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The cub egg that had survived on the destroyed Attia star was found by the Star Alliance. Of course, the Star Alliance members knew about the existence of Ya Yi, but for the forces outside the Star Alliance, many people were filled with astonishment at this time when they saw the appearance of this nox.

It turned out that there was still someone from the nox race in the interstellar…

Only Ya Yi was left. So, technically if we look at the definition of “race”, the nox were not actually a race anymore.

As the last nox, Ya Yi was now just a lonely individual.

His hometown and the people of his race no longer existed. This nox had not been able to go back home from the moment he was born and did not have any place where he belonged.

The Ark ship easily moved through the defense line of the Star Alliance army because the two sides were having a video conference. Xie Luan was negotiating with the Star Alliance personnel through Zarad.

“It’s the general, it’s really General Zarad–!” They didn’t know which Star Alliance soldier’s excited voice they were hearing. Seeing the person appearing on the holographic image, the original low morale of the Star Alliance army suddenly rebounded by a lot. And a certain glow was rekindled in the eyes of the soldiers.

Zarad, the former supreme commander of the Alliance Army.

Not only did many outsiders regard him as a general with outstanding military exploits, but for the soldiers of the Star Alliance army, his existence had always been that of a spiritual leader.

Although he was conspired against on the battlefield and could no longer use his abilities, so he voluntarily chose to submit a retirement application to the senior leaders of the Star Alliance. But still in the years since Zarad had left the Star Alliance military, his status as the spiritual leader of the army had never changed.

After confirming that their identification was correct, some soldiers present even trembled with excitement.

“With General Zarad, we must be able to win this war.” Such a belief was needed at this time, and the soldiers were willing to believe in it.

The army led by Zarad had never faced a single defeat, which was the source of the confidence for the soldiers of the Star Alliance.

The morale of the soldiers was visibly boosted that could be seen by the naked eye. These soldiers seemed to have regained their confidence in defeating the enemy in an instant. The Star Alliance could not fail to understand the meaning of this.

The fighting on the front line was extremely fierce. The soldiers fighting on the front line were doing their best to temporarily intercept the enemy outside the planet, but it was inevitable that there would still be enemies landing on the planet.

The enemy’s goal was the Star Alliance headquarters in the central city. With the Star Alliance headquarters as a base, ground troops also tried their best to keep the enemy from approaching the city.

The citizens of Hilorin Star were rushed to the safe room raised from the ground by Star Alliance personnel the moment the war broke out. Now, no pedestrians could be seen on the city streets of Hilorin Star.

The safe room was an infrastructure that basically every planet would have. It was usually hidden underground and only activated by the planet’s management when it was needed.

In fact, it was only used during the time of war. In order to prevent the attack of enemy warships from causing innocent casualties on the planet, people would be taken to a safe room which had strong defenses and they would stay there until the end of the war.

“When will this war end…” In the safe room that was not considered spacious due to too many people present, a parent holding a cub said this worriedly, with deep concern in his eyes.

The safe room had good air circulation, but for the people in the safe room, that could only see the steel walls around them, and who could not learn any news from the outside through this steel barrier, they still found it difficult to breathe. They were already in the safe room. After staying for several days, even though the food reserves here were still sufficient for the time being, the people staying in the safe room still felt more and more panicked every day.

They were still in the safe room, during which time there was no active contact with the outside world, which showed the enemy’s strength.

Hearing such a whisper, no one in the safe room answered, but many people had the same thoughts arise in their minds.

When would this war end?

There was no answer to this, so the people in the safe room were worried.

The Ark ship emerging from the rear was allowed to enter the line of defense. Since this equally huge Ark ship was covered with an invisible force field along the way, the enemy had not yet discovered the existence of Gaia.

All the people standing on the side of the Star Alliance were extremely enthusiastic about Zarad as he got off the Ark. In fact, at the moment of the war, the Star Alliance had sent someone to contact the other party, but they hadn’t been able to get in touch.

In contrast to this enthusiasm, was their reaction when they saw the nox who had walked down from the ship after Zarad.

After seeing the nox race again after a long absence, when everyone saw Ya Yi, they still recognized his appearance as a member of the nox race, and they couldn’t help but feel a little surprised.

The owner of this Ark was the nox, and the other party specially came to assist them against the enemy. This incident was completely beyond the expectations of the Star Alliance personnel.

Time was running out. Now was not the time to slowly communicate. Zarad was responsible for the negotiations, telling the senior leaders of the Star Alliance and the military personnel about the counterattack raid plan he had devised.

The upper level of the Ark ship could accommodate soldiers of one legion, and the lower level could carry various types of warships. The enemy did not know the existence of Gaia yet. They would use Gaia’s invisible force field to take it to the enemy battleship an attack them from behind. A surprise attack from a weak rear was undoubtedly a more effective plan than a frontal conflict.

This raid plan was highly feasible, and everyone who heard it understood this, but some people still hesitated to say: “The plan is okay, but…can he be trusted?” There was a subtle pause in the middle. The object of the question was self-evident, and everyone knew in their hearts that this was indeed a concern.

They were going to put so much combat power on that Ark ship, and if something went wrong, the battle line that the Star Alliance had been struggling to maintain these days would directly collapse.

Xie Luan and Ya Yi did not participate in the negotiations. They were on the top of the Star Alliance headquarters, looking into the distance to the city where many buildings were destroyed by the attack of the enemy warships.

