S&E Ch. 9 (End)

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Writer Shuang Yi’s signing event

Shuang Yi bought a pair of 11.5 cm stiletto sandals, white patent leather, with a small dark blue bow, very elegant, but…. they were not so consistent with Shuang Yi’s temperament.

When Zhou Ningxu saw them on the shoe rack when he went home, he was a little surprised.

Shuang Yi rushed out of his study for the first time.

When Shuang Yi was not inspired to lose weight, she often listened to all directions, so every day when Ning Xu stepped out of the elevator, and she heard his footsteps she waited at the door quickly, in order to give Ning Ning warmth…Of course, The main reason was-she can have dinner once Ningning gets home~~~ Lala la~

But the first sentence of Shuang Yi today was not “Ningning, you are back, what to eat tonight.”

It was-“Ningning I went to buy shoes today, how about it? Does it match my little blue skirt with white background? I will wear this pair during the press conference.”

Shuang Yi’s novel sold well, and a new book is being published. The bookseller generously decided to hold a new book release conference for her. Although it was a joint conference with several others, it was not a small improvement!

Shuang Yi was overjoyed and worried. What she was worried about was nothing other than her weight.

She blamed Zhou Ningxu, why he didn’t ask for his girlfriend to maintain her weight at all, which made her free herself infinitely. Now she is going out to meet people but is too heavy to fly. Shuang Yi felt the new flesh that grew after cohabitation, but it was too late to regret.

She discussed it with the book friends in the group, and they suggested that she should lose weight.

After all. “The ones who are signing with you are all very thin.”

“Yes, go to Manman for advice, too. She just reported her weight on Weibo, only 110.”

Shuang Yi was shocked by the strict demands of her peers. When I want, I’ll decide to lose weight. It was the first time she was making an appearance, so she prayed the readers were not too observant. So, after half a month of starvation, all kinds of dying, the code words almost stopped being mentioned. However, the hard days, are finally over.

Shuang Yi happily suggested: “Ningning, let’s eat steamed seafood! Hot pot is also OK.”

Zhou Ningxu looked her up and down, and implicitly reminded: “You are not losing weight? It seems only ten days before your new book launch. “

“Oh, there you do not understand it.” Shuang Yi said plausibly,” I suddenly found an easy way to subtract pounds by stepping on eleven centimeters high heels, exactly the same visual effect hey. I have bought the high heels. Then why would I want to lose weight?!”

Zhou Ningxu : “…” Very good, this is very Lu Shuang Yi.

On the day of signing.

Zhou Ningxu drove Lu Shuang Yi outside the bookstore. “Do you want me to accompany you in?”

“No!” Shuang Yi flatly refused, “Ningning, please be the man behind the successful female writer!”

Shuang Yi carried a small backpack and stepped on 11 cm high heels then she headed up and walked into the bookstore.

The man behind the successful female writer, Mr. Zhou Ning Xuzhou, laughed and helplessly parked his car aside, sat down in a nearby cafe, drank tea and watched the news. After a while, he swiped Weibo on a whim.

The new book conference of his successful female author is being broadcast live on the publishing house’s official Weibo homepage.

Four female writers appeared on the stage together, and the host was introducing them. His family member was standing on the far left, um, and was the most rounded.

Of course, she was also the most pleasing to the eye. The past ten days after eating delicious food and having sufficient sleep, she had a radiant face and bright eyes, as if there was light shining out of her.

Zhou Ningxu smiled unconsciously and gave a reward.

After the host finished speaking, he began to interview the writers in turn. After three or four questions, he asked Shuang Yi a question.

Then Zhou Ningxu saw that the successful female writer of his family took a step forward and smiled, and then she didn’t know how to stand still, piaji~!

Zhou Ningxu suddenly closed his eyes and turned his head. He couldn’t bear to look at it, but his chest couldn’t help shaking, and it took a while to restrain his smile. Zhou Ningxu sighed, waved to the waiter to check out, then picked up the bag that was placed beside him with spare shoes, and walked to the book conference venue.

Hey, as a practitioner in the financial industry, foresight is very important.

At night.

In Zhou Ningxu’s study room, Shuang Yi was eating iced watermelon while reviewing comments.

Yes, she was so calm, as if she had completely forgotten about her fall during the press conference!

Had it happened? Had it happened? Hahaha~ So what the hell are those strange comments in the comments.

Solving the problem: The author of Wuli is so stupid that she stumbled at the press conference.

Meng Su Xiao Tian Tian: I just couldn’t bear to watch.

Haha, this must be talking about other authors.

Read forever Yang: Yeah, I can’t bear to support a book after the author falling so badly.

Ahhhh, it is not me they are discussing. Shuang Yi quickly gave herself a thumbs up.

After reading for a while, the style of the comments suddenly changed.

Zhou Feidong: By the way, who is the man who gave the Wuli author shoes at the venue today?

Anonymous: It should be an employee of the publishing house? so hot.

Can’t you name it well: The publisher is so considerate, but how could it be so coincidental that there are shoes ready when you fall, and it feels like there was an arrangement.

Lao Xiao girl: It was a specially arranged trick, right? As soon as he appeared, the atmosphere of the whole venue reached a climax.

Double-kaka: The feeling of watching an idol drama all at once!

Call8me8l: How can a publishing house have such a good face? It must be an invited model! Special arrangement!

Aso is very gentle: If it is a specially arranged romantic session, then I think the publishing house is still too conservative. Since it has been arranged, why not be thorough and let him come on stage to make the author wear the shoes, preferably the kind of scene where he is kneeling!

I’m a big dumb orange: Yes, it’s too perfunctory to send it to the audience!

Shaw_Y: Stupid publishing house!

 (Lying Gun Publishing House:…)

Shuang Yi was frustrated in front of the computer, glancing through the comments, frantic. Can you guess more reliably? Your brains are all connected to black holes, okay? Why is no one guessing the truth? That tall and handsome man walking with wind was nor a special session arranged by the publisher, neither an invited model, but her boyfriend!

——Hey, when she shouted out these words, it really wasn’t convincing…

Shuang Yi dug out the watermelon angrily and swallowed it, and saw Zhou Ningxu coming in after the shower, and proudly stretched out her feet toward him.

“Ningning, put on shoes.”

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