TBLF Ch. 66

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When Qi Ying came back, she noticed Ji Rang’s low aura and turned her head to look at Chen Fengzhi.

He smiled and waved to her with a coffee cup: “I have something to do, I have to go. Little sister, it was nice to meet you, see you next time.”

Qi Ying waved her hand, then sat down beside Ji Rang, and asked him in a low voice, “What’s the matter with you?”

He lowered his eyes, concealing the emotions in his eyes, and when he raised his head, there was already a nonchalant smile on his face, “I was thinking about the question just now, and I still didn’t understand it.” He pulled the paper over, “Tell it again.”

Qi Ying knew he was lying.

She thought angrily, did that person just say something nasty while she was away? How come their Ji family is always like this! Unacceptable!

But Ji Rang didn’t want her to know, and she wouldn’t ask, she only had a small face, and she took the paper and explained the question again.

As the evening approached, Ji Rang sent her home.

Qi Ying secretly glanced at him several times. Although he did not look strange, she always felt that there was something hidden in his heart. When waiting for the bus, she had an idea and said to him: “Wait for me.”

Without waiting for Ji Rang’s answer, she turned and ran back with her schoolbag on her back.

She came back after a while, holding two ice creams in her hand, one strawberry flavored and the other vanilla flavored. She smiled and stretched out both hands in front of him, and said sweetly, “I want to invite you to eat ice cream. Which one do you want?”

Ji Rang saw the logo of a certain high-end ice cream brand on the cone. The little girl obviously doesn’t have much pocket money, why would she make such a big deal.

Ji Rang deliberately teased her: “Why did you suddenly invite me to eat ice cream? Did you want to eat it yourself?”

She widened her eyes and retorted softly, “No, eating ice cream can make people feel better. You don’t be unhappy, okay?”

Ji Rang’s expression was shocked. He suppressed the pain of the contraction of his heart and said with a smile: “I’m not in a bad mood. It’s obvious that you want to eat yourself, and you are using me as an excuse.”

The little girl sighed helplessly, as if she didn’t care about him: “Okay, okay, I admit, I just want to eat it myself. Which one do you want? Quickly choose.”

Ji Rang laughed: “I want you to choose first.”

Qi Ying looked around, then retracted her left hand, and handed him her favorite strawberry flavor: “I want vanilla, and the strawberry one is for you.”

His heart was soft and warm.

Two people ate ice cream and waited for the bus. He was biting, she was licking, only half of her tip of the pink tongue was exposed, and she was lapping at it like a kitten, then she started licking the edges and corners after a while.

Ji Rang stared at her, suddenly a little bit unaware. Not far away, the bus gradually approached, and he suddenly said, “Give me a taste of yours.”

Qi Ying was taken aback, glanced at the ice cream that was already covered with her saliva all three hundred and sixty degrees, and stammered in refusal: “No…no, I licked it.”

The bus stopped beside them.

She waved her hand and was about to leave. Ji Rang grabbed her ice cream wrist, bent over slightly, lowered his head and took a bite, and then casually said, “The bus is about to go.”

Qi Ying didn’t have time to react, but she slipped off her schoolbag belt and hurriedly got into the bus. When she found a place to sit down, she looked at the ice cream in her hand.

Woo, he took a big bite, and the dome she had just licked out was all bitten by him.

I would have given him the vanilla ice-cream if I knew he would do this!

Outside the bus, the young man’s figure was straight, the corners of his lips were slightly raised, and he lowered his head to look at the strawberry-flavored ice cream in his hand. Sure enough, the vanilla flavor was sweeter.

When they arrived at school the next day, taking advantage of the early self-study, Chen Mengjie, the monitor of the second class, announced on the podium: “The performance of our class at the May Fourth Party has been fixed. After the unanimous decision of the class committee and Teacher Liu, we decided Perform the stage play “Liang Zhu New Edition”!”

