TCYEC Ch. 61

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After Yu Siyang unilaterally beat up Pang Yujie, he immediately reported it to Luo Peng. Luo Peng laughed, gave him a three-dimensional commendation over the phone, and then rushed to show off to Wei Xiaofeng.

“You mean, after your training, Xiaoyu has taken a big step toward the goal of being a pure man?” Wei Xiaofeng looked at his stupid cousin as if he was an alien.

Luo Peng nodded naturally, “Of course, Xiaoyu now knows how to hit people, a true man with iron blood.”

“What is the reason for you to have such a deep misunderstanding?” Wei Xiaofeng thought that his stupid cousin may really be an alien. His brain circuits are so strange that they could not be owned by a human.

Luo Peng: “…” Why did he suddenly feel heartache?!

“Xiaoyu was a good high school student when he was studying,” Wei Xiaofeng’s always indifferent face showed a painful expression, “Since he met you, he rushed to the second avenue[1] and never returned.”

Wei Xiaofeng’s knowing blow caused 10,000 points of damage to Luo Peng.

“I’m not such a bad influence.” Luo Peng expressed dissatisfaction.

Wei Xiaofeng’s face was indifferent.

“Hehe, you’re busy, I’ll leave first.”

Luo Peng said he was about to run, and Wei Xiaofeng yelled: “Come back!”

“Okay.” He immediately sat back to his original position honestly.

“Has the P&H shooting plan come out?” Wei Xiaofeng asked as he went to take a folder on the desk.

Luo Peng said with an “um”: “The communication has been completed, and Xiaoyu has no problem with the shooting schedule, and the communication with Director Jin has also been done.”

“Look at this and ask Xiaoyu if he is willing to take this endorsement.”Wei Xiaofeng handed the folder to Luo Peng, “If Xiaoyu wants to, you can contact their person in charge.”

Luo Peng opened the folder, and the exquisite brochure on the top came into view. He was surprised: “Emerald Hotel?” In the folder, there was the brochure of the Emerald Hotel and the first draft of the brand endorsement plan. And there was also the business plan of the Jade Hotel for the next five years.

Wei Xiaofeng leisurely brewed himself a cup of coffee, waiting for Luo Peng to finish reading the information.

The brand director of the Emerald Hotel and Wei Xiaofeng exchanged business cards at a dinner, and then he no longer contacted him. When he received the call from the other party, he was a little surprised. After receiving this information, he was no less surprised than how Luo Peng was now.

As a time-honoured five-star hotel in China, the history of Emerald Hotel can be traced back to more than one hundred years ago. Many concepts of the family business with a long history have been deeply ingrained, and many old people in the family are conservative, and thus they are unwilling to open their eyes to see the already changed era. This has caused the management of the Emerald Hotel to be particularly chaotic.

The new chairman of the hotel, who came in power a few years ago, introduced the most advanced management system to the hotel by means of thunder, and at the same time rectified the hotel’s personnel. Most of the useless and greedy family members were removed from the hotel, and many talented people were promoted. Just as the hotel’s business conditions slowly improved, a signature chef of the hotel passed away unexpectedly.

That chef had just won an international award. Many people who went to the hotel for living or dining were there just for the chef’s craftsmanship. It would not have been more than a few years before the Chinese restaurant attached to the Emerald Hotel was likely to be awarded a Michelin star. Who knew that this would be the result, and many people were sighing about it?

After the chef’s death, many of the signature dishes of the Jade Hotel lost their original taste. The other chefs could not replicate the original taste. The diners were gradually disappointed, especially some old diners, who were now reluctant to eat at the Jade Hotel.

Under such circumstances, the new chairman wanted to turn the tide, so he could only find another way, and after discussing with the company’s executives, he suddenly wanted to invite celebrities over to endorse their hotel.

As for whom to invite, the decision-makers had unanimously approved the newly promoted hot little meat Yu Siyang. This star was so good-looking and so good at cooking. Isn’t he a spokesperson tailored for their hotel?

And from another perspective, the name of this little fresh meat was exactly the same as the chef who died in their hotel.

The chef was good-looking and won an international gold award. The hotel was about to promote him to the main chef and make him a star chef to become the hotel’s signature dish-maker. But there were accidents everywhere in life.

