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“Sister, can you say it again?!”

Ji Lin widened his eyes and looked at his sister who was sitting across from him in disbelief. Then he moved his gaze down until it fell on the hand hold between Siyu and someone. He looked as if he wanted to spew out fire.

Siyu followed Ji Lin’s gaze, and realized that from the moment they came upstairs, Fifth Master Lu had been holding her hand and as her gaze bumped into her brother, Siyu felt a little embarrassed. She felt like breaking away. Unexpectedly, the man next to her doesn’t care about others, instead he held her hand even more tightly.

Siyu: “…” Don’t irritate others at this time.

Sure enough, when Ji Lin saw this, his face got faintly distorted. Siyu estimated that if his sight could be turned into substance, Fifth Master Lu would surely be hit with countless arrows on his hand.

For Ji Lin, it was nothing more than a bolt from the blue. Suddenly, his sister told him that she had a boyfriend, and he was still from the Lu family, while she looked extremely uncomfortable.

Ji Lin wanted to grab his hair and yell. Didn’t he already use his wit and eloquence to drive this man away? How could he kill this cockroach again? He was very unprepared!

Today Siyu invited him to come to her house for a gathering. Ji Lin was originally very happy. After all, he had been away for filming and hadn’t seen his sister for a long time. So, he was excited when he got off the plane and without even putting away his luggage, he ran here to wait. After waiting for a long time, when the door opened, he found Siyu and Fifth Master Lu standing hand in hand at the door, and his sister’s lips still had a sweet and shy smile that he had never seen before.

With a snap, Ji Lin’s fragile glass heart was broken.

He was extremely defensive, thinking that he had eliminated the possibility of Siyu being abducted by Fifth Master Lu, but he had never thought that the world had changed in less than two months when he went on business abroad.

Ji Lin took a deep breath and told himself in his heart that he must be calm. He was already a mature and stable adult. On the side of justice…

Ji Lin finally finished his mental preparation, and forced a smile at Fifth Master Lu, pretending to be very enthusiastic and asked: “All of this is a bit sudden. I haven’t heard my sister mention you very much before. When did you meet? “

Siyu watched from the side, and suddenly felt that Ji Lin’s smile was a little fake, and she shuddered unconsciously.

Fifth Master Lu was so free, and said lightly: “It’s not too early, but at that time, you hadn’t become her brother. It’s normal if you didn’t know about it.”

He curled his lips in a perfunctory manner. It was exactly the same, and everyone was panicked.

“…” It was amazing to know him early, even if he didn’t dare to recognize Siyu for various reasons, they were still brother and sister by blood! Ji Lin gritted his teeth and continued, “Mr. Lu, it doesn’t matter what I say, as long as my sister is happy, but your family may not agree to it? As far as I know, Rongcheng’s Lu family has strict rules. I haven’t been in contact with them before, but if they feel uncomfortable, wouldn’t it hurt her?”

Ji Lin calmed down and immediately changed the subject. He didn’t worry about when Fifth Master Lu hooked up with Siyu. In fact, Ji Lin knew very little about Fifth Master Lu so far. He only heard from Siyu that he was from the Lu family and had a high status in the family, but Ji Lin did not have a clear concept of how high Fifth Master Lu’s position was, so he of course took it for granted that Fifth Master Lu would be restrained by the family.

Anyway, in aristocratic circles, wasn’t it all like this?

Thinking about this, Ji Lin became more determined not to give Siyu to this person.

Siyu was stunned. After reacting to Ji Lin’s meaning, she glanced at Fifth Master Lu a little embarrassedly. He happened to look over, with a bright smile in his eyes, making Siyu blush.

This silly boy, if the Fifth Master Lu didn’t embarrass the Lu family, then it was not bad. They didn’t have the guts to turn up and threaten him. Siyu whispered, “A Lin, don’t worry about this…”

Ji Lin disagreed, “Sister, this question is very important. It is matter of a lifetime.”

Fifth Master Lu blatantly took Siyu into his arms in front of Ji Lin, and said lightly: “Don’t worry, no one in the Lu family has a say in anything I do.” He paused for a few seconds, and added casually, ” ——Except your sister.”

“Everyone can say good things, I don’t believe it…Wait a while!” Ji Lin wanted to follow Fifth Master Lu’s words to refute, but after thinking about it carefully, he clearly regarded Siyu as a member of the Lu family! Ah, hey, his sister hadn’t married yet, so shameless, he almost got trapped in, he was really an old fox! Ji Lin secretly rejoiced, patted the sofa, and said with a straight face, “Be careful when you speak, when did my sister become a part of the Lu family!”

Listening to Ji Lin’s fearless tone, Siyu smiled in her heart. No, this child was really fierce and dared to speak so much. If he was seen by other Lu family members, they might kneel down in front of him.