This was the discussion among the good as well as the bad students:

——A stage play is good! The whole class can participate!

——Is that right? There is nothing new in the old plot of ” Liang Zhu New Edition “!

——Class 1 is full of nerds, and they are performing the new dance of the idol group. Our show is so old-fashioned!

——I want to apply to play the butterfly! Squad leader look at me!

Chen Mengjie patted the blackboard and said: “Keep quiet! Next, I will announce the list of the main students’ roles. First of all, there are three protagonists, Huang Botong as Liang Shanbo, Zhao Dunan as Zhu Yingtai, and Long Hai as Ma Wencai.”

There was another chaos in the classroom:

——The ghost of Zhu Yingtai can only see Uncle Liang Shan!

——Study Committee member, you don’t want to do your study well and join in some fun.

——Ma Wencai, the casting is very good, it is indeed love and not comedy.

Zhao Dunan is also very speechless, although she is the heroine, she is also very proud to be able to play Zhu Yingtai, but who would have thought that the head teacher would let Huang Botong play Liang Shanbo! It’s maddening!

Hey, blame the other handsome guys who are in other classes.

Then Chen Mengjie announced a dozen supporting roles, and then behind the scenes roles.

Although Yue Li didn’t have any special skills, she stood out from the crowd with the most watched TV series and the most chased novels, so she successfully became the director and screenwriter of this stage play.

Qi Ying was assigned a very important but very weak position: background music.

In short, she will play the live guqin soundtrack on the edge of the stage. When Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai met, the music would be played briskly, when they start having feelings, the music would be played ambiguously, and finally when they turned into a butterfly, the music would be played sorrowfully.

This kind of live instrument performance can add points to the performance. Chen Mengjie was full of confidence. With this stage play, they can definitely enter the top three and get the class points!

After assigning positions, basically the whole class was involved. Although everyone was disliking through their words, they were quite excited when they thought that they could rehearse a stage play together. The students behind the scenes also set up a costume group and props group, and the next thing was to wait for Yue Li to come out with the script line first.

Yue Li, who is also a heavy-duty student, didn’t even go to physical education classes, and devoted herself to the script creation.

When school was about to end in the afternoon, Qi Ying went to the history teacher’s office to give him that day’s homework papers.

The history teacher was an old professor who had studied ancient Chinese history and culture and asked her with great interest: “Yingying, I heard you can play the guqin?”

Qi Ying nodded in embarrassment: “I have studied for two years.”

The old professor asked again: “Which tunes can you play?”

Qi Ying recalled what the master had taught her before: “I can play “Nagato Resentment”, “Xiaoxiang Water Cloud”, “Fishing Boat Singing Night”, and some other minor tunes.”

When she reported these names, the old professor knew that she was not a layman, and his eyes brightened. Nowadays, parents in this society mostly let their children learn Western musical instruments. On the contrary, traditional Chinese musical instruments are becoming less and less common. Hearing that this little girl could play so many famous guqin songs, it surprised him.

The old professor had always liked this history class representative, and he didn’t hide himself, so he told her directly: “Do you need a guqin for this performance? I have one at home. Although it is not a famous one, the sound quality is very authentic. I will bring it to you tomorrow.”

Qi Ying just applied for Guqin rental with the props team in the afternoon. She didn’t expect the history teacher to be so generous.

The sound quality of a good guqin is very different from that of a normal guqin. She used to use a guqin brought for her from the palace by the general. Although she didn’t know what it was, the guqin master trembled at the sight of it in excitement.

She was also worried that the rented guqin would not produce the effect she wanted. This solved a big problem, and she nodded happily, “Well! Thank you, Teacher Luo, I will take care of it!”

The teacher had been chatting happily with her when they heard discordant quarrel from the desk next to him.

“Teacher Liu, you don’t need to be partial. How can you also report his name this time? How can such a bad student join the group? Also show up at the May 4th joining ceremony. Is this not harming our school’s fame?”