“The former chef in their hotel was Xiaoyu’s friend,” Luo Peng closed the folder and said, “Xiaoyu’s other friend still has a crush on the chef. Before he could confess, something went wrong.”

“Friend?” Wei Xiaofeng frowned, “That chef seems to have the same name and surname as Xiaoyu.”

Luo Peng nodded and said: “Yes, wasn’t Xiaoyu injured in the crew before and was hospitalized? He asked me to find that person. Xiaoyu’s other friend was ready for a romantic confession.”

“Xiaoyu and the chef are so different in age, how did they know each other?” Wei Xiaofeng was puzzled.

“Maybe Xiaoyu had eaten at the Jade Hotel before, and he happened to meet the chef with the same name and surname and became a friend.” Luo Peng didn’t care much about this. He now cared more about endorsements.

“Since the chef’s death in the Jade Hotel, the restaurant’s business has not been as good as before, and there have been no improvement measures. Endorsement for food is not like the endorsements of clothes, shoes and bags. The clothes don’t look good, you can blame the people who made them. If the food is not really delicious, wouldn’t the persona setting of the Food Mage established by Xiaoyu collapse?”

“Food Mage?” Wei Xiaofeng immediately looked disgusted, “You don’t commit to such things, don’t give Xiaoyu a strange persona.”

Luo Peng was frustrated, “Doesn’t this sound very emotional?”

“No.” Wei Xiaofeng coldly said.

“Brother Xiaofeng, you don’t understand the psychology of current fans.”

“You know? That’s why the name of the fan is the food group, Xiaoyu is called the leader, and now he has such a strange character set. Luo Peng, I now find that you are not only stupid, but also have a hole in your brain.”

Luo Peng: “…” I can’t chat happily with Brother Xiaofeng at all.

After calling out his stupid cousin happily, Wei Xiaofeng took a sip of his own coffee in a very good mood and found it very delicious.

——Hmph, see who would dare to say that the coffee I make is awful, it is obviously very fragrant.

“Brother Xiaofeng, we are digressing.” Luo Peng said weakly: “We were talking about endorsements.”

Wei Xiaofeng said with an expression of giving away responsibility, “This is the problem you want to solve, so I can’t say anymore. Your team will decide for themselves. I can help you walk for a while, but I can’t help you forever.” Fortunately, these two idiots actually learned a little bit after suffering countless losses.

Luo Peng nodded, expressing understanding.

“Where is Pang Yujie?” Luo Peng suddenly thought of his original purpose of looking for Brother Xiaofeng, “Xiaoyu hit him after all, if he chirps on the Internet again…”

Wei Xiaofeng laughed, “That person, how high can he still be able to jump? Our great Mr. Xue has taken the shot, and he was thrown directly to the bottom of the pot. In a few days, this person will be gone from the entertainment circle.”

A spoiled child thought the whole world revolved around him, and if it doesn’t follow his will, he will call the rain and thunder, he was so stupid that he can’t be saved.

The boss shot?

No need to worry once the boss shot.

Luo Peng was slightly envious, when could he have such a domineering aura?!

Is the stupid cousin thinking about the “Home Star Invasion Plan” again, with such a wretched expression? After taking another sip of coffee, Wei Xiaofeng again scolded Luo Peng, and hurried people unceremoniously: “It’s okay, why are you still not leaving?”

“What’s the matter with letting me sit here? Why are you so stingy with the employees?” Luo Peng said frankly.

“You disturb me,” Wei Xiaofeng put down the cup, grunted: “I’m getting off work, I won’t entertain you.”

Luo Peng looked at his watch, shocked and said: “Xiaofeng brother, you are leaving early.”

“Yes, I am.” Wei Xiaofeng was very proud and had already started to pack things.

“Brother Xiaofeng, why are you going to leave early?” Luo Peng followed Wei Xiaofeng and turned on the gossip mode.

Wei Xiaofeng took the key to the car and squinted at Luo Peng, “Hurry up and do things, young people should be healthy and positive, work hard, fight for the future, endure hardships, and become a master…”

Luo Peng immediately retreated, “I’m going, you go as well.” Knowing that he is most afraid of the high school class teacher’s sayings, Xiaofeng Brother always liked to use it every time he talked to him, which is simply annoying.

Isn’t it just dating, as if he didn’t know?

