Ying remembered what the history teacher had said that he needed to participate in more activities to eliminate punishment.

The May Fourth Evening Party, which was a politically correct school activity, could easily add credits. If the Class 9 program could win the prize, Liu Yao who supported Ji Rang would definitely find a way to use this opportunity to help him eliminate the punishment.

Qi Ying looked at the teenager beside her, then launched her offensive, softly: “But I want to see.”

Ji Rang was expressionless: “Not up for discussion.”

The little girl saw him with a firm face, and his stubborn profile looked hard. Knowing that this matter was really not up for discussion, she dropped her head aggrievedly, and muttered, “Okay, then.”

If she had ears and tails, they would definitely be drooping right about now.

It made people feel distressed.

No way! Ji Rang gritted his teeth secretly, don’t be soft-hearted! What if she wanted to watch a bikini show again on a whim???

Fortunately, the little girl was only disappointed for a while and then recovered. She stretched out her mobile phone to show him while waiting for the bus at the bus stop, and asked softly: “Can you accompany me to this event on Saturday?”

Ji Rang glanced at it and showed a picture of a nursing home on the screen of his mobile phone with the title: “Walk into the Heart of a Lonely Old Man” charity activity.

He was not a person who was patient enough to do public welfare activities or wanted to meet such old men who can make people annoyed to death.

But he just refused the little girl’s request for a show, and now if he refused again, he is afraid that she would start crying.

He could only respond by saying: “Okay.”

Qi Ying laughed happily and confessed to him: “You have to prepare some small gifts for the grandparents in advance.”

Ji Rang patiently said, “I see.”

When the bus arrived, she smiled very nicely: “I’m leaving, see you tomorrow.”

Looking at her cheerful smile and back, Ji Rang suddenly felt that if his doing these things made her this happy, principles might not be so important.

When they arrived at school the next day, the history teacher really brought the guqin to Qi Ying.

Just looking at the wood of the body and the carvings on it, as well as the brightness of the strings, you could see that this guqin was very valuable.

Most of the students in Class 2 had never seen the guqin, and they all came to watch them curiously, asking Qi Ying to perform for them. Unable to hold up against so many requests, Qi Ying blushed and put the guqin between her and Yue Li’s desks, sitting upright on the chair, and started playing a little tune.

Guqin and Guzheng have different timbres. Guzheng is mostly clear and lively, and it is also suitable for playing catchy pop music, such as the very famous “Laugh in the Sea”.

However, the guqin has a more vigorous tone and a simple style, which is more suitable for performing ancient music with elegant artistic conception. For example, the ten famous Chinese songs handed down having the meaning of high mountains, flowing water, sunny spring and white snow.

Most people now have only heard the Guzheng, but when Qi Ying’s fingers touched the strings of the guqin, and the sound rang out, it was followed by a thick and distant feeling.

Qi Ying’s song was a minor tune written by her master himself.

The guqin master left his hometown and came to the capital. He wanted to show his ambitions in court, but after entering court, he found that the official sentiment was thin and full of intrigue, and he was far away from the emotions he wanted to express in the sound of his guqin. He resigned in a fit of anger. He first stayed in a brothel to play for a while, and then lived in the temple, listening to the sounds of the Buddha every day, always accompanied by his instrument.

The general went to the temple to invite him into the mansion as a guest, and when he was looking for somebody to teach Qi Ying to play the guqin, he happened to meet the guqin master in front of the Buddha statue where he composed this detached little song.

The guqin master admired the general’s benevolence, did not refuse his request, and was not ashamed to teach a little concubine who had no position to play the guqin. After Qi Ying learnt how to read the guqin score, this was the first piece taught to her.

When Qi Ying was playing the guqin, Class 2 was so quiet that you could hear a needle drop.

Everyone held their breath for fear of breaking this beautiful scene.

Qi Ying finished playing the song and said embarrassedly: “I haven’t played it for a long time, two notes were played wrong.”

Yue Li stamped her feet with excitement: “It doesn’t matter! We didn’t notice it anyway!”

The Class 2 classmates woke up from their trance, and some ignorant unidentified person said: “Just after listening to this piece of music, why do I feel that I have become a Buddha right away?”

Everyone laughed, only Zhao Dunan was standing in her seat, her hands hidden in her sleeves squeezed into fists, so tight that her nails almost broke.

Obviously, she is the heroine! Why is everyone’s attention on a person who is the background?!

The class bell rang, and everyone returned to their seats. Qi Ying packed the guqin in a box and placed it carefully against the wall. Yue Li was flushed with excitement. She had been writing and drawing in the notebook. When the class bell rang, she leaned in and said in a low voice, excitedly: “Yingying! I have designed a very amazing appearance for you! We apply for wires, and we will let you fly down from the air? And you will wear a white veil and fly in the air. You would look like a fairy!”

