TCYEC Ch. 60

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The crew of “Pretending Overload” was simple, and there were only about 18 people who were the core of the crew. Except for the two leading actors and the old actress who plays the grandmother Ximen, everyone else had multiple roles in order to maintain the normal operation of the crew.

Director Jin Ce, who was also the producer, is a young man who just finished school. Everyone in the crew had spent more time in the entertainment industry than him. After a few years in the society, people become slick and dishonest. They are still diligent, but some greedy people despised Jin Ce in their hearts, thinking that he is very stingy, letting them do the work of several people alone, and the salary is not much.

When Jin Ce invited these people to the crew, they had signed the contracts. Almost everyone had several jobs. These people also agreed and signed the contract in black and white. But when it was really time to hire people, he found a lot of people who liked to be lazy and slippery, and despised his youth.

He wanted to change this situation, but their shooting tasks were really stressful. As long as these people didn’t particularly affect the shooting progress, Jin Ce decided to keep one eye open[1].

But he was tolerant to them, so they kicked the noses on his face[2] and made trouble for him.

Then, when Yu Siyang was injured, Jin Ce was fiercely established in the crew.

The actor who threw the stone was sent a lawyer’s letter by him, seeking compensation for breaching the contract and sabotaging the filming. In addition, the person who posted the news on the Internet was also found out, and lawyer’s letter was also sent to him.

After such a rectification, the people in the crew who were impetuous and not serious in doing things have become honest.

What Jin Ce worried most about is that the filming time of the studio would exceed the expected time. If it exceeded by even one day, he would have to pay an extra day’s rent, utility bills, labor costs and many miscellaneous expenses. His budget is really small.

Therefore, the people who annoy him the most are the people who delay his shooting.

But now, the people in the crew have finally been rectified and become obedient, and another outsider ran over to make trouble, and opened his mouth to call his actor away. Really, watching it, he wanted to hit someone.

Jin Ce’s raging anger was already ignited, with a gloomy face, and it was almost a rhythm that was about to erupt in the next second. He stretched out his hand to stop Yu Siyang, letting him stay with Hong Zhehao obediently, and walked aggressively to the uninvited guest. In front of him, he said, “Which psychiatric hospital did you fucking escape from, go back to it and treat your brain immediately.”

Although Pang Yujie was fierce, but most of the time he was the fiercest in a conversation. But seeing someone else fiercer than him, he lowered his voice and said: “I have something to do with Yu Siyang, please let him come over.”

“Yu Siyang is not free.” Jin Ce refused unceremoniously.

Really, didn’t he know who he was? Lao Tzu’s movie had just started shooting, and this guy ran over to find fault with Lao Tzu’s protagonist. If it weren’t for the fact that he was not in second grade, he would definitely come to beat him.

Pang Yujie was annoyed by Jin Ce’s attitude, so he unceremoniously pushed away Jin Ce, went straight to Yu Siyang, and cursed fiercely: “Yu Siyang, you shameless villain, what did you to cause my family’s troubles, bastard?”

Yu Siyang doesn’t talk much. He smiles when he sees people. He looks a little soft, but he is not really a temperamental person. He is always insulted by people like this. The eye of the person immediately turned bad.

New hatred and old hatred came up together, and even the gods would get angry.

He didn’t quarrel with Pang Yujie either. The big man couldn’t bear the vixen yelling on the street. He moved his hand directly…Uh, he moved his foot and kicked Pang Yujie’s stomach with ten percent of his strength which sent him flying.

With a “bang”, Pang Yujie flew out and fell heavily to the ground, immediately stunned.

Everyone in the crew: “…”

Who said that Yu Siyang was so young and he had a soft temper such that he was easy to bully and got bullied with a smile?

Stand up and we promise not to kill you.

Pang Yujie was lying on the ground, with stomach pain, leg pain, arm pain, in fact no part of his body was painless. He was pampered since he was a child. Even if the soy sauce bottle fell down, he wouldn’t be asked to pick it up. When he was filming, and he encountered dangerous and difficult scenes, he always went for the substitute to film in his place. If even a finger was pricked with a needle, it was treated as a serious injury, let alone being kicked to the ground.

“You dare to hit me! I want to call the police! I want you to go to jail!” Pang Yujie staggered up from the ground and yelled at Yu Siyang.

“Oh? Did anyone see me hit you?” Yu Siyang looked back at the crew.

Everyone in the crew shook their heads in a hurry: “No, no one here saw you hitting someone.”

“Look, no one saw me hit you.” Yu Siyang shrugged, “You have hallucinations, I heard that drug users are very prone to hallucinations. Honest people like me are happy to report drug addicts.”

“Don’t spray people with blood[3].” Pang Yujie pointed at Yu Siyang, his hands shaking with anger.