“He has rarely committed crimes since last semester, and his grades have been improving. If he changes, he should be given corresponding rewards. Besides, joining the league is not joining the party. How many high school students do not join the league?”

“Come on, this season, he just beat the outstanding student at our school who is recommended to Peking University in the basketball game not long ago. It is easy to pretend but the nature is difficult to change. Such a person must not be allowed to join the group! I withdrew his application form. You don’t have to fight with me anymore.”

The youth league teacher left with a resolute expression. Liu Yao looked at the application form returned by her and sighed.

A teacher next to him asked him: “Old Liu, are you worrying about the problem student in your class again?”

Liu Yao glared at him: “What is the problem student! That is a good seedling of Tsinghua and Peking University in my class!”

The office laughed.

A teacher said: “Don’t think about Tsinghua University or Peking University, first you have to get rid of his punishment records. In the future, few universities would dare to take him in because of the bad files.”

Liu Yao covered his face with a headache.

Qi Ying regained her gaze. The history teacher packed up the lesson plan. Seeing that she was still standing, he said gently, “It’s okay. Go to class and send back the homework.”

Qi Ying nodded, thought about it, and then asked in a low voice, “Mr. Luo, how can we eliminate punishment records?”

Teacher Luo thought she was curious after listening to the conversation just now, and said thoughtfully: “Participate in more activities, do charity, and win prizes in competitions, that’s all you can do.”

Qi Ying nodded thoughtfully, and left the office holding the homework papers.

After returning to the classroom and finishing homework, school got over. Yue Li was still sitting in her seat and focused on creating. Zhao Dunan said in a strange way: “The director remember fairness and justice. Don’t deliberately tamper with the protagonist’s role because of personal grievances.”

Yue Li knew what she meant and snorted with a stern face: “Public revenge is something young people do. I’m not like some people.”

Zhao Dunan was so angry that she wanted to hit someone: “Who are you talking about?!”

Yue Li looked up at the door, and said in surprise: “Wow, boss, are you here to take her to task again?”

Zhao Dunan suddenly wilted.

Yue Arrogant Li: “I’m talking about whoever it suits.”

It’s great to have a girlfriend who is a gangster’s woman!

Qi Ying sighed and greeted her softly: “Lili, I’ll go first, you also go home early.”

Yue Li nodded, watching her running towards Ji Rang, sighed silently in her heart, when can she have a sweet love.

This script! Must do it well! Otherwise, she would be sorry that she gave up a physical education class today and missed about forty-five minutes of her precious Shen Shen!

The news spread quickly between grades. As soon as he left the classroom, Ji Rang asked Qi Ying: “Are you performing a stage play in your class?”

Qi Ying nodded excitedly.

Ji Rang was a little unhappy, and asked sourly, “What role are you playing? Zhu Yingtai?”

First his little baby showed face during the break every day, now she still wants to show her face on stage and play romantic dramas with other wild men. He hated that he is not in Class 2 and can’t get the role of Liang Shanbo!

But to his surprise, Qi Ying said: “No, I am the background musician.”

Ji Rang: “???”

Do people in Class 2 have eyes?! They chose such a beautiful girl as background musician rather than the heroine?!

He became even more angry.

Qi Ying was still immersed in her own thoughts and did not notice the emotional shift of the teenager around her, so softly she asked him, “What kind of show is your class performing?”

Ji Rang was speechless when he thought of this: “They are also putting up a play.”

It was a play on the theme of environmental protection, using daily necessities as costumes, saying that the theme is to focus on the party’s environmental protection policy this year.

Qi Ying looked very interested when she heard him say this: “Then are you participating?”

Ji Rang: “???” He glanced at her complicatedly, “Do you want to see…me participate in the show?”

Qi Ying’s eyes lit up: “Yes!”

The upright boss sternly said: “Don’t even think about it!”

He was willing to do anything for her, except to walk on the stage with a newspaper and plastic bottles!!!

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