Qi Ying smiled and shook her head: “No, wires are not safe, and the school will definitely not agree. Moreover, Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai are the protagonists. I can’t take the lead.”

After thinking about it, Yue Li crossed out the wires, and said: “What about the protagonist, if you are on the stage, no matter how many lines Zhu Yingtai has, everyone will definitely only look at you, everyone is not blind.”

As the chief director, Yue Li gave an order to the service team: Wires can’t be done, but the white skirt must be there! Just follow the look of Liu Yifei’s Little Dragon Girl[1]!

The leader of the service group was also Qi Ying’s face fan. He voted for Qi Ying in the school flower polls, and he promised to complete the task immediately!

On Friday, Yue Li’s script was completely finished. She printed a copy for every classmate who needed to participate in the performance. Zhao Dunan was half-disbelieving at first, until after reading the script, she was unable to believe that Yue Li did not retaliate privately, and Zhu Yingtai had the most dramas and lines.

But what was the matter with this line?

“Brother Liang, I can’t be with you. It has nothing to do with gender or family background, just because you are not a member of the Communist Youth League!”

Zhao Dunan got so angry that her nose was crooked, and she took the script and went to Yue Li aggressively: “What do you mean? Did you deliberately plot against me?!”

Yue Li glanced at her lazily: “May 4th party, of course, the main point is the Communist Youth League. Do you think they really want to go to a romantic drama? Of course, it is to break the tradition, promote the characteristic socialist thought, and to be a butterfly of the Chinese dream!”

Chen Mengjie looked at the script and nodded repeatedly: “Very good, very good, worthy of the hundreds of novels you read. I give full marks to the plot and lines!”

Other students also echoed: “Right, yes, such a sand sculpture line, I have expected that the day of the party will be our home court!”

“And it’s really in line with political correctness! Hahahaha, I heard that Snow White from Class 5 has been censored. We will definitely be able to get through it!”

Zhao Dunan was so angry.

Zhu Yingtai was acting a fart! She was clearly a harlequin! It was not as good as the poem recitation in Class 3! It made her want to give up. Chen Mengjie saw her dissatisfaction, and she tried to persuade her for a day. She was the protagonist. Although the lines were a bit funny, the costumes were nice, and the plot was very attractive!

Apart from her, who else could star as Zhu Yingtai!

Zhao Dunan accepted it reluctantly.

The first rehearsal was to begin on Saturday.

Qi Ying asked the chief director for leave: “I am going to the nursing home for charity tomorrow, so I can’t come to participate.”

Yue Li waved her hand: “It’s okay, you don’t need to participate in the rehearsal. You can watch the plot and add background music after we finish.”

So, the next day, Qi Ying happily followed Ji Rang to the nursing home.

A few days in advance, she had logged in and registered her name on the Internet. When the bus arrived at the gate of the nursing home a few minutes in advance, a banner of caring for the lonely elderly was already displayed on the gate, and volunteer registration was being done at the gate.

Before Ji Rang arrived, she stood on the steps and waited obediently.

Today, the temperature was more than 20 degrees, and it was sunny. She was wearing jeans with suspenders and a white T-shirt on her upper body, which was simple and loose, showing half of rabbit ears printed on the T-shirt.

With long hair tied behind her head, a small Sony camera hung on her chest, and a white backpack on her back, she looked pure and well-behaved, just like a branch of budding Begonia.

The registered volunteers had noticed her a long time ago. A young man having a name tag and watch had finished registering his name, walked up to her and asked with a gentle smile, “Little sister, are you also a volunteer?”

Qi Ying smelled some kind of strong men’s perfume on his body, stood aside without showing a trace of her dislike, and gave a polite “um”.

The man smiled and stretched out his hand wearing an expensive watch towards her: “Me too. Let’s get to know each other. I heard that we would take care of the elderly in groups in a while. We can work together. My name is Feng Xiao, what is your name?”

The young people who followed him were all snickering: “Damn, it’s okay to do fake charity, but she is still a girl.”

“That little girl seems to be underage! What a damn beast.”

“Three years of blood to earn the death penalty without loss, this girl is too pure.”

The group of people laughed trivially.

Qi Ying didn’t shake that hand, she pulled the schoolbag belt with both hands, and politely refused: “I have a teammate, and he will be here soon.”

“It’s half past eight.” Feng Xiao looked at his watch, “Your friend is late.”

Qi Ying didn’t like the sarcasm in his tone, and emphasized, “He will be here soon!”

As soon as the words fell, a harsh roar was heard, accompanied by dust and leaves, and then it stopped as a bike was parked at the side of the road with a jerk.