Luo Peng felt that it was necessary for him to join a couple or he will be showed off to death. Brother Xiaofeng showed off his secret affection, Brother Zhan showed off his openness and madness, Xiaoyu often showed off… his family of three unconsciously, even Tang Hang seemed to show off that he had always had a girlfriend. The world was full of malice towards single dogs.

Luo Bachelor Peng went to the leader of the publicity team responsible for Yu Siyang in frustration and asked her to keep a watch at the topic about Yu Siyang carefully these days.

Leader Li of the public announcement team listened patiently to Luo Peng’s words, and then couldn’t suppress the excitement, and turned the laptop screen to Luo Peng, “Luo Ge, look at it, Pang Yujie was skinned by netizens.”

Luo Peng after reading the post compiled by Team Leader Li, couldn’t help but sigh: “Pang Yujie is really a god-given gift. I did a good job. I didn’t even make a shot. He killed himself.”

At this moment, Pang Yujie also saw the Internet. After picking up his posts and Weibo, the people on the Internet scolded him, and even scolded him for what he didn’t do. Even the things he hadn’t done were forcefully pressed on him.

If it were in the past, he might be angry and choke the netizens on the Internet, ask the navy to send a draft, muddy the water and drag more celebrities into the water.

But now he has no feeling about it, as if the people on the Internet were not criticizing him, but a passer-by who had nothing to do with him.

He was about to leave this country, and he will no longer be a celebrity anymore. Anyone who scolded him on the Internet could scold. They could scold him without affecting his eating and sleeping.

But when he thinks that he will be forced to go abroad, he still feels unwilling.

He couldn’t figure out where Yu Siyang came from, and he could actually ask Hengsheng Group to intervene in this matter in this way, directly intercepting several large suppliers of his company, and also intercepting several customers, but the customers were not completely intercepted. As a result, the company in his family received the order but couldn’t get in the raw materials for production, and couldn’t change those small suppliers, either because of the material problem or the delivery failure.

The previous customers were urging for the goods, but the factory had shut down the intermittent production for several days due to raw material problems. Pang’s father was in discomfort, and the relatives of the Pang family were not helping the situation at all.

The condition for the normal operation of the family company turned out to be for him to voluntarily settle abroad and never get involved in the entertainment industry again.

Pang Yujie regretted it now.

“Xiaojie.” Mother Pang knocked on the door of Pang Yujie’s bedroom while holding a plate of grapes. “Mom bought some grapes, but they are sweet. Do you want to eat it?”

Pang Yujie heard the knock on the door and the sound of his mother, but he just didn’t want to move or open the door.

Mother Pang sighed and said, “Xiaojie, it’s good to go abroad. Didn’t you always want to go abroad before.”

How was it the same? Going out by yourself or being forced to go out, can it be the same?! This was his home, if he just went out to play, he could come back home. Pang Yujie turned off the computer, lay down on the bed, silently looking at the ceiling with his red swollen eyes.

He is now exiled like this, right? If he wants to come back home, he can’t come back. If it’s not exile, what is it?!

Yu Siyang …Yu Siyang … Pang Yujie rubbed his stomach which still hurt after being beaten, regretful and angry.

At the headquarters of Hengsheng Group, Yu Mingliang knocked on the door of the chairman’s office, and after hearing a “come in” from inside, he pushed the door and entered.

Xue Chengxiu sat at his desk looking at an investment plan and said without looking up: “It’s done.”

“Yes.” Yu Mingliang said, “Pang Xinhua is willing to send his son abroad, and he is already in the process of going through the procedures.

“Hmm.” Xue Chengxiu said nothing more.

Yu Mingliang said blankly and in a flat tone: “Boss, you can tell Mr. Xiaoyu what I have done and take the opportunity to fight for some benefits.”

“Yu Mingliang.” Xue Chengxiu called him.

“Boss, please speak.” Yu Mingliang was still expressionless, and his tone of voice was flat.

“Don’t gossip with such a dead face.” Xue Chengxiu said.

“Boss, you are so embarrassed and angry.”

“Re-do this plan.”


Yu Mingliang took Xue Chengxiu’s thick plan book over and turned around blankly.

—— The plan was called back after reading five pages, and it turned out that it was given because of shame and anger.

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[1] The wrong path.

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