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“Hearing your voice” was a domestic variety show that was partially a talk show type. The director of the show was very worried recently as nowadays, there were many popular reality shows running around. The audience liked watching the stars roll in the mud. Regardless of the image, most people preferred to watch that. Because they did not engage in these fancy games, their show had recently shown signs of declining popularity.

They made a request to above, asking them to pick some interesting stars over to save the ratings. The director thought about it too, but the problem was that for second-tier programs like them, traffic stars didn’t think they had enough exposure and thus would not come. If they couldn’t be pleased, what should he do?

The newly recruited intern assistant Xiao Liu of the program group was a trendy little girl. She usually used Weibo very easily. She herself was a fan of Ji Lin. After going to see her idol’s new movie “Qin Guo” a few days ago, she became a fan of Zhou Siyu, the actress who played Yun He as well. Xiao Liu had heard of her before. After all, quite a few people in Ji Lin’s fan group claimed to be sesame yellow girls. Every time when Ji Lin and Siyu were in the same frame, they screamed in the group. She was very disdainful of their behaviour. After all, she liked Ji Lin and didn’t like him having a CP, so she couldn’t get why these people are so crazy about it.

However, after watching “Qin Guo”, Xiao Liu suddenly understood the fans that she hadn’t liked before. After all, the interaction between these two people…It was really super warm and loving!

Xiao Liu found Siyu’s Weibo with all her heart, and also followed Han Tiantian, who played the heroine in the movie. It didn’t take long before she saw Han Tiantian saying that as long as Koi dared to paint her, she would confess to Zhou Siyu on the spot in the next show. And the most amazing thing was that on the night Han Tiantian said so, the painter named Koi really released the painting.

Ever since, people from all walks of life gathered under Han Tiantian’s Weibo and asked her to fulfil her promise.

Xiao Liu saw that this was the hot spot of a ready-made show, so she immediately went to find the director, and highly recommended to him: “Han Tiantian is not a first-line actress, but the box office of “Qin Guo” has exploded, and her popularity is also very high, and there are many people who are looking forward to her next variety show. I think if you invite her to come, you shouldn’t worry about the topic.”

After listening to Xiao Liu’s reasons, the director asked: “Why not just invite Zhou Siyu?” Xiao Liu said that she also thought the same, but didn’t it mean that the budget of the program group would not be enough. Many variety shows wanted to invite her to their show but they were all rejected. Would she look at us?

But of course, the truth could not be said out loud. Xiao Liu said euphemistically: “I don’t think we should have our hopes too high.”

The director gave a final word: “Don’t worry about it, try it first!” So, Xiao Liu had to try to give Siyu’s assistant a call. When she called, she got a gratifying news: Siyu actually agreed, saying that she was willing to come, and it was not over yet. She didn’t know from where Ji Lin heard about it, but he also took the initiative to throw an olive branch to the program team. He wanted to come with Siyu.

What an unexpected joy this was! That’s Ji Lin, the hotly-sought superstar, who actually offered to appear on their little show!

Xiao Liu was crazy happy. The director looked at her in disbelief and confirmed several times that this was not a joke and murmured: “I have hit the jackpot ……”

This was God’s way of making their show a hot topic!

In order to seize this rare opportunity, the editor and director took a look at the table and decided to change this issue into an online and offline live broadcast. After the preview was released, many netizens heard the news.

【Han Tiantian is on the show! Will the confession be made on the spot?

【I warmly congratulate Brother Ji and Little Sister for being again in the same show, we have not seen the emergence the siblings since they went to film QAQ. Sister Siyu is filming, Brother Ji also has a job, these two people are very busy.

【Recently Miss Siyu was practicing in retreat, and she rarely took selfies. I could only toss and lick the previous beautiful photos. In addition, I found a pattern. The frequency of Brother Ji’s Weibo update is linked to Miss Siyu…

【By the way, speaking of Brother Ji, what does the Weibo mean that he posted a few days ago, “Who is the most annoying relative in the world” mean? Could it be that the bear relatives at home made him so angry?

【Likely hey, I did not expect that people like him would also have such problems. Regardless of what my eighth aunt forced me to do, my heart suddenly felt much better ……

Xiao Liu lying in front of the computer in excitement watched the broadcast volume of the program traileid steadily increasing, although netizens don’t pay much attention to the program itself, they were discussing celebrities, but Xiao Liu didn’t care. This discussion could be converted into ratings.

“Hearing Your Voice” was not broadcasted before it was aired. The entire crew of the program were all serious about it. On the day of the recording, they also specially allocated a part of their staff to pick up the phone, which was very grand.

Xiao Liu had been a fan of Ji Lin for many years. This was the first time that she would be in close contact with her idol. Although she was an employee, it was also convenient. She could ask Ji Lin for his autograph in private. She decided to take advantage of the fact that the show team was still debugging the lighting station. So, she sneaked to the backstage and found Ji Lin’s dressing room. Before entering, she heard Ji Lin complaining through the door.