Of course, for Fifth Master Lu, Ji Lin’s threat was a blast of air passing by, and he didn’t even take it to heart. The reason why he brought Siyu over was purely with an idea to take care of Siyu. He would like to be with her only, no matter which relatives it was, Ji Lin disagreed but this was not considered at the beginning.

“Since I have already notified you, let’s go.” Fifth Master Lu pulled Siyu up and smiled perfunctorily at Ji Lin. “Next time you want to find a reason to object, remember to work hard in advance, don’t be jealous and look for those reasons that are useless.”

Ji Lin just put on an imposing look with his tense face, but Fifth Master Lu only said a little, which took away the wind in his sails. After all, he was still young, and the city was not too convoluted. Where had he faced an opponent and a high-ranking person like Fifth Master Lu who had been in power for many years, he suddenly seemed to get confused and could only stare.

I rely on… I rely on, he is too arrogant! Are you sure you want to accept such a man? Ji Lin desperately hinted at Siyu with his eyes. Siyu wanted to comfort her injured brother, but on the other side, Fifth Master Lu clung to her and refused to let her go. The two big men stood on each side and looked at her at the same time.

Siyu: “…” She couldn’t answer this proposition!

Boyfriend or younger brother, Siyu hesitated for a moment, and decisively chose the more dangerous option. Siyu silently said sorry to Ji Lin and signalled him to return to contact. Before she could say a few more words, she was violently pulled out and they returned to the car.

Ji Lin’s hand dropped: “…Sister! Sister, you really are leaving!” This was not the script he imagined!

On the other side, on the way back to the hotel, Fifth Master Lu played with Siyu’s fingers while asking casually, “Your brother seems to know nothing about me. You haven’t mentioned about me to him? Or do you think, this matter is not important, so you don’t want to mention me?” It was no exaggeration to say that cold sweat had appeared on Siyu’s back at that time. She wiped the sad tears in her heart, and her face was slightly bitter: “It’s my fault. I’ll just go back and talk to him about your glorious deeds…”

Fifth Master Lu raised his eyebrows and asked: “Just talk about me?”

Siyu choked, and said helplessly: “It’s us, we’ve always done it, right? I’ll tell it in detail again, is it okay?” Wasn’t it just that you want to change the law and show off in front of Ji Lin? Wasn’t it all right if she met his wish?

Hearing these words, Fifth Master Lu felt satisfied, smiled slightly, and leaned over to kiss her.

The shooting cycle of “Fashion Strategy” was much longer than that of a movie. Siyu stayed in the crew for two months. When Director Yan waved his hand and approved the vacation for the rest of the crew, Siyu realized later that the New Year was about to come.

Director Liang’s “Qin Guo” had a good schedule, and it was screened during the holidays. When Siyu walked out of the crazy filming state, Director Liang happened to call her to congratulate her and said that the first week’s box office had completely exceeded expectations, and that the momentum was still likely to rise steadily, and after finishing speaking, he praised Siyu as a mascot, saying that many fans were looking at her.

Under curiosity, Siyu asked Shen Yue to take back her Weibo account that had been idle for a long time and asked her how the movie was rated online.

Shen Yue managed Weibo for Siyu, and immediately offered Baobao and said: “The public opinion is very good! Sister Siyu, look, after the release of Qin Guo, your Weibo fans have increased by more than 100,000, and your private messages are almost overflowing. Now, I think I can take advantage of this wave of heat and receive a few variety shows.”

Shen Yue was still tirelessly selling her ideas to Siyu. Siyu actually had a bit of intention to retreat. Compared to filming, she felt that she was more suitable for painting quietly, but now that Shen Yue was going to be crazy, she thought about it, and said: “You can take another one, but it’s better not to be the game-playing type, just a relaxing one.” It was rare that Siyu took the initiative to ask for work, and Shen Yue nodded hurriedly.

Siyu boarded Weibo, clicked in a few comments and looked through it, and found that there were all kinds of words. Some fans cried and complained that Yun He died so badly and asked for the extra footage. Some fans collapsed and said that they started shipping a Cp from the beginning while watching a movie but by the end, the CP was wrong, and some fans were not satisfied with the ending of the movie and produced their own dog food. Siyu also turned to several Yun He and Xindi fan pictures and texts.

Even Han Tiantian, who played the real heroine, was not too troubled. She took the initiative to like some well-drawn pictures and joked: “Why no one opened a CP with my new emperor, only talking about Yunyun and Siyu?”

Fans thought it was a good idea. Han Tiantian added fire after seeing it: “If @Koi for a Thousand years is willing to draw my mind, I will broadcast it to you next week. Miss Siyu, who played the character of Yun He, should read love poem aloud to show her love!”

Siyu who saw this sighed. Someone took the lead. How could she fail, so she silently picked up a paintbrush and quickly drew a picture based on this brain hole. This picture was posted on Weibo and also specially posted Han Tiantian: @HanTiantian, here is the microphone, please.

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