Yu Siyang rolled up the script in his hand and hit Pang Yujie’s hand fiercely, “I haven’t troubled you yet, but you brought yourself to my door, then I’m happy to welcome you.” he said, throwing the script away to Hong Zhehao, the jacket he was wearing was also thrown over.

He took two steps and punched Pang Yujie severely in the stomach.

During the filming of “Traitor”, he had many martial arts scenes. He couldn’t help but learn some moves from the martial arts instructor of the crew, and also specially invited a martial artist to teach him. But he learned a lot of hitting skills, and it happened to be tested today.

Although he was still thin and weak, and his strength was not too great, and he could only hit the places where the pain on his body will not cause serious injury, but it was enough for Pang Yujie to suffer.

Yu Siyang was not a narrow-minded person. On the contrary, he was a little too big-hearted. His life was so bitter before. If he was still a person who was naive, then he would really have no way of living.

Therefore, when Hong Zhehao asked the navy to criticize him, he didn’t even report or get him criticized back. He was even willing to be friends with Hong Zhehao, because Hong Zhehao sincerely apologized to him.

But this Pang Yujie repeatedly made small moves behind his back, which was simply annoying, and hired someone to hurt him, and now he insulted him face to face. The more he thought about it, the angrier he got, and the more he tried his best to beat him.

Of course, Pang Yujie would not stand still and let himself be beaten casually, even if the force value was not high, he would fight back.

But before he had time to do it, Hong Zhehao muttered “I have something to say,” as if he came to persuade Yu Siyang, but in fact he helped hold Pang Yujie which let Yu Siyang let go of his arms.

Everyone on the crew: “…”

Who said that Hong Zhehao was a soft and cute foodie and easy to bully?

Stand up and we will promise not to kill you.

Tang Hang was shocked by the fact that “Yu Siyang hit someone” at first, and after seeing a Kitty cat turned into Godzilla in a blink of an eye, he was shocked.

Then when he saw Hong Zhehao’s admonition, and thought he was actually going to negotiate a ceasefire, he immediately recovered, and he also went to hold Pang Yujie so that Yu Siyang could beat him.

Hong Zhehao’s assistant with facial paralysis was still guarding him to prevent Pang Yujie from struggling too much and hurting Hong Zhehao.

Jin Ce looked at these people speechlessly, and it took a long time to remember that, as a director, he should go to mediate instead of being a melon-eater.

“It’s OK, it’s almost done, there are still several scenes later, don’t delay the progress.”

The director’s face, Yu Siyang naturally wanted to give, so he stopped beating.

When he stopped fighting, Hong Zhehao and Tang Hang didn’t need to hold Pang Yujie anymore, so they threw people to the ground.

Looking at Pang Yujie who was beaten so badly, Hong Zhehao couldn’t help feeling fortunate. Fortunately, his IQ suddenly went online, and he apologized to Yu Siyang. Otherwise, where would there be so many delicious foods, maybe he would also be beaten like this.

He was now feeling very fortunate that he had left Mu Chen. Since leaving Mu Chen, his IQ has been online. A person can have no love, but he must have a brain.

Pang Yujie was so much in pain that he didn’t even dare to speak cruelly, secretly swearing in his heart that the injury he suffered today will be returned to Yu Siyang hundreds of times in the future.

“You are scolding me in your heart, aren’t you?” Yu Siyang looked at Pang Yujie condescendingly.

When he was in the acting class, there were a few classes that focused on micro-expressions. Although he only listened to a few lessons in a simple way, he learned quite a lot. Pang Yujie’s expression was obviously cursing him in his heart.

“Be calm in the future, don’t mess with me, or every time I’ll see you, I’ll hit you.”

Pang Yujie froze with a lot of unwillingness in his heart, but finally remembered his purpose of coming to find Yu Siyang specially, so he endured the pain. Standing up, he whispered: “Yu Siyang, I apologize to you, but don’t make it difficult for my family anymore. This is a matter between me and you, why do you have to involve my family.”

Yu Siyang didn’t understand what he was saying. What does this mean? He was busy filming and communicating with the creative director of P&H about advertising shooting. Who is free to embarrass his family?

This person was delusional, right?

“I, I am willing to apologize to you publicly,” Pang Yujie saw that Yu Siyang did not speak, and was immediately anxious. “You tell your company, don’t engage with my dad’s company.”

Yu Siyang immediately looked at Pang Yujie with neurotic eyes, thinking this person is surely delusional.

Luo Peng formulated a series of revenge plans called “Kill Pang Yujie”. He had seen it all. It was nothing more than using public opinion to get netizens to criticize Pang Yujie, and then through the contacts in the circle to make Pang Yujie unable to mix in the circle in the future? They didn’t know who his dad was or about his dad’s company.