“Sister, I think he is unreliable, he doesn’t look good anyway, don’t you want to think about it?”

Hey, who was he talking to? Xiao Liu’s curiosity ignited, and she stopped at the door, hesitating whether to knock on the door at this time.

Just then she heard another female voice with a little helplessness coming from the room: “You have said this sentence more than ten times.”

Ji Lin mumbled: “I have said it many times sister, but you still won’t listen…”

The female voice said: “Why are you two the same, even if he is naive, why do you learn from him, A Lin?”

Ji Lin raised the volume: “No, sister, he is clearly targeting me and showing off to me.!”

Xiao Liu suddenly remembered where she had heard this female voice, wasn’t this Zhou Siyu! Unexpectedly, these two people also called each other siblings in private, sure enough, those rumours posted on the Internet were not groundless…

As she was thinking this, the door of the dressing room opened from the inside, and both Siyu and Ji Lin looked at Xiao Liu who was stunned seeing the two of them.

Xiao Liu quickly put away the unconscious smile, and hesitantly handed over the book, expressing that she wanted an autograph from the two of them. Ji Lin was actually very good to his fans. Without a word, he wrote down his name, but Siyu signed it after a pause, then she thought that fortunately, she reacted quickly before she almost signed with her pen name Koi…

On the way to the live broadcast room, the group ran into Han Tiantian, and Han Tiantian saw Siyu. Her expression became very weird in an instant, as if she wanted to say something but couldn’t say it.

Siyu refrained from smiling. As the culprit, she certainly knew why Han Tiantian had this expression. After all, she was the one who sent the fantasies with an evil taste, which meant that Han Tiantian had to keep her promise and read love poems to her.

Ji Lin stood next to Siyu, holding her hands and humming softly. It was because he knew that Han Tiantian would have to make a confession that he wanted to follow her, otherwise, what would it be like! He didn’t even have a chance to say this to his sister in public! Young Master Ji was almost distorted with jealousy, so Han Tiantian’s nose was not a nose, and her eyes were not her eyes to him.

Before the show officially started, Han Tiantian held Siyu’s hand and shook it solemnly a few times, with a sad expression: “My first confession in life is about to be dedicated to you, so please keep it away safely.”

Siyu: ” … “Sister, you are too into the drama.

Sure enough, the host asked about this after a big round of opening, “Tiantian, I heard that you made a bet with netizens a few days ago. What was the result?”

Han Tiantian was very surprised. She cooperated, and immediately showed a sad expression: “Don’t mention it, I lost miserably. I thought I had the chance to win, but the face was hit too fast, like a tornado…”

The host laughed and said, “So, you are ready with your love poem?”

“Forget the love poems, between the good sisters, it would feel weird…” Han Tiantian glanced at Siyu, and saw that she was holding back a smile, and she had no intention of saving the scene. She couldn’t help but sigh, “I was wrong! I hope my future boyfriend doesn’t get me wrong, I’m really not the kind of person who pretends to be sisters while having other intentios!”

After that, Han Tiantian still put her palms together in prayer, and she seemed to be very sincere about that, showing her loyalty to her non-existent boyfriend, and the host ridiculed them, asking who her ideal type is, and Han Tiantian answered them one by one.

Siyu, who was sitting at the side, heard the words “boyfriend” and suddenly stiffened: She was done, she watched the drama too hard, and suddenly forgot that she was not single. She also made Han Tiantian confess in a live broadcast. Just in case, she was seen by that someone, she wouldn’t have to think about the future…

But the matter had come to this, and it was too late to regret. Han Tiantian moved to Siyu under the influence of the host, blushing, and cleared her throat and said: “I like you the most!”

Siyu: “…” My death!

Ji Lin: “…” Be calm… Be calm. You are her brother, you are a family member, and you can’t be jealous of anyone.

Siyu felt that her face might have turned pale, but the host didn’t think it was too much to see the excitement. He still said: “No way, this sentence is not counted, not sincere enough, Tiantian will do it again, right?”

Siyu was about to give in. This person should kneel and let her be spared, or she would suffer when this show would be broadcasted.

Han Tiantian didn’t know Siyu’s inner cry, anyway, for the show’s effect, she also decided to cooperate. So, holding the microphone, she shouted “I love you” to Siyu.

The crisp voice of the little girl echoed in the studio hall, and the live broadcast room on the Internet exploded in an instant. Rows of barrages of “6666” and “Orange in Orange” floated by, and fans were talking about the value of this wave. Yes, a picture of Koi could be exchanged for an actress’ confession on the spot. Some people even went to Koi’s Weibo to ask her to draw her cute CP picture, saying that she would inhale Europe and make her wish come true as soon as possible.

At this moment, Siyu had quickly listed in her mind the wayd Fifth Master Lu could get angry and a series of subsequent countermeasures. At this time, the host once again booed: “By the way, this confession seems to be caused by a painter named Koi. Yes? You two should post a Weibo together, thanking her for the kindness of replying to the thread?”

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