The teenager in black T-shirt and jeans jumped off the mountain motorcycle, took off his helmet, shook his head, his black hair was messy, but he couldn’t hide his unruly handsomeness.

He took out two bags from the trunk, and then strode towards Qi Ying. Seeing Feng Xiao next to her, he frowned, but just glanced indifferently, then turned his gaze on Qi Ying.

Little baby is so good today.

Ji Rang carried the bags with one hand, and one hand helped her remove the strands of hair that was blown by the wind, “Let’s go.”

The little girl looked up at him with her small face, her eyes sparkling, and she gave an obedient hum.

Feng Xiao’s face was completely ignored.

Qi Ying and Ji Rang took out their ID cards to do the registration, and then went in. Feng Xiao and his group of friends walked behind, staring at the pair of figures in front with a calm face.

Next to him, a thin man hit him with an elbow and whispered: “Don’t mess around, that boy is not an easy character.”

Feng Xiao heard the warning in his tone: “You know him?”

The lean man said, “The young master of the Ji family, have you ever heard of him?”

Feng Xiao’s expression changed: “Is it him?”

Some of his friends calmly comforted: “Forget it, it’s hard to find a girl who likes this type of boy, next time your buddy will introduce another girl to you.”

Feng Xiao smiled, but the words the little young master of the Ji family somewhat frightened his nasty thoughts away, and he finally took his gaze back.

The decoration in the park was very festive.

There were red lanterns, ribbons and banners, just like Chinese New Year.

Ji Rang really prepared a small gift.

A certain high-end brand of pastries in a small cake box containing hundreds of pieces.

But the old people who know these brands happily said that they hadn’t eaten cake for a long time. Ji Rang didn’t explain, and his face was pale as he handed out the cakes to the elderly.

Qi Ying stood by, holding a camera to take a picture of him, and said, “Smile.”

Ji Rang cooperated and smiled at the camera.

The old people were chatting with them while eating the cakes brought by Ji Rang. Ji Rang was annoyed by them, but Qi Ying was patient. Even when they asked about her parents, she just laughed and said, “Dead.”

Why was she so good?

Ji Rang also sat down patiently.

When the old man asked him, he would also answer a few questions symbolically.

After chatting, they went out for a walk with the old people. There were many apricot trees planted in the garden. An old grandfather wanted to eat sour apricots, so Qi Ying asked him to look for brooms to poke the fruit.

Ji Rang looked impatient: “It is so troublesome.”

He climbed up the tree in two or three leaps, picked a bunch of apricots, lifted the hem of the T-shirt and put it in his clothes.

The old man praised him: “This young man is good at it! Like a monkey!”

Ji Rang: “???”

Qi Ying couldn’t help but smile, holding a camera to take pictures of him climbing a tree. At noon, they ate lunch with the old people in the park. In the afternoon, there were also activities organized in the park, such as blindfolding for good fortune, and carrying the old people to grab balloons.

In fact, the elderly in nursing homes have some smell on their bodies.

Qi Ying felt that it was not easy for Ji Rang to come to the nursing home. He should not participate in activities that would have physical contact with the elderly.

She didn’t intend to force him, but when it was their turn, Ji Rang squatted in front of the grandfather with a blank face, and said quietly, “Come up.”

Then he ran so fast around the field with the old man on his back, that he almost flashed the old man’s waist.

On the other hand, Feng Xiao and the others stood and watched from a distance, for fear of catching the smell.

In the end, it was Qi Ying who got the first place and got the reward: a steamer and a set of tableware.

At the end of the event, the dean specially asked Ji Rang and Qi Ying to stand in front to hold the banner. The young man’s eyebrows were wild and cold, and he was scared at first sight, but now they all liked him.

Ji Rang and Qi Ying, standing on the left and right, were in the front row, holding the banner that read “Congratulations on entering the heart of the lonely old man for the successful end of the charity activity”.

The photographer squatted in front and shouted: “Three, two, one, smile!”

Qi Ying curled his eyes and smiled, and the boy who was always pale also raised the corners of his mouth in cooperation.

At the end of the event, the old people and the dean sent them to the door and said enthusiastically: “Come again next time!”

Holding the steamer, Qi Ying nodded politely and happily: “Goodbye dean, goodbye grandparents.”

The steamer was bigger than her head.

Ji Rang found it troublesome: “Why are you holding this steamer on my back seat? Give it to those aunts.”

Qi Ying held the pot tightly, pouting retort: “No, you can’t give it to others!”

Ji Rang was helpless: “Isn’t it just a steamer? I will give you one another day.”

She shook her head, her big eyes were soft and bright, and she said softly: “It’s not the same, you won this one.”

His heart melted for a moment.

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