“Don’t deny it, you must have asked your company to do it.” Pang Yujie said sternly.

“You need to eat more pig brain tonic.” Yu Siyang was stunned by his brain hole. How much energy does he have to allow the company to engage his rival’s father’s company, if he was Zhan Heng, it was still possible.


“What are you doing? Get out of here, don’t delay our filming.” Jin Ce had long been impatient with this person, who couldn’t tell the situation clearly, and he hurried the people away unceremoniously.

The crew who was still there received a look from the director, and immediately surrounded Pang Yujie. A dozen people surrounded him, all with the expression “If you don’t leave, I’ll hit you”.

Pang Yujie was so scared that he ran away immediately.

After driving the car for a long time, he stopped and took a long breath. There was a dull pain all over his body, but not as bad as it was previously.

Thinking that he was here to trouble Yu Siyang but was instead beaten up by Yu Siyang without being able to say a word, he felt aggrieved just thinking about it.

Since childhood, his parents had never beaten him, but he was beaten like this by Yu Siyang. Although he threatened to call the police, he also knew that even if this matter was reported to the police, he would at most make Yu Siyang lose some money. It was impossible to really put him in jail, not to mention that he still had a lawyer’s letter sent by All Star Entertainment to make him lose money as well.

Could it have to be left like that?

Not reconciled.

“Dididi—-” A loud car horn awakened Pang Yujie who was lost in thought.

When Pang Yujie stopped, he didn’t pull over, but stopped in the middle of the road. The car behind saw that this driver was sluggish, honked his horn angrily, then drove to the side lane, passing by Pang Yujie’s car. He cursed: “Fool, you’re fucking looking for death when you stop like this.”

“You want me to take care of you.” Pang Yujie raised his middle finger in anger, then stepped on the accelerator and drove away quickly.

The angry car owner was so angry that he took out his mobile phone and took a picture of Pang Yujie’s car rushing away, parked the car on the side of the road, and tweeted cracklingly. At that time, he was shocked and could not say anything.

V: “Today I met a super product on the road. He parked the car in the middle of the road and wasn’t driving, in turn blocking other people’s cars. He even gave me the middle finger. I took a photo of his license plate. When you see it, remember to stay away.”

Since this Weibo account was not a large one with a high degree of attention, only a few hundred people saw it after the Weibo was posted. However, there were a few good ones among these hundreds of people, saying that the owner of this license plate should be picked up and asked him to come out.

Then, they really found out the car owner.

An account that was obviously a marketing account directly threw out a few pictures, and the owner of the car was actually Pang Yujie, and the pictures told the truth. Therefore, the netizens who had been digging into Pang Yujie, were even more boiling.

“Breaching traffic rules and being so arrogant, Pang Yujie has gone to heaven.”

“Seeing that he is a bitter-looking man, he deliberately hired a murderer to hurt my family Yangyang, I really want to send him a blade.”

“Pang Jipin is incredible. I heard that he was jealous of anyone who was better than him, and then he spent money to invite the navy. It is said that several people were forced by him to withdraw from the entertainment circle.”

“This kind of person should get out of the entertainment circle.”

So, the topic of #Pang Yujie get out of the entertainment circle# quickly rose to the top ten in the popular rankings.

Pang Yujie was still unclear about the online matter. He was now looking at his parents in shock. What did they say just now, they wanted him to go abroad immediately?


“Dad, Mom, you want me to go abroad to relax and have fun, right?”

Mother Pang couldn’t bear to look him in his eyes. Father Pang said hard-heartedly: “Xiaojie, we are planning to let you settle abroad…”

Before Pang’s father had finished speaking, Pang Yujie shouted: “I won’t go, why should I go abroad? I have a good career at home. I have nothing abroad.”

Pang’s father couldn’t bear to look at his son who refused to grow up. The child who he had spoiled had to go abroad to suffer, but the matter has reached this point, and he could do nothing. The people at Heng Sheng said that as long as he sent his son abroad and guaranteed that he will not return to the country, they will let go of his family and the company.

It would not be a problem for him if he does not have the company, but the relatives in the family all have shares in the company. Once they learn that Xiaojie caused the trouble, they will definitely not let it go.

“Don’t worry, mom will follow and take care of you.” Mother Pang comforted her son.

Pang Yujie sat down on the sofa sullenly, staring at his parents with blank eyes.

At this time, he finally realized that he had caused a disaster, and he couldn’t help regretting it.

But there is no medicine for regret in this world. Apart from going abroad honestly, he seemed to have no other option.

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[1] Close his eyes towards the dissatisfaction.

[2] Disregarded his authority.

[3] Slander people

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