Knowing that people might not trust the nox next to him, Xie Luan looked at the city and did not speak, but he reached out and hugged the cold silver tail behind Ya Yi.

The nox, whose tail was hugged by the young man, didn’t move his tail much. Ya Yi just wrapped the tail halfway around the young man next to him, then looking at the city, he said, “If it became like Attia star, it wouldn’t look good.”

Although the city had been partially destroyed, it was far from turning into a ruin full of broken walls. Most of the beautiful appearance of the city was still preserved.

There was no expression on the profile of the nox, and his cyan eyes were not turbulent, but his thoughts were already expressed in his words.

The youth had said that there were many beautiful things in the world. Although Ya Yi couldn’t understand all of them and could only understand part of them for the time being, but this did not prevent him from protecting the things that the former considered beautiful.

To protect the planet and the world, all Ya Yi’s motives for doing these actions originated from Xie Luan.

In just a few days, the combined forces of the Star Alliance were pushed to this point, and the enemy’s horror was already visible. Xie Luan responded firmly at this moment: “No.”

After speaking, Xie Luan seriously added another sentence: “Attia is not bad-looking, we can slowly repair and rebuild it in the future, and after reconstruction, it will become beautiful.”

The two people wanted to rebuild a planet, which could not be done, but a small area could always be repaired.

This planet was the hometown of Ya Yi. In the past, Xie Luan believed that it must have been a very beautiful planet.

Zarad successfully completed the negotiations. He had a high prestige in the Star Alliance Army and had restored his abilities. He was urgently re-appointed to the position of military commander and now had the leadership of the Star Alliance army.

The front line was struggling, and they had to rush to support them immediately.

Ya Yi opened the Ark ship to the Star Alliance soldiers to log in, and a large number of warships were also transported to the lower warehouse of the Ark ship. Although the leader of the army was Zarad, the manager of the Ark ship was still Ya Yi.

The invisible force field of this Ark ship created by the nox race could not even be detected by the Serras, and the huge Ark ship jumped to the rear of the enemy army’s warship.

Hundreds of warships suddenly appeared out of thin air on the fierce battlefield. The Star Alliance soldiers who reached the enemy’s rear after being concealed through Gaia drove their warships to start a surprise attack, effectively supporting the frontline troops that had been struggling to suppress the enemy.

Ya Yi was focused on the black warship that was even bigger than Gaia and used Gaia’s core weapon without hesitation.

The energy crystal on the Ark was dark, and an attack that was known to be extremely lethal only by visual perception hit the main target.


Gaia could use up to three core weapons when fully charged, and each attack was enough to destroy a planet.

Knowing the capabilities of this Ark ship in advance, after seeing the attack succeeded, the Star Alliance soldiers present were of course very excited.

However, it was too early for them to be happy. When the dust settled, the Star Alliance soldiers discovered that the monster-like black battleship seemed undamaged even after undergoing such a heavy blow.

“Is this warship stronger than a planet…” His throat became extremely dry, and the soldier who said this was a bit speechless after saying this.

The huge gap in the combat effectiveness of the two sides that had been felt in the past few days had made many soldiers breathless, but now it had turned into a more substantial fear.

After Gaia launched an attack, the invisible force field disappeared, and its figure appeared.

That attack failed to break through the defense of the black warship, but it actually damaged the latter’s protective cover, and the hull of the battleship shook heavily. That was when the Serras noticed the Ark.

Over the past 30 years, they had been plundering other universes. Today’s Serra race was stronger than the nox race back then. This black warship was one of the results of their race development.

It was also a huge monster to other warships, and Gaia was still one size smaller in front of this extremely huge black warship.

There was a nox in the Ark, which was hatched from the surviving cub egg, and the Serras quickly grasped this information.

Even though they had experienced multiple universes in the past thirty years, when they saw Ya Yi again, the Serras still believed that the nox was the most beautiful race they had ever encountered.

This powerful beauty even made the Serras not want to destroy it completely but wanted the other party to be one of them.

If they could absorb the other’s consciousness, their group would surely get a more perfect evolution.

“These weak races and this world are not worthy of your the nox’s protection. You no longer have any clansmen. It is better to join us, Serra will become your new home.”

The Serras had nothing to do with anything in the universe. In their attitude of wanton plundering, there was no room for dialogue with the affected races, the nox race was the only exception to this.

When a video connection was forcefully made, the most conscious person in the group who had the power to speak on behalf of the group, that is to say, the king of the Serras, appeared in the holographic image as a person with black totem marks on his skin.

“No interest.” There was no surprise at the forced video connection evident on Ya Yi’s face, and the cold and unwavering expression clearly expressed Ya Yi’s attitude.

No new attribution was needed.

Even if there was no race and hometown, he still had a sense of belonging and did not need others to give it to him.

Ya Yi was calm about the video that was suddenly connected, but that didn’t mean that the others were also like this. There were still some Star Alliance soldiers guarding the Ark, and they had clearly heard the conversation just now.

What was the meaning of that these weak races and this world were not worthy of your the nox’s protection, it made the Star Alliance soldiers who heard the conversation feel overwhelmed.

The enemy knew that there was only this last nox left in the interstellar space, and the opponent came from another universe. It was theoretically impossible for them to know this.

Unless… the other party had had contact with the nox race before this.

Thirty years ago, what was the reason for the nox to cause their own racial destruction?

This question that had never had any doubt in everyone’s mind was now torturing everyone and had left them thunderstruck.

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