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When was this photo taken? Did he know Ran Shutang from before?

Holding the photo, Fu Yuanzhou hurriedly recalled for a moment, but he did not remember any contact between him and Ran Shutang. In the photo, he was probably a boy of about ten years old, and he was born more than ten years after his rebirth. What had happened, he really had no impression.

He was suddenly unable to recall, so Fu Yuanzhou took the photo and looked at it a few more times, trying to find more details.

In the photo, he was not very old, and Ran Shutang was even smaller and shorter than him. The two stood in front of the camera, and he was smiling brightly with his arms around Ran Shutang’s shoulders.

At that time, Ran Shutang looked cute, and his skin was very white, like a snow doll. Although he seemed to want to act calm, he was a bit cramped because of being stuck to Fu Yuanzhou, and his face was faintly red.

Behind them was a very large stadium, clean and bright, with a high dome, a transparent glass window covered the walls, there were a lot of green plants and flower baskets, and a large red banner that said “No. 4 ‘Qiming Cup’ Youth National Chess Open”.

Chess Open?

Seeing this banner, Fu Yuanzhou finally vaguely remembered something.

It was when he was in elementary school and Xie Lin was learning chess. He was unwilling to be alone and went to join in the fun. Later, he followed Xie Lin to sign up for the competition, which should be the “Qiming Cup” that year.

Looking back at that time, he was very unlucky. He signed up to win against Xie Lin once in an official competition. Later, he realized that he and Xie Lin were not in the same age group. They were only one year apart, but they still happened to be divided into two competition groups.

He was depressed at first and got sick after getting caught in an evening rain. He had a high fever in the middle of the schedule and had to abstain. His enthusiasm came and went quickly. After he recovered from his illness, he became less interested in chess. And no longer went to Xie Lin’s home for lessons, until now, even the rules had long been forgotten.

Only then did Fu Yuanzhou notice that in the photo, both himself and Ran Shutang had competition certificates hanging around their necks, and the notebook with this photo was all related to chess.

Ran Shutang probably also participated in this game back then, maybe the two of them were opponents.

He secretly guessed about it, wondering if Ran Shutang had lost to him before, so he had been worried about him. Years later, they met again. Ran Shutang recognized him, so he deliberately targeted him, right?

Could Ran Shutang be such a stingy person? It didn’t seem to be right…

Staring at this photo, Fu Yuanzhou was puzzled. Suddenly, a “clang” came from the door of the classroom, which immediately attracted his attention.

Fu Yuanzhou looked up and saw that the person was Ran Shutang. He had accidentally run into the door frame. He seemed to be in a hurry. His expression was no longer the same as before. He looked a little flustered. When he saw the photo in Fu Yuanzhou’s hand, he was instantly stunned.

“I didn’t deliberately peek.” Fu Yuanzhou coughed lightly. “The two people in the photo are the two of us? Why are you still keeping this photo?”


Ran Shutang’s face instantly turned red, from the roots of the ears to his neck. Instead of entering the classroom, he stepped back a few steps, seemingly having the intention to leave immediately.

“Don’t go.” Fu Yuanzhou rushed to the door, stopped him, and asked with an interested smile, “What was going on at the time, did we meet in the game? I can’t remember, can’t you tell me about it?”

Since his rebirth, his relationship with Ran Shutang had improved a lot due to various chances and coincidences. Even now, Ran Shutang still had to tutor him for his homework. Fu Yuanzhou was obliged and was embarrassed to treat others with his original attitude.

Although he didn’t expect the two of them to become friends, at least he wanted to figure out why Ran Shutang hated him so much, so that he could correct his own problems in the future.

He thought he had a good attitude, but after listening to him, Ran Shutang’s expression suddenly turned cold, as if frost and snow were condensed, his eyes were cold, and he stared at him without saying a word.

Why was he looking at him that way?

Fu Yuanzhou was at a loss. Ran Shutang grabbed the notebook and photo from his hand, turned and left, he chased him again, and patted Ran Shutang’s shoulder from behind: “Hey, wait, you have to tell me!”

“You think for yourself.” Ran Shutang didn’t turn his head back, shook off his hand, and walked forward quickly.

Fu Yuanzhou had also become a little bit angry: “If I could remember, would I need to ask you?”

Ran Shutang suddenly stopped and looked back at him, his eyes fiercely terrifying.

“Don’t think about it if you can’t remember it.” He said, “Is something that can be easily forgotten important to you?”

——but it seems to be important to you. The photo has not been lost for so many years.

Fu Yuanzhou stood in the corridor and watched Ran Shutang go downstairs. He didn’t say this in the end. He had a feeling that if he said that, Ran Shutang would probably punch him directly.

What was the problem? Since it was a group photo of the two of them, Ran Shutang had a copy, so he should have one too. Maybe it was kept in an old album, and he could look for it when he got home.

After sighing, Fu Yuanzhou turned around and walked back. While angry and depressed, he was also muttering in his heart, Ran Shutang was so angry this time, would he not help him with homework anymore? Would he have to find a new tutor?


Yu Fei chased him out from the classroom, waved at Fu Yuanzhou, and walked quickly to him: “Why did you all run out?”

“It’s him.” Fu Yuanzhou said, “He is angry, but I don’t know why he is angry.”

“That must be his problem.” Yu Fei curled his eyebrows and stroked Fu Yuanzhou’s hair. “You cannot make people angry.”

Fu Yuanzhou’s face became hot. If his parents heard it, they would feel an itch on their palms to beat him up again, but Yu Fei hadn’t changed much. In his previous life also, she was this unprincipled when indulging him, and she couldn’t hear others say anything bad about him at all.

“Since he is gone, ignore him.” Yu Fei took his hand naturally, “Let’s go out to eat.”


Fu Yuanzhou was recalling the events of his previous life, and he then saw Yu Fei’s pretty face, so he couldn’t react for a while. In a daze, he thought he was still in a relationship with Yu Fei and let him lead himself out of